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UBC Library Bulletin Nov 30, 1988

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 ubc library bulletin
no. 211 november 1988
Doug Mclnnes Steps Down As University Librarian
In a memo sent to all staff October 29th, Doug Mclnnes announced that he has dedded not
to seek re-appointment as University Librarian. He will remain in his present position
until a new University Librarian is appointed and will then become the Head of Woodward
After a year as Acting University Librarian, Doug was appointed University Librarian on
June 1,1982. It hasn't been an easy term. The Library's tremendous growth during the
sixties and early seventies came to a definite halt in the eighties. Instead, the University
and Library have encountered finandal restraint and retrenchment.
Despite these pressures, Doug's unflagging efforts and commitment to excellence in service resulted in many positive achievements in the last eight years. The Health Sdences
Library Network was established, linking the Woodward Library to new branches at the
teaching hospitals. The Patent Search Service (PATSCAN) is a new and important resource for the University and the community. Although inflation and currency devaluation continued to erode the Library's collection budget, Doug fought hard to maintain
funding, and the collection grew from 2.25 million volumes in 1981 to 2.8 million today.
As a first formal step towards preservation and conservation planning for our book collection, the part-time Preservation Librarian position was established.
Access to the collection was enhanced by the further development of the automated cataloguing system and just this year by the launching of the online public access catalogue.
Government-funded capital development at the University has slowed, but the Library
stands near the head of the priority list, and is one of the University's top fund raising
When Doug moves to Woodward Library, he will be returning to a position that he held in
the mid-sixties. Before becoming Assistant Librarian for Public Services in 1967, Doug
was the first Head of Woodward. He was instrumental in planning the original building,
completed in 1964, and in its substantial expansion in 1970. He oversaw Woodward's
growth as UBC's first major branch library and the development of the Health Sdences
Library Network. We all wish Doug well in his 'homecoming' to Woodward.
President's Advisory Committee To Be Established
The process for selecting a new University librarian will follow the same procedures that
were set up in 1981 by tile Board of Governors and Senate. A President's Advisory Committee will be established with the mandate to consider candidates for the position of
ubc library bulletin poge2
University Librarian and to advise the President on its choice. Members will be selected
for the Committee as follows:
— two members to be elected by the professional librarians
— three members to be elected by Senate (induding at least one student)
— three members to be appointed by the President
The Chairman of the Committee will be the President or his designate. The librarians
have received nomination forms for the election of their two representatives. The election
is being conducted by the Registrar's Office.
Members elected to the Committee will be announced in the next Bulletin.
RECON Receives Major Boost
Now that we have an online catalogue with remote access, the call for RECON (the
REtrospective CONversion of our card catalogue records to online records) is being heard
with increasing frequency. When government funding for RECON was cut off in 1983, it
was estimated that we still had between 650,000 to 800,000 records left to convert.
Since then, RECON has been proceeding at a snail's pace. Between 3,000 to 5,000 records
per year are converted and added to the online CATALOGUE file on an encounter basis
by staff in Catalogue Records and Catalogue Products. In addition, over the last three
years, about 47,000 partial records have been added to the OLDCAT file by staff doing
systematic RECON in several branches and divisions.
This process took a giant leap forward this month with the addition of
over 350,000 partial records to the
OLDCAT file. The records were
transferred by Systems from our old
acquisition history tapes that date
back to 1968. Like other brief records in the OLDCAT file, these records will be used to search for full
records at the National library and
Of course, acquisition records are not
the same as catalogue records. The
information in these records is far
from perfect— locations may be missing, incomplete or incorrect due to
transfers and withdrawals and call
numbers may be wrong because of re-
dassifications, typing errors, etc..
Because of these problems, the acqui-
m lies        N.
; c.«so,ooo-eoqooo, ■
records        i J
Jrj-6__;i to fee u*\*rie!t \
FALL 1366 ! g_'
■tic basis)
CencouiYi—bMiO     1178-1163
ubc library bulletin page 3
sition records in OLDCAT have been flagged with the message "Check Main Library card
catalogue for more information (pre-1978 acquisitions file record)".
When using the OLDCAT file, remember that it's a working file for RECON. All of the
records in it are in various stages of completion and have been tagged to indicate which
records can be trusted for accurate call number and location information. Also, since
authority work has not been done for these records, name and subject searching can be
tricky. With changes in cataloguing rules, the forms of names used in the old card catalogue can be very different from the forms now used. For example, UBC is found under
"University of British Columbia" in the CATALOGUE file and under both "British Columbia. University" and "University of British Columbia" in the OLDCAT file.
The addition of the 350,000 acquisitions records to the OLDCAT file is a stunning achievement for the RECON cause. It has provided a much needed morale booster for all those
staff who are chipping away at the card catalogue. _^
Keyword Access ^p__^^/4sS_5^|j\
In the last few years, keyword access has been one of the most frequently requested
features for improving our online catalogue. Without fanfare or ceremony, Systems
introduced keyword searching in the online CATALOGUE, HEADINGS AND SUBJECTS
files in September. The new indexes do not appear on the list of indexes in LDMS after
the command SHOw INDexes because Systems does not want them to appear as an option
for UBCLIB users in the command mode. At present, keyword access is for staff use only.
Keyword access has been added because we now have suffident disk space and memory
for the massive word indexes that are necessary for keyword searching in the
CATALOGUE file. Systems is still very concerned that the keyword indexes be used with
extreme caution because of the devastating impact an inappropriate keyword search can
have on the system's response time. When doing keyword searches, never use common
words such as Canada, report, journal, history, etc.
Always do subject keyword searches in the SUBJECTS file and name keyword searches in
the HEADINGS file rather than in the CATALOGUE file. Once you have found the
proper name or subject heading, then move into the CATALOGUE file to find the books.
Remember the handy .HF and .SF commands for flipping into the CATALOGUE file from
these two files.
Keyword searching can be a powerful and time-saving tool. It can be very helpful when
you can't find a library of Congress subject heading for a topic or for tracking down an
elusive conference name. For example, it's now quite easy to find that conference about
Inuit elders held in the early eighties (in the HEADINGS file, try: F nw-elders) or locate
a few books about end user training (in the CATALOGUE file, try: F tw-end user?).
Try experimenting, but be careful. For more information, read Technical Note TN-013
which was distributed in September. If you have any questions about this new feature,
please contact Systems or I&O.
ubc library bulletin page 4
Margaret Price is the new Acting Assoriate Head in Woodward Library. She is replacing John
Cole who left UBC for a position at the University of Calgary. Before moving to Woodward
Library as a Reference Librarian in 1983, Margaret worked in RECON, Government Publications
and Cataloguing. Her appointment runs until the end of the year.
Patrick Gannon has been appointed as a temporary Reference librarian in Woodward library
until December 31st, 1988. A recent graduate of the School of library, Archival and Information
Studies, Patrick has practised medicine and taught in the medical field at the university level.
Lisa Brown, LA2, MacMillan
Asban Khan, LAI, Curric
Karen Barbour, LAI (Sessional), Curric
Todd Murton, LAI, Curric
Stella Wiesen, LAI, MacMillan
Sonya Tietien, LAI, Circ
John Ostrander, LA2, Social Work
Debbie Iim, LA3, Woodward
Kerry Jane Hutcheon, LA2, Health Sciences
Jennifer Rogers, LA3, Serials
Arlene Schmidt, LA3, Acquisitions
Andrea Hawkes, LAI, Circ
Ann Chatwin, LA2, Social Work to LAI, Circ        Nancy Gach, LA3, Acquisitions
The Public Catalogue Task Group has a new chairman. Pia Christensen, from the Humanities and
Social Sciences Division will replace Lee Ann Bryant, who has chaired the committee for the last two
We're running low on plastic bags for our rainy day boxes. Please send any spare plastic bags to I&O or
your nearest branch.
The Canadian Association for Information Science (Western Chapter) is sponsoring a seminar on
ASKSAM, a hypertext database. The speaker is Annette Lorek, a consultant for in-house information
systems (Infoplex Information Associates, Inc). The seminar will be held in the Sedgewick Conference
room at 4pm on Wednesday, November 30th. All welcome.
-US THE SEASON $fc  *fc  3|S
UBC Archives has produced two attractive Christmas cards from photographs in its collection. They
depict two different snow scenes on campus almost thirty years ago. One features the Main Library
framed by a snowy branch and the other one resembles a Seurat painting, with figures walking through
the snow with umbrellas. The cards are on sale in Special Collections and are priced as follows: 25 cards
for $16.25,10 cards for $7.00 and single cards for 80 cents.
Chains of Consequence, recent paintings by Toronto artist Janis Vilks will be on display in the UBC Fine
Arts Gallery until December 17th.
ubc library bulletin
editor: brenda petenon (2076)
illustrator: merry meredith


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