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UBC Library Bulletin May 26, 1977

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 u6c Ci6raty
• •swsaiasN
--   No. 141 May 26, 1977
The 1977/78 book budget is now published, in tabular form. While the money available
is hardly likely to permit substantial growth, it*3 more than was expected and it appears to
be reasonably adequate to maintain collection strength. The increase over 1976/77 for the
total book budget is 3191,664, up to $2,020,556. Faculties, branches, and divisions remain
as for last year; general funds (including reading rooms) receive increases ranging from 8$---
to 10#.
A special fund of S77,144 has been set up to buy replacements for the Main Library of
-■■■the large bibliographical sets (LC catalogs, British Museum catalogues, etc.) which will
eventually decamp with the technical services divisions to the new processing building.
11,009,250 have been budgeted for serials; this represents 49.94$ of the total, a
percentage within the rough guidelines laid down in the last few years in order to preserve
collection balance.
\ , ^ .t .-•
A series of general meetings held recently with Library staff provided the first
opportunity for many staff to learn about planned changes for the Library's system of
catalogues. Planning for changes to the catalogues has been underway for the past year but
it has involved only relatively few staff members. The general meetings were arranged to
provide information to a larger number of staff, and also to seek input on some aspects of
the planned changes.
Discussion at the general meetings - of which three were scheduled and a fourth added -
focussed on implementation schedules and formats for the microfiehe Location File. The COM
File is co be introduced in September, if all goes well.
As a follow-up to these initial meetings, a written outline of the planned changes is
in preparation. The outline will be distributed to all branches and divisions, and another
meeting arranged as a last opportunity for discussion before a final cenmitment is made to
begin implementing changes. Also, a detailed review of the planned procedures is being
carried out by technical processing staff and when this is completed the necessary revisions
to computer systems can be made and staff trained prior to implementation.
A librarian (Joanna Rood) has been employed to supervise the conversion of catalogue
holdings information for the new system, which is expected to take two years to fully
complete. When the implementation is ready to begin, additional temporary staff will be
employed for the conversion project. In the interim, two additional staff will be hired to
allow regular staff to devote time to both review and training in new procedures.
At its m03t recent meeting, the University Board of Governors granted Physical Plant
authority to call for tenders on the Processing Centre. The stipulated budget is $2,680,5O0.«
Construction could begin within the next few months; completion of the building, then, would
be scheduled for the summer of 1978. Will long cherished and now nearly realized dreams of
bright light and fresh air sustain a stifled and overloaded seventh floor staff through to
The 1976/77 report from the Cataloguing Divisions has been published; copies
may be had from Mac Elrod.
The report begins with an account of personnel losses in the past year, then
it goes on to various on-going and short-term processes and projects. Some notable
facts and figures:
- "The Divisions continued during the past year to have 30?6 of all material received
on the shelf ready for use within one month of receipt in the system. Within four
months, most material received is catalogued.
• "The uneveness with which the book budget was expended this year resulted in a
rush of searching, now followed by a heavy influx of books. This increase of books
emphasizes our chronic shortage of space and book trucks.
- "The number of new volumes added to the collection remains over 100,000, and the
number of titles catalogued is over 60,000.
- "The Japanese language backlog has been completely listed, and is stored on the
seventh floor, in Hysteria, and in Asian Studies.
- "Work began again on the Chinese language backlog in November 1976, and 900 titles
were cleared. The listed backlog consists of about 7,000 titles.
- "The Library of Congress continues to change the form of many long established
entries [desuperimposition]. The number of such changed entries will reach flood
proportion with the adoption of AACR II [a new version of the standard Anglo-American
Cataloguing Rules] by all three National Libraries (Canadian, U.S., and British) now
announced for January, 1980.
- "Many staff members in Cataloguing either file in the public catalogue or revise
filing in the public catalogue. [When the move to the new Processing Centre is
complete] each of these staff members will lose at least one half hour per day in work
time for the journey to and from the Main Library.1*
Other sections of the report summarize automation projects, cataloguing-in-publication
and shared cataloguing policies, and changes in book preparation procedures. There is also
a page of statistics, comparing items processed, titles catalogued, etc. for 1974-1977.
Desuperimposition is the shifting of catalogue cards from one alphabetical slot to
another, according to new headings established by the Library of Congress. Recently,
the following headings were changed:
Hradec kralove, Czechoslovak Republic.
Krajske museum ••••••••••••-••••to •••Krajske museum v Hradci Kralove.
Kosice, Czechoslovak Republic. Statna
vedecka kniznica ••«•••.••••••• .Statna-wedecka kniznica v Kosiciach.
Turciansky sv. Martin, Slovakia • Martin, Czechoslovakia.
Toronto. Royal Ontario Museum.. •■•• • .Royal Ontario Museum.
Bad Worse.
National Research Council, Canada.. ....National Research Council of Canada.
Victoria, B.C. Art Gallery • • ...Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
Beak Consultants Limited ..Beak Consultants.
Toronto. Public Library.•• ...................Toronto Public Libraries.
Vancouver, B.C. Board of Trade.•••• • .Vancouver Board of Trade.
Bruno Pruno, I ft 0
MEAD, Taylor. Taylor Mead on Amphetnnlne ft in Europe (Aphorisms) PS 3563. E165. T3. 1968 (Main)
VOLINE (pseud.) The Unknown Revolution. 1917-1^21 (HistOry)'DK 265. E413. 1974 (Main)
WITKIEWICZ, S.I. Insatiability (Fiction) PC 7158. W52. N5J3. 1977 (Main)
ZELEVANSKT, Paul. Book of Takes (Texts/Visuals) 01 In LC Cataloguing.
- ——  -! •-V ■■■■'— —— ■'   I' i|Pi ■ .iju ■"an piipn.-.vtyif  H'WIX ■.   *m * r   '"0»T" *"-<!     1 « -3-
Since last fall, UBC Library has been participating in discussions on the setting
up of a network of all B.C. post-secondary institution libraries for the purposes of
efficient interlibrary loan. The project is being funded by the provincial Ministry
Of Education.
.;. Representatives of the three university libraries and the college libraries met
on May 16th to talk about procedures to be followed by network participants.
The basic finding lists for college and university library requests will be the
COM monograph and serials lists from each of the three universities. However, the
university libraries will also accept requests for items which do not appear, in the
COM lists.
Searching time at the three university libraries should be greatly reduced because
the borrowing library will be able to provide call numbers.
It is hoped that all college and university libraries will have telex machines in
operation by September 1st and that telex will be used as much as possible to transmit
requests and reports. Network participants will be encouraged to use a specific telex
format in order to keep costs down.
The project, based on an extension of available statistics, should provide for
19,500 filled loans during a 12-month period: 7,200 interuniversity loans and 12,300
university-to-college loans. Quotas for each college library will be established by
the Post-Secondary College Library Directors Association. Adjustments in total volume
and quotas can be made from time to time as the need for revision becomes evident from
the projected quarterly analysis of requests.
A directory of participating libraries, their addresses, interlibrary loan personnel,
telephone and telex numbers, will be assembled and distributed to all participants.
A manual of procedures will be made available to all participants before the project
begins. Hopefully, a training workshop can also be held for those individuals who will
be most involved in the operation.
Lending libraries will be asked to provide
a worksheet for each transaction. The information gathered from these worksheets can be used
to analyze gaps in collections, to determine
natural patterns of ILL traffic, to project the
potential demand for ILL service, and to arrive
at unit costs of the service.
Although reports and requests will be transmitted by telex, delivery of materials will continue to be by mail. It is possible that some
courier services will be available in the future
(see illus.).
The project will be managed by UBC. Analysis of requests, staff costs, etc. will be collected monthly and reviewed. Quarterly reports
will be prepared at U3C and will be submitted to
a Users' Committee composed of representatives
from three college libraries, BCIT Library, the
three university libraries, the project coordinator and a representative of the Ministry of Education.
Figure out what book the following first line comes from. Get the answer onto
M. Kasper's Front Office mail shelf (i ft 0 Division) by 3:00 pm tomorrow (May 27). All
answers received by that time will be collected and the contest winner determined by a
blind draw. Winner gets a free paperback of her or his choice from Gifts ft Exchanges.
"They order, said I, this matter better in France."
A list of the classic mystery writers mentioned by Roy Stokes in his recent Brown Bag Lunoheon lecture is
available from Ann Turner, Serials Division, Main Library.
The money which was collected for Mavis' going-away has been used to purchase a money order which-has been sent
to Blackwell1s in Oxford for deposit to her account. -
Don't be fooled! The economic turnaround is illusory! Inflation maintains its pace-!" In the Main Library's ■'
Xerox Room, transparencies will now cost 50*1 each, up from 350.
Elsie de Bruijn*s local is now 2451. Other calls for the Social Work Library should still go to local 2242.
Occasionally, when browsing in a bookstore, junk store, antique store, you might spot a book on the shelves
bearing a call number and UBC Library markings. Here is what you should do in such a case. First, grab the
book (this will be easy to do, as it will be standing with its back to you). Look for official discard narks:
the words DISCARD or WITHDRAWN rubber-stamped over the bookplate and/or pocket, and embossed discard mark on the
title page. If none of these marks appear on the bo&x, there's a chance that it's A.V.O.L. from the Library.
This doesn't necessarily mean it's been stolen...library books often get mixed up and sent to the wrong places...
but it's a situation which requires clarification. May we suggest that you dc the following: l) tell the dealer
that the book appears to be UBC property and ask him to set it aaide and contact Graham Elliston at 228-2607
(Cifts & Exchanges Division), and 2) notify Graham yourself. Ne can then get in touch with the dealer and
investigate the problem.
Even though Dr. John B. Kacdonald's landmark report. Higher Education in British Colmbia and a Plan for the
Future. wa3 published in 1962, the Library still receives a saall but steady trickle of requests for copies. We
no longer have a back-stock, so would be pleased to receive any copies which are not needed by their present
owners. Then we'll be able to Satisfy future requests. Send copies to Graham Elliston, Cifts 4 Exchanges.
* The following job recruitment notices have been received recently by the Library. For details, contact H. Kasper,
I & 0 Division.
University of MANITOBA (Winnipeg). Head, Engineering Library; Slavics Cataloguer; Cataloguer. (Notice dated: May 4)
STAFFORD University (Stanford, California). Chief Librarian, Serials Dept. (Deadline: June 30)
WASHINGTON STATE University (Pullman). Asst. Director for Administrative Services. (Deadline: June 30)
YORK University (Dovnsview, Ont.) Director of Libraries. (Deadline: September l)
The following items are needed to complete the library's holdings:
DEMOCRAT (Vancouver, b.C.) vol.12 no.5 (Nov. 1972)
MICKICiN LIBRARIAN, vol.41 no.2(l975)
NATION (N.Y.) vol.222 no.4 (1976)
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, vol.129 no.1-2 (Jan-Feb 1966); vol.136 no.l-2(July-Aug I969); vol.143 no.l-^(Jan-Apr 1973)
vol.144 no.l-2,6(july-Aug,Dec 1973)
NATIONAL WILDLIFE (Washington, D.C.) vol.14 no.5(1976)
SCHOOL LIbRARY JOURNAL, vol.21 no.l,3(l974); vol.22 no.6(Feb 1976)
SOLEIL DE C0L0MBI2. vol.6 no.51 (April 26. 1974)
WESTERN LIVING (Vancouver, B.C.) vol.l no.6(l97l); vol.6 no.3(Mar,1976)
If you can supply any of these, please telephone Graham Elliston, local 2304
Parting Shot:
"The only reason I put up with some of these laws and policemen is because I'm partly
in favor of anarchy." - Taylor Mead (Charlie Chaplin of the Sixties)


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