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UBC Library Bulletin Oct 31, 1986

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 ubc (ibrary buffetth
No. 197
October 1986
November 2-8 is B.C. Libraries Week, and all B.C. libraries will
be celebrating.  "Smart Cookie" stickers are to be handed out to
library users. The Burnaby Public Library is celebrating its
30th birthday at a party on Saturday November 8. Vancouver
Public Library (and the NFB) are sponsoring a mini film festival
on Canadian authors in conjunction with the NFB at Pacific
Cinematheque November 4 & 6 at 8pm.  And there are lots of "smart
cookie" events, such as cookie baking contests and cookie monster
storytimes.  Check your local library for activities, The
purpose of the week, officially declared as such by Grace
McCarthy, is to "generate awareness of resources available at
B.C. Libraries and to recognize their invaluable service to the
A video, "What in the World Do You Want to Know?'', will be shown
lunch hours in the SUB concourse. This 10 minute video highlights
the resources and services of all types of libraries. Main Library
has a display on the history and resources of B.C. libraries in
the display case near Ridington Room on the 5th floor. Woodward
and Sedgewick Libraries are also mounting displays.  And don't
forget to get your smart cookie sticker when you go to SUB to see
the video.
Divisions and branches needing current information about reading
rooms can now access this information online through LDMS.  The
new file is called QUICKINFO, Brief Library and Campus
Information.  It is number 9 on the LDMS menu.
Access it with the dot command '.q' or '.quickinfo.'  You can go,
to it directly by typing 'LDMS 9' immediately after your ID (see
Systems Technical Note #17 for this procedure).  Once you are in
'.quickinfo,' 'Show Indexes' will list the indexes you can use.
This planned online equivalent of the Main Information Desk's
QUICK REF card file will have information about library and
campus services and facilities, such as typewriters and A/V
equipment added.  I & O is responsible for the file and hopes
that it is the beginning of an online campus and library
information file that will be maintained by staff in all
branches.  The file is still in the test stage; phone I&O (2076)
with suggestions or questions.
The print version of the reading rooms information, "Reading
Rooms and Other Locations" will no longer be produced.  Current
information about reading room hours, attendants, access policies
will only be available online.  Be daring: toss your print copy.
Some work routines for Health Sciences Network staff have changed
in the last few months as a result of the telefacsimile equipment
purchased with a grant from the P.A. Woodward Foundation.
Each of the hospital branch libraries and the Network Office on
campus have telefax or fax machines, which can send and receive
copies of documents. They are used to transmit copies of requests
for materials: in 1985/86, almost 42,000 network requests were
processed by electronic mail.  Before telefax, these requests had
to be keyed; now the request form completed by the requester is
transmitted directly.
Telefacsimile transmission is a kind of telephone call.  The
equipment scans the document, which can be text, photos,
or diagrams, and converts the light and dark areas into electrical
impulses which are transmitted over a regular telephone line.
As the telephone converts sound into electrical impulses for
transmission, so a fax machine converts text into impulses that
are transmitted over telephone lines to another fax machine which
reassembles and prints the image of the text or picture.
Not only does this save keying time for staff, but it also
permits them to send responses to reference questions and
requests for online searches. This is very powerful equipment
for clinical emergencies. Previously if the daily delivery were
missed, medical staff in need of information had no choice but to
drive to the location or wait till the next day. Now the
material can be transmitted within minutes.
We'll probably see more of these appear. Asian Studies Institute
has been given one by Sanyo and will use it for communication
with Asia.  Instead of expensive courier or indifferent mail
service, materials can be transmitted as quickly as a telephone
call and at about the same cost.
The monitors patrolling Main and Sedgewick Libraries, having
whipped the users into shape, may have to extend action to
library staff.  Staff by and large do not choose either the Main
Stacks or Sedgewick as a venue to consume their Tortellini's
pasta and clam sauce, but the library monitors report that staff
have been known to march about the place, conversing noisily.  So
far, monitors have not confiscated any staff library cards, but (^^\
the time may come.  I can see the headlines in the Ubyssey
already.  Talk small, everyone.
Any staff with an interest in online public access course lists
should mark
Thursday, November 13, 11:30-1
on their calendar. The topic for informal discussion at the
regular lunch hour Online Discussion Group meeting will be
online public access to the Woodward and Sedgewick Course List.
Keith Bunnell (4908) would like to know if you have other topics
for discussion.
n c
UBC Open House will be held March 6-8, 1987: Friday through
Sunday, from 10am to 5pm each day. Open House is an annual
campus event when the University welcomes the general public to
displays and exhibits. This year is special because it's campus
wide: Open House in previous years has generally been restricted
to one area.
The Library will be participating, of course. Our most visible
contribution will be the online Open House Information Service.
We'll maintain a computerized file of Open House events which
will be searchable by subject, location, etc.: an appropriate
service for a Library to offer.  There's also to be a contest
and draw each day for a free extra-mural library card and also
for a Wilson Recordings Collection card.
There will be puppet shows in the Sedgewick Library, staged by
Library School students.  A video of historic UBC events,
including footage of the Great Trek and the arrival of army huts
is to be shown.  Julie Stevens (ISO) is also coordinating a
paperback sale, tours, demonstrations, displays, etc.  We're
hoping that all divisions and branches will be open during Open
House hours and doing something special for Open House.
It's not too late to get involved.  Staff with ideas for displays
or exhibits or who would like to help should phone Julie (2076)
or talk to their division heads.
Public service staff occasionally get calls from home computer
owners who want to access directly the contents of all the books
in the library. That is not yet possible, although eventually
access to the library catalogue may be provided. Right now, home
computer buffs can search off-site information databases
themselves, if they are prepared to pay the price.
Woodward Library has put together a pamphlet of information
called "Online Database Searching - Doing It Yourself" for people
who want to search off-site databases directly.  It sells for $10
in Woodward, and contains information about the use of MTS terminals
to access remote systems, database vendors, downloading, etc.
Woodward also has a box of pamphlets and other materials for end
users to read. MTS (the UBC computer system) can be used for the
telecommunications link, but also needed by anyone who wants to
search bibliographic databases directly is a subscription to the
database in which they're interested.
At the end of November Woodward will offer seminars for people
interested in doing their own bibliographic searching. The     WShSiTrr'^''
programme will depend upon the needs of the participants.  People(^^^^^f.
who are interested in the seminar should phone Woodward Reference^^g_j^^
(4440) for more information about content and dates.     —iM]f\ ARTS 20 RELAY RACE
The Library fielded a team for this annual campus event, which
follows the Great Trek route from Vancouver General Hospital (the
first site of UBC) along 16th and 10th Avenues to campus. The
original purpose of this relay, first run in 1920, was to
increase public awareness of the need for post secondary
education in B.C.  Like the Great Trek of 1922, the early races
publicized the need for the construction of the Point Grey campus.
The Library team: Rick Wadland (Woodward), Ann Turner (Cat
Records), Tom Geise (Cat Records), Jim Henderson (Woodward), Eldo
Neufeld (Cat Records), Miriam Shostak (Cat Records), Pauline
Willems (Cat Products), and Howard Hurt (Curriculum Lab), had a
great time wearing the library colours (a pink ribbon around the
neck) and finished in 44:53:4, 147th out of a record entry of
214 teams.  If you promise to train regularly, you might be asked
to join the team next year.
Janet Yuan, Catalogue Records, took early retirement last month.
She started in Acquisitions in 1964.  In 1971, she moved to the
division that became Catalogue Records (L.C. Cataloguing
Division).  She is planning to spend lots of time in Hong Kong,
where she has family.  My sources tell me that at the moment she
is in San Francisco.  We'll miss you, Janet.  Our best wishes to
Rick Welch is filling Janet Yuan's position as Administrative
Assistant for Bibliographic Searching for the next six months.
This will give time for a review of preorder searching procedures
inspired by the new Acquisitions System, which could change
searching procedures significantly.
Ronald Simmer has been appointed Patents Librarian and begins
this grant-funded position on November 1.  He is responsible for
the development of the Patent Centre, which will provide
subsidized online access for faculty, researchers, and students of
the 3 B.C. universities to patent literature.  The Centre will
also be developing a prototype online access system to Canadian
patents.  Ron will live in the Science Division.
Susan Andrews has been appointed European Languages Cataloguer to
replace Penny Haggarty, and will arrive December 1.  Susan is a
graduate of the UBC Library School and worked in Cat Records as a
temporary cataloguer in 1984.  She's crossing the continent to
come back to us: she's been cataloguing at Mount Allison
University for the last couple of years.
Jane Price, Coordinator, Health Sciences Network, is off to
Australia on a job exchange sometime at the beginning of
December.  She'll be Medical-Dental Librarian at the University
of Adelaide for six months from January to June 1987.  Jane is
leaving early because she has urgent business in Tahiti.
Jane is exchanging with Ellen Randva, who will be working in
Woodward Reference while John Cole looks after the Health
Sciences Network.
Airee Cha, LA2, Acquisitions
Hoang Ho, LAI, Cat Products
Sheila Hill, LAI, H&SSD
Robin Webster, LA2, Robin Webster, Serials
Sandy Correia, LAI, MacMillan
Wendy Swift, LAI, Cat Records
Gordon Bookey, LA2, Serials to Gov Pubs
Carol Sloan, LA3, Law (Acting)
Rick Welch, LA5, Cat Records (Acting)
Todd Mandle, LA2, Curric Lab (Acting)
Eleanor Maze, LA4, Cat Records (Acting)
Maureen Bennington, LA3, Cat Records (Acting)
Maureen Bennett, LA2, Cat Records (Acting)
Susan Pegram, Sec 2, Admin
Bob Hill, Clerk 2, Admin
Systems has an online news file about changes to the online inquiry
systems.  Check it by using the dot command '.news' when you are
on LDMS. Browse in reverse date order though the items.  To go
directly back to the file you were working on, use a •.' command.
Many IEEE Conference Proceedings are being added to DRS in a file
called 'IEEE.'  This means you can search for IEEE Conference
Proceedings on the DRS by KEYWORD (wonderful news, that).
Type the following:
F T=keyword .and. +COL EQ 'IEEE'
if you have a citation to an IEEE Conference and want to avoid the
Science Division has many other conference proceedings on the
DRS: if you want to search these, don't restrict your search to
the IEEE collection.
Now, go and practise.  Questions? Phone Raman in Science (4363),
who is coordinating this. He'll offer seminars in December.
B.C. Library Association is distributing Solid Gold coupon books
as a fundraising effort.  Help Yourself and BCLA.  Take or send
$38 to Margaret Friesen (4430), ILL, Main Library; and she'll     ICOI lOiifiOl ft
give you the great book of 2-for-l coupons for enjoying the good  | _tvl>i_/Jj MvLI/
The evening shuttle bus service from Main and Sedgewick Libraries
to B Lot and the residences was reinstated, only days after it had
been cancelled.  Thank you, Traffic and Security.
"What in the World Do you Want to Know?" A 10 minute video
celebrating B.C. Libraries, SUB, Nov. 2-8, lunchhours. (And lots
of smart cookie stickers).  Don't miss it.  Bring your friends.
"Exotic Scripts in Desktop Publishing"
Ken Bryant, Asian Studies, will draw on his experience with
the keyboard representation and reproduction of languages of
India and China to discuss computer software for custom design of
typefaces.  This CAIS Seminar is open to all: Tuesday, Nov. 4,
7:30 pm in the Conference Room at Sedgewick.
Timothy Findley, whose latest book, The Telling of Lies, has just
been published, will be reading Monday Nov. 10 at 12:30 in Angus
110. There's a display on Findley in the Main Library entrance.
"An Interviewer's and Reviewer's Approach to Local Authors"
Alan Twigg, author, reviewer, critic will be speaking in the
Library School on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 11:30-12:30. All Welcome.
Editor: Jocelyn Foster (2076)


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