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 ubc library bulletin
no. 217 october/november 1989
More OPAC's and Improved Response Time on the Way
Balancing the growing demand for online access by Library staff and users with our present
resources (both computer and monetary) is an ongoing challenge. The more computer terminals
we install, the greater the demand. Although the Library has installed more network ports and
acquired more terminals, this equipment cannot be fully utilized because, as everyone knows, the
system response time has recently deteriorated during peak periods to an unacceptable level.
Why has the response time deteriorated? It is the result of an increased load on the system.
Because the number of terminals has not increased and the system has not been changed
significantly, it appears that the system is simply being used more heavily. The OPAC's and
other users from non-library locations do not put much of an additional load on the system and we
have a protective mechanism in place to prevent outsiders from signing on if the response time
reaches 3 seconds (this limit can be changed). During peak periods, the total number of users is
about 90 to 110 of whom usually only 10 to 15 are faculty and student users, mainly using
UBCLIB. Response time begins to degrade seriously when the number reaches beyond 90 users.
So what is Systems doing to correct this situation? The Library plans to spend about $200,000 to
expand our computer facilities. Systems is currently working with the University Computing
Services (UCS—the new name for the Computing Centre) to determine the best way to spend this
money. New developments in software and hardware give the Library more choices for expansion
and more risks, creating an increasingly difficult and complex decision-making process. Options
include expanding the Library's B3M 4381 computer, moving to the new 'super micro' class of
computer which appears to offer much better price performance than the traditional 'mainframe'
computer, or a combination of both. A decision should be made within the next few months. The
expansion will definitely improve response time.
Because the OPAC's do not contribute significantly to the load on the system, the Library
Administration has decided to go ahead with some new OPAC installations. Eleven new
terminals are or will shortly be installed in the following locations: Main concourse (3),
Woodward (2), Sedgewick (2), Curric Lab (1), Music (1), Social Work (1) and Crane (1). One or two
staff terminals may also be considered to deal with critical situations. Any additional terminal
installations must wait until the response time improves.
The growth pattern for library online systems is
expected to continue. More staff terminals, OPAC's,
microcomputer workstations, databases (e.g. index/
abstract files) as well as a new circulation system and
other services (e.g. printing facilities) will require more
computing capacity and careful planning to avoid
recurring response time problems. Setting priorities for
new online developments and matching our computer
equipment requirements with expanding use and
available capital funding should speed up the juggling
act for Systems for some time to come.
ubc library bulletin page 2
University Librarian Update
It appears that we will not have a new University Librarian under this year's
Christmas tree. The position has been re-advertised. The deadline for applications is January 31st, 1990. The Search Committee will meet shortly after that
date to review the applications and interview a short list of candidates.
New Task Group Formed
The Task Group on Commercially Produced Bibliographic Databases has been formed to work
with the Systems Division in developing software for searching outside bibliographic databases
through LDMS. The immediate focus of the Task Group is to provide access to the ERIC and
PsycINFO databases but consideration is also being given to the requirements of other databases
which the Library may acquire.
A report to the Library Administration should be available by the end of November. Once the
computer databases are loaded and the software is in place, ERIC and PsycINFO will be made
available for reference staff to test the software and make suggestions for changes and
enhancements. This test period will also allow Systems to assess the impact on system response
Members of the Task Group are Jane Price (Chair), Lynn Copeland, Pia Christensen, Howard
Hurt, Mary Mitchell, Keith Bunnell and Julie Stevens.
ILL Workstation to be Developed at UBC
The B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education and Job training has given $400,000 to SFU, UVic and
UBC for Ubrary development for the new provincial university/college programme. UBC will use
part of its two-year grant to hire a librarian to develop, design, and implement an interlibrary
loan workstation in collaboration with the Systems Division at UBC, and purchase computer
equipment for the project.
The purpose of the ILL workstation is to be able to manage a number of ILL tasks with one
software programme. Tasks include transferring data from a database into an ILL workform to
create an in-process file of requests or entering data not found in a database, changing the status
of the request as each step of the ILL process is completed (at the borrowing and lending site),
communicating the request to the appropriate site by the most suitable method, providing a
circulation record for material that needs to be returned, and transferring data from several
directory files (borrower, borrowing library, lending library, etc.) to workforms and reports. In
addition, the programme will have the capability to generate invoices, a variety of reports, and
management information statistics.
The software will be tested by interlibrary loan staff at UBC and the university/colleges—Cariboo,
Okanagan and, possibly, Malaspina College.
ubc library bulletin page 3
Omnicat Committee Winds Up
The Public Services Task Group on Online Database Development held two meetings at the
beginning of October to receive staff reactions to their Draft Report. The Task Group, chaired by
Julie Stevens and Jocelyn Godolphin, was to make recommendations for development of the
Library's online public databases.
The meetings were well-attended, and the feedback received was generally very positive. The
most frequent question was: "When will it all happen?"
The major hesitation was with the recommendation that a comprehensive keyword index should
be the default index and first point of entry to the catalogue. Many staff were concerned about
the potentially large search results, were unsure about whether keyword searching in a large
library catalogue could be efficient, and feared that users with specific searches would not be well-
served. Staff also had questions about how recommendations would be implemented and urged
consultation with staff members directly affected by particular aspects of the report, when
systems work proceeds.
The Task Group has made changes to the recommendations to reflect these concerns and the
Final Report will be distributed soon. The Group hopes the Report can be distributed more widely
to encourage input from many other Library users.
The next step is the establishment of a "small, broadly representative" committee on public
service computing needs (the first recommendation of the Task Group). This is in the hands of the
Library Administration and is expected to proceed quickly.
Mending the Wounded
Over the past month Suzanne Dodson, Acting Preservation Librarian, organized two preservation
sessions for Library staff. On October 19th and 20th, seventeen people from fifteen different
branches and divisions attended a two-day workshop on conservation of Ubrary collections. Given
by Dorothy Lawson, a Fine-Arts Conservator, the workshop covered such topics as the proper
environments for preservation, handling of materials, reversible mending techniques and
mending in general. Participants learned how to do simple mends using Japanese paper and
reversible glues, encapsulate fragile items, flatten materials which have become badly folded or
crushed and remove most types of adhesive tapes. Staff attending this workshop can now repair
tears, replace missing pieces of a page and re-attach covers which have come loose. Suzanne is
ordering suppUes they will need to do these simple repairs.
Randy Silverman, Preservation Librarian from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah gave
two presentations on October 30th and 31st. In the first, he spoke to Library staff about the
benefits of an in-house mending programme and a non-destructive book return, which is being
built in his Ubrary. The second presentation, given as part of the Library School's Colloquium
Series, dealt with the preservation of the book as an object. He traced the history of the book,
from cuneiform tablets to the present day. He showed slides of different types of bindings over the
ages, from hand-lettered manuscripts to mass production. He pleaded the case for the
preservation of original cloth bindings, many of which are whacked off and replaced by the
utilitarian but basically ugly Ubrary bindings we presently use.
ubc library bulletin page 4
COMBO Search Removed from UBCLIB and LDMS
After receiving several reports of unintentional truncated searches (e.g. s?) which can tie up a terminal for over half an hour, Systems decided to remove COMBO from both UBCLIB and LDMS.
The problems occurred because COMBO automatically truncates all terms, including single letters. This type of search not only ties up the terminal, it also puts a heavy load on the system,
something we cannot afford with our current response time problems.
User Interface Project
During the past month, Jocelyn Godolphin and Brenda Peterson have been working with Systems
to test the new user interface. The interface was set up on a microcomputer in the Humanities
and Social Sciences Division to allow them to evaluate the software. They have identified a number of bugs and recommended several design changes before the prototype is put into use on reference desks. Lynn Copeland has also given the Branch Heads a demonstration of the interface.
Display lip
The online system currently displays records in the order in which they were input. As a
result, new materials are always at the end of a display. If you have a fairly large hit list and
know that the item you are searching for is new, it is possible to display the records in reverse
order. For example:
19 items selected as RESULT 1
Do you want to see them? 19-1
To see the same records in the medium format type 19-1 again.
Hans Burndorfer, Head of the Music Library and Fine Arts Library, will be away from December 1 to June 30,1990. He is taking five months study leave and two months vacation and long
service leave. During his study leave he will be working in Fine Arts and Music Ubraries in
Vienna. While he is away, Kirsten Walsh will be Acting Head of the Music Library and Nick
Omelusik, Head of Catalogue Products Division, will be Acting Head of the Fine Arts Library.
Margaret Friesen, Head of the Interlibrary Loans Division, has been named as Acting Head of
the Science Division until a permanent head is appointed. Helen Chow has been hired on a
temporary basis to work half-time as a Science Reference Librarian. Rita Penco, who worked in
the Science Division for a year, is the new Ubrarian at the Pulp and Paper Centre on campus.
The Curriculum Laboratory has two new librarians. Lee Ann Bryant, who previously worked
ubc library bulletin page 5
part-time in Information & Orientation and Government PubUcations, has replaced Len Mclver
as Reference Librarian. Lee Ann, who has worked in the Library since 1977, has a BA. in Sociology, MA. in Asian Studies and M.L.S.—all from the University of California (Berkeley).
Cynthia Swoveland, a new graduate from UBCs School of Library, Archival and Information
Studies, has been hired as a temporary Reference Librarian in the Curriculum Lab. She is replacing Jo-Anne Naslund who is on leave of absence until June 30,1990.
Deborah Wilson has been appointed for the position of half-time Reference Librarian in MacMillan Library. Deborah, who also works as a half-time Reference Librarian in the Computer Science Reading Room, obtained her B.Sc. (Zoology) from the University of Alberta and her M.L.S.
from UBC.
The new librarian in Information & Orientation is Sheryl Adam. Sheryl, who is replacing Lee
Ann Bryant, has a B A (Linguistics) and M.L.S. from UBC. She has been working in the Britannia Public/School Library and the UBC Centre for Continuing Education, where she designed and
taught a course on Ubrary research. Sheryl starts her new job on November 27th.
Congratulations to singers Terry Horner (Catalogue Records Division) and Josie Martens
(Administration Office). The chamber choir they sing in, Phoenix, took first place in the Contemporary Music Class of the European Broadcasting Union's International Choral Competition,
as weU as receiving the BBC Silver Rose Bowl for best over-all choir. Phoenix will soon have an
album available on CBC Classics.
Katherine Edgar, Monitor, Sedgewick
Naomi Miller, Monitor, Sedgewick
William McMunnigle, Monitor, Sedgewick
Gerald Mooney, Monitor, Sedgewick
Wendy Ancell, LAI, Circ
John Grant, LAI, Sedgewick
David Jones, LAI, Circ
Enid Turner, Monitor, Sedgewick
Christine Dibbens, LAI, Cat Products
Jeanette Ashley, LAI (Sessional), Spec Coll
Jim Harris, LAI (Sessional), Law
Anne Jew, LAI, Woodward
Joanna Nagel, LAI (Sessional), Woodward
Shirley Sretavan, LAI (Sessional), Curric Lab
Mauro Vescera, LAI, Circ
Julie Svec, LA2, Acquisitions
Carla Arsenault, LA2, Acquisitions
Helena Bartl, LA2 Qialf-time), Collections
Thomas Jones, LAI, Sedgewick
Janice Beley, LA2, Acquisitions
Matthew Anderson, LAI, Sedgewick
Liam McConachy, Clk2, Acquisitions
Stephanie Swan, LA2, Woodward
Ron Turner, User Services Coordinator, Systems
Tami McElroy, LA2, Curric Lab
Leslie Evans, LAI, HSSD
Thomas Lalonde, LAI, Circ
Sarojini Chandra, LA2, Serials
Lorraine Lucas, LA2, Collections
Jim Swartz, LA3, MacMillan
Colin Chisolm, LA2, Circ
Kathleen White, LAI, Curric Lab
Sonja Loukko, LAI, Circ
John Burgess, LA2, Serials
Kristine Neely, LAI, Circ
Tannis McKillop, LAI, Circ
Sheila Hill, LA2, Collections
Gary Carre, LAI, Sedgewick
Roger Quick, LAI, Sedgewick
Bruce Broomhall, LA2, Acquisitions
Lisa Turner, LAI, Woodward
Meghan Popham, LAI, Cat Products
ubc library bulletin page 6
Current Contents Online in Woodward and Hamber
The printed version of Current Contents: Life Sciences is a popular tool for current awareness which gives
up-to-date coverage of over 1200 journals. Recent issues of Current Contents (minus the news items and
comments featured at the beginning of the printed version) are now on diskette in Woodward and Hamber
Libraries using the compact disk version of Medline on their public access microcomputers. Current
Contents can be searched by author, title keyword, journal title, address, discipline and language. Search
results can be linked using Boolean logic and a dictionary is available to help formulate search terms.
Copying citations on paper or diskette is easy. For cited reference searching and searching older issues,
however, librarians will still need to search the Scisearch database.
Sprucing up the Sequoia
As part of the Lights of Learning Project to light up the central part of the campus for the 75th
anniversary next year, the Sequoia tree adjacent to the Main Library will be redecorated with
new Christmas lights. To focus attention on the Project, the tree will be lit up in an official ceremony on Monday, November 27th, 6:30 - 7:15pm. Organizers of the event have invited President
Strangway to turn on the switch, the University Singers from the Dept. of Music to sing Christmas carols, Food Services to sell hot chocolate, and the media to publicize the event
Art in the Library
If you have walked by the large display case on the fifth floor of the Main Library recently you may have
noticed some new exhibits. No, not your run-of-the-mill library exhibits. Art From October to May, a series
of works by senior sculpture students in the Department of Fine Arts will be exhibited in the case. The
works are on display for about three weeks and deal with themes of the library, literature and the information explosion.
Discount Dining
If you enjoy eating out you should consider buying the new Solid Gold Coupon Book. It contains 50% off and
2 for 1 coupons for many of Vancouver's finer restaurants, along with discounts for hotels, theatre, nightclubs, sports events and many other special attractions and events. The book costs $39. If you're interested,
please contact Margaret Friesen in the Interlibrary Loan Division (228-4430). Proceeds go to the British
Columbia Library Association.
Returneth the Book or Else...
Here's something to brandish next time an irate user complains about our fine policy:
For him that stealeth a Book from this Library, let it change to a Serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him
be struck with Palsy, and all his Members be blasted, Let him languish in Pain, crying aloud for Mercy and
let there be no surcease to his Agony till he sink to Dissolution. Let Book-worms gnaw his Entrails in token of
the Worm that dieth not, and when at last he goeth to his final Punishment let the Flames of Hell Consume
him for ever and aye.
—from Th» Old Librarians Almanack (1773)
Thanks to Dilma Huggett in the Law Library for sending this to the Bulletin.
UBC Fine Arts Gallery
An exhibition of paintings by Mary Scott is showing in the UBC Fine Arts Gallery from November 22nd to
December 22nd. Scott's work has been featured in two important exhibitions at the National Gallery in
Ottawa. This is her first one-person exhibition in Vancouver. The Gallery is in the basement of the north
wing of Main Library. It's open Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 5pm, and Saturday, noon to 5pm.
ubc library bulletin editor: brenda peterson (2076)
design: merry meredith


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