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UBC Library Bulletin Jul 29, 1977

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 u6c library 6uCfetin
No. 142 ^mi" July 29, 1977
Basil Stuart-Stubbs, University Librarian, is on leave from the Library until
31 December 1977. He will be on loan to the Ministry of Education where he will
be responsible for planning the operation of a province-wide post-secondary
interlibrary lending network. Funded by the province, the project is based on proposals
from the recent report The Needs of Libraries and Post-Secondary Education in British
Columbia  prepared by Basil and Ross Carter of VCC.
During Basil's absence, Bill Bell is Acting University Librarian.
Elizabeth Morton died Sunday, 10 July 1977, at age 74. She was a national figure
in Canadian librarianship. She oversaw the founding of the Canadian Library Association
in 1946 and served as CLA's executive director for 22 years. Throughout her tenure,
she worked "loyally with good, bad, and indifferent presidents," noting that
"everybody has at least a few good points, and within the family we have to concentrate on
those." She built an important personal network among Canadian librarians, informally
overseeing promotions and appointments throughout Canada as well as holding together
and directing a national association.
Born in Trinidad, she was educated at Dalhousie University, University of Toronto,
and University of Chicago. She started her career as a school teacher and children's
librarian, later working at the Toronto Public Library. She came to Ottawa to manage
first the Canadian Library Council and then the CLA. She was a determined and brillant
director of CLA, initiating both political and bibliographic projects. Even after
her official retirement in 1968, she remained active in the library community as
a consultant.
Many staff members at UBC have vivid memories of Elizabeth Morton. Eleanor Mercer,
Sheila Egoff, and Sam Rothstein all recall her fine sense of humour and her ringing
laugh, her excellent memory, diplomatic presence and foresight. Indeed, Sheila
Egoff tells us, she was foresighted enough to remind a CLA conference speaker who
wanted to know what to tell the ladies that his audience did not consist of "ladies"
but of "professional women!" She provides for us all an example of professionalism
at its best.
The map library graciously awaits your donation of maps and other travel brochures
from places near and far. Check your suitcases and pockets for stray maps that may have
returned from vacation with you; please deliver them to the Map Division, Main Library,
south wing, second level. Note that this does not allow you to count your vacation
as a collection development trip for the library.
Tom Shorthouse, h«-adof the UBC- Law Library, is the new president of the
Canadian Association o£ Law L-ibraYies. His two year term began in May. DESUPERIMPOSITION CONTINUES
Dan si f,
Saeava,  Czechoslovak Republic
Canada.     Aviation Statistics  Centre.
Canada hand Inventory.
Forest  Fire Research  Institute,  Otctwrt.
Crain KesRarch Laboratory, Winnipeg.
University  .>f Western Ontario, London,  Ont.
University' of Western Ontario.     Library.
McMaster University Association  for l..th
Century Studies.
Montreal.    flcole des hautes etudes
Halifax,  f!.S.    University of King's  Collep,".
Canada.     Dept.   of Arriculture.     Tixpeririental
Station,  "e.I^ovt,  Task.
Ontario.    I'.vclro-clectric Power Conrission.
Chicago.     Ait.  Insi.i1.uto.
Montreal,  J'useuri of Fine Arts.
fiew Brunswick.  University.
Newfoundland,  Menorial University,
St. John's.
Northern Forest Research Centre.
Northwest Territories, Canada.
llova Scotia.  Office of the Oirhudsmar..
Nova Scotia.  Power Commission.
Ontario.  Art Boiler-/.
Ontario.  Council for the Arts.
New Brunswic...  industrial Safety Council.
O.uebcc (City).  Musne dp la province
dc Quebec.
The following job recruitment notices
For details, check the folder on Lee Ann's
Gdansk,  Poland
Saiavsky klajt-r svateho Prokopo.
Canada.     Statistics Canada.     Aviation
Statistics Centre.
Canada,     i,a>id Inventory.
Canada.     Forest Fire Research Institute.
Grain Research Laboratory  (.Canada;.
University of Western Ontario.
University of Western Ontario.     Libraries.
McMaster University.     Association  for loth
Cent i try Studies.
Ecoie des hautes etudes conmerciales.
University of Kinc's College,   Halifax,  M.S.
Research  f'tation,  Helfort,  Sask.
On! prio Hydro.
Art Institute of Chicago.
Montreal Museun of Fine Arts.
University of lew Brunswick.
Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Canada.  Northern Forest Resero*t:!i Centre.
Northwest Territories.
Nova Scotia.  Ombudsman.
Nova Scotia Power Commission.
Ait Gallery of Ontario.
Ontario.  Arts Council.
Kew Brunswick Industrial Safety Council.
Musee du Ouebec.
have been received recently by the Library,
desk in the I&O Division.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge).    Associate Humanities Librarian.    August 5th deadline.
McGill University (Montreal).    Undergraduate Area Librarian.    August 15th deadline.
Indiana University (Bloomington).    Assistant Cataloger.
Ohio State University (Wooster).    Heaci Librarian.
Satte University of New York (Albany).    Head, Bibliographic Reco.-os Department.    August 1st deadline.
Head, Catalog Maintenance Unit.    August 1st deadline.
Bibliographer in Education.    September 15th deadline
Management Analyst.
Manuscript Librarian.
European Language Reference Bibliographer ,    ,
Mathematics/Physics Librarian \}'y
Yale Unive  :ity Liorary (New Haven).    Assistant Documents Librarian.    August 10th deadlins.
University of California (Berkeley).    Head, Institute of Industrial  Relations Library
Cornell University Libraries (Ithaca).    Acquisitions Librarian.
University of Virginia  (Charlottesville).    Spanish-Portuguese Language Cataloger.    August 8th deadline.
Technical Services Archivist, Manuscripts Department.    September
Public Services librarian, Science/Techno1ogy Information Center
University of California (Davis).
University of Houston (Houston).
University of Arizona (Tucson).
University of Manitoba (Winnipeg).    Head, Cataloguing Department
Head Special Collections Librarian.    October 15th deadlin
Head, Cataloguing Der
University A"<-nivist -    Rare Books Librarian
9th deadline.
August 15th
Liona Gelbart, Reading Room Division
SPURLING.John.    MaCrune's Guevara (a play)    PR b069 M3 1969 (main)
TOEFFLER, Alvin.    Future Shock (social  research)    HN 17.5 T64 1971 (main)


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