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UBC Library Staff Bulletin 2001

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 UBC Library Staff
No. 263
Summer 2001
Implementation Plan updates
On June 27th Library staff met in the Dodson Room, Main Library, to hear progress reports from seven task
groups. Among the updates given, Christina Sylka reported that Task Group 1.9 (Software Review) has
recommended the Library switch to Internet Explorer as its primary browser. Brian Owen reported that
Task Group 1.8 (Integrated Library Systems Review) has recommended the Library begin the formal process
of seeking a new Library system to replace DRA.
Other task groups reporting included task groups 1.1 (User Survey Response), 1.2 (Employee Survey
Response), 1.5 (Systems Backup), 1.4 (Communications) and 1.18 (HR Support). This fall, the Library will
publish an Implementation Plan progress report for 2000/01. In the meantime, checkout Strategic and
Implementation Planning at:
University Learning Center Proposal... next step
The ULC proposal received Board 1 approval at the May Board of Governors meeting. On June 19th
Catherine made a presentation to UBC Library staff outlining the process and the progress made so far.
Recently a large building committee was struck, co-chaired by Catherine and Len Sobo, Campus Planning, to
look at issues such as space allocation in the new facility. Next step? A presentation in late 2001-early 2002
to the BOG for Board 2 approval.
Xwi7xwa (First Nations Library)
Discussions are underway about possible UBC Library branch status for the
Xwi7xwa Library in the First Nations House of Learning.
Catherine and other Library staff have been working with Jo-ann Archibald
and members of the FNHL including Xwi7xwa librarian Ann Doyle on a report
outlining costing and service issues. The report was presented by Jo-ann and
Catherine to Barry McBride, VP Academic & Provost in late June. Their report
was favourably received and we now await a formal response to this proposal
from the VP Academic & Provost.
The addition of the Xwi7xwa Library would make the UBC Library the only
academic research Ubrary in Canada with a branch devoted to First Nations
material. Stay tuned for more information.
UBC Library Hosting the Public Knowledge Project
Thanks largely to the support of Catherine Quinlan, the PubUc Knowledge Project is running its Web
activities - www.pkp.ubc.ca - out of the UBC Ubrary. The PKP is dedicated to exploring how new
technologies can be used to improve the professional and public value of scholarly research, including the
role that academic libraries can play in new models of scholarly publishing.
ubc library buUetin page 2
The 2001 annual report on the Staff Training and Development Program, Room to grow: people
and their training programs, is on the staff training and development Web page:
The schedule for courses for Sept-December 2001 will be posted in late summer. Repeat courses
• Customer Services Series:
CircPLUS, Referral Skills, Telephone Communication Skills;
• Library Health & Safety Program Series:
Basic Earthquake Preparedness, Ergonomics for AU, Library Health & Safety Orientation.
June Open Houses
On June 5th and 7th, 66 Ubrary staff members visited 24 participating sites. Staff said they appreciated
the chance to gain cross-unit understanding, foster cross-unit communications, see something new,
meet someone new, expand their Ubrary horizons. Look out for future open houses this fall!
mr *,,..*8imsMB#iX2&imm. .:■.. ■.:. ~
UBC Librarians at ALA, CLA
A number of UBC librarians attended the 120th ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco, from June 14-20.
Among those attending were Pia Christensen, Hilde Colenbrander, and Susan Andrews all of who made their
way to San Francisco this spring to attend the conference. Aside from the overwhelming variety of sessions
offered, all three said they enjoyed the experience and the chance to meet colleagues from all over the US and
around the world. They also managed to have dinner together one evening, along with Joy Kirchner, on leave
from UBC and currently working at Columbia University in NYC.
Rudy Traichel and Jocelyn Godolphin attended this year's CLA conference in Winnipeg, MB, June 13-17.
The title of this year's conference was 'Canadian Libraries, Bringing the World Home'.
Chung Collection
On Thursday June 7th, Wallace B. Chung spoke to UBC Library staff about collecting the
artefacts that would eventually become the Chung Collection. Dr. Chung spoke warmly of how he
came to start collecting and told several humourous stories about how he acquired certain items
in the collection. Afterwards he led staff on a tour of the Chung Room, pointing out a number of
the items about which he had spoken.
Since opening to the pubUc on May 18 2001, the Chung Room in the Main Library has received 1,050
visitors, averaging around 50 visitors a day. The Chung Collection Web site (www.Ubrary.ubc.ca/chung)
received 2,229 hits in May and 1,355 hits in June. In addition, the Chung CoUection has been featured in a
number of publications, including Maclean's, the Vancouver Sun, the Sing Tao Daily, the Ming Pao Daily,
Giographica and Pacific Yachting. Summer is a great time to visit the Chung Room in the Main Library.
The hours are: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am to 4:00 p.m. (except statutory hoUdays).
Library Visitor
Jan Cellucci, who is a librarian and the wife of U.S. ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci, visited the Library
on July 25, 2001. During her visit Mrs. Cellucci met with President Piper and Catherine Quinlan, toured the
Chung CoUection and was treated to an 'etour' by Larry Campbell. Asked how he enjoyed meeting Mrs.
Cellucci, Larry commented that she was very knowledgeable about electronic resources and current issues,
but he was hoping to see more Secret Service agents!
ubc Ubrary bulletin page 3
FROM THE PAST - 30 Years Ago...
The R.R. Bowker Company has just pubUshed a new and revised edition of its well-known directory,
American Men of Science. The title used in the 11 previous editions has now been dropped. Its new name:
American Men and Women of Science.
UBC Library News December 1971
New Fall Displays
A "must see" for students being introduced to Ubrary research is the striking display outside the
Ridington Room. Representative indexes and abstracts in the social sciences have been given a mod
montage treatment.
UBC Library News October 1971
In just 10 years, copying machines have become an almost indispensable part of the modern academic
Ubrary. Faculty and students are beginning to rely on them for quick reproduction of notes and readings.
In this era of mass education, most Ubrary departments would be unable to give efficient service without
high-speed mechanical copiers. There is every reason to beUeve that the volume and range of their use by
both staff and patrons wiU continue to grow.
UBC Library News September 1971
Museum to move out
Thanks to a generous grant from the federal government, the Main Library wiU be losing a long-time
tenant and gaining some badly needed floor space. The Museum of Anthropology has been awarded
$2,500,000 for a new Museum of Man, to be built on the UBC campus. The grant is part of a $10,000,000
fund that Ottawa estabUshed to mark the 100th anniversary of B.C.'s entry into Confederation. Planning
for the new building wUl begin immediately.
UBC Library News May-June 1971
Sustainabilhy Co-ordinators
The world is what you make it! The UBC Campus SustainabiUty
Office is looking for volunteers to act as departmental
SustainabiUty Co-ordinators. Inspire sustainable choices in your
department, facilitate change and make a difference. No
experience necessary, training and ongoing support provided. With
only a limited time commitment you can affect positive change to
your department's energy use, waste generation, and use of
transportation alternatives. For more information on the program
and upcoming training sessions please visit www.sustain.ubc.ca.
If you're interested in volunteering, check with your supervisor or
branch/unit head, then contact Kara at 822-0273, or email
ubc Ubrary bulletin page 4
A Hitchhiker's Guide to the University:
My Adventures during the Transit Strike
A momentary departure from some of the horror stories about the way the people's lives
have been affected during the 4 month long bus strike in Vancouver. I am one of those
fortunate enough to Uve within the city centre, so, for me, there have actuaUy been some
benefits as a result of suddenly becoming transit-deprived.
Walking more has (I hope) improved my physical fitness, and the experience of being self-propeUed has made
me feel more empowered. Sharing rides with other Library staff has allowed me to get to know some of my
co-workers better, and realizing that there are many people who are not only prepared to offer a ride, but to
go out of their way to help, has reaffirmed my faith in humanity.
For me, the transit strike has been a lesson in flexiblity and resourcefulness and effective communication
(holding up a sign that says "41st" gets me closer to my destination than one that says "Kerrisdale").
And an added benefit is that I've gained an insider's view of the UBC campus community that I would not
otherwise have. Hitchhiking to and from work, I've been picked up by students, faculty and support staff.
I've met people from Student Services, the Hospital, Regent CoUege, IT Services, the UBC Fire Department,
and the Faculties of Biological Sciences, Kinesiology, and Computer Science, among others. We've compared
working environments, points of view, and shared with each other the joys and frustrations of being
affiliated with a large educational institution. AU in all, an enUghtening and worthwhile experience.
(And to Larry CampbeU, Sarah Moore, Suzanne Lester, Sheryl Adam, and especially Hilde
Colenbrander: thanks so much for all the rides!)
Jill Pittendrigh
Information Services
Commuter Couscous
Here's a delicious way to boost that energy level - even if you're back on
the buses and no longer making the trek to and from campus.
The Grains
1.5 cups dried whole wheat couscous
2 cups boiling water
The Colour
3-4 diced green onions
1/2 cup sliced black olives
1/2-1 cup diced peppers (mixed red, green, yellow)
1 cup chick peas
2 fistfuls of chopped parsley
2 small diced carrots
2 small seeded, chopped tomatoes (Romas work well)
1/3 cup crumbled feta (add just before eating)
The Pizzazz
1/2 cup olive or canola oil (your preference)
1/3 cup orange juice (or other citrus juice)
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 cloves crushed garlic
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp fresh ground black pepper
1/4 tsp cinammon
The Method
1. Measure dried couscous into a large mixing bowl.
2. Boil water and stir into dried couscous.
Cover and let sit for 5-7 minutes. The couscous
will absorb the water.
Fluff the couscous with a fork once the water is
3. Mix together all ingredients listed under "Pizzaz"
and set aside.
4. Add ingredients listed under "Colour" to the
fluffed couscous. Mix in to distribute evenly.
5. Pour the pizzaz mixture into the couscous and stir
well ai'd evenly.
Taste for seasoning. Add more garlic, salt or
pepper to taste.
The feta cheese is optional and is best added just
before you eat the salad.
A great compliment to spicy food as a palette cooler.
contributed by kele fleming
ubc library bulletin
Editor Simon Neame
Design: Jill Pittendrigh


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