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UBC Library Bulletin Jul 15, 1976

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July 15, 1976
t The ogre, Overfull Space, leaps ever closer to the Library. The Provincial
Government has frozen new University construction, leaving the Library Processing Centre
a mere set of architectural drawings. On the basis of the freeze, the University has
I repossessed the million dollars that had been allocated to the project. Whether the
I centre is quite dead or just temporarily in suspension is anyone's guess.
The Provincial restriction would appear to have consigned the Education extension to
[the same limbo. This has the effect of keeping the Curriculum Laboratory in its present
quarters, inadequate and getting worse. As a side effect, it prevents the transfer of
f some 50,000 volumes in the 'L' classification from the Main Stacks to the Curric Lab.
L To round out the gloom, the state of the economy and what can only be viewed as simple
bad luck have left the Asian Centre half finished. This means that the Asian Studies
[Division has to stay in the south wing of the Main Library, its shelves full and its
collections split.
All of which adds up to a dismaying space prospect for the Library system generally
[and the Main Library in particular. Until a major development takes place, the situation
lean only retrogress, and library service will deteriorate with it. Of course there are
[short-term solitions and patches that will be applied to minimize the impact of the
[ situation on the user. They will cost a lot in effort and in wages, but this is
I The next step is likely to be the conversion of the room formerly occupied by the
Kuseum into a closed-access storage area. The project has not been provided with an
[allocation of funds, and it will be fairly costly. The double-tiered shelving installation
1 will come to almost §30,000 and there will be renovation and relocation expenses as well.
[ It is hoped that the project can be carried out quickly and be ready for books by the end
I of the summer.
Meanwhile, a solution is being sought to the problem of providing decent working
space for the staff of the Processing Divisions. The irony is that one branch of the
E Provincial Government tells the University that their present space is not up to standard,
and another branch forbids the University to develop new space.
The tradition of late and roundabout returns is an old one for libraries. One of
the great library users of all time, Karl Marx, reputedly bequeathed to the English
people - and so to the British Museum - all the books he'd borrowed from the B.M. years
before. Everybody wants a clear conscience when it comes to libraries.
I H.R. Kemp's Canadian Marketing Problems (HB 31. T 62. v.3) was last signed out from
|the UBC Library on September 25» 1945. In March, this year, it was turned in to the
(Interlibrary Loans Division by the Fraser Valley Regional Library who noted that it had
recently been given to them as a gift.
The History Department at Simon Fraser University will host a workshop on archives,
ptober 5th and 6th. Among the distinguished speakers will be the Dominion Archivist
*°m Ottawa, The Keeper of the Public Records from London, The Keeper of the Records of
°tland, and archivists from the B.C. Provincial Archives and Washington's Smithsonian
oatitute. The presentation will be titled "The Use of Archives"; admission will be free. MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCES
Reference materials have been vanishing from the bibliographic searching area
on floor 7 of the Main Library...and reappearing after absences of several days or
even weeks. This is causing a lot of inconvenience, concern, and delays (as, for
example, when CANADIAN BOOKS IN PRINT went missing) to those working daily with these I
tools. Everyone is reminded that all reference material is freely available for use    *
•in situ1 and, should temporary removal from floor 7 be necessary, please contact
Janet Yuan.
One of the thorniest problems facing money managers in the Library is how to
handle those high price items which consume forty times their weight in budget chunks, f
In the recent budget decisions, some duplicate sets of expensive titles were dropped...
but certain materials remain indispensable...and curious but unavoidable situations
For instance: Of the Government Publications $50,000 continuations fund, nearly
half, $24,000, is spent on seven items - 32,000 pays for the U.S. N.T.I.S. Reports;
$2,000 for the U.S. ERIC Reports; S1,200 for ProFile; S8,000 for microprint U.S. Governmerr
Publications; S2,000 for the U.S. Congress Serial Set; C8,000 for U.S. Library of Congress-
catalogues; $800 for Index Medicus.
Last year it was poetry readings; the Library's next excursion into cultural
provocation will involve the publication and distribution of broadsides...short prose -
or poetry by UBC writers, illustrated perhaps, printed on poster-size paper and posted
around campus. LOCAL TALENT BROADSIDES, a new subsidiary of the Library cartel, with :
money from the Friends of the Library fund, will undertake the job. Texts will be hand-se+,
on the flat-bed press in the Library School. Illustrations may be provided, in ways as
yet undetermined.
Anyone interested in working on the series - which will probably begin around
September - please contact Michael Kasper, I & 0 Division. Especially needed are people
willing to devote some time (perhaps outside working hours; perhaps work-time, if it '
can be arranged with division heads) to typesetting, presswork, and poster hanging...
No experience necessary.
Advertisements for writing and art submissions will go out in September.
Asian Studies Division. List of Catalogued Books No. 31.
Forbes, Jennifer. Reference Guide to Reviews.  (Reference publication no. 55; revision
of nos. 31 [1970] and 24 I.1968J)
Karpinski, Les. Religious Studies without Tears. Part V; Supernatural.  (Reference
publication no. 48)
Main Library Information Sheet; Sedgewick Library Information Sheet; Woodward Library |
Information Sheet...a series of 8^-"x11" handouts with basic user information.*
Submissions have inexplicably fallen off. Just when vacation readers might want ]
advice. Send suggestions to Michael Kasper, I & 0 Division for the next issue,
Bruno Pruno, I & 0: ENZENSBERGER, Hans Magnus. The Consciousness Industry. (Essays) ,
PT 2609. N 9. C 6. 1974. Main Stacks/
. -3-
I Bianea Barnes has been the Library's Graphic Artist for nearly six years.    Her
l^jjble fingers, ingenuity, and honest vision have produced scores of clear, helpful
[signs and displays...against considerable odds.    She is hereby awarded the first annual
(Library Bulletin Pink Ribbon for Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence.    Below, in tribute,
j^e four relatively recent designs for Library publications.
booksiCJclcs guids
5   ■rsinpn^*'©^*'''"" *n""     *    rr''i\r\.t
'Ra&i'wiiirunftmrmii.'i*,1* :*  ;*>.'■' mm.
,    &.,,_ U^-     ^.IJI
tT-tH ->*Mp. J -Bt'iiii; ■ '••in   wir-i:
*■ li
--——,- —r--,-
ii   :* thtaa nt'ttHMlili:  I •:
■ .1  Jkaj----a!,i..J-  .
7  -, t
f  p-r-^lr*-r~':;iv
-i •*il!!:JSfeai,I!H,J!!-,,."J •'
*  .ffciii  tits •a'i:Hii;ti,i':,
.t     Bt!lkajl1UoUr^4uliU'ilfli»
llOUr$    JUT 4 • lUQrtl IS. 19/4
r.m&ijr • fHtmtf*r In- t(*
ffldaa, I M .  \ pe»
S4lttrttl/ t 4* •  4  »*»
SwACUr ClMttf
**•** tl*«i.« * ■■■«■■ • U—*—|     • ao .  I ass
•^ ••.•t>*-4 WUy to***
«•■ 4raa aas**., ■ l»^».«.i-     • **.•*•
(«t*a, t an - t an
IM.-*^ ■•*•*»*
1MUI ■**^*a • *•(*•»
f.lKtMt-t UU>aa*
loan policy
I^hi,       i m, It •
- *.( at iss«t.,t, ntatl •" fK^ml
CiO*  C«W4t
CATAioivjr t auzn. iwormation
?iB-»/7. 228-ftl/S
ClKCVtHllC^. KK£-ttL5. .IMUtf CMOS
7/8-31 IS
j ' 1   !•*
^. '^ vt>'-» o/ow KHAr > x' wan r
•"!••' t . ttO  ..JMn.</...•    tx'M Ktrj
All. Int. K»M ,W 5ifc*t*^(/.
■.'<••«•>• i,|;uav, lift i,t A*l'>i/f.a '■»■•• S Vt. %»•
"l«ttM •♦.!*!•# -M..I -».*: •*, is....-- ■«• •iaJ..r
»«vAVU«  «• AMI, *_»,»  I.H-.f l«A  #>  V'MC
t^i' >r *
tH «IIV.»aJl-rt'# '
till*. Ml  tsf.M
T"(CC Ml >utit
T-'.T tttT Mali
vvhcu. Tti« pat-wt  ^t«e
|H lt*>a: aivu'tai r.f m
< A/CCttl. t; ".   If  |-« t
!•!%•. »,.. , pa. /fiAni *4
*■»»'• 'Hf... *.»». |.t»
<Nit>e !•*.■• - m»i«.
».»*Mt»,.0 j' ———.
K At '«• -^«*^
h art »- fr-»
<A»V (A*»l«4»aj
IltX f*fl% ••
fw*\t t•.^<a>v^   *■
3*' J"i WUr rv-l"'.
i*i r:*. r.*,«r ■  i. .ut*»r\«
W*>''W 1* 1st- VI "tO
A*:v: vAr
o«a i**ki 4> vr r*»/:
MM BMM A««*t^A(>«»'i«mUttl«fArt(M-,aaMt, «>««.«.(y«Tfr»*«) ANNOUNCEMENTS
Remember your friendly mapeople when you're ready to discard your travel literature
or maps. The Hap Division accepts charity...Main Library, south wing, level 2.
If you can supplyj
The following items are needed to complete the Library's holdings,
any of them, contact Graham Elliston, x2304.
vol.1 no.3-4(1968/69) and vol.2 no.2-4 (1969/70)
CANADIAN LITERATURE.  Any issues, especially recent ones
ENGLISH QUARTERLY (New Brunswick), vol.3 no.4 (Winter 1970)
GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE, vol.46 no.4, 10 (Jan., July 1974)
MICHIGAN LIBRARIAN, vol.41 no.2 (1975$
PRISM INTERNATIONAL. Any issues, especially 1971-74.
SCHOOL MEDIA QUARTERLY .(Fulton, Mo.) vol.3 no.4 (Suiuaer 1975)
SOLEIL DE CCLOEBIE. vol.6 no.51 (April 26, 1974)
TOP OF THE ItSWS. vol.31 no.l (Nov. 1974)
WESTERN LIVING.  vol.1 no.6 (l97l)
Upward Mobility
The following job recruitment notices have been received recently by the Library. Fori
details, see K. Kasper, I & 0 Division.
BRITISH C0LUK3IA Institute of Technology (Burnaby). Information Librarian [2 positions];
Systems Analyst. (Deadline: July 19)
University of CALIFORNIA (Sar. Francisco). University Librarian. (Deadline: August 1)
KcMASTER University (Hamilton). Interlibrary Loan Librarian. (Letter dated June 24)
OHIO STATE University (Columbus). Head, Reference Department. (Position available Sept. 1) |
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS University (Carbondale). Asst. Science Librarian; Music Cataloguer;
Science Cataloguer. (Deadline: Sept. 15)
STANFORD University (Stanford, Calif.). Rare 3ook Librarian: Special Collections Librarian.
(Deadline: August 1)
Also Wanted
Special Collections is after copies of Priorities, the publication of the 3C N.D.P.
Women's Caucus. Contact Anne Yandle. 4879, if you have any to donate.
JonrtuU-eae' qOrt^Wr^
•jsO.n- EacUsnof asorkt
featured by ase of coUo-
quialisms, superficiality of
thought and reasoning.
deer or sensational presentation of material, and
evidences of haste in composition, considered characteristic of newspaper
sntiDi. CoUoa. — Joor'-
Bal-ese', «o>\   Collot.
1,1 Joomal Dot: 2 Lid: 3 niuf
"win*; 5 Chamber lor hibncut
_i tow or cotton twu; 0 lour-
nal; 1 Collar: a Hob Sot; 9 JoW
aal Buriai. or Braa; 10 Kay.


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