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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Apr 2, 1969

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 26 April 2, 1969 Vancouver, B.C.
BOOK BUDGET, 1969/70:
The Library's book budget for the coming year has received Senate approval. The figure,
$1,041,435, is considerably higher than last year's $850,000 and will permit us to redress
imbalances which occurred during  the  post-MacMi1 Ian  slump.
Letters  have  been  sent  to all   interested parties   informing  them of  their new allocations.
The UBC Alumni Fund has given $10,500 to the Library for a number of specific projects.
1) Remote book returns.  One return is already here, and will be installed experimentally
during the summer session.
2) Camera.  For film strips and instructional movies.
3) Main Library Model. To assist users in comprehending the incomprehensible.
4) Artists supplies and equipment.  To keep Serena serene.
5) Paperbacks for Sedgewick.
6) Duplicates for Sedgewick.
Please note that all the foregoing projects are aimed at improving matters for the ever-
increasing student body.
Dean I.M. Cowan is taking a year's leave beginning in July, and has declared his intention
of stepping down as Chairman, in which capacity he has served since June 1947.  In that year
the Library contained 180,000 volumes, loaned 191,736 volumes, spent $39,530 for books and
magazines, and had a staff of 42.  Some progress has been made during his term of service.
The guidance and support which the Library has received over the intervening years can be
attributed in large measure to the work of the Senate Library Committee under the Chairmanship of Dean Cowan. We wish him well on his study leave and feel sure that his interest in
our well-being will not come to an end in July.
A new chairman will be selected by the committee members in time to take the chair in
September when the committee's work resumes.
The first of a number of questionnaires aimed at defining requirements for the new Sedgewick Library were distributed on March 20,21,25 and 26.  Of 10,000 handed out, it appears
that about half were returned.  The responses have been key-punched, and will be tabulated
by computer.  The results will assist in the siting of the Library.  At the same time, the
architects have been making their own surveys by counting students and taking stop-action
A User's Committee on Temporary Space has been formed:  I.F. Bell, Chairman; R. MacDonald;
M. El rod; N. Omelusik; W. Harrington; S. Johnson; G. Piternick.  It is evident that more
space will be needed long before the University can afford permanent buildings.  Therefore
the possibility of temporary accomodation must be explored, and the Committee will define
the Library's requirements.  There are now available many varieties of pre-fabricated steel
and wood buildings which might satisfy these requirements (_i_f the University can afford
them) . UBC Library Bulletin - page 2
STAFF PARTICIPATION in Administration:
On March 12th, all professional librarians were invited to make suggestions regarding the
formation of working committees to assist the Administration in the formulation and
implementation of policy.
If you have any ideas along these lines, please communicate them to Mr. Stuart-Stubbs.
LA LITERATURE Canadienne-Franca?se:
Interested in compiling the annual French-Canadian bibliography for the periodical,
Canadian Literature? The job involves looking over the French Canadian blanket order books
as they arrive, and reading or scanning all French-Canadian journals and selected Canadian
and French literary journals.
The main qualification for the job is a lively interest in the French-Canadian literary
scene.  There is a financial remuneration of $50, but if this were your only incentive you
would do better to stick with baby-sitting, dish-washing, etc.
Please contact Sue Port in the Humanities Division if you want further details, phone 2411.
POLICY AND PROCEDURES Manual — C Personnel, Directive #7:
The following directive was issued last week to replace Personnel Directives 1 and 8.
Staff wishing to take courses should apply to their division head. The division head
will consult with the Associate Librarian, and leave will be granted in accordance with
the following general terms;
1. Courses which the staff member has been requested to take by the administration:  Time
off and payment of fees.
2. Courses which directly relate to the staff member's work in the Library, taken at the
initiative of the staff member:  time off, but no payment of fees.
3. Courses which are unrelated to the staff member's work in the Library, taken at the
initiative of the staff member:  time off, but to be made up, and no payment of fees.
4. Courses for credit toward a degree, taken at the initiative of the staff member: time
off, but to be made up, and no payment of fees.
5. A member of the supporting staff should normally have completed two years service before
leave is requested.
It is clear that implementation of this policy will be contingent on many factors, among
them the work-load of the division, and the state of the budget.  The terms above should be
thought of as guide-lines, subject to change in the light of experience.
Miss Ann Craig has been offered the position of Head of Preparations in the Catalogue
Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays.  Those who work on these days in order to
keep the Library open to the public will be granted time off in accordance with the terms of
Personnel Directive #6.  Division Heads who wish assistance in interpreting this ruling
should cal1 B. Bell.


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