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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Sep 12, 1973

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 University Of British Columbia  Library Bulletin
No. 100 September 12, 1973 Vancouver, B.C.
A thorough review of the processes by which Asian Studies materials are ordered,
received and made ready for use has been completed.  The study was made in response to
questions raised by members of faculty, who suggested that the processing of Asian materials be assigned a higher priority.
Although the alternatives open to us are severely limited by the funds available,
changes are now being effected from September 1 which should do a great deal to improve
the s i tuat ion.
The principal change is the transfer of most processing activities from the Asian
Studies Division to the central processing divisions.  To accomplish this, four Asian
Studies staff members have been transferred to the Catalogue Divisions and one additional
person, a Japanese cataloguer, has been hired.  As in other branches, the staff members
remaining in the Asian Studies Divison will be concerned mainly with the selection of materials for the collection and with the provision of circulation and reference services to
the public.  Processing of orders, cataloguing and the preparation of books and catalogues
for public use will now be done by the processing divisions of the Main Library.
integration of processing will permit us to take advantage of the automated processes
already in use elsewhere in the Library system.  Over a period of time this will mean improved
access to materials in backlogs, on order, or in process through the production of printed
lists from machine-readable records.
The staff members transferred from Asian Studies to the Catalogue Division are Marian
Chen, Sylvia Ng, Kay Tomiye, and Chanjun Choe.
In addition Mrs. Margaret Fukuyama has joined the staff of the Original Cataloguing
Division as Japanese language cataloguer.  Prior to attending Library School in 1969/70
Margaret was on the staff for ten years.  She previously worked several years as Japanese
language cataloguer and had stints in the Librarian's Office and, after Library School,
on the information Desk.  Margaret has also worked for our upstairs neighbors. We welcome
her back.
Due to the decline in the value of the dollar in relation to the D-Mark and a tight
budget, the Library has been obliged to curtail its blanket order arrangement for new books
published in Germany.  Effective immediately, new books in anthropology, geography, sociology* psychology, education, economics and political science will be excluded from the
blanket order.  Books in these areas which are required for the Library's collection will
be ordered by Library staff.  Suggestions for purchase will be welcome and should be sent
to Miss Dorothy Shields, Bibliography Division.
The following letter has been received from the National Library of Australia and
constitutes a well-deserved compliment to its recipient:
To Mr. Steven Johnston, Editor, Canadian Serials Directory, University of British
Columbia  26 July 1973.
Dear Mr. Johnston,
We have recently received a copy of your Canad ian serials di rectory 1972 which
we have studied with much interest and admiration for your fine work.  The information
given for these titles is quite remarkable in its fullness and depth.  it makes quite
fresh departures in the variety of information it supplies and sets an admirable example.
The National Library of Australia publishes a selective serial listing of Australian
titles, Current Australian serials.  This gives -information on publication details, date
of first issue and in which indexing service titles are indexed.  Our last edition
was the 7th edition revised which was published earlier this year.
It would be most interesting and useful to us if you could supply us with a copy
of your questionnaire to serial publishers.  Any further information which you have U.B.C, Library Bulletin
Page 2
available in printed form on your Directory would be most welcome.
Yours sincerely,
(Signed)       Marie  Sexton
for Principal   Librarian,   Bibliography.
On  occasion   the   IBM   Selectric   typewriter   in   the  Social   Sciences  Division   is  used  by
people   from other divisions,   and   ft  appears   that  someone   inadvertently  took with him an
almost-full   box of 3121   film   ribbons.     SSD would appreciate   the   return  or  replacement  of
these   ribbons and  tender  their  thanks   in anticipation.
In a   recent  Cataloguing  service  bulletin    LC made  the  following announcement:
"For many years   the Subject  Cataloging      Division  adhered   to  the practise of
not assigning   to a work a  subject  heading which matches exactly  the author heading
assigned  by   the  descriptive  cataloger.      This practise has  been  dropped.     In  the
future  subjects will   be assigned as   required  by   the work  regardless of whether  they
duplicate  the main entry  heading  or added entries assigned  by   the  descriptive  cataloger.       Categories   to  be   included   in   this new procedure are autobiographies,   correspondence,   corporate histories,   corporate   reports,   general   laws,   and artistic
reproductions with  commentaries."
OC and  LC cataloguers  are  now adding  subject  entries  for authors as  subjects as
outlined   in  LC' s  new procedure.
Authors writing under pseudonyms have objected  to their  real   names appearing   in  the
CIP   (Cataloguing   in publication)   on   the  back of  the  title page.     Because of  this,   LC has
announced   that   it will   now be entering   these works  under pseudonyms  and will   revise  previous main entries accordingly.     In  the  case of  certain  prolific authors,   however,this
would mean   too much card   revision,   and  for  these  LC has  decided   to   retain   the   real   name
for  entries  already  printed,   all   publications   received  subsequently   being entered  under  the
pseudonym.     Entries  under  the   real   name  and  under  the pseudonym will   he connected  by  explanatory   references.     We  shall   adopt   this  new LC practice,   but only where  LC  has  done so.     In
such  cases   the original   author cutter will   be   retained  throughout.
The  first  meeting  of what   it   is hoped will   become  a  continuing  series was  held  on
August   16,   )973   at  the U.B.C,   Library.     The  session was devoted  to  statistics and  dealt with
the publications  of  the   1971   census  of  Canada,   the  CANSIM  data  bank project  of Statistics
Canada,   the  Data  Library  of U.B.C.,   and   the  publications  of   the  Economics  and Statistics
Branch  of   the  Department  of   Industrial   Development.   Trade and  Commerce  of  the  Province  of
B.C.     TRIUL  -  Tri-University  Libraries  - comprises   the   three university   libraries  of  B.C.
(those  of  S.F.U.,   U.Vic and  U.B.C.),   and  the   Study  Session,   hosted   by   the  U.B.C.   Library,
was   the  brain-child  of   its  Government  Publications   Sub-Committee.
A  total   of  sixty-six people  attended,   including   librarians  from community  colleges  and
public   libraries,   representing  areas  as  divergent  as  Victoria,   Prince  George and  Nanaimo.
In  spite of  an  all-day   session  a  number of questions   from   the  floor   remained   to  be  discussed
for   lack of   time,   so great was   the   interest  generated  by   the program.     The   response was   such
as   to encourage   the  plan  of promoting   similar  sessions   in   the   future   to deal  with other
topics  of  general   interest   to   librarians.
Staff members  are   reminded   that copies  of   the  Labour  Relations Act  are  available   for
their   inspection   in  all   divisions  and  branches  and   in   the  Librarian's  Office.     Two  sections
are   reprinted  here   in  part,    in order  to point  out   that   the activities  of both  employers  and
unions,   or persons  acting  on  behalf of employers  or unions,   are  governed   by   this Act.
Section  4(1).     No employer or employers'   organization,   and  no  person  acting
on   behalf of an  employer or employers'   organization,   shall
participate   in  or   interfere with   the   fonnation  or administration
of a  trade un ion   ...
Section 5(1).  Except with the consent of the employer, no trade union and no
person acting on behalf cf a trade union shall attempt at the
employer's place of employment during working-hours to persuade
an employee of the employer to join or not to join a trade union.
The Library Administration is abiding by Section 4(1).  No trade union has asked
for the consent of the Librar/ Administration to persuade employees during working-hours


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