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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Jul 22, 1974

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
Ho.   110 July 22, 1974 Vancouver, B.C.
The Library's Travel Grants and Expenses Committee - on a second thought -
graciously granted the usual expenses to attend the A.L.A. Conference in New York,
July 8 - 12.  The theme of the conference:  The Library Profession.
Here are some second-hand thoughts/ideas talked about (and often kicked around):
Faculty Status and Governance:
a. Polarization of administration:
Classical style: hierarchic (archaic?) organization with a chief having
absolute.power and delegating responsibility at his discretion.  The staff
consists of a Head and a lot of Joes.
Democratic style: librarians form a faculty of their own and manage the library
on a collegial basis.  The staff is made up of peers.
b. Question of administration not clearly defined; neither are questions of
faculty status, union status and jurisdiction.  Further pitfalls:  degrees
.x^ and research work undertaken by librarians.  So many warning signs in the
'^approach to the faculty question.
Librarians are better off not being a faculty: less problems.
c. It is not proven that the democratic system has a place in education neither
is it demonstrated that democratic administration is better than the
absolut istic.
d. Before talking about faculty status librarians must clearly define their
professional role as disparate from that of clericals and put this into
practice.  Librarians are still in the discussion stage about this point.
e. Librarians are in a complex fix.
The Place of the Library in the Budget:
The governor of West Virginia stated that libraries rank with education in
general and with highways during budgeting and challenged all U.S. states to develop
a library system similar to the interstate highway system.
At the first general meeting the chairl ibrarian called for foreigners to show
hands as their country was named. Canada was not named. Does this mean Canadians
are not foreigners in American eyes, being children of a common mother?
Education and Libraries:
The library should be more closely integrated with the teaching assignments of
the university.  Mutual dependence, not equality of librarians and faculty, should be emphasized.  This could be achieved by placing less emphasis on Ph.D.'s and more
on teaching.  The library and librarians do not fill their legitimate place in the
educational system because faculty does not accept them as partners. (Some librarians,
of course, give cause for such a state of affairs).
Technology and Librarians:
Librarians had better gain education in the field of technology or else they will
have to rely on outsiders who, lacking library training, may misdirect the development
of the library or take it over.  Technology is coming inevitably and it will prove
cheaper in the long run.  The application of advanced technology is still in its
infancy in 1ibraries.
The above are almost word-for-word excerpts/crumbs from the panel speakers, and
Steve Johnson.
Pam Matheson will be transferring, in her present position, to the Librarian's
Office at the beginning of August.  A review of work in the Circulation Division has
resulted in the creation of an additional service point at the Loan Desk and a
decrease of work in the Circulation Office.  In order to make this possible, Pam has
been transferred to the Librarian's Office, where additional help at this level is
required, and equivalent additional time has been allocated to Circulation.
Rosaria Llereza
Sheila Cooper
Josephine Levas
Patricia Shen
Clerk 1
Library Assistant I! I
Library Ass istant I
Library Assistant 1 I
Acquis it ions
LC Cataloguing
Biomedical Branch
Zuzana Jasik   temporary L.A. II in Map Divisions to position number 576 in
the Map Divis ion.
Harriett Harper  position #237 Library Assistant II (Cat. Prep) to position
#079 Library Assistant II (Cat. Prep.)
Donna Herriott
Robin Bowser
Meily Wong
Leslie Evans
Maureen Knight
Lisa Grzebieluch
John Campbel 1
Bill Daly
Woodward L.A. I to B.M.B. L.A. II
Woodward L.A. I to Serials L.A. II
Cataloguing L.A. II to MacMillan L.A. Ill
L.A. Catal. L.A. II to L.C. Catal. L.A. Ill
Serials L.A. II to L.C. Catal. L.A. Ill
Periodicals L.A. I to Serials L.A. II
Systems P.A. II to Systems Analyst
Systems P.A. I I to Systems Analyst.
Cathy Skelly
Geraldine Slater
Linda Senum
Sherry Smugler
Barbara Duncan
Barbara Teagle
Margaret Wilson
Gaylord Leung
Susan Crossley
Polly Walker
Library Assistant I
Library Assistant 11 I
Library Assistant I I
Library Assistant I I
Library Assistant I
Library Assistant I 11
Library Assistant I I
Stack Attendant
Library Ass istant I I
Stack Attendant
Curriculum Laboratory
Catalogue Preparations
Original Cataloguing
Interlibrary Loans
Original Cataloguing
Tom Eadie has resigned fcom his position in Information and Orientation Division
to take the position of Head of Arts Reference at the University of Waterloo.


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