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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Jan 15, 1969

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 19 January 15, 1969 Vancouver, B.C.
LOST AND FOUND - A Clarification;
The Information Desk in the Main Library is a one week repository and claim station
for lost and found articles.  Unclaimed articles will be forwarded to "Lost and Found"
at the Student Union Building Information Desk each Friday noon.
Items found after 10 p.m. should be turned in at the Main Loan Desk, Circulation
Division, since the Information Desk is not staffed after that hour.  Circulation Division staff will transfer these items to the Information Desk on the following morning.
Purses, wallets, and other valuables found should be safeguarded while in Library
CLIENT'S COMMITTEE - Undergraduate Library:
Although the Client's Committee adopted the Facilities List at its last meeting, the
requirements of the Department of Physical Plant have become more stringent, and a more
detailed list is being drawn up prior to the appointment of an architect.
BINDING - Preparation of Xerox Copy:
It is preferable not to fold xerox sheets prior to sending them to the Pre-Bindery,
but if it should be necessary to do so please be sure to make the fold so that the
printed side of the page is on the outside. Also it is best to leave the copy untrimmed
so that the Bindery staff will have more material to work with.
XEROXING - Copying Service Available;
Effective immediately, Library divisions may leave their copying for Library Copy
Service staff to xerox for them rather than sending their own staff to do the work.
This service is being offered on an experimental basis, subject to our staff having
enough time to keep up with the demand.  It should be noted that xeroxing for Inter-
library Loan and the public will be given priority over Library copying.
When leaving material to be copied, please attach a note stating your name, division,
and number of copies required; AND do not forget to accompany it with the usual requisition.  The operator will indicate how soon the job will be finished.
PLAN FOR FUTURE Library Services;
The text of the second edition of the Plan has been completed and it is being printed
for presentation to the Committee on Academic Planning Needs on February 5.  On or about
that date copies will be sent to all divisions and branches.
An architect, Mrs. Meena Dhar, has been appointed to the Office of Academic Planning
in order to undertake an exhaustive inventory of all space on campus.  Some time before
summer she will visit the Library to record the measurements and characteristics of each
of its rooms.  We wish her well, and have suggested that she bring her own oxygen tank.
The Gifts & Exchanges Division needs recent back issues of the B.C. Library Quarterly
and Canadian Literature for exchange with corresponding libraries"!  I f you have an
unwanted supply of either of these journals (especially 1968 issues) please remember
that it can be used by G & E. UBC Library Bulletin - page 2
At the meeting of professional librarians of the UBC Library held on Thursday, Dec. 19,
1968, the motion to form an association of professional librarians was tabled pending the
preparation of two briefs;  one for and one against the formation of such an association.
The brief in support of the formation of a professional librarians' association is
being prepared by Miss Melva Dwyer, Fine Arts Division. Would any librarians who have
any suggestions in support of the association see Miss Dwyer or send in their suggestions
to the Fine Arts Division by Monday, January 20th.
LIBRARY JOURNALS - Current Issues at SSD:
The Social Sciences Division keeps the current issues of the major library journals on
a browsing shelf in its office.  Those who wish to are most welcome to drop in and browse.
LIBRARY DISPLAYS - Maps and Special Collections:
Anyone interested in history and maps would do well to keep an eye on the display case
and bulletin boards of the Special Collections and Map Divisions.  Currently, the focus
is on Alberta and Saskatchewan history as represented by books, maps, and pictures; and
on 1968 -- "the year that was".
Are you doing or  planning anything this month which would be of interest to UBC faculty
and staff using the Library? The UBC Library News welcomes all such material, and guarantees it a wide audience.  The News goes out monthly to over 2,100 readers on campus, and
to other university libraries in Bri tish Columbia.
News items need not be written out in full; point form or rough drafts will do just as
well.  Please submit all material to Elsie de Bruijn, Information and Orientation Division,
or phone local 2077-
TITLE CARDS in the Main Catalogue:
In the days of the dictionary catalogue at UBC, title cards were not made if they would
be the same as a subject heading (eg., ART) or a cross reference (eg., Gothic art, because
of the cross reference to ART, GOTHIC).
Now that the subject headings are filed in their own catalogue, these title cards are
needed in the Author-Title Catalogue.  The typing of these title cards for already catalogued books has begun and should be completed by summer.  They are being filed as they
are typed.
The Library's practice for such titles as "Introduction to ..., Outline ..., Handbook ...
etc., has been inconsistent.  These titles are now also being typed, but will not be filed
until the typing project is completed.  Title cards will not be made for "Works" (Complete,
Collected, Selected), nor for "Writings" (Complete, Collected, Selected).
Title cards will not be made for genitives if there is a main or added entry under that
term.  For example, no title would be made for Shakespeare's Hamlet if it is the text of
the play, but it would be made if it is a criticism of the play, since the only entry
under Shakespeare in that case would be in the Subject File.
The Canadian Library Association has sent a batch of membership forms to the Librarian's
Office. If any librarians on the staff are interested in joining this professional association, they may pick up the necessary forms at the Front Office.


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