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UBC Library Bulletin Feb 28, 1989

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 ubc library bulletin
no. 213
Remote Access Extended to All UBC Cardholders
Heralded with balloons, posters and articles in the Ubyssey and UBC Reports,
the library extended remote access to its online files to all UBC library cardholders in January. The library phased in this service to ensure that the
system had the caparity to handle more users without adversely affecting response time. Remote access was first introduced to UBC faculty a year ago
and to graduate students and disabled students last Fall.
The system can currently handle about 120 simultaneous online users. Response time for staff is
protected by a programme which prevents remote users from signing on if the response time is
more than 2-3 seconds. At present, response time averages between 1/4 to 3/4's of a second,
sometimes reaching 1 second or more. There was a noticeable increase in response time during
January, while the Microcatalogue was being produced.
The campaign to advertise the extension of remote access was just directed towards undergraduates. The library plans to do a separate promotional campaign for certain extramural users (e.g.
business and industry) later this year. Before this happens, arrangements for access from outside
the Lower Mainland must be worked out. In addition, consideration must be given to the impact
of promoting outside use of our online services. A recent survey of 57 research libraries in the
U.S. ("Remote Access to Online Catalogues," Online Review, 12:4 (1988):264-65) indicated that
offering remote access to outside users resulted in increased interlibrary lending, reference queries, circulation, document delivery requests and general library use.
Information & Orientation has produced an updated version of the handout REMOTE ACCESS.
It explains how to sign on to the system and lists some of the requirements for connecting to
UBCNET from home computers. It also reminds users to type all 10 digits (no spaces) of their
library card number when entering their ID. Many students have been confused because the new
TELEREG system only requires 8 digits of their number. A new edition of the QUESTIONS &
ANSWERS handout is also available. Call I&O (2076) if you would like more copies.
Selection Committee Ready To Go
All members of the President's Advisory Committee
been named. The Committee Chairman is Dr. KD.
Academic Services. Members appointed by the
President are:
Dr. Barry McBride, Head of the Dept. of
Microbiology and member of the Library Review
Dr. Peter Suedfeld, Dean of Graduate Studies
and member of the Senate Library Committee
Dr. Patricia Vertinsky, Associate Dean of
Graduate Programs and Research, Faculty of
to sdect a new University librarian have now
Srivastava, Vice-President, Student and
University Librarian Doug Mclnnes is
recuperating in hospital after surgery
performed February 10. His doctors say
that the prognosis for a lull and rapid
recovery is very promising.
Doug is expected to be off work for a few
ubc library bulletin page 2
The two librarians and three members of Senate elected to the Committee are:
Nadine Baldwin, Head of the Serials Division
Joan Sandilands, Head of Sedgewick Library
Dr. Sherrill Grace, Dept. of English and member of the Senate Library Committee
Dr. Philip Hill, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
R Alex Speers, Graduate student in Food Science
The job advertisement has been sent to the following publications: Globe & Mail, University
Affairs, CAUT Bulletin, Feliciter and the Chronicle of Higher Education. The deadline for
applications is March 31st.
Nadine Baldwin and Joan Sandilands are interested in receiving comments about the kind of
experience, skills, abilities, etc, they should look for in candidates and suggestions as to suitable
More Task Grouping
The Public Services Task Group on Online Database Development hdd its first meeting last week.
The members are: Lee Ann Bryant (Gov. Pubs/I&O), Patrick Dunn (ILL), Elisabeth Caskey
(HSSD), Jim Henderson (Woodward), Chris Hives (Special Coll.), Peggy McBride (FAL), Jo-Anne
Naslund (Curric Lab.), Martha Whitehead (Sedgewick) and co-chairs, Jocelyn Godolphin and
Julie Stevens.
The task of this Group is to make recommendations for the development of the library's online
public databases. In its recommendations, the Group need not be constrained by the present
configuration of hbrary databases, or by technical considerations. The appearance of the user
interface is not part of the Group's mandate. Their recommendations will cover:
1. The configuration of files and databases available to the public and public services staff. The
possibilities for merging some of the now separate library databases will be considered, as
well as the desirability of access to non-UBC databases, such as ERIC, PsychLNFO, and
2. The arrangement of indexes to maximize access to records in these files and databases. For
example, the SERIALS file may not require the same indexes as the CATALOGUE file.
3. The search capabilities that would be useful, such as refining large search results, finking
bibliographic database search results with local records, etc
4. Support services that will be needed, such as printing facilities, messaging, and instruction
and documentation.
The Task Group will be meeting weekly to discuss these issues and establish priorities for development. An interim report will be prepared for technical review by systems and technical services
by the end of March. The report will then be circulated to all staff for general comment before the
preparation of the final report for the library Administration.
The Task Group needs and welcomes input from all staff members. Please communicate your
needs and ideas to the group, individually or collectively.
ubc library bulletin page 3
What's Up in Systems?
The Systems Division is currently working on several projects which may result in the redesign or
replacement of the facilities used to support the Library's online systems. Their primary objective
is to determine the best approach and tools needed to implement the library's long range plans
and priorities for technological development (see Bulletin no. 204, Oct/Nov 1987).
Here's a brief fist of some current projects:
-an investigation of software/hardware and development of prototypes which might be used for a
new public user interface for our online public access catalogue (OPAC)
-a preliminary design for supporting the ERIC and PsychlNFO databases to be obtained from the
Faculty of Education
-an investigation and review of indexing methods, induding the potential for using authority and
thesaurus files
-plans and requirements for moving from MTS to a new operating system
-tools and other support needed for integrating databases to better serve reference and public use,
and to identify the implications for technical services. This is related to the work being done by
the new Task Group on Database Devdopment.
Oakley Rankin has been hired to work on a consulting basis for the next six months. He will be
looking at software for a new OPAC interface, with emphasis on the tools', not the design, for the
interface. His work will result in the creation of some prototypes to demonstrate to reference staff
the kind of tools which can be applied to designing and developing a new user interface.
More information on these projects will be provided in future issues of the Bulletin.
™f?.FATtl'ffc'K'"^W'^WV WItTNTIT
FLAN FILE   (Fine Arts Planning file)
Are you looking for current information about
illegal suites in Vancouver or recent reports on the devdopment of the EXPO site? Try searching
the PLAN file in Misc. Materials. The PLAN file lists approximately 2,500 pamphlets, working
papers, consultants' reports, government documents and some bibliographies on dty and regional
planning. All recent Vancouver City Planning Dept. reports are listed in PLAN. The file also
indexes some vertical file materials on local topics induding newspaper clippings, reports to
Council and some journal artides which are not indexed elsewhere.
A large percentage of the Fine Arts planning collection consists of the types of materials listed in
the PLAN file. It's an important source of up-to-date information on local, regional and international planning topics.
ubc library bulletin page4
Fine Arts started using Misc. Materials to fist planning materials in 1987. Before this, the material was either fully catalogued or listed in the Planning card catalogue in the Fine Arts library.
At present, there are no plans for a retrospective conversion of the card catalogue. For pre-1987
materials, check the Microcatalogue, card catalogue and Planning card catalogue.
As with most Misc. Materials files, use the WORD index when searching the PLAN file online.
Try the following questions:
1. Do you have anything about plans to save heritage buildings in Vancouver?
TRY: F W-heritage  This will give you 139 hits. To narrow your results to items in the
planning collection, enter: andcoll=plan
2. Do you have any recent information on rapid transit?
TRY: F W=rapid transit  This will give you 32 hits. To narrow your results to items in the
planning collection, enter andcoll=plan
Please refer questions about the PLAN file and collection to Peggy McBride in Fine Arts (3943).
Remember to dip and save this artide to add to your other descriptions of Misc. Materials collections.
Connie Fitzpatrick has resigned to become the librarian of the Open Learning Agency. Since
August, 1988, Connie has been on secondment to Statistics Canada in Vancouver. Connie was
first employed as a full-time reference librarian in Government Publications in 1971, following a
year's experience at the University of Manitoba library. In 1976, she resigned to look after her
family, but returned to a part-time position later that year. Since then she has worked as a half-
time Reference librarian in Government Publications. In addition, during the past few years, she
has worked as a research consultant and as a part-time Public Service librarian for Douglas
Carole Wisdom has resigned her spedfied-term position as Curriculum and Audiovisual Catalogue librarian to become Manager of the Information Centre at the Asia Pacific Foundation in
Vancouver. Carole was hired for a one-year term in March, 1988. She had previously worked for
many years at UBC as a library Assistant in the Fine Arts library and in Cataloguing.
Mandrakanta Bose is the new half-time Indie Languages Bibliographic Assistant in the Asian
Studies library. She completed her BA in Sanskrit at Sanskrit College, Calcutta, her MA in
Sanskrit at Calcutta University, her B.Iitt. in Oriental Studies (Sanskrit) at Oxford University,
and her MA in Comparative literature at UBC. She is currently finishing work on her doctoral
dissertation at Oxford. Her appointment will start on July 4,1989.
The new half-time Korean Language Bibliographic Assistant is Sally Jeon. Sally obtained her
BLS at Yonsei University and has studied computer sdence at SFU, and international simultane-
ubc library bulletin page 5
ous translation in Korea. She is currently enrolled in UBCs School of Library, Archival, and
Information Studies on a part-time basis, and hopes to complete her MLS over the next few years.
She started her new job on January 24th.
Dr. Derek Kerr has been hired for the position of Pamphlet Project librarian in Special Collections. This is a one-year specified term appointment funded from a SSHRC grant. Derek obtained his MLIS at the University of California, Berkeley and his PbD. at Tulane University,
New Orleans, spedalizing in Latin American history.
Jan Johnson has been appointed as temporary hourly Reference librarian in Woodward library. Jan completed her BA and MLS at UBC. She has worked for the library as a secretary,
library Assistant and Academic Assistant. Her job runs from January 25th to April 30,1989.
Annette Lorek is providing part-time assistance to Ron Simmer (PATSCAN) on a contract
basis. Annette completed her BA and MLS at McGill and has been working most recently as a
free-lance Library and Information Consultant.
Oakley Rankin has started working part-time in the Systems Division on a contract basis. He
will he taking part-time leave from his current position of Reference librarian at North Vancouver City library. He obtained his MLS from UBC and has worked for Easy Data Systems (now
Sydney Development Corp.) as a Programmer/Analyst, invdved in the design of automated library systems.
Janet Tomkins has been appointed as a temporary Reference librarian in the Curriculum
Laboratory until March 31,1989. Janet obtained her BA at UBC and MLS at Dalhousie. She has
worked as Curriculum Laboratory librarian at the University of Lethbridge, as a Reference
librarian for the Lethbridge Public library, and as Iibrarian/Documentalist at the National
University of Lesotho.
Katherine Paulsen, LAI, ILL
Linda Turner, Sec3, Woodward
Maureen Sturgess, LA3, Acquisitions
Lorraine Jang, LA3, Gov Pubs
Mary Lee, LAI, Curric Lab
Helen Lapp, LA3, Gov Pubs
Pauline Willems, LA3, Acquisitions
Susan Rossi, LA2, Film
Valentine's (Day/
ubc library bulletin page 6
More Fiche
The new Microcatalogue was cut off on January 9th and now contains almost 700,000 bibliographic records
on 1,420 fiche. On average, it takes over two hours to file. The next Microcatalogue will be cut off around
August 1st and should be distributed mid-September.
The latest issue of Miscellaneous Materials contains about 59,000 records and now covers 34 collections. It
was cut off on January 6th.
Need a Book from St Paul's?
Woodward Circulation will now accept telephone requests from UBC cardholders, for materials located at
the hospital libraries (Biomedical Branch, Hamber & St Paul's). This telephone service is being provided on
a trial basis to avoid inconvenience to users who have to walk a long distance to place a request, and then
return to pick up the requested item. Regular Woodward users should continue to fill in a Network request
form at the Woodward Circulation desk.
Callers should be prepared to tell circulation staff the name of the hospital library where the material is
available, as well as the call number, author and title for books, and journal title, volume and page numbers,
and author of the article for journal articles. Phone calls can be made to 2882 or 2883; please do NOT call
the hospital libraries for delivery requests. Requested items are usually available at the Woodward circulation desk the following weekday afternoon, after 3 p.m.
Mark your Calendar
The Online Users Group is sponsoring a presentation by Terry Mitchell from Brandon University, Thursday,
February 23rd at 12:30 p.m. He will discuss and demonstrate BuCAT: a keyword searching catalogue. The
session will be held in Room 835 in the Library School. Bring your lunch. Everyone welcome.
Future of Personal Computers in Information Retrieval
John Campbell, Systems Division, is the guest speaker at the next meeting of the Canadian Association for
Information Sdence (Western Chapter). He will discuss how personal computers can be used to access local
(CD-ROM), not-so-local (LAN-based), and remote databases, separately and simultaneously. He will show a
PC-based demo system that he has developed recently. The session is on Wednesday, February 15th at 4:00
p.m. in the Sedgewick Library Conference Room. All welcome.
Upcoming SLAIS Speakers
Every Tuesday, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the School Of Library, Archival and Information Studies sponsors a
colloquium. All sessions are held in Room 835. The current line up includes:
February 21        LR (Bunny) Wright, author
The craft of creative writing; getting published: a dialogue.
March 7 Brian Campbell, librarian, Vancouver Public Library
The information poor.
March 14 Marianne Scott, National Librarian of Canada (topic tba)
March 21 Rosemary Cunningham, recently retired from Open Learning Agency
Library support for distance education.
UBC Fine Arts Gallery
Art Perry: Photographs will be on display in the UBC Fine Arts Gallery until March 18th.
ubc library bulletin editor: brenda peterson (2076)
illustrator: merry meredith


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