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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin 1968

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 18 December 31, 1968 Vancouver, B.C.
A TRIBUTE To R. J. Lanning;
The Library has reprinted a scarce Canadian journal, the Victoria Magazine, in honour
of R. J. Lanning.  This periodical appeared in 1847 and 1848*"^ and was edi ted by Susanna
and J.W.D. Moodie.  Its sub-title was "A Cheap Periodical for the Canadian People", and
it represented an attempt on the part of the editors to introduce culture to the backwoods of Ontario. As an example, hene is one verse from "The Laplander's Address to
his Reindeer":
Haste, my Reindeer, bear me on,
My love is waiting me --
Speed, 'ere the short-lived night is gone,
And night-clouds shadow thee;
Speed on, how rapidly we glide
Along the crusted snow;
The lover hastes to claim his bride,
And merrily on we go!
So began Canadian literature.
The book will be sold, at a yet undetermined price, through the Publications Office
and the Bookstore. At Mr. Lanning's request, a number of copies are being distributed
to former colleagues.
POSTAL METER - Instructions for Use:
The postal meter which was initially mentioned in Builetin no. 15 has been selected and
installed in the Main Library Mail Room.  It will go into use on January 6th.  The following remarks concern all divisions in the Main Library only; the branches, including
Woodward, will continue to stamp their own mail as they have done in the past, unless they
have a big mailing which they would prefer to put through the machine.
Five boxes will be set up in the Mail Room to receive the following categories of mail;
regular 6<£ letters, printed matter (reports, etc., produced in quantity), overseas mail,
assorted mail (i.e., cost unknown, special handling, etc.), and campus mail.  Each
division will be responsible for sorting its own mail correctly into these boxes every
day before the deadlines of 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.  The postal meter will be operated by
the Mail Room staff only.
Particular care must be taken by the persons who prepare the mail in each division to
ensure that it is sorted correctly.  If there is any doubt as to what the postage will
be, or if there is to be special handling, the letter must be put into the box marked
"assorted"; this would include personal letters which have already been stamped.  In
cases where special handling is required, pencil the instructions onto the upper right-
hand corner of the envelope (a separate slip of paper will do, but clip it securely so
it doesn't get lost).
Stamps in the possession of divisions may be turned in to the Librarian's Office at the
time the machine takes over their function.
One final reminder:  Campus and internal mail must be kept out of the jaws of the meter.
This can be done simply by putting Campus Mail into the box marked "Campus", and by taking
the internal mail to the Librarian's Office and leaving it on the appropriate shelves
there. UBC Library Bulletin - page 2
SCHOLARSHIPS for Librarianship;
The Canadian Library Association has just published Financial Aid for Study in the
Field of Library Science.  Copies are available from the Librarian's Office.
HOLIDAY and Overtime Pay;
A statement is being prepared on holiday and overtime pay.  It should be ready in
January for insertion in the Policies and Procedures manual.
The Library has placed a large ($5000) order for book trucks. At the current price of
approximately $120 per unit, this should add about forty new trucks to the fleet.  Better
watch your step at intersections.
LIBRARY ASSISTANTS - Salaries and Scales;
Mr. Bell has opened the Spring offensive by firing a letter to the Personnel Office
(Mr. MacLean) in which he stresses the following points as priorities for 1969:
1)  L.A. salaries must be kept competitive, 2)  the floor and scale of the L.A. II be
revised to fit more logically into the overall framework, 3) establishment of a wage
differential for shift work, and 4)  the lengthening of all the scales from the L.A. II
CLASSIFICATION COMMITTEE - Submissions in January:
During the month of January, division heads will be asked to submit any request they
may have for reclassification of their personnel.
By the end of the month a classification committee (see Bui let in nos. 3 & 4) will be
constituted, its membership being Mr. Bell (chairman), Mr. Watson, Mr. Mclnnes, the
President of the L.A. Association, one Library Assistant delegated by the L.A.A., and
two 1ibrarians.
INTER-LIBRARY Loans - New Request Form;
The Inter-library Loan Division has introduced a new requisition form.  It is printed
on heavy stock and folds similarly to the yellow requisition forms now being used by the
Government Publications and Acquisitions Divisions.  Each flap of the folder serves for
the description of different materials;  one for periodicals, the other for books and
One important point to note;  When filling out the form do NOT tear off the unused flap.
The I.L.L. needs the enti re requisition, as it serves the double purpose of request form
and file folder.
Supplies of the form are  available at the Inter-library Loan Office and at all public
service divisions.


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