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UBC Library Bulletin Oct 31, 1988

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 ubc library bulletin
no. 210
Library Cards and Telereg
septemberfoctober 1988
The procedures for issuing library cards this Fall had to be completely revised with the
introduction of Telereg. Without the traditional registration week, classes started right
after Labour Day and the Library, which is normally closed in the evenings during the
first week, began term hours. Since the Circulation Division's student assistants were
attending classes and working their regular term shifts, they were not available to work
as many hours issuing library cards.
Much worse than the shortage of staff was the impact of the changes in registration
procedures. In the past, students with overdue fines were prevented from completing
registration. With Telereg, the Library now has to catch the students when they renew
their cards. In addition, the process of issuing and renewing cards was slowed down because most of the students did not have their proof of registration and staff had to verify
their status online. Needless to say, these problems resulted in considerable congestion,
especially on day one.
Some of the new procedures for issuing cards were not entirely successful. Anticipating
that the students would be too busy to face long line-ups for cards during the day, Circulation decided to lay on extra staff and equipment in the evening during the first week.
This didn't work out since very few students
came after 5:00pm. Also, because the Library doesn't have one area where all the
functions for issuing cards can be accommodated, card operations were dispersed in
Sedgewick, Main and the Map Foyer, thus
making it difficult to direct students.
Despite these problems, an enormous number of cards were issued during the first two
weeks of classes — approximately 10,000
new cards were produced and another
12,000 old cards were updated. Circulation
is most grateful for the help they received
from staff in other branches and divisions.
With this year's experience behind them,
Circulation will be proposing several
changes in the procedures which should
result in a smoother operation next year.
Norman Colbeck 1903-1988
One of the library's greatest benefactors,
Norman Colbeck,, died m September 23rd
at the age of 85- In the course of Ms long
career as an antiquarian bookseller in
London and Bournemouth, be assembled
a distinguished personal collection of 19th
says, which be donated to BBC I_brary m
1967. He served as curator of the Colbeck
constantly before and after ibis event on a
catalogue of the collection, which was
published is 3£S7 by IIBC Press. In
reeogmtiatt of bis contribution to UBC
and to acbolarsbip, be was awarded the
sac, in that same year.
ubc library bulletin page 2
Dr. Gibson Honoured
On September 7th, approximately sixty guests attended a ceremony in the Woodward
Library Memorial Room for the dedication of the William C. Gibson History of Medicine
and Science Collection. Dr. Gibson, who was Professor and Head of the Division of the
History of Medicine and Science from 1959 to 1978, has played a pivotal role in the
creation of the historical book collection in Woodward Library.
The collection of more than 5,000 volumes is one of the most outstanding medical history
collections in Canada. The oldest book was published in 1476. Other notable books in the
collection include the original works of Vesalius, Sir Thomas Browne, Charles Darwin and
William Gilbert.
Speakers at the dedication included Leslie Peterson, Chancellor of U.B.C, President
David Strangway, William Webber, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Doug Mclnnes,
University Librarian and John Norris, Director of the Division of the History of Medicine
and Science.
UBC Library Online—Update
Just in time for the beginning of classes, MacMillan Library's public terminal was
installed at the end of August. Unfortunately, Woodward Library is still waiting for their
two terminals. The latest word is that the telephone lines are ready and Woodward is
near the top of the Computing Centre's priority list to complete the installation.
UBC graduate students and disabled students referred by Student Counselling now have
remote access to our online catalogue. An announcement about this new service will be in
the November issue of the Graduate Student Society's newsletter which is mailed to all
graduate students. In addition, I&O is sending posters to all departments on campus to
alert graduate students about their new privileges. Be prepared for questions and
requests for handouts.
Here's the new line-up of handouts about UBC Library online:
To display on your shelves
• Questions & Answers (revised 9/88)
To hand out on request
• Remote Access for Faculty & Graduate Students (9/88, updates & replaces
Great Files Online)
• Brief Introduction to Command Mode
• Quick Reference for Command Mode (revision of UBCLIB : Pocket Guide
to Commands)
ubc library bulletin page 3
Most users should find the one-page handouts adequate for their purposes. However,
gung-ho searchers can purchase UBCLIB: reference manual for command mode prepared
by Systems Division from the UBC Bookstore. A new edition is forthcoming and will sell
for about $2.50. The manual can also be printed from an MTS-G file. Instructions are on
the first command mode screen. If you'd like a copy for your reference desk, please let I&O
know (but we encourage sales at the Bookstore).
I&O will be sending all reference desks a basic supply of handouts shortly.
Fall Microcatalogue has New Look
There are several significant changes in the record displays in the new Fall Microcatalogue. The "IT number (the computer generated number that so many users mistook for
the call number) and the ISBN (the international standard book number — the other
number users copied down as the call number) have been removed and bibliography notes
have been added. These changes were recommended by the Public Catalogue Task Group
(PCTG) last Spring.
The Microcatalogue was cut-off July 29th and now contains about 675,000 records. The
next Microcatalogue will be produced in January.
Remember Sedgewick
Please refer undergraduate students to Sedgewick if their needs can be more easily met
there than in the Main Library. Although most Sedgewick materials are also in Main,
Sedgewick often has more copies and they're generally easier to find. The proximity of
Sedgewick's reference materials and reference librarians to the periodical collection is
especially helpful for beginning students.
How do you know when to refer a student to Sedgewick?
— the question is about material required or recommended for an undergraduate
course in Arts or first or second year Science or Applied Science,
— the student is writing an essay on a basic topic in the humanities or social sciences;
Sedgewick's collection is particularly strong in English & Canadian Literature,
— the inquirer is a high school or elementary school student searching for basic
information in the humanities, social sciences or sciences.
Of course, there's no reason why an undergraduate shouldn't use the Main Library. For
many, however, beginning at Sedgewick helps to ease the often traumatic transition from
a high school or public library to UBC's Main library.
ubc library bulletin page 4
SGNE file (Sedgewick newspaper clippings file)
The SGNE file lists the subject headings and cross-references used for newspaper
dippings held in the Sedgewick Library. The dippings are taken from the Globe & Mail,
Vancouver Sun, New York Times, Courier, West Ender and the weekend edition of the
Finandal Post.
They cover current affairs in three major categories:
• National & international - kept for one year, with some exceptions
• British Columbia - kept for three years
• Vancouver - kept for five years
The collection is particularly useful for local and provindal topics as well as recent news
items since the indexing is kept up-to-date. The subject headings generally follow the
Library of Congress Subject Headings.
Sedgewick started using Miscellaneous Materials for the newspaper dippings in October
1987 and there are now approximately 2000 headings and cross-references in the file. The
subject headings refer to an envelope which may contain one or several hundred clippings
on a topic. Since the SGNE file does not indicate how many clippings are available, you
may want to phone the Sedgewick reference desk to find out how much information is
available before referring people over there. The clippings do not drculate.
When searching the SGNE file online, use the word index, otherwise you'll miss the cross-
references. Try the following searches:
*F w-free trade
This retrieves 92 items. To limit the hits to the Sedgewick newspaper clippings,
type:  and coll=sgne
This uses the new "virtual" index which Umits a search by collection in the MISC
*F w-greenpeace
Since this retrieves only 7 items, it isn't necessary to limit this search by collection.
Questions about the newspaper clippings and the SGNE file should be directed to Joan
Sandilands in Sedgewick. Remember to dip and save this article to add to your other
Miscellaneous Materials Features of the Month.
ubc library bulletin page 5
*** STAFF NEWS * * *
John Cole, the Acting Assoriate Librarian in Woodward Library, is leaving UBC for a
position in the Medical Library at the University of Calgary. John started working at
UBC Library in 1976 as the Sdence Bibliographer and moved to Woodward Library as a
Reference Librarian in 1982. His last day is October 20th.
Rita Penco has been appointed as a temporary part-time Reference Librarian in the
Sdence Division. Rita is a recent graduate of the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies at UBC. Prior to attending Library School, she worked for several years as a
Library Assistant in the Interlibrary Loans Division. Her contract runs until July 31st,
After an extended leave of absence, Patrick Willoughby is back working part-time in the
Fine Arts Library. He is adding exhibition catalogues and planning materials to the
Miscellaneous Materials file.
Deborah Smithies, Sec2, Admin
Wayne Mackay, LAI, Hamber
Carrol Trimark, LAI, Curric
WiUiam McMunnigle, Monitor, Sedgewick
Tami McElroy, LA2, Sedgewick
Teresa Ho, LA2, Sedgewick
Tina Grabenborst, LAI (Sessional), Curric
Therese Chouinard, LAI (Sessional), Sp Col
Erika Klee, LAI (Sessional), Law
Mary Lee, LAI, Curric
Kristine Neely, LAI, Circ
Joanna Nagel, Monitor, Sedgewick
Regina Tsanas, LAI (Sessional), Law
Dawn Iivera, LA2, Acquisitions
Richard Hare, LA2, Circ
Alexis Greenwood, LA2, ILL
Patti Roy, LA2, Acquisitions
Daniel Meneley, LAI, Gov Pubs to ILL
Dan Chernenkoff, LAI, ILL to Woodward
Monica Barker, LA3 Woodward to LAI
(half-time) Fine Arts
Liz Stokes, LA2, MacMillan to Acquisitions
Thea de Vos, LA2, Circ
Jonathon Clarke, LA2, ILL
Norah Schliecher, LAI, Curric
Geoff Soga, LAI, Curric
Brad McGuigan, LAI, Hamber
Lisa Brelsford, LA3, Serials
ubc library bulletin page 6
Music Library Expanded
Many of our branch libraries are running out of space and the Music Library is no
exception. This year, the Music Library was approaching full caparity and facing the
prospect of putting some of their book collection into storage. Thanks to funding from
the School of Music, the Library was expanded during the summer. By using space
from practice rooms and a student lounge adjacent to the Library, they gained approximately 15% more shelf space and added a separate dosed study area for graduate students. The extra space should accommodate another five years of collection
Don't Throw It Out!
Wondering what to do with all the junk mail you're receiving for the upcoming elections? The Sperial Collections Division is collecting campaign literature for both the
muniripal and federal elections this Fall. All donations are welcome.
Visiting Librarian in HSSD
Moninder Sohal, Business Librarian at the University of Saskatchewan, is visiting in
the Humanities & Sorial Sdences Division while she researches her sabbatical
project, a book on Canadian finandal information sources. On leave until June 1989,
she has visited libraries in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto. She'll be in
HSSD until at least Christmas.
Solid Gold Books 1989 (^^j
Do you eat out a lot? Whether it's fine dining or carry-out, SOLID GOLD books con-
tain hundreds of coupons for restaurants as well as hotels, sporting events, etc. If  .
you're interested in purchasing a book, please contact Margaret Friesen in the Interlibrary Loan Division (4430). They cost $38.00; proceeds go to the British Columbia
Library Assodation.
UBC Fine Arts Gallery
The current exhibition, which is on until November 10th, is Recent Portraits — thirty
black and white photographs by Fred Rosenberg.
We're now using I&O's new Macintosh II microcomputer and LaserWriter II NT printer for
producing the Bulletin. The typeface is New Century Schoolbook —a recent survey ranked
this as one of the best fonts for body copy because of its legibility. Layout and design is by
Merry Meredith. Let us know how you like it.
ubc library bulletin editor: brenda peterson (2076)
illustrator: merry meredith


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