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UBC Library Bulletin Feb 28, 1993

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No. 230
January/February 1993
Library Prepares for Tough Budget
With the prospect of small or no university budget increases from the
provincial government over the next few years, the Library has started to
prepare for a very tight 1993/94 budget. Effective immediately, there is a
freeze on hiring in the Library until further notice. In cases where vacant
positions are considered essential, the Library will attempt to fill these jobs
through internal reassignments.
The Library Administration has asked all Branch and Division heads to
provide information on how they could reduce their budget allocations by 5%,
10%, and 15% and to describe what the consequences of such budget
reductions would be for their areas. This information is required by the
beginning of February to assist the Senate Budget Committee in a review of
the Library's budget.
One of the main objectives of the Services Review was to identify 6% of the
Library's budget for reallocation over two years. Many of the
recommendations submitted to the Library Planning and Management
Council (LPMC) in December have the potential to originate savings and/or
revenue. However, they did not identify any immediate cost savings.
For more information on the budget review, all staff are invited to attend an
update session on Thursday, February 11th, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Room
835 in Main Library.
Services Review Update
During three days of meetings in December, the Library Planning and
Management Council reviewed over two hundred recommendations of the
Services Review Task Groups. Most of the recommendations of the Task
Groups were accepted in principle.
The LPMC grouped the accepted recommendations into major categories and
assigned them to four implementation planning teams.
• LPC reorganization
Co-chairs: Nadine Baldwin, Nick Omelusik
• Core services/user categories/fees for service
Co-chairs: Johann van Reenen, Julie Stevens
• Access services, focusing on document delivery
Co-chairs: Heather Keate, Margaret Friesen
• Service points reorganization
Co-chairs: Howard Hurt, Bonita Stableford
By the end of January, the implementation planning teams have been asked
to (1) organize a complete implementation planning team; (2) prepare an
implementation plan which will identify tasks, priorities, strategies,
outstanding issues and scheduling; and (3) prepare a brief report
summarizing the project scope. This information will be distributed to all
staff. Watch for more background material in the coming weeks.
ubc library bulletin page 2
Five Positions Lost in 1992/93 Budget
Budget increases for all units on campus were scarce this year because of the
University's increasingly difficult financial position. The Library was
fortunate to receive $142,000 in continuing funds for the Collections budget
and $150,000 (one-time only) for the second phase of the Library Automation
Project. The $142,000 increase for Collections is designated as follows:
New Programs (1.5%) $94,000
Foreign Exchange (0.85%) $48,000
TOTAL: $142,000
There was no increase for inflation this year for any of the University's
departments supported from the Operating Budget. Inflation still exists, of
course, and is taking its toll of our meagre budget for suppUes and equipment
as well as wreaking havoc on the Collections part of the budget.
Salary increases negotiated in 1991/92 resulted in increases in excess of the
University's budget for that purpose. To cover the extra costs, reallocations
were made within the existing budget. The Library's portion was $310,000.
This amount came from five vacant positions and their associated benefits
• Head, Biomedical Branch Library
• Coordinator, Health Sciences Network
• Head, Information & Orientation Division
• Head, Catalogue Records Division
• Library Assistant 2, Social Work Library
Because the salary increases are continuing costs, these positions are gone
We have had to budget our operating funds very closely this year, and take
advantage of every small saving, even from positions vacant for only a short
time. General supply and expense costs (the annual supply orders) are up
substantially. There have been large expenditures associated with relocating
the Data Library in its new quarters in Main and the Information &
Orientation staff in Sedgewick. Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing
the budget and the equipment "Want lists" to see what we can acquire before
the end of the fiscal year.
Update on Serial Cancellations
Over the past few months, branches and divisions have been identifying lists
of serial titles that may have to be cancelled. The titles are being separated
into two categories by priority — titles in the first category would be the first
to be cancelled to the extent necessary. Consultation with faculty has started
in most subject areas.
The Canadian dollar seems to have stabilized against the US dollar at about
$0.78, down from about $0.84 in the summer. The British pound has come
down from CDN $2.40 at its peak in September to less than CDN $2.00 at
So far as one can predict, with two to three months of serial invoices still to
come, the picture seems a bit less gloomy than it did earlier in the fall. In
April, after the end of the fiscal year, we will have a better idea of how many
cancellations will be necessary.
ubc library bulletin page 3
The Senate Library Committee has devoted its last three meetings to
discussing the serials crisis. Letters from various individuals and groups
on campus expressing deep concern about the serial cancellations have
been forwarded to the Committee. At the last meeting on January 12th, the
Committee asked the Library Administration to provide information
showing the consequences of using the staff budget to offset, in part, the
collections shortfall.
Organizational Update
Information & Orientation Decentralizes
Last fall, the services provided by the Information & Orientation Division
were decentralized. Sheryl Adam now works in Sedgewick Library full-time
and Brenda Peterson works part-time in Main (mornings) and Sedgewick
(afternoons). Margaret Friesen has assumed responsibility for the
Information Desk and related services. Pauline Willems is coordinating the
Information Desk schedule. Julie Stevens continues to administer Graphics
and other former I&O activities (user publications, tours, training, etc.).
Social Work Outreach Office
in New Quarters
On December 14th the School of Social
Work moved into a new building located
opposite the Ponderosa Cafeteria at 2080
West Mall. The Library's Outreach Office
is in Room 203 which is connected with
the Reading Room, Computing
Laboratory, Computer Reference Area
and Audio-Visual Unit. Beverley Scott,
the Social Work Outreach Librarian,
works in the Outreach Office Monday and
Tuesday, and in the Humanities & Social
Sciences Division on Wednesday and
Thursday. For more information, please
call Beverley (2-2242 or 2-5923).
Data Library Moves to Main
Well, it took nearly four days to get the Data Library moved but all went well,
and they are happily installed in their new location in the south wing of Main
Library. All staff are invited to come by and see Data's latest abode.
Circulation Merger Planned
A task group has been formed to plan the integration of the Fine Arts Library
Circulation with the Main Library Circulation Division. Co-chaired by Hans
Burndorfer and Leonora Crema, the task group will review all aspects of the
circulation services in Fine Arts including reserve, copying, and shelving as
well as staffing and changes needed for Systems and structural renovations.
The integration is part of preparation for the Phase I building. Fine Arts
reference and processing will remain as separate operations, much like HSSD
and Science & Engineering. The reorganization will begin at the end of April.
ubc library bulletin page 4
Library Enriched by Two Grants
The Library has been awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council (SSHRC) grant of $5,800 to purchase the first two microfiche units of
the Opie Collection of Children's Literature. This collection, housed in the
Bodleian Library at Oxford, comprises 20,000 children's books of the past 400
years. UMI Press has undertaken to film the collection and reproduce the
illustrations in colour. The entire collection is to be produced in thirty units
and the Library will reapply for grants as the microfiche is published. The
Opie Microfiche Collection will complement and greatly enrich our historical
and contemporary collections of children's literature, and will be of interest to
a wide variety of researchers both internal and external.
Sedgewick Library has received a grant of almost $6,000 from the Adaptive
Technology Programme administered by the National Library of Canada.
According to the terms of the grant, the Library will provide matching funds
(from the Friends of the Library). The Library will purchase a closed-circuit
television magnifier and a state-of-the-art reading machine, the Open Book,
both to be housed at Sedgewick Library and subsequently in the Phase 1
The Open Book is a product of Arkenstone, a company which develops aids for
people with visual disabilities. Comprised of a scanner, computer and speech
synthesis software, the Open Book reads text aloud. It is fully compatible
with the Arkenstone reader at Crane Library, so text can be read and scanned
at either location. Its presence at Sedgewick will double the number of hours
a reading machine is available to print-disabled users. The closed-circuit
television magnifier will enable people with some usable vision (the largest
group of visually-disabled people) to use Sedgewick's collection on the spot.
HaPI-CD: Users will be HaPpy when they C what it can Do
Woodward Adds Interdisciplinary CD-ROM to Collection
Health and Psychosocial Instruments
CD-ROM (HaPI-CD), now available at
Woodward Library, is a computerized
database which provides records for
finding both quantitative and
qualitative health and psychosocial
instruments. Included are
questionnaires, checklists, coding
schemes/manuals, interview forms,
scenarios/vignettes, index measures,
projective techniques, rating scales
and tests.
Records provide information on participants' age, gender, racial and ethnic
backgrounds, educational levels, geographic and cultural setting and specific
characteristics or conditions targeted for study. The information is abstracted
from leading journals covering health, psychosocial sciences, organizational
behaviour and library and information science. By maintaining information
from diverse disciplines, HaPI-CD gives users access to instruments about
which they might otherwise be completely unaware.
ubc library bulletin page 5
Campus Landmark Remembered
The Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) tree in front of the Main
Library is gone. The tree died during the summer and was removed just
before Remembrance Day in November.
The Giant Sequoia tree was grown from a
cutting by Professor Frank Buck, Assistant
Professor and Landscape Architect at UBC
from 1920-1932. Records indicate that the
cutting came from a stand of Sequoias in
the Fraser Valley which were brought to
B.C. by California miners (the '49ers) when
they came up for the Cariboo gold rush in
the 1860's.
The Giant Sequoia was planted in front of
the Main Library as part of the original
campus landscaping by Professor Buck.
Buck's design was based on a system of
triangulation and the Sequoia was planned
as the pivot in the triangulation of the
Library landscaping.
The University Archives has an excellent selection of photographs of the
Sequoia. One of the earliest photographs shows a small pyramidal tree (the
pyramid shape is one of the characteristics of the Sequoia when it is young),
approximately four feet tall.
Leonard Frank photograph, early 1930's
ubc library bulletin page 6
Main Barcoding Blitz Wraps Up
The last book was barcoded in the Main Library on Monday, November 30th
— more than a year ahead of schedule. Thus ends the main phase of the
barcoding project, which started last spring.
The barcoding team finished barcoding the Asian Library collection on
January 15th and is now preparing a report on the remaining collections not
yet barcoded, including items in storage, reference, Data, Crane, Maps and
Microforms. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project!
Phase I Predesign Report Approved by Board of
The Board of Governors passed the following resolution at its meeting on
November 19th:
That the Central Library Phase I predesign Report Volumes 1 and 2 dated
October 1992 prepared by the collaborative [sic] of Aitken Wreglesworth
Associates and Arthur Erickson are hereby approved as the basis for
further planning and detailed design of the project.
Arthur Erickson, Peter Wreglesworth and Noel Best presented information
from the predesign report to Library staff and the campus community at
meetings on November 20th and December 3rd. A model of Phase I was on
display in Sedgewick Library during December.
The architects and planners are now working on the design of the building
and detailed floor plans. Campus Planning is studying how Sedgewick will
operate during construction. The target date for completion of Phase I is
September 1995.
ubc library bulletin page 7
New Version of UBCLIB
After several delays, the new version of
UBCLIB was implemented Tuesday,
January 12th. The major change from the old version is the new
merged CATALOGUE file which includes over two million records
from eight files. There are also many new commands and features
such as the RELATED and LIMIT commands, keyword searching in
names and subjects, cross-references for names and subjects,
postings (the number of hits) display in the browse Usts, and records
display in reverse chronological order. Response time has also
All these new features are available on UBCLIB only. Staff will
continue to use LDMS for processing tasks, the Message system and
to access a few files not yet available on UBCLIB. Staff need to be
aware of the differences between UBCLIB and LDMS and often may
need to use both systems simultaneously. For more information on
the new version of UBCLIB, please see Technical Notes 33 and 36.
There's a comparison chart for LDMS and UBCLIB in the
QUICKINFORMATION file (search under the term 'LDMS'). Also,
watch for updated information on the Message system Technotes
Bulletin Board.
Use Print/Download Stations to Print CD-ROM
A new version of the print/download station software was installed
at the end of December. The stations can now be used to:
• print or download a UBCLIB search
• print searches downloaded from most CD-ROM
databases in the Library
For new instructions, please review Technical Note 35 or see the
revised handout How to Use Print /Download Stations.
The first print/download station in Main Library has just been
installed in the concourse area. There are print/download stations in
the Asian Library, Education, Woodward, Sedgewick, MacMillan
and Main. More stations will be installed in other locations later in
the year.
More OPAC's
Santa and his helpers were busy adding more OPAC's in several
locations over the Christmas holidays. Main and Sedgewick each
received nine. In all, over thirty new OPAC's will be installed over
the next few months.
ubc library bulletin page 8
Branko Blazicevic, Library Assistant 4 in the Catalogue Records
Division, retired on October 31,1992 after more than 30 years of service.
Branko started working at the UBC Library in the Special Collections
Division in 1960 and moved to Catalogue Records in 1975. He will be
missed by his friends and colleagues. We wish him a long, happy and
healthy retirement!
Lee Perry has been appointed Life Sciences Bibliographer in
Woodward Library. Lee has a B.Sc. (Honours) in Biochemistry and
M.L.S. from UBC, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of
Toronto. She started working at UBC as the Medical History Librarian
in Woodward Library in 1981.
Temporary Appointments
Judy Atkinson, Reference Librarian in Sedgewick Library, and Leah
Gordon, Library Assistant 5 in Catalogue Records, will be working
part-time in Systems on the Circulation Project while Martha
Whitehead is on maternity leave. Carol Gordon, who has been
working in the Extension Library, will replace Judy in Sedgewick.
Judith Thiele, Reference Librarian in Crane Library, has been
awarded the Canada 125 medal for her outstanding service to the
community ... Chris Hives, University Archivist, has been elected Chair
of the Canadian Council of Archives ... Ann Doyle, Systems Librarian,
Lynne Redenbach, Circulation and Extension Librarian, David
Reimer, Fine Arts and Music Cataloguer, and Bonita Stableford,
Head, Science and Engineering Division, have received confirmed
appointments from the Board of Governors ... Frances Woodward
presented a paper on Edo period Japanese travel maps at the Western
Association of Map Libraries conference in November ... Diana Cooper,
Fine Arts Librarian, won a Vancouver Parks Board award for her
beautiful garden.
In Memoriam
Barbara Gibson, former Medical History Librarian in Woodward
Library, passed away on August 30, 1992. Barbara earned her BA
BSN and BLS from UBC and was a graduate of the Montreal
General Hospital School for Nurses. She served in the RCAMC as
nursing sister and matron in England, Italy and Canada from
1941 to 1946. She started working in the Catalogue Division in
1963. In 1967 Barbara transferred to a teaching position in the
School of Librarianship. She returned to the Library and then
moved to the position of Medical History Librarian in 1972, where
she worked until her retirement in 1981. We extend our
condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues.
ubc library bulletin page 9
V     V     V    STAFF NEWS     V     V     V
Mary Cheng, Clerk2, Administration
Kevin Madill, LAI, Circulation
Tim Kline, LAI, ILL
Sion Romaine, LAI, Education
Lisa Zebroff, LAI, Woodward
Brenda Rasmussen, Data Clerk2, Systems
Candace MacPherson, Clerk2, Crane
Eleanore Wellwood, LA2, ILL
Amy Lam, LA2, Education
Alison Mclnnes, LA2, Circulation
Elim Wong, LA2, Woodward
Ulla Visscher, LA3, Sedgewick
Lynn Jarvis, LA2, Sedgewick
Gysel Giles, LAI, Woodward
Liam McConachy, LA2, Woodward
Jim Harris, LAI, Woodward
Linda Gill-Aranha, LAI, Sedgewick
Joanne Savory, LA2, Science
Janice Ray, LA2, Woodward
Jill Warner, LAI, Sedgewick
Brenda Glass, LAI, Sedgewick
Terri Wilmon, Sec2, PATSCAN
Michelle Koeneke, Clerk2, Coll Acctg
Karen Steiner, LA2, Cat Products
ubc library bulletin page 10
Three Millionth Acquisition and UBC Authors Feted
The University celebrated the acquisition of the Library's three
millionth book at the 2nd Annual UBC Authors' Reception held
October 15th at Cecil Green Park. To illustrate the range of materials
the Library now acquires, there was a multimedia display entitled
The Year of the Three Millionth Book. Over 100 UBC authors were
honoured at the Reception, sponsored by the University Library and
Office of the President.
Clinic Cures the Term Paper Blues
From February 1st to 26th, Sedgewick Library will hold a Term Paper
Research Clinic for students in 1st and 2nd year Arts and Science
courses. The Clinic introduces basic library research methods.
Students receive brief written guides to appropriate reference sources
for their essay topics and are taught how to use each source.
First and second year students may sign up for the Clinic now at the
reference desk in Sedgewick. For this program, librarians will be
assisted by students in the School of Library, Archival and
Information Studies.
Free Dial-In Access to COMPENDEX
From January 15 to February 15th, users can access the
COMPENDEX database from their office, lab or home computer.
COMPENDEX indexes the contents of over 4,000 engineering journals
and conference proceedings from 1986 to the present. Coverage
includes material from all engineering societies, research and
development organizations, university presses and governmental
agencies. Call the Science & Engineering Division for more
information (2-3295).
Disability Resource Centre Offers Workshops to Library Staff
Whether you work in public or technical services, you'll be
encountering more people with disabilities over the next few years —
as fellow employees and as library patrons. On February 23rd, the
Disability Resource Centre at UBC will offer another workshop for
Library staff on disability awareness and communication. Those who
attended previous workshops found them to be effective, informative
and quite a lot of fun besides. Please call Desiree Trono at 2-3097 to
register for February 23rd, 2:00-4:30 in IRC (Woodward Building)
More TLC
This term the Library is offering more UBCLIB and CD-ROM classes.
Funded partly through the Teaching and Learning Enhancement
Fund, the classes are being held in Education, HSSD, Science &
Engineering, Sedgewick and Woodward. For more information, pick
up a copy of the Course Calendar: Do-It-Yourself Computer Searching
on CD-ROM and UBCLIB. All Library staff are welcome to attend the
ubc library bulletin
editor: brenda peterson (2-2076)
design: jill pittendrigh


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