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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Aug 7, 1969

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
no. 33 August 7, 1969 Vancouver, B. C.
NEW SALARY SCALES for Non-Professional Staff;
In keeping with the tradition established last year, we publish here a table showing all
the salary scales and the steps within each.  (Last year's figures shown in parentheses)
Clerk IV $485 (458) 506 (478) 527 (498) 548 (518) 570 (538)
Administrative Assistant
Library Assistant IV 480 (453) 500 (473) 521 (493) 543 (513) 565 (533)
Stack Supervisor 460 (432) 480 (452) 500 (472) 523 (495) 545
Library Assistant III 411 (388) 427 (403) 443 (418) 459 (433) 475 (448)
Senior Keypunch Operator 408 (385) 425 (400) 442 (415) 459 (430) 477 (450)
Secretary III 395 (371) 410 (386) 425 (401) 440 (416) 460 (433)
Clerk III, Senior Clerk 372 (351) 388 (366) 404 (381) 420 (396) 438 (413)
Secretary || 365 (344) 380 (354)  395 (369) 410 (384) 425 (399)
(6-12 mo.)
Keypunch Operator 357 (337) 368 (347) 379 (357) 391 (369)
Flexowriter Operator (6-12 mo.)
Library Assistant II 325 (308) 335 (318) 346 (328) 358 (338)
Clerk I I (6-12 mo.)
Secretary I 311 (293) 321 (303)  331 (313)  342 (323)
(6-12 mo.)
Library Assistant I 288 (272) 298 (282)  308 (292)  319 (302)  331 (312)
Dictaphone Typist (6-12 mo.)
Clerk I, Clerk Typist 275 (260) 285 (270) 295 (280)  305 (290)
(6-12 mo.)
BOOK MOVE Completed:
After the storage cage on Floor 3 of the Stacks was cleaned out this Spring and converted
to become part of the open stacks, all the books on Floor 3 were shifted to make use of the
additional shelving thus provided.  As a result, "J I" now starts in the northwest corner
(next to the old elevator) and "PH" to "PM" were moved from Floor 4 to Floor 3.  Floor 3
now contains "J I" to "PM" and Floor 4, "PN" to "Z 1037".
Please note that the juvenile collection is now near the middle of the floor between
"JX" and "K".
During the absence of Mr. Stuart-Stubbs, from August 11th to September 2nd, Mr. Bell
will act as University Librarian. UBC Library Bulletin -page 2
BOOK OWNERSHIP and Security Committee;
A new committee, consisting of R. Butterfield, Mc Elrod, W. Harrington, A. Leith
D. Mclnnes, N. Omelusik and A. Yandle, has been formed under the chairmanship of
Mr. Hamilton. It is charged with the task of investigating and recommending measures to
counter the alarming rate at which books are disappearing from the Library's collections.
The seriousness of the problem is underlined starkly by a preliminary report from Miss    ^
Butterfield of the Circulation Division indicating that the rate of loss approaches 5%
per year in some of the more heavily used sections of the classification.  From the
Fine Arts division comes word that approximately 300 volumes were stolen over the
past year, and it is a safe guess that these were expensive items; the estimate for
Sedgewick is about 1,500 volumes missing.  Losses are also reported from the technical
processing divisions where books go AWOL every week.
Altogether, the losses we are sustaining at present might well total $50,000 to
$100,000 per year.  The conclusion seems inescapable that, no matter what other factors
may be involved, the time has come for the Library to tighten its security belt.
Accordingly, the committee has decided to implement the following measures immediately
while carrying on with its work.
1) To rubber stamp "UBC LIBRARIES" on the upper end of books for all locations.  This will
be done as soon as possible after the books arrive in the building.  For books costing
more than $25 this will be delayed until the spine is marked in the Cataloguing
Divis ion. Books for Special Collections and Woodward Rare Books will, of course, not
be treated in this manner.
2) To investigate means of constructing a cage in which all new books can be shelved    '
upon arrival in the Acquisitions Division.
3) To install a charging out terminal in the Acquisitions Division on the 7th floor
and issue borrowers' cards to al1 staff so that they will be able to charge out
books at this point.
4) To delegate Bill Parker (Woodward Library) to obtain further information on a
system called "Checkpoint" which offers considerable promise as. a detection
device for library application.
The Committee will continue to meet and issue reports as its investigation progresses.
MICROFILMING in the Library;
The Library's microfilm camera is located in the former faculty reading carrel 1 on      <
stack level 1.  As a rule, it will be operated by staff from the photocopying section
of the Circulation Division.
To have material microfilmed;
a) If the item is to be added to the Library's collections, it should be delivered
With a copy of the "Requisition for Photocopying of Material" to Mrs. Vacheresse    j.
in the Circulation Division.  Copies of this form are available in the ILL office,
next to the Information Desk.
b) Allow 3 or 4 days for the film to come back from processing. Although processing
time is usually less that 24 hours, delivery will ordinarily be made only once or
twice a week.
Staff time for operating the camera is limited, though we should be able to handle ILL
requests and additions to the collection.  Requests for filming large amounts of material
should be referred to a commercial microfilming establishment.  Please refer any unusual
requests to the Librarian's Office or to Mr. D. Mclnnes.


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