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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Aug 14, 1968

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 6 August 14, 1968 Vancouver, B.C.
The four week interval since the last appearance of this Builetin has been a period of
intense activity on the vacation front.  Those left holding the fort while others were
away have tended to carry on with their work and to defer major decisions for the return
of their sun-tanned (and, in at least one case, bearded) colleagues. Here, then, is the
weekly Bulletin for August.
VACATIONS for Administrative Staff:
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs - will be away from August 19-23
Mr. Bell - returned to work on August 12, no further holidays
Mr. Hamilton - returning to work on September 3
Mr. Watson - holidays finished
Mr. Mclnnes - returning to work on August 19
Mr. MacDonald - returned to work on August 14, no further holidays
PACIFIC NORTHWEST Library Association Conference:
This Association of librarians from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and British
Columbia is meeting at the Bayshore Inn, August 13-16. As a by-product, many visitors
are expected. A visit to UBC is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, 2:30-5:00 p.m.; the
delegates will simply take a charter bus out from the hotel and get off to wander the
campus at will. No conducted tour is planned.
Many UBC librarians will be attending the conference on Thursday and Friday, which
should help to explain some of the staff absences on those two days.
STAFF ROOM Vending Machines:
Recently a new contractor won the bid to install vending machines on campus.  He has
put a cigarette and a candy machine into the Staff Room already, and has been asked by
the University's Purchasing Agent to follow this up with machines for soft drinks and
The automation of the Acquisitions Division is proceeding as planned. As of August 1st,
all new orders are being typed on a Flexowriter with the requisition forms and process
siips being filed by order number into one of the division's new tubs.
Until the next step has been achieved, which is to generate an alphabetic "on-order/in-
process" listing from the Flexowriter tape, a copy of the multiple order form is still being filed into the old Order File. This means that, as far as the outsider is concerned,
the Acquisitions Division is functioning as usual.
Any changes involving the use of the Acquisitions Division's files will be announced
and explained clearly as they become effective. UBC Library Bulletin - pag<
The ISAD/LC MARC Institute on Computer Technology:
On July 18-19 an institute was conducted in Seattle by the Information Systems Office
of the Library of Congress and the Information Science and Automation Division of the
American Library Association (hence the abbreviation "ISAD/LC").
The program of the institute was made up of four parts: 1) a general session involving
the hundred registrants on the purpose and history of the MARC pilot project; 2) three
sessions of 35 persons each on the MARC II format, input, and output; 3) four sessions     '
with 25 participants given by people from libraries which have experimented with the      <
MARC I tapes; and, 4) a general session on costs and evaluation of the program.
Participants sought answers to questions about the possible benefits, problems, and costs-
involved in making use of the machine-readable cataloguing data that can be bought from
the Library of Congress after October 1, 1968.  Attending from the UBC Library were Gerry  '
Dobbin, Mc El rod, Steve Johnson, Bob MacDonald, Nick Omelusik, Bill Parker and Bill Watson. *•
SERIALS DIVISION - Annual Serials Listing:
Those who use the annual cumulation, the next issue of which is to appear in September,
must remember that this listing is still only a visible by-product of the current drive
to put all the Library's serial records onto magnetic tape - it is not an end in itself.
At this stage the emphasis is on the collecting of data about the titles themselves, and
in this effort the Serials Division solicits the help of all those who find errors in the
new listing.  Please continue to send corrections to the Division for attention, but do
not expect an up-to-date inventory of bound holdings until the project is in its final
stage, that is, when the Cataloguing Division's Shelf list has been incorporated into the   "*
Meanwhile, remember that is is still necessary to use the annual cumulation in conjunction with the Location File and the Main Card Catalogue to get a complete picture of the
Library's serial holdings.
RESOURCES of Local Bookstores:
Since local booksellers do not generally publish catalogues, it is difficult to know
whether they have books of interest to the Library. To make an estimate of local resources
and to establish relationships with booksellers, Mr. Stuart-Stubbs and Mr. Elliston visited ten stores in two days, took notes on 202 books and, after checking, purchased 67 books
at an average price of about $2.50 which is considerably below the average costs from cat- *~
The first issue of the new newsletter to Faculty is now being distributed on Campus.  It
is similar in format to this bulletin, but is not limited in size; the current issue runs  ">
to two sheets.
MAIL ROOM Mystery:
Library supplies for branch libraries directed through the Mail Room sometimes fail to
arrive at their destinations, or arrive in partial or damaged state. No one can under-   7
stand why a person would want to cut rolls of binding tape into pieces or take several     4
cartons of marked envelopes, but this is the sort of thing that has been happening - which
seem to indicate that that sort of person does, indeed exfst.


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