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UBC Library Bulletin Jan 23, 1976

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NO i
January 23,  1976
Some time ago a petition bearing one hundred and forty-eight names urged the
Library Administration "to prohibit smoking in all work areas of the Library, for the
benefit of everyone."
[ In Library Bulletin #127 (October 31st), there were some statements from smokers
and a call for further comments. All in all it appears that smokers, while willing to
suffer deprivation - or at least inconvenience - so as not to discommode their fellow
ryorkers, feel restricted enough now. It seems that the application of a uniform
regulation against smoking in work areas, as desirable as it might be for the health
[of smokers, would not be acceptable to everyone, nor does such a regulation seem
necessary in parts of the Library where ventilation is adequate.
What is called for in this situation is consultation and courtesy. In each
working area, staff members might meet to discuss how to deal with the question.
' FC In its report to the National Librarian in 1972, the Canadian Task Group on
Cataloguing Standards recommended that "the National Library appoint two experts...to
revise completely its F 5000 schedule..." This was based or the findings of the Subgroup
on the Classification of Canadian History and Literature that most scholarly iibraries
across Canada were classifying Canadian history in one or another of four versions of the
' P 5000 schedule originally developed by W. Kaye Lamb at UBC in 1941. Since none of the
versions was maintained officially, local variations in mainte lance and updating further
contributed to the lack of uniformity.
To preclude conflict with older schedules, it was ultimately decided that an
entirely new schedule was need -I and FC was introduced. T. R. McCloy, retired chief
librarian of the Glenbow-Alberta Institute Historical Library developed the new schedule
and the National Libriry will maintain it. Limited numbers of a prepublication copy
were distributed in 1974.
FC numbers are now included in Canadiana entries, beginning with the Jan/March 1975
issue. The UBC Cataloguing Divisions began to assign FC numbers in November, and have
so catalogued perhaps 20 titles to date. Other Canadian libraries have also adopted FC,
•and the Library of Congress has accepted it as an alternate scheme.
The UBC History Department was notified in the Fall that the Canadian history
collection would be divided between F 5000 and FC for some time. The TRIUL Subcommittee
on Cataloguing is to investigate the possibility of a cooperative project to reclassify
existing collections (about 14,500 titles at UBC).
Three special situations: 1. We will continue to class material on the War of
1812 together, even though the new schedule suggests splitting it according to Canadian
or American emphasis. 2. St. Pierre et Miquelon will be reclassed now in F 1170 (LC
number) instead of being classed as a region of Newfoundland, as in the old F 5000's.
3« There is no provision for Alaska in the new FC class, and it will now be put in
p 901-951 (LC number) along with other U.S. states.
DK.....The Library of Congress has developed a new range of numbers for the history
j* Poland, DK 4010-4800 (formerly DK 401-443.7). It has been decided that the
Cataloguing Divisions cannot cope with the reclassification of the existing collection
Ubout 1600 titles), but will assign the new numbers for new acquisitions and will reclass
older editions to shelve with new editions going into the new numbers. -2-
In June, 1974 a Catalogue Project Task Group was established "to initiate a
study and pilot project to explore the use of a computer system and COM technology
in the form of a prototype catalogue system." This Task Group is being reactivated,
and will begin to plan for the implementation of a COM catalogue. Persons wishing
to serve on this Task Group and on the Sub-groups which will be set up to study
specific issues should submit their names to Bob MacDonald, Co-ordinator of Technical
Services & Systems, Main Library Floor 5, before February 6th.
It was announced in a recent issue of UBC Reports that in 1976 campus buildings
would be given individual street numbers, and tl at some streets would be renamed.
Specifically, the University's mailing address will change from 2075 Wesbrook Place
to 2075 Wesbrook Mall. This change, and other name changes, have been approved by
the Board of Governors, the University Endowment Lands and the Lower Mainland Street
Naming Committee. This means that the Library's mailing address will have to be
changed on letterheads, business forms, mailing labels, rubber stamps, etc. Don't
rush. The change is not that imminent. But as supplies run out, re-order with the
new address. The postal code, V6T 1W5, remains the same.
The B.C. government has set up a new information service - ASK B.C. It's
basically a telephone clearinghouse or referral service to mediate between citizens
and provincial agencies and departments. In Greater Vancouver, people can call
438 - 8311 with any questions on provincial government activities.
For this year's university Open House, the Library intends to arrange displays
and tours around the theme 'Design for Growth.1 The Sedgewick Library will be
highlighted, but other libraries will participate. Half-hourly tours of the Main
Library are planned and volunteers to act as tour guides are asked to see Joye Volker
in the Information & Orientation Division. Open House is set for March 5th and 6th,
Friday and Saturday.
After various delays, the alterations to the Main Library catalogue concourse
which will see the turnstile move inside the stack entry and new cabinets installed,
are about to be started. Work is due to begin in mid-February at the latest.
A new feature for the Bulletin, to appear when & where there's room: people can
submit titles of books they've read recently and liked. For everybody else's delectation
and/or edification. It could add a dimension to our sense of one another and perhaps
introduce us to some interesting reading. All subjects are acceptable, of course. Please
follow the form used below and, please, no more than three titles per submission. Send
your list, with your name & division,to Michael Kasper, Main Library, I & 0 Division, -j
Joan Sandilands, I & 0 Division: D0CT0R0W, E.L. Ragtime. 1975. (fiction) PS 3554. 0 3>
R 3. 1975. Main Stacks, note:reported -ruissu-uj.^fan. %t.
Michael Kasper, I & 0 Division: COHEN, Marvin. Fables at Life's Expense. 1975. (shortl
prose) 01 in LC Cataloguing.
GIBIAN, George, comp. Rursia's Lost Literature of the Absurd...Selected Works of
Daniil Kharms & Alexander" Vvedensky. 1971. (short prose & drama) PG 3213. G5. 1971. '
Main and Sedgewick. -3-
Looking back, so we'll
[have something to compare
fthings to, here's what
happened in the Library in
1975. These snippets are
taken from issues of the
iRnlletin: the dating of
events in the Bulletin is
chronically vague (natu-
rally* we'll try to correct this...naturally,
it's a New Year's resolution), so you may find
some items slotted into
the wrong month. Forget
JANUARY: Librarian's Report to Senate covering 1973/74 is prepublished; inflation's
disastrous effect on Library purchasing is underlined...New Law Library opens...
f 'Experiment in Staff Participation in Planning & Management', a scheme to involve
t staff in Library policy-making, tries to attract participants...ISBD catalogue format
in use.
FEBRUARY: Colbeck Collection moves to Special Collections...Bill Watson's report,
"Library Collections Space: A Tally & A Bleak Prospect", reveals increasing clutter
throughout the Library system...Quid Pro Quo periodicals ordering policy suspended.
MARCH:  'Experiment in Staff Participation...' sets up task forces...1975/76 budget;
Library to get 5CA over previous year, allowing for a few new staff positions, an
Bincrease in the collections budget, and a contribution to MEDLINE...New Processing
Building's site under discussion.
APRIL: Senate Library Committee endorses new loan policy recommendations from Library's
Task Force on Overdues...Brock Hall investigated as site for Processing Building.
MAY: Shelf-reading & tidying project begun in the Kain Stacks...Enlarged, 1975 edition
I of the Serial Holdings List distributed...Quid Pro Quo periodicals policy reinstitutod.
.JUNE: Brock Hall ruled out as site for Processing Building...COM readers distributed.
JULY: UBC Librarians' Association constitution ratified...Site near Woodward rumored
likely for Processing Building.
AUGUST: Preparations for new loan policy proceed apace...Review of book budget indicates
r prospect of large shortfall between commitments & available money, particularly in
periodicals and continuations funds.
SEPTEMBER: Board of Governors approves site near Woodward for Processing Building...
New loan policy postponed...AUCE contract runs out...Sedgewick installs theft-
detection devices.
OCTOBER: Book budget reported in bad shape...Closure of card catalogue based on imprint
f date 1975 discussed as plans for a COM catalogue proceed.
NOVEMBER: Freeze ordered on all book ordering due to extreme poverty, November 6...For
same reason, freeze ordered on hiring at all levels...Postal strike.
DECEMBER: AUCE strike...New loan policy re-approved for introduction in January...
I Less expensive type of binding for periodicals announced.
It was a busy busy year, with a frustrating assortment of false starts and reverses,
probably, this year will be no easier. The key issue seems to be the insufficiency of
funds for maintaining the kind of Library we all know and love...with users demanding
"ore services, collections requiring more dollars to sustain them, and people who work
ftere needing more income to meet the rising cost of living. The resolution of these
competing demands will touch everyone. We're all touched already. -4-
Two recent publications by Library people:
John Cray (Original Cataloguing). Tranquebar; A Cuide to the Coins of Danish India, circa 1620 to 1845. Lawrence,
Mass., Quarterman Publishers, 1975.
Avron Hoffman (LC Cataloguing/Searching). Kitsilano You: Longest Institution of Higher Learning (and its tributary«...)
Erin, Ontario, Press Porcepio, 1975. '
The Library's 'Local Talent' Reading Series continues. Next Wednesday, January 28th, at 12:30 pm, AUDRET THOMAS, no*
a sessional lecturer in the Creative Writing Department, a notable local talent, will read from her work. Readings A
transpire in the Sedgewick Library Orientation Room, on the lower level. Admission is free.
Leah Cordon, from LC Cataloguing/Searching, announces that discarded DCP cards are available for scrap paper.
Mao Elrod wishes to advertise a good deal. He's been asked to give a paper at a conference in Korea end he can include
others on the discount he gets from Korean Air Lines. Planned are: a week in Kyoto, Japanj a week of day tours around
Seoul; a week tour of South Korea; and unlimited time in Hawaii and Los Angeles on the way home...with the possibility
of return via Paris and London instead. Round trip Vancouver to Vancouver, over the Pacific, would cost 3660. The day
tours would be '50 plus $2 per night in a Korean inn; the tour of the country would be $87, everything included.
Departure date is May 22. See Mac if you're interested.
The following reference books have been superseded and are no longer wanted by the divisions which had them up to now.
If you would like any of them to be transferred lo  your branch, division, or reading room, contact Cifts & Exchanges
(local 2607).
BOOKS IK PRINT: 1974 (2 sets - 1 includes 74/75 supplement)
CORNU, Ayme. Compilation of mass spectral data: 1966 4 1967 suppl.
U.S. LT3RARY OF CONGRESS. Subject Cataloguin Division. Subjeot Headings Supplements: 1972.
Aulakh, Balbir
Vikentios, Athena
Balshaw, Mavis
Blazicevic, Brrnko
(Kirman, Paulina) .
Bhugra, Inderjit
Aulakh, Balibir
CHINESE (Mandarin & most dialects)
Berchirg Ho  Yuan, Janet
Bhugra, Inderjit
Kain, Edmund  Mah, Anthony
Aulakh, Ba.Voir
Tyrras, Svetlana
Han, Cecilia
Kirman, Paulina
Schafer, Ingeborg
Harrie, Martina
Litwinow, Oleg
Bugar, Edita
(Scardellato, Kathy)
Beran, Jana
(Blazicevic, Branko)
(Balshaw, Mavis)
Zibia, Loveron
(Blazicevic Branko)
Blazicevic, Branko
Vikentios, Athena
(Gray, John)
Srejic, Zorka
Tomiye, Kay
Blazicevic, Branko
Vikentios, Athena
Fukuyama, Margaret
Chang, Tongsook
Bugar, Edita
Pinard, Louise
Beran, Jana
Gray, John
Chang, Tongsook
Melanson, Richard
Brock, Elizabeth
Ahn, Y.J.
(Elrod, J. Mc)
Balshaw, Mavis
Brechin, Laura
Schafer, Ingeborg
Blazicevic, Branco
Brechin, Laura
Vikentios, Athena
Neufeld, Eldo
Beran, Jana
Kirman, Paulina
Gray, John
Schafer, Ingeborg
Litwinow, Oleg
Smith, John
(Blazicevic, Branco)
Bhugra, Inderjit


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