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UBC Library Bulletin Nov 30, 1997

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No. 254
November 1997
Getting to Know You
Two days after Catherine Quinlan took up her appointment as University
Librarian, she set time aside to discuss some of the questions staff have been
asking most.
Should we be calling you Dr. Quinlan?
Not quite yet. My doctoral dissertation is done and accepted, and I'm through all
of the other academic work. The only thing left is how to handle the University
of Warwick's residency requirement. Technically you can't complete the degree
without actually living at the University for a minimum period. I've got it down
to about two months, and we're negotiating.
What was your dissertation topic?
I wanted to examine the value of information. As my work was done toward a degree in business
administration, I focused on ways information could be measured in financial terms and in a business
context However, there's obviously a lot of carryover to libraries. Our product is information, whether we
create it or make it available from other sources. As we're learning, it's possible to quantify the difference this
makes to our user community.
Looking at the UBC library system, what do you see as the most urgent issues for the next few
The 1997/98 budget is obviously going to get its share of our time. Otherwise, the number one concern is
probably space, and all the questions growing out of that. My sense is that we mostly agree on the problems,
but not necessarily on where to start when it comes to solutions. Do we go for building Phase Two as the top
priority, or should we look at adding storage space even before that? My own priority is to get caught up with
the Library's Master Space Plan, which I hope to do in the next week or so.
This raises a familiar question: should libraries go on paying for housing conventional collections
or make more of a commitment to electronic access?
For a research library of UBC's size, there's no simple answer. We have very many user groups, and probably
no two of them would agree on what makes a workable balance between printed collections and electronic
resources. Rather than asking all our patrons to accept the same mix, we need to fit our collections to their
needs, area by area. Electronic resources are adding a valuable layer of services, but in many ways they still
can't replace conventional printed materials, any more than microfiche could in its day.
Looking ahead, there are many other things the Library is under pressure to do. As a manager,
how do you deal with reaching agreement in a system as large as this one?
Academic libraries support so many activities that they risk spreading their resources too thin. One approach
that can be effective is to agree on the initiatives that are in the best interests of the University. Within
these, it's often possible to find ones that are mutually related. Targeting this one broad group then gives you
a focus, but still lets the Library move forward on several of its top priorities.
What will you be doing to meet Library people and keep up communications?
Having the admin, offices on the top floor of Koerner means we have to work a bit harder there. Etoing my first
couple of weeks my priority is to fit in gei>acquainted visits with all the UBC libraries - so for I've managed
about three a day. I also need to get the message out that I want staff to feel comfortable talking or meeting with
me directly. There's very little that cannot be talked about Vm in the office daily from about 8:30 to 5, and if
people are more comfortable writing or e-mailing me, those messages are not read by anyone else.
Catherine's e-mail address is <quinlan@int erchange.ubc.ca>.
ubc library bulletin page 2
Time Running out for LDMS and UBCLIB
We're now into the final stage of the Library's migration off its locally developed UBCLIB and
LDMS systems. Here is an overview of the critical dates in this process and the major
implications for users, both at UBC and in other libraries.
The Story So Far
May 1997 was one of the most significant dates in the Library's history. After 30 years of
designing and maintaining our own online systems, we made the transition to a commercial
system: DRA. This is what we're now using for all major applications, such as acquisitions,
cataloguing, circulation, serials check-in, and the public access catalogue. During the next year
most of the remaining applications and databases left on UBCLIB and LDMS will also need to
migrate to other systems. The timing of all this is not entirely within our control. It's being driven
by changes in the larger UBC computing environment and our own internal systems resources.
LDMS Timetable
LDMS is the original version of the Library's locally developed online system, and dates from the
early 1970's. It was developed and supported in an IBM mainframe environment, using the MTS
operating system. Active development of the LDMS software ceased six years ago. However, most
of our major applications continued to run on it until they were transferred to DRA in 1997. At
this point we're down to two significant LDMS-based applications: UBCLINC, our interlibrary
loan facility, and Acquisitions Accounting.
As part of University-wide systems changes, the mainframe computer, MTS operating system,
and the associated communications network will be permanently removed from service over the
next five months. A phased approach will be used, starting December 1, 1997 and ending on
March 31, 1998. To transfer Library files off these systems before they shut down, we'll be
working on the following timetable:
December 1, 1997: except for UBCLINC and Acquisitions Accounting, all updates to LDMS
files associated with acquisitions, cataloguing, circulation and serials will
shut down. Archival "snapshots" of most of these files will be produced
and moved to UBCLIB, where they will be available for reference but not
for new data input.
January 31, 1998:   except for UBCLINC and Acquisitions Accounting, all remaining LDMS
files and any direct MTSL activity will shut down.
March 31, 1998:
All UBCLINC and Acquisitions Accounting files on LDMS will shut down.
LDMS will be completely decommissioned.
Any staff still using LDMS/MTSL are being asked to notify Systems, as decisions will need to be
made on migration of their files.
ubc library bulletin page 3
SYSTEMS UPDATE (continued)
UBCLIB/ELN Databases and Services
UBCLIB is the second-generation, improved version of LDMS.
Implemented in 1990, it was developed and supported in a Unix-based
environment. It is still used to support a wide variety of locally loaded
and maintained databases, including major ones that are part of the
Library's contribution to B.C.'s Electronic Library Network (ELN). The
ELN server uses UBCLIB's software to provide access to these shared
databases, as well as to ELN's collective holdings databases such as the
Serials, Media and Outlook catalogues. UBCLIB also supports other
services such as the Gateway access to remote databases and systems.
In September 1997 the UBC Library ceased active development of the
UBCLIB system. It will continue to be supported and heavily used for at
least one more year. The Library has embarked on a review of the
databases and services still on UBCLIB with the aim of identifying and
implementing suitable migration options for most of them. The target
date for this work is September 1, 1998
We are very aware that many other B.C. libraries rely on our systems
and technical support. This will be a key factor in planning the changes
coming up in the next year. We have already notified the ELN Office
and other ELN "host sites" that UBCLIB is living on borrowed time, and
we will continue to seek their input regarding replacement options.
A notice is also being prepared for more general distribution to the B.C.
libraries using our various ILL services.
We expect that any implementation plans will include some sort of
overlap period as the new systems take over from the former ones. This
should make it easier for our partner libraries to adjust their own local
systems and user interfaces. Our message is basically a positive one:
even though we need to make the transition to a different access
system, the bottom line is that all of the current LDMS and UBCLIB
databases and services will continue to be available.
Ridington Lab Suffers Server Setback
The opening date for the Library's newest computer lab is a bit of a
question mark, following an unexpected piece of bad news late in
October. Although equipment and wiring were expected to be ready for
public use of at least the 30 Web-capable workstations funded by
Hewlett-Packard and the Alma Mater Society, the server arrived in a
damaged state, and at press time it wasn't clear how long it would take
to obtain and test a replacement.
As a reminder, the first 30 workstations will be part of a public-access
Web facility in the Main Library's Ridington Room, similar to the BC
Hydro Lab in Koerner. The second stage of the project will see the
addition of 50 older workstations elsewhere in Ridington. Formerly
used by Library staff, they will become public Netinfo terminals.
ubc library bulletin page 4
f it t i  STAFFNEWS    it ♦ i
Fall '97 Recalls
Anilu Claur, sessional LA2, Main
Helen Cranage, temporary LAI, St. Paul's
Gaye Ferguson, monitor, Koerner/Main
Helen Godolphin, sessional LAI, Koerner
Kathryn Harakal, sessional LAI, Main
Donia Mounef, LAI, Biomedical Branch Library
Wendy Osborne, sessional LA2, Koerner
Hailund Praseuth, sessional LA2, Koerner
Katherine Shearer, sessional LAI, Main
Bernice Voh, sessional LAI, Koerner
New Appointments
Ron Berry, sessional LAI, Koerner
Rebecca Blair, sessional LA2, Woodward
Betty Chung, part-time LA2, Education
Robert Flynn, sessional LAI, Law
Sarah Knight, sessional LAI, Koerner
Tracy Ko, temporary LAI, Order
Vicky Lymperopoulos, sessional LAI, Woodward
Michelle Mansey, sessional LAI, Koerner
Colin Maycock, sessional LAI, Main
Yani Mitchell, LAI, MacMillan
Robert Ongcoy, part-time LAI, Woodward
Cory Takarabe, part-time LA2, Fine Arts
Kim Trainor, LAI, Woodward
Ann Chatwin, to LAI, Education
Joan Dietrich, to part-time LA2, Science & Engineering
Kim Leong, to LAI, BMB
Bernice Ma, to part-time LAI, Woodward
Jerome Nicol, to LAI, Education
Lynne Trudeau, to LA2, Law
Jane Xiong, to LA2, Asian Library
Temporary Appointments and Promotions
Minelle Cohen, to LAI, Koerner Circulation
Linda Dunbar, temporary part-time librarian, Education
Anastasia Leontieva, to LAI, Koerner Circulation
Lome Madgett, to LA2, Order Division
Gisela Mallue, to part-time LA4, Mathematics
Jo-Anne Naslund, to Acting Head, Education
Don Taylor, temporary part-time librarian, Science & Engineering and Mathematics
Regina Tsanas, to LA2, Koerner Circulation
ubc library bulletin page 5
It 1 A tts JT ¥
Extension of Appointment
Marnie Burnham, hourly archivist, to Jan. 16, 1998
Desiree Baron, to LA4, Information Services
Jim Harris, to Clerk2, Collections Accounting and Budget
Peggy Ng, Administration, to M & P level
Esther Shew, to Clerk 3, Collections Accounting and Budget
Angela Yokoyama, to LA2, Law
John Campbell, Programmer/Analyst, Systems (effective Dec. 15)
Gwen Gregor, LA4, Education
Dana McFarland, librarian, Education
Sui Cheong Siu, LA4, Mathematics
More on Education, Math Staffing Changes
Howard Hurt's legion of well-wishers on and off campus are delighted at the progress he's
making since suffering a major aneurism in August. He's now home and looking forward to
hearing from friends. Education staff and patrons will also miss Gwen Gregor (who retired in
September after 32 years in the Library), Loreen Paradis (off to a new job as part-time
children's librarian at VPL) and Dana McFarland (leaving November 21 to become the new
Librarian of Royal Roads University). Jo-Anne Naslund is acting Education Librarian while
options for filling these vacancies are being reviewed. Meanwhile, we welcome Linda Dunbar as
the branch's new part-time librarian. Linda was formerly the head of the Vancouver School
Board's professional library.
Sui Cheong Siu's retirement on October 31 closes off 33 years with the library system, and
leaves the Math Libary without its longtime senior staff member at the busiest part of the fall
term. Between now and March 31, 1998, Gisela Mallue will divide her time between Science &
Engineering and Math, where she will work with Teresa Komori, the newly appointed LA 2.
Don Taylor, a recent SLAIS graduate, will also work part-time in both locations.
Been There, Done That
Kudos to: Lam Library's Christina Sylka, on maternity leave after the birth of baby Sophie
August 26, and Tsuneharu Gonnami, who will be giving five invited lectures during a two-week
conference-related visit to Japan in early November. Back from other conferences are Pat Dunn
(IFLA Interlending and Document Supply, Denmark) and Joyce Friesen (CAUT, St. John's).
Janice Kreider, Coordinator of Collections, is working on the followup to a "really productive"
1996/97 Oxford sabbatical. Results include a merged set of profiles covering citation data and
impact factors for journals in many science and social science subject fields. The profiles combine
12 years of citation and publication data from UBC researchers with the overall citation ratings
available from I SI (publisher of the Science and Social Sciences Citation Indexes). They offer
significant improvements to both ends of the journal assessment process: rating the prospects for
new subscriptions, and also deciding what titles can be cancelled.
ubc library bulletin page 6
Staff Training and Development News
Save time: bookmark the new staff Web page at <http://
www.library.ubc.ca/staff/>. It would also be a good idea to note down
the token user name (libstaff) and password (ubclib) needed to sign
on. Besides the staff phone/e-mail directory, committee minutes,
and other news, a rolling calendar of upcoming staff training and
development programs will be available on this site shortly.
December Programs
Mon. Dec. 1 - Wed., Dec. 3, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Koerner Rm. 216
Three repeat sessions of the 1-day workshop The Question Is Not
The Question: Communication Skills At the Front Line.
Watch for announcements on registration details.
Copyright Update
Word has come through from CLA that the so-called library exemptions
in the new Copyright Act will not be proclaimed as law until
regulations have been written. This is unlikely to happen before 1998.
Industry Canada and Canadian Heritage, the joint sponsors of the
legislation, met in October regarding content of the regulations, but no
notes have yet been made available.
Canadian Heritage has also committed $50,000 toward a copyright
guide for libraries. As this is still leaves about $40,000 to be found,
CLA has approached Industry Canada to contribute the balance. For
the time being, UBC's 1997/98 Cancopy agreement is the best guide to
what our libraries and users can legally copy.
Donations Enhance Services, Collections
Besides the Ridington computer lab and Koerner's new second
elevator, several other 1997 projects owe their existence to generous
donors on and off campus.
In Woodward, work is progressing on a basement computer teaching
lab with 20 workstations. Funding came from the Woodward
Foundation, the estate of former librarian Peg Leighton, and the Grad
Class Council. On the collections front, UBC's Class Act program has
contributed over $40,000 toward science journals for the Library. In
the past four years, a fundraising program focusing on UBC parents
has generated over $150,000 for the Library Collections Endowment.
This in turn has been matched dollar for dollar by the President's
Fund. Not to be outdone, UBC faculty and staff gave more than
$100,000 last year in support of the Library. Pam Miles, the Library's
Development Officer, sends a reminder that pledge cards for this
year's campaign will be going out soon.
ubc library bulletin
editor: elsie de bruijn (2-3393)
design: jill pittendrigh


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