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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin May 21, 1968

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 University of British. Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 1 May 21, 1968 Vancouver, B.C.
This newsletter will appear weekly on a trial basis and be distributed within the Library to all those who receive the BIBLOS, to which it will serve as a supplement.  Its
purpose is to keep staff informed of new administrative developments in the Library and
to convey any other information of general interest in brief, timely news items.  The
editor, Graham Elliston, will gather his material through direct contact with the Librarian's Office and attendance at a multitude of inter-divisional and special meetings.
SECURITY - Getting into the Building in the Mornings:
Beginning Monday, May 27th, a member of the Library staff will be stationed at the
Delivery Room entrance from 8 to 9 a.m. Library staff using this entrance should be
prepared to present library borrower identification cards upon request.
PUBLIC CATALOGUE - an Expansion:
The Main Library's public catalogue is now in three parts: 1) an Author-title file
[identified by White labels} 2) a Subject file tRed labels} and  3) a Classed location
file QYellow labels}.
The Subject file contains all subject headings, including personal names used as subjects.  However, most of the cross-references relating to these personal names have not
yet been prepared - this wi11 be done on a long-term basis in cooperation with staff
from the public service divisions.  In the meantime, remember to check the Author-title
file if you cannot immediately find the name you are looking for in the Subject file.
And if you do find a cross-reference in this way, report it to the nearest public service division or the Cataloguing Division.
The Classed location file includes:  1) all material one copy of which is in a location
other than the main stacks, the Fine Arts Division (class N), or a location indicated on
the catalogue cards themselves such as Juvenile Collection, Law, Asian Studies  or
Special Collections; and, 2) holdings of currently received serials and sets-in-progress.
Mr. Bell has introduced three new employee rating forms to be used by division heads
to report on the performance of staff.  Two of these are to be filled in during the probationary period.  Their purpose is to ensure that, 1) a new employee's performance is
considered and discussed with him during his probationary period, 2)   he receives fair
warning and is given an opportunity to improve if his work has been unsatisfactory, and
3) he is informed if his performance does not improve and is notified that his services
are no longer required.
The third form is to be used to report each January on the performance of all staff
members.  It will ensure that an employee's performance does not deteriorate and remain
for an extended time below a satisfactory level without its being formally considered
and discussed with him.  A further purpose of this form is to provide information for
use by the Library Administration in the rating of staff when salaries are under review.
All three of these report forms will be forwarded from the Librarian's Office to the
divisions at the time they are due to be completed. UBC Library Bulletin - Page 2
TRANSFERS or Promotions from one Division to Another;
For those staff members who are not familiar with the formalities involved in making
application for a position in another division, here is an outline which should prove
1. Whenever a vacancy occurs, the position is advertised fi rst for one week within the
Library system; only if no suitable applicants are found is it referred to the Personnel Office for posting.
2. Interested staff members may apply to Mr. Bell through the office secretary.  If at
this time they wish to seek clarification as to their qualifications they may make
an appointment with Mr. Bell who will be happy to discuss all questions with them.
3. When all applicat ions have been received, Mr. Bell discusses them with the Head of
the division which has the vacancy.  The Head then interviews the candidates and
seeks further information from the Heads of the divisions where the applicants are
presently working.
k.     When all the "in-library" applications have been considered the division head, in
consultation with Mr. Bell, selects the most suitable applicant (provided, of course,
that any are suitable).  Forms have been designed to announce this decision to the
successful applicant, the unsuccessful applicant(s) and the Head from whose division
the applicant was selected.
STACKS ESTABLISHMENT - a Re-organization:
The Personnel Office has surveyed the Stacks Establishment of the Main, Sedgewick, and
Woodward libraries and agreed to make certain changes in classification.  Presently
there are three stack supervisors in the Circulation Division, one in Woodward and none
in Sedgewick.  The remainder of the stacks staff consists of Library Assistants I, a
classification which pays too little to keep staff for more than a few weeks.  The new
Stacks Establishment will consist of one Stack Supervisor in the Circulation Division
and one each in the Sedgewick and Woodward libraries, plus eight Stack Attendants at
pay grade 15: $330.00 per month, starting salary.
PUBLICATIONS in Preparation;
Work has begun on a printed catalogue of the Woodward Memorial Room Collection.  The
purpose of the catalogue is to inform the world of scholarship of the existence of this
collection and its contents, and to increase the usefulness of the collection to the
teaching program. Several volumes are projected.  The first will include works relating
to the health sciences and published before 1800.  Publication will be supported by a
foundation grant.  The preparation of the catalogue is being undertaken by Heather
A similar catalogue is projected for the collection of books contributed by the famous Harry Hawthorne Foundation for the Inculcation and Propagation of the Principles and
Ethics of Fly-Fishing.  The Foundation is providing funds to undertake the work, and
Susan Starkman (BLS, UBC 1968) has been employed on a temporary basis for this work.
She will compile the basic bibliography, and annotations will be contributed by Professor
Stanley Read and Roderick Haig-Brown.
VISITOR, May 6 - June 14:
Under the auspices of the Canadian External Aid Office, Mr. Soe Thein of Rangoon,
Burma, is currently visiting various divisions in the Library.  He has come to us  from
Queen's University Library where he worked for 9 months, and will go next to the National
Library in Ottawa before returning to his own national library in Burma to compile a
Burmese periodical index.


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