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UBC Library Bulletin Jul 31, 1991

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 ubc library bulletin
Board of Governors Approve
Site for Phase I
On May 23rd, the Board of Governors
approved the site for Phase I of the new
Library Centre. The Board will review the
building program—what will go into the
building—in July and a short-list of architects in September. The $24 million building, expected to be completed in 1995, will
be added to the west side of Sedgewick
Library. The expanded building will
become the new Humanities and Social
Sciences Library.
Juneljuly 1991
Two Library committees are working on planning the new building. The Library Building
Committee • Phase I members are Linda Moore, Campus Planning (Chair), Erik de Bruijn,
Eileen Mcintosh, Development Office, Ira Nadel, English Department, Peter Nault, Plant Operations, Irving Ozier, Physics Department, Freda Pagani, Campus Planning, Ruth Patrick and Bill
Watson (until June 1991).
The Design Committee members are Ruth Patrick (Chair), Hilde Colenbrander, Leonora Crema,
Erik de Bruijn, Suzanne Dodson, Margaret Friesen, Jocelyn Godolphin, Heather Keate, Joan
Sandilands (until June 1991) and Julie Stevens. Plans are underway to involve more people in
discussions about service and organizational issues in the new building. Ruth Patrick and
Suzanne Dodson, the Library's new Facilities Planning Librarian (see Staff News), will represent
the Library on the committee to select an architect for Phase L
Several members of the Design Committee are attending American Library Association (ALA)
pre-conference workshops on new buildings. Jocelyn, Julie and Suzanne are participating in a
two-day workshop Reorganization, Renovation and New Construction for College and University
Libraries. Hosted by the Georgia Tech College of Architecture and Architecture Library, the
course is designed for librarians involved in planning a reorganization or renovation of an existing
library or constructing a new one. Topics to be covered include analysis of present and future
needs with corresponding square foot requirements as well as library services, operational issues,
and construction, furniture and equipment costs.
Heather and Ruth are attending Libraries for the Future: Planning Libraries that Work. This two-
day session is sponsored by the Buildings and Equipment Section of the Library Administration
and Management Association. It will cover new and existing space planning principles for library
administrators who are planning construction of a new or existing building.
Prior to the ALA Conference in Atlanta, Heather, Jocelyn, and Julie are also visiting the University of Tennessee which built their central library around the former undergraduate library. The
new integrated central library was completed in 1987.
ubc library bulletin page 2
Architect's Report on the Main Library
In 1989/90, the University Administration commissioned a report to evaluate the Main Library
building. The study was part of the planning process to spend $4 million renovating Main library.
The Report, submitted in June 1990, concluded the building is overcrowded, dysfunctional and fails
to meet current Building Codes, particularly in regard to fire and earthquake safety standards.
As a result of the study, the University Administration decided against investing capital in the
Main Library building. The $4 million set aside for renovations was added to the $20 million
allocated for a new library building.
A copy of the Architect's Report was made available to the Senate Library Committee in February.
On April 9th, President Strangway responded to a petition from students in the School of Library,
Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS) requesting access to the Architect's Report. A copy of
the Report was made available to SLAIS students and library staff for perusal in the University
Librarian's office.
The Senate passed the following motion, presented by the Senate Library Committee, on April
WHEREAS the Architect's Report of June 1990 highlights very serious problems concerning the safety and
utility of the Main Library Building;
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Senate recommend to the President and Board of Governors the immediate
tethering of the stacks in the Main Library building and other short term safety measures;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Senate recommend to the President and Board of Governors the
completion of the planned Phase I of the new library building as a matter of the highest priority;
AND THAT the Board of Governors begin immediate preparation for the replacement of the existing Main
Library Building some time in the 1990's;
AND THAT a special effort be undertaken by the President and Board of Governors to raise funds for
complete replacement of the Main Library Building.
On June 19,1991, a meeting was held for all Library staff to discuss the Architect's Report.
Attending the meeting to answer questions were:
John Graham, MRAIC, PEng., Acting University Architect, Campus Planning and Development
Leon Bell, P. Eng., Senior Structural Engineer, Choukalos Woodburn McKenzie Maranda Ltd.
Tim Lenahan, P. Eng., President, Gage-Babock Associates Ltd.
The engineers answered a wide variety of questions from staff, ranging from what to do in case of
an earthquake to explaining the wall cracks in various sections of the building. In response to
questions about the safety of the building during an earthquake, Mr. Bell pointed out that 30 to
40% of buildings surveyed in southwestern B.C. fall seriously below current seismic standards.
At the end of the meeting, Suzanne Dodson reminded staff about the importance of knowing what
to do in case of a disaster. She has a supply of handouts and video on earthquake preparedness
which anyone can borrow. She also urged all staff to call her if they have any further questions
about the Architect's Report.
Campus Planning and Development is going to tether the free-standing stacks in the Main Library
and upgrade the emergency lighting. The Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) has just completed
an inspection of the building and a second report will be sent to the University. The University is
obliged to comply with any WCB orders contained in the inspection reports.
ubc library bulletin page 3
Friends Advisory Council Meets
In 1988, the Friends of the Library Advisory Council was formed with three major purposes:
• to examine and constructively criticize the Library's progress and plans
• to advise the University President and University Librarian on-the library's development
• to help represent the library to the community
The Council meets twice a year with representatives from the University and Library. At its most
recent meeting on June 7th, the Council discussed a wide variety of issues including the Library's
vision statement and values, the strategic plan, budgetary constraints, the selection of a new
automated system and planning for Phase I of the Library Centre. President Strangway and Vice
President Srivastava attended the meeting with Library representatives Heather Keate, Bob
MacDonald, Brian Owen and Ruth Patrick.
Council members have expertise and experience in many fields. Dr. Joanne Euster, University
librarian and Vice President of Information Services at Rutgers University, and Dr. Wallace
Chung, retired surgeon and avid book collector, are two new Council members. Other members
are Dr. P.R. Sandwell (Chair), Dr. Robert Blackburn, Mr. Haig de B. Farris, Dr. H. Rocke
Robertson, and Mrs. Sally Reukauf Warren. The Council meets again in December.
Overdue Fines and Extramural Library Card Fees Increase
Library fines for most overdue material changed on May 1st. The late return charge for home use
books and serials increased from $1 per day to $2 per day. The late return charge for reserve
materials remains unchanged at $1 per hour and $5 per day. The maximum late fee for all materials (including reserve items) increased from $25 to $30.
Effective September 1st, the cost of Library cards for external borrowers will increase as follows:
• $75 for full year     (September 1 to August 31)
• $55 for part year   (January 1 to August 31)
• $30 for summer     (May 1 to August 31)
Institutional cards which are available to business and industrial firms, private and public corporations, and government departments will increase to $200 per year and additional cards $20 per
year. Extramural cards for senior citizens will remain at $10 per year.
Reserve Book Collection Merges with Sedgewick
Sedgewick Library now handles the collections and services formerly provided in the Reserve Book
Collection (RBC) in Main Library. The change primarily affects courses in Commerce and Business Administration, Physical Education, the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies;
language courses, 3rd and 4th year and graduate courses in
Arts, Sciences and Applied Sciences. Reserve materials for
these courses should now be in Sedgewick. Materials for
Education courses have been transferred to the Curriculum
Officially, RBC closed on May 1st. However, most of the RBC
collection was transferred during May and June. Effective
July 1st, Judy Wright, Sarika Bose and Bryan Zacharias will
move to positions in Main Circulation Division. Joan
Treleaven has moved to Sedgewick Library.
ubc library bulletin
J> page 4
New Review Structure for Systems Development
The Library Administration has established the Systems Change Board to review proposed
changes, projects and other activities associated with the Library's automated systems. The Board
will establish priorities and guidelines for the allocation of staff, systems and other resources
required for the development and maintenance of automated systems in the library. In addition,
the Board will ensure that additions and changes to current Library policies and procedures can be
supported by the automated systems.
All proposals to be reviewed by the Board will go initially to the Systems Division for a preliminary
feasibility study and recommendation. Systems will estimate the time and resources required and
identify positive and negative implications of the proposed changes.
The Board will meet at least twice monthly and decisions will be announced in the UBC Library
Bulletin. The Board is chaired by Ruth Patrick. Other members are Erik de Bruijn, Don Dennis,
Jocelyn Godolphin, Tony Jeffreys, Heather Keate, Bob MacDonald, Brian Owen, and Julie Stevens.
Staff Training and Development Committee
What new skills would you like to acquire? What skills do you need for career progress? Which
new technologies are coming to your workplace? When and where would you like to receive training? The Staff Training and Development Committee is circulating a questionnaire to all
staff members to determine training needs. Staff are asked to indicate which technologies, services and skills interest them and are encouraged to make suggestions for training sessions in
additional areas. Please take time to complete the questionnaire and return it to Peggy Ng, Administration Office, Main Library before August 15. Results will be published in a future edition
of the Bulletin. Members of the Committee are Erik de Bruijn (Chair), Sheryl Adam, Elizabeth
Caskey, Leonora Crema, Pat Lysyk, Peggy Ng, Pamela Niblock, Tip Placzek, Margaret Price,
Helene Redding and, Nancy Wyatt.
Three more distinguished veterans of the Library are leaving us. We wish them all the best in
their new endeavors and hope to hear from them often. They will be missed by all of us.
Jane Price, Coordinator of the Health Sciences Network, is moving to Nanaimo to become Department Head of the Nanaimo Regional Hospital Library. Jane started working at Woodward
Library as a reference librarian in 1976 and became Coordinator of the Health Sciences Network
in 1982. She is leaving at the end of August.
Joan Sandilands, Head of Sedgewick Library, is also moving to Vancouver Island. Joan has
been selected as the Director of Public Services at the University of Victoria Library. She started
working at UBC Library in 1968. She worked in Information & Orientation and the Humanities
Division. Joan became Head of the Information & Orientation Division in 1975 and moved to
Sedgewick in 1985. She leaves at the end of July.
Lily Wilson, Administrative Clerk in the Librarian's Office, is taking early retirement at the end
of June. Lily started working at UBC in Payroll. She moved to Data Processing and, in 1970, to
the Library as Machine Records Supervisor in the Systems Division. In 1975, Lily was appointed
Administrative Clerk in the Librarian's Office.  Her plans may also take her to Vancouver Island,
but mainly for travel and bigger fish.
ubc library bulletin page 5
Suzanne Dodson has been appointed as the new Facilities Planning Librarian effective July 1st.
Suzanne started working in the Circulation Division in 1963. The following year she moved to
Government Documents. Suzanne was selected as Head of the Government Publications and
Microforms Division in 1966. She was appointed Acting Preservation Librarian in 1988. Suzanne
will continue her duties as the Preservation Librarian in her new position.
Helen Chow has been selected as the new Reference Librarian in Woodward library. Helen has
a BSc in Chemistry and Biology from the University of the South Pacific and MLS from the University of Hawaii. Helen is currently working as a librarian for MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates. She has also worked in reference at BCIT library, the University of the South Pacific and in
the Science Division at UBC. She begins her new job on July 8th.
Ann Turner is the library's new Financial and Budget Manager. Ann's first position at UBC was
in the Catalogue Division in 1967. She was appointed Head of the Catalogue Preparation Division
in 1969, Head of Serials in 1973, and Head of the Catalogue Records Division in 1978. In addition
to her MLS from the University of Washington, Ann has an MBA from UBC and is currently
completing her professional accounting qualifications.
Nancy Forbes, Reference Librarian at the Biomedical Branch Library, has been named as Acting
Head while George Freeman is on sick leave for the next six months.
The Government Publications and Microforms Division will report to Jocelyn Godolphin, Head
of Humanities and Social Sciences Division, on a trial basis for the next year.
Nick Omelusik, Head of Catalogue Products, has been appointed as Acting Head of Catalogue
Records for the next year.
Cheryl Niamath, LAI, ILL
Erin Johnston, LAI, Sedgewick
Carolyn Carvajal, LAI, Order Division
Nancy Canning, LAI, MacMillan
Elaine Willson, LA2, Order Division
Arlene Kofol, LAI, Curric
Jirina Hatina, LA3, Gov Pubs
Mildred Fung, LA3, HSSD
Bernice Koh, LA2, Map Library
Karen Dickson, LA2, Wilson
Cathleen Finnegan, LAI, Hamber
Betty Lum, LA2, HSSD
Dorothy Haase, LAI, Cat Products
Karen Barbour, LAI, Hamber
Ann Levin, LAI, Circulation
Joan Morgan, LAI, ILL
Gail Meyerscough, Sec3, Admin
ubc library bulletin page 6
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New Model for Social Work Library Services
This spring, the milestone decision was made to develop a new model for the delivery of library
services to the School of Social Work. Because the new Green College (a graduate residential
college) will occupy the site of the current School of Social Work, the School will be moving next
year. It is expected to relocate to a more central site on campus, closer to Main, Sedgewick and
Woodward libraries. The Social Work library will not move with the School.
In the spring of 1992, the Social Work library's collection will be dispersed and integrated with
corresponding material in other libraries on campus. The faculty at the School of Social Work is
being consulted on decisions regarding the relocation of items. Most of the collection will be transferred to Main. Health materials will go to Woodward and the few legal materials to the Law
Since many aspects of the discipline of social work fall within the social sciences, Beverley Scott
will provide reference and collection development services, on a part-time basis, from the Humanities and Social Sciences Division. The other half of her time will be spent as an outreach librarian.
She will have an office equipped with a computer and fax machine in the new home of the School.
Thus the close rapport that has developed between the School and the Library system will be
Soon to be a Major Motion Picture
The long-anticipated grand design is almost ready. The Planning Coordination Team expects to
send out a first draft of the strategic plan to all Library staff in early July. The draft plan will be
approximately twenty-five pages. There will be an opportunity for staff to discuss the plan and
everyone is encouraged to send in written comments and suggestions. After revisions have been
made, the draft plan will be presented to the university community in the fall. The final version
should be completed by the end of the year.
The Countdown Begins
The library automation planning task groups have reviewed the nine vendor responses to the
Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new automated system and arrived at a short-list. They also
identified two main configurations, out of the original eight presented in the RFP, the Library
wants to implement at this time. The two options are Circulation & OPAC or Circulation, OPAC
& Additional Databases.
Three of the four vendors on the short-list were invited to give two-day demonstrations during the
last few weeks. In addition to the demonstrations, each vendor on the short-list was sent an
extensive list of questions, including more specific cost estimates. The vendors have been asked to
respond to the additional questions by June 25. The Evaluation Team expects to rank the vendors
by mid-July after which negotiations to purchase a system will begin.
Large academic library on west coast is seeking back issues of a new publication Pruning Update.
Willing to trade extra copies of library's own Planning Update.
Writers and illustrators are needed for a new publication LAPdog. Please submit sample articles/
illustrations with resume and references. High tolerance for desktop publishing essential. Well
developed sense of the absurd preferred but will train.
ubc library bulletin editor: brenda peterson (2076)
design: merry meredith


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