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UBC Library Bulletin Nov 30, 1985

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 u6c library 6mfetin
No. 187 "^^^ October/November 1985
New Microcatalogue
The new microcatalogue for Fall 1985 is now in place. The cut-off for the
catalogue was July 22,1985, and it now contains over one-half million catalogue
records. But there are some problems that staff should be aware of. These have
already been corrected and will not be present in the next microcatalogue.
Name/Title entries : Although these records are in the correct sort sequence,
the uniform title portion of the combined name/title entry, in some cases, was not
printed. For example, the name/title entry "Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet"
would be interfiled with those records that had "Shakespeare, William" as a main
entry and "Romeo and Juliet" as a title.
Series entries with ISSN's : Some numbered series will be out of order in the series
entry. Unnumbered series (or those without ISSN's) were not affected by this
Partially blank fiche : The Author/Title subset has three partially blank fiche —
numbers 180,426, and 472. There are no missing entries in those gaps.
Incorrect date on fiche header : Fiche numbers 473 through 540 of the Author/Title
subset are incorrectly dated July 22, 1098.
Extra blank lines in records : An "almost" blank line (there is a little square
block at the beginning) was printed in every record in approximately the first third
of the Author/Title subset.
Blurry fiche : Parts of the Author/Title fiche, numbers 119, 124 and 411 are
blurred. The fiche cannot be replaced because the masters are blurred also. If you
can't read an entry, try another access point or phone Gerry Dobbin (2393) to have
the previous microcatalogue checked.
Lost Records : About 100 records were lost from the new microcatalogue's database.
If someone cannot find a book in the new microcatalogue but knows it could be found
in the old catalogue, phone Gerry Dobbin to have the old microcatalogue checked.
Some location information was also lost for about 100 other records. All records
will be restored in the next microcatalogue.
Incomplete notes : The note, "For holdings see Serial list," is missing in the
Author/Title portion of the microcatalogue. Reading Rooms
Most reading rooms holdings were dropped from the new microcatalogue. The
holdings of the Vancouver School of Theology, St. Mark's College and the Bamfield
Marine Station were also dropped. But holdings of five reading rooms still appear in
the new microcatalogue. They will be dropped with the next catalogue. Here's what we
know about the stubborn five:
Industrial Relations
This reading room has packed up all its books, and is sending them to the
Library's Gifts and Exchanges. Let G Sc E know if a patron wants one of the books.
Record the person's name, address and the book's call number. Some of the books will
be selected for Main Library.
Rehabilitation Medicine
This reading room is closed. Items have been transferred to Woodward Library.
Located in Room 22, Psychiatric Unit, Health Science Hospital this reading room
is alive and well under the direction of Librarian Dan Heino. Dan Heino is an '85
UBC LAIS grad, and should be a familiar face and name to Woodward staff. Everyone is
welcome to use materials in the library, but borrowing is restricted.
Keys are issued to eligible users. These include faculty and graduate students
in the department.
This reading room has restricted use. Desperate cases can be referred to Ms.
Demetrick, Room 309, Medical Science Building.
Clip and save with your list of Reading Rooms,
Recordings Microfiche
The UBC Library supports two record collections. One is a circulating
collection in the Wilson Recordings Collection and the other, a non-circulating
collection in the Music Library.
The Recordings catalogue on fiche includes, as well as all of the Wilson
recordings, recordings in the Music Library since 1978. It is important to refer to
the fiche as the "Recordings fiche" not the Wilson fiche, which can mislead a
patron. Wanted :
Notes from the Alcuin Society No. 4-5, 1981
Please contact Kris Hans - local 2304, Serials, if you have these to spare.
Wanted for Display:
The next display on level five of the Main Library will be "Seasons." What is
needed is a pair of old skates or old skiis (short ones), and most importantly a
wonderful old and smallish sleigh. If you have any of these items, please contact
Donna in I 6 0, local 2076.
Staff moves, hellos, goodbyes and transfers
Due to the number of staff changes, including transfers in the Administrative
office, we are unable to include a full update of these changes until a later date.
For your information the new Personnel Assistant is Patricia Baron, who was
previously Bob MacDonald's secretary in Systems.
An update to July/August issue: Brenda Peterson has been the Acting Head of the
English Language Unit since Margaret Pahr retired.
SAVE 50 %
Hundreds of 2-for-l coupons give you substantial savings on:
Fine dining
Lunch and brunch
Informal dining
Casual and take-out
Theatre, tourist attractions, special events
Sports and leisure activities
B.C. Library Association is distributing Solid Gold coupon books as a special fund-
raising effort. Help BCLA, and help yourself to the savings! Just 538.00 (with the
coupons you can save that much on one good restaurant meal!)
For more information contact: Margaret Friesen (4430)
Joan Sandilands (3098)
Ann Turner (3510)
or any other member of the BCLA executive. '■PISW WoRkSHc^pQuiz
Are you up-to-date with the numerous recent changes in LC subject headings? Did
you know that they have finally changed such headings as Water-closets and European
War, 1914-18? Here is your opportunity to review LC subject heading policy and
The U.B.C.L.A. Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce a two-
part workshop with Dr. Ronald Hagler (School of Library, Archival and Information
Studies). The workshops will be held in the Sedgewick Library conference room on
November 26 and December 3, 2:00. to 3:30 p.m.
If you would like to test your skills, try the following quiz. Answers will be
discussed during the workshops.
There exists in the UBC Library catalogues at least one bibliographic entry
which closely matches each of the following hypothetical user requests.
1. A book on how scientific information is disseminated in China.
2. Guidelines for landscaping along the ALRT right-of-way.
3. A study of the history in the meanings of the French noun 'part'.
n4. A book in a series of Canadian studies on German literature dealing with how Von
Goethe reacted intellectually to Protestantism.
5. Do we have the text of the 1976 agreement in principle between the Canadian
government and the Inuit on the settlement of land claims in the Northwest
6. Give me the early U.S. Government report on the significance of the first big
oil price increases.
7. A privately published book from Edmonton about how people from the Phillipines
interact with other Canadians when they immigrate here.
8. Your most recent directory of institutions in the EEC where radioactive nuclear
substances are tested.
9. Anything in English about Ancient Buddhist remains in Japan.
10. A book published by the University of New Mexico Press on the relations of
ethnic groups in the Chiapis highlands of Mexico.
11. There was a conference in New Delhi about 10 years ago on strategies for
renovating educational structures in the Third World. Do you have any
publications resulting from it?
12. A book in English that gives the regulations of the French academy of painting
in the late 19th century.
Sign-up forms for the workshops will be sent out shortly. If you have any questions,
please call Brenda Peterson (Catalogue Records - local 5478).


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