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No. 259
Spring 2000
With the recent retirement of Elsie Wollaston, the Bulletinlost a great editor. Information Services has put
together this issue, with an eye to sustainability (of future editors, as well as paper) and a new focus, Library
people. As the Report of the University Librarian to Senate says, "The UBC Library recogniizes that its staff
are its most important resource in supporting the research and learning needs of the UBC community."
(1-r) Elaine Willson, Marlene Hamakawa,
Christiana Fortier, Dilma Huggett, and
Megan Campbell "swatting " a serials
Spotlight on Service
If you worked at a UBC Library service desk in the summer of'97,
you can probably recall your first encounters with serial records on the
new DRA system. "Huh?" was a common reaction. Migrating data from
the multiple files of the old UBCLIB system into an integrated system
posed many challenges, and the results were far from ideal.
"It's hard to say who was more frustrated, our users or our staff,"
says one division head. "We've seen vast improvements in the serial
holdings since that first summer, and that's made a huge difference
at our desk - it's like night and day."
Those improvements are the result of the behind-the-scenes work of
many dedicated and enthusiastic staff in several branches and
divisions. They've been part of a serial holdings clean-up project that
began shortly after DRA implementation.
The complexity of the problems requires staff with an extensive understanding of both serials and DRA
record structures, not to mention perseverance. Soon into the project, the staff assigned to it became known
as the SWAT team - the situation really did seem to require Special Weapons and Tactics!
The most commonly used serial titles were fixed first, and priority is still given to problems discovered by
users and staff. As well, there has been ongoing, systematic clean-up of active periodicals, and according to a
March 2000 report by Kat McGrath, more than 54% have been completed. That's 14,595 records! Several
branches have been able to complete all titles unique to their location. And Kat says that's not all -
numerous inactive records related to active titles have been repaired.
This is a big project, with a big, positive impact on service. We have the SWAT team to thank: Mercy
Almodavar, Susan Andrews, Carla Arsenault, Darlene Bailey, Jeff Barker, Doug Brigham, Megan
Campbell, Rose Chang, Janet Chiang, Graeme Clark, Donna Curtis, Joan Dietrich, Christiane
Fortier, Marlene Hamakawa, Terry Horner, Penne Huggard, Dilma Huggett, Winnie Kwok,
Susanne Lester,. Gisela Mallue, Bill Ng, Bev Richards, Elaine Thorson, Rudy Traichel, Betty Tse,
Pauline Willems, Elaine Willson, Ripple Wong, Meily Wong, Queenie Wong, Caroline Yamamoto,
and Sharon Yee.
Contributed by Martha Whitehead
Home Improvement
It's not all leaking toilets and slipper}' stairs on our facilities front - there's good news too. On Wednesday,
March 22, Catherine Quinlan and Herbert Rosengarten, Chair of the Senate Library Committee, made
a presentation to Senate on our library facilities, and this motion was passed unanimously: "That in
recognition of the crisis facing the University Library, Senate urges the University Administration to give
special consideration to the renovation and upgrading of the Library's current facilities and that new
facilities be made a major priority in the next fundraising campaign." This is a major step in the right direction.
(continued on p. 2)
ubc library bulletin page 2
(continued from p. 1)
In our current examination of space needs, we've been lucky to have the help of our long-time friend
turned valuable consultant, Suzanne Dodson. Suzanne reitired as Facilities & Preservation
Manager last year, after a 36-year career with the Library, and is now with us on a short-term
contract. Suzanne is working with a university committee charged with identifying and reviewing
library space needs and preparing a report for Barry McBride, VP Academic & Provost by early April.
Other members are: Catherine Alkenbrach, Consultant Planner, Campus Planning & Development;
Darrell Bailie; Neil Guppy, Associate Vice-President Academic; Justin Marples, Director of Classroom
Services; Dwight Tanner; Catherine Quinlan.
Contributed by Darrell Bailie
Where are they now?
Our "investigative reporter" caught up to Josie Lazar, who retired from
Koerner Administration last year.
Josie starts her day by relaxing with a nice cup of coffee "...but I don't get
up at 6, it can be 9:00, or when I feel like it". After coffee, Josie says ...
"We spend all our time outside skiing, and gardening. My husband (Joze,
also a retired UBC Library employee) says my skiing has improved!"
Josie is sketching again, and has also created collages with photos of
garden flowers and oil paint. At the moment, they're planning a summer
trip to Europe. Of retirement, she says "It's really really good!", and of the
Library "I don't miss the numbers, but I do miss the people, the friends."
She may not see many current staff, but, she says she meets lots of former staff: " At Granville Island,
I see Anne Piternick, and Hans Burndorfer, and Tony Jeffreys..."
Contributed by Merry Meredith
We've come a long way baby????
On July 2nd, 1965, Kay Tomiye (Asian)
started her first job at UBC Library as a
Clerk 1. Kay spent her days hand printing
labels on books for then Dept. Head Gerry
Dobbin. The starting salary was $195 a month.
Congratulations!       p
Linda Turner (Admin) will complete her
B.A. (with a Major in English Literature and
a Minor in Classical Studies) this spring.
In Feburary, Lee Perry (Wood)
and Ruth Patrick (Educ) completed
training to become certified Master
Gardeners, joining already certified Master
Gardener Alannah Anderson (Wood).
New Arrival
Leslie McAuley (Mus) gave birth to Lauren
Victoria on Feb. 28, sister for 3 yr. old Alexis.
Mother and baby are doing great!
Seta Yeterian's Hummous was a huge hit
at last year's HSS Christmas party.
1 can (19 fl. ozs.) garbanzo beans
1/4 cup tahini (sesame seed paste)
2-3 cloves of mashed garlic
1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup water
Empty drained and rinsed chickpeas
into a food processor, add tahini,
mashed garlic, lemon juice and salt.
Process while adding the water until very
smooth (2-3 mins).
Garnish with cumin, olive oil, chopped
parsley, paprika and enjoy!
ubc library bulletin page 3
New Appointments
Jing Liu Librarian Asian Library
(Jan 27, 2000 -Jan 23, 2003)
Jelena Brezo LA2 Circulation
Fremma Esquejo LA2 HSS
Danielle Bugeaud Librarian Cataloguing
Samantha-Julia Thokle Sessional LAI Math
Temp New Appointments
Simon Neame Temp Librarian HSS
(Feb 16, 2000-July 16, 2000)
Curtis Freeman Woodward LAI
(Feb 22, 2000 - May 21, 2000)
Gabriela Oteiza Temp LAI Koerner Borrower
Services (Feb 28, 2000 - April 15, 2000)
Greg Elliott as above
Samantha-Julia Thokle as above
Kim Ewacha as above
Raymond Adams as above
Daniel Brendle-Moczuk Temp LA3 Map
(Jan 4, 2000-April 4, 2000)
Alexis Kalberg LA2 Koerner Borrower Services
Shaun Wang LA3 Asian
Jung won Whang LA4 Asian
Elsa Dickson from sessional LAI Main
to LAI Main
Richard Moore from LA4 Education
to Temp Admin Clerk Facilities
Steven Sparling LA2 MacMillan from DRC
Edita Kaiser from LA3 RSS to Applied Science
Tara Drews from Koerner Circ to ELI
Continuing Studies
Hailund Praseuth temp LA2 HSS
Aleteia Greenwood Sessional LAI Education
Anastasia Leontieva LAI Koerner Circ
Maisie Hatch LA2 HSS
Contributed by Julie Clarke
Staff Happenings
Arlene Kofol (St. Paul's) is a member of a trio of artists who call
themselves The Pop Tarts of pop art. Arlene will be appearing in
April @ the Brickyard in Gastown, 315 Carrall Street, 685-3922.
Terry Horner (Music) will be appearing in Royal City Musical
Theatre Co.'s production of Fiddler on the Roof at the Massey
Theatre. The show runs through April. You can check with
Ticketmaster (or Terry) for show dates and times.
Merry Meredith (Graphics) has had a painting accepted into a
juried art show. Spring Open Watermedia Show, April 11-23
@ Federation Gallery, 1241 Cartwright Street, Granville Island.
For those of you who can't wait for her annual Christmas show,
pottery by Christiane Fortier (HSS) is now available @ the Circle
Craft Gallery, Granville Island.
Diana Cooper's (FAL) and Brenda Peterson's (FAL) are among
the beautiful gardens featured in Wendy Varner's (FAL) husband
Colin Varner's new book Gardens of Vancouver (Vancouver,
Raincoast Books, 1999). Colin's book was included in the recent UBC
Authors' Reception.
Contributed by Nancy Forhan
ubc library bulletin page 4
Upcoming Training Sessions May/June
Dates/times tba
Library's Orientation Program
• Staff Open Houses
• Ergonomics for All (repeats quarterly)
• Library Health and Safety Orientation (repeats quarterly)
Library's Customer Services Series
• Three Tricky Circulation Scenarios (new!)
• Telephone courtesy (repeat)
Library/HR Employee Relations Annual Seminar
• Update on the new CUPE 2950 contract for heads
& supervisors
• Dr. Lance Rucker, April 11, 3:30-4:15, Main Library,
Room 502 "Ulterior design: the story of the ErgoLogic
computer keyboard"
Contributed by Margaret Friesen
User Survey Results
"Are users satisfied with the
quality of service? Overall
satisfaction was very high.
9 in 10 were either very
satisfied or satisfied..."
{Planning the Future Library,
Results of a User Survey,
Executive Summary)
Read more, under Strategic
Planning, on the UBC Library
Web staff page:
What's My Hobby?
You may be surprised to learn that many Library staff members are covertly pursuing
fascinating and esoteric hobbies in their off-hours. Try your hand at matching the
individuals with their extracurricular activities.
a) Wedding gown designer
b) Soccer superfan
c) Target shooter
d) Texas linedancer
e) Mixologist
f) Zeppelin aficionado
g) Condo renovator
Marilyn MacPherson, Education Library
Leonora Crema, Borrower Services, Koerner
Dan Heino, Woodward
Julie Clarke, Administration, Koerner
Darlene Bailey, St. Pauls
Jack Mcintosh, Science & Engineering, Main
Kele Fleming, Information Services, Koerner
'Hso}iipp\ >per (p) 'euiajQ ejouoaq(o) 'a^jjejQ aipf (q) 'Aajreg auapeQ(e)
Contributed by Jill Pittendrigh
Referral Puzzlers (just in time for final exams)
'You think you know it but you might be wrong" category
'WOOD' on the exam schedule does not refer to the Frederick Wood Theatre!
Send students to the P. A. Woodward Instructional Resource Center,
popularly known as 'IRC (and the home of Woodward Library)
"What the heck is this?" category .. . LSK
'LSK ' (Leonard S. Klinck) is the old Computer Sciences building down the road
from Trekkers. There's list of building codes on the web at
(LSK not listed at press time.)
Contributed by Sheryl Adam
Any news to share? Want to edit a future issue? Contact guest editor kele fleming (kele@interchange.ubc.ca)


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