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UBC Library Bulletin Jun 30, 1992

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No. 228
May/June 1992
<©ite to ti\t Parcnite
The rumour is passing
Along the dark.shelves
Leaping tiki prairie fire
'Tdongst the Books themselves
The word is: replacement
Of I<BM cards
The Books are asumisfud
Their world Broken, in shards
'Books anxious and fearful
(Pages start crumbling
Like the cracking of leaves
They all Begin grumbling
'Quepasa hombrt?'
''VVhais happenin, dude?'
'Was machst du?' 'Tfjcht so gut...'
'Oldchaps, this is rude!'
'Oh, the impertinence
'Whopave them the right?
The old ways are Better
'Qents and Ladies, let's fight!'
''But what can we do?
To each other they said-—
7 know!' piped a young voice,
'Let's pretend to Be dead!'
''Bad idea,' came a growl
Jrom one wiser and older
They already think.that-
'We need something Bolder!'
The IVMs Began calling
Sit this point, "We're afraid
you've left us out,' they accused.
"We won't Be mislaid!'
'Oldfriends!' the Books cried
"you have misunderstood—
'We mean to defend you
'Andkfep you for good!'
'O thankjyou, dear Books'
The I'BOd's sighed in relief
"We need aft your help
So we don't come togritf.'
'United!' they screamed
AK together as one.
,fWe will not Be parted,
'9{p, this no fun.'
These humans—just who
(Do they think_they are?'
They determined right then
To reject the new Bar.
Their valour was great- yes;
Of their courage, no doubt
'But Barcoders came
And pulled the I'BTds out.
O, the pain; the misfortune
The grief and the sorrow;
Jar the Books knew there dbe
$fp HBihCs tomorrow
ubc Ubrary bulletin page 2
<_>fc* to the |Barcobe (conttnuab)
They had heard of 'wands'
They had heard of 'scanning'
They started to wonder
What the Library was planning.
"Wands ? snorted one
(a cynic, no doubt...)
'Sounds lik& mumbo jumbo'
9lt said with a pout
'0 no, it's not magic'
Said one more worldly-wise
'It's just a high-tech adventure
*But they'll get a surprise!'
A ponderous tome said
'What's this world coming to?
In my day I'd teach
Them a thing, mayBe two'
The moment arrived:
(Barcodes came with a strut
The Books were all opened
And then quickly slammed shut
'Each with a spanking
(Sfew Barcode in place
The Books were astonished
At such cheek] -at such pace!
The Barcodes had attitude
0, loads of it, sir
They were new, they were rod
And they caused quite a stir.
The MM sail
Were eventually tossed
And the Book.pockfts, too
(Knew their cause was lost
The hegemony of
The Barcodes was complete
The Books tvere all silenced
They knew they were Beat
Long was the reign
Of the Barcodes, I hear
They ruled the roost
So proud, without fear
Ah, But one day
In the year 2010
The Books were all heard
To Be whispering again:
'What did you say?
"Why, the Library's Bought
A new coding system
And it's called Microdot.'
'But the Barcodes were torn
Off the Books on the spot
And they were replaced
'By la nouveau Microdot!
(To Be continued in 2010)
'Bryan Zacharias
Circulation Division
ubc Ubrary bulletin page 3
Organizational Update
Marjorie Smith Social Work Library Closes
The Social Work Library move on April 23rd went smoothly and materials
have been integrated into other branch libraries. The majority of items are in
Main Library; reference and vertical file materials are located in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division; call numbers starting with *W are in
Woodward Library; and call numbers with TC are in Law. Audio-visual
materials, excluding *W call numbers, are now located in Sedgewick.
Beverley Scott is dividing her time between the Social Work Librarian's
Outreach Office in the School of Social Work and the Humanities and Social
Sciences Division. Social Work's library assistants have moved to other jobs:
Phil Vacheresse has accepted a senior library assistant position in the Biomedical Branch and Dale Tenby has moved to a secretarial position in Family
and Nutritional Sciences.
A Rose by any other Name
To the relief of all those users who wondered why they were being sent to a
laboratory for books, the Curriculum Laboratory has changed its name to the
Education Library. The new name is now being used in the Online Catalogue, and will be incorporated into Library publications as they are revised
over the next year.
New Faces at the Information Desk
Margaret Friesen is assuming responsibility for the training, scheduling and
general organization of the Main Library Information Desk. The transfer of
responsibility from the Information & Orientation Division is expected to be
completed by the fall.
Life Sciences Libraries Unite
The three hospital libraries, Health Sciences Network, and Woodward Library
have always worked in close cooperation, so it was a natural progression to
combine these areas into one administrative unit. Now called the Life Sciences Libraries, the three hospital libraries and network staff will report to
Johann van Reenen, the Head of Woodward. The individual Libraries will
retain their present names.
Many efficiencies and new ideas have already been implemented. Bi-weekly
meetings of all the Life Sciences Librarians provide a new forum for assisting
the Head in planning and developing new strategies and services for increased access to life sciences materials.
The Health Sciences Network, Woodward Interlibrary Loans unit and the
Serials and Orders processing groups have moved together to form the
Document Delivery and Orders Department, currently run by Margaret Price.
The hospital branches and supervisors in Woodward will be assisted with
personnel and related functions by Elsie de Bruijn, the Administrative
Support Librarian.
ubc library bulletin page 4
Recent Acquisitions in the Special Collections
and University Archives Division
Some recent acquisitions of particular interest and importance in the Division
include the papers of the Barbarian Press, Mission, B.C., and addenda to
existing collections of the papers of Nan Cheney.
Since 1978 the Barbarian Press has been prominent among B.C. small
presses, with a large and varied output, from fine monographs, miniatures
and pamphlets, to typographical oddities, broadsheets and keepsakes, to
business cards, letterheads and other job work. The Barbarian Press Papers
include project files, documenting the editorial and design processes involved
in each major production. Other files document the activities of proprietors
Jan and Crispin Elsted in book fairs and other public events, and the business end of a private press operation is reflected in extensive financial
records. Also included are samples (with design files) of the job printing and
ephemera. Researchers into the techniques of fine presswork and the operations of private presses will find relevant materials here. An extensive
Inventory has been prepared.
Nan Cheney (1897 -1985) was a noted landscape and portrait painter, and a
friend of many artistic and literary figures in B.C., including Emily Carr, Jock
Macdonald, Ethel Wilson and Dorothy Livesay. Her letters from Carr in our
collection have recently been published (Dear Nan, UBC Press, 1990). But
Cheney had also trained professionally as a medical artist, and was the first
medical illustrator at UBC, 1951 -1962: an impressive collection of 53 of her
drawings still hangs in the Anatomy Building. This most recent Addendum
to the Nan Cheney Papers consists on one hand of editorial papers generated
during publication of the Carr letters, and on the other a large collection of
her medical drawings produced throughout her career, from the early 1920s
to the 1960s. A detailed Inventory and a Guide have been prepared.
Senate Library Committee
The Senate Library Committee had a busy year. Major topics reviewed by the
Committee included the strategic plan, collections budget, the University
Librarian's Annual Report, a report on the University Archives, a development proposal for the Data Library, overdue fine and interlibrary loan policies, library technology, the 1992/93 budget submission and planning for
Phase I.
The main focus of discussion was the erosion of the Library's collections
budget In the Committee's report to Senate on April 22nd, the following
motion was presented:
That Senate urge the Board of Governors to increase the Library's acquisitions
budget, from the current 2.1% of of the University's operating budget, by
annual increments of.1% for the next two years, beginning in 1992-93, in
order to restore the budget back to its 1987-88 level of 2.3%.
It was passed unanimously by the Senate.
ubc Ubrary bulletin page 5
The Senate Library Committee's terms of reference are to advise and assist the
University Librarian in: formulating Ubrary policies, allocating book funds,
developing library services, informing the Library about the needs of instruction
and research staff, informing the academic community about the Library, and to
report to Senate on matters of policy under discussion by the Committee.
The Committee is chaired by Dr. Sherrill Grace, Associate Dean, Faculty of
Arts. Other members are: Dr. Laurence Bongie, Department of French,
Mrs. Elaine Carty, School of Nursing, Dean John Grace, Faculty of Graduate
Studies, Dr. John McLean, Faculty of Forestry, Ms. Brenda Peterson, Main
Library, Dr. Philip Resnick, Department of Political Science, Dr. Geoffrey
Scudder, Department of Zoology, Dean Nancy Sheehan, Faculty of Education, Mr. Peter Simmons, Acting Director, School of Library, Archival and
Information Studies; Convocation Senators: Mr. John Banfield and Ms.
Nancy Woo; Student Senators: Mr. Stephen Mak, Ms. Catherine Rankel and
Ms. Shirely Sterling; Ex-Officio Members: Dr. Ruth J. Patrick, University
Librarian, Dr. Richard A. Spencer, Registrar, and Dr. K.D. Srivastava, Vice-
President, Student & Academic Services.
Center for Research Libraries (CRL) File Now Online
The Center for Research Libraries (CRL), of which UBC is a member, was
founded in 1949 by ten major U.S. midwestem universities to strengthen
their library and information resources for research and to enhance the
accessibility of those resources. Today, its collection in excess of 3.5 million
volumes serves 150 research libraries throughout the U.S. and Canada.
The CRL database has been loaded onto LDMS and UBCLIB (command
mode). At present, the file has approximately 272,000 records. Please remember that if you do not find an item you are searching for it does not mean that
CRL does not own it. CRL's holdings include:
• all printed publications of the Academy of Sciences, U.S.S.R., both
monographs and serials
• archival materials in microform or other reproduction that record the
activities of national governments
• doctoral dissertations submitted to institutions outside the U.S. and
• foreign newspapers, selected U.S. ethnic newspapers and microform
editions of general circulation U.S. newspapers
• official publications of all U.S. states and territories and their various
departments and agencies
• African, East Asian materials, South Asian materials and Southeast
Asian materials
• microform sets and reprint collections and much, much more....
In addition to the database, there are a number of tools one must consult in
order to make the best use of these collections, of which many are not catalogued. For example, major microform sets contain thousands of titles for
which bibliographic access is not apparent The CRL Handbook attempts to
describe all of the Center's collection components and to detail the parameters
of various areas of focus so that patrons can request specific items. Copies of
the Handbook are available in ILL, Main Library.
ubc library bulletin page 6
As usual, lots of activities are underway.
We always describe the situation in
Systems as "very busy", but we have
probably eclipsed that and reached a new activity level that is
better described as "extremely busy." Generally, everything is
progressing well and on schedule.
Rob McGee, of RMG Consultants visited the UBC Library on April
9th and 10th to assist us in reviewing progress on the various major
automation activities that have been underway since last September. Many staff attended a general information session on Friday,
April 10th to update everyone on the status of our automation
projects. In addition, Rob McGee provided a fifteen minute summary on the state of library automation in the "rest of the world."
For those who couldn't attend the session, here is a brief summary:
Project staff continue to set new records in converting branches.
To date, the three hospital branch libraries, Math, Education and
MacMillan have been converted. Next stop is Law Library, where
other library staff will also be participating in the barcoding blitz.
Circulation Workstations and Communications Network
Systems Division staff (particularly Pete Edgar) and Networking
and Communication staff from the University Computing Centre
are keeping one step ahead of the barcoding activity. New equipment and communications network support must be in place before
one label can be applied. LAN installation at Main Library is
almost completed. This is especially good news as we had major
concerns about potential building infrastructure obstacles we could
Phase I Circulation System
Systems is in the midst of major design and programming activity.
A lot of work has been done, but there is still lots to do during May
and June. Fine Arts and MacMillan have been identified as "beta"
sites for the new system in July.
OPAC Upgrade
Some very important work has been completed that will enable us
to use the Library's UNIX servers as the home for the big merged
file which the Public Catalogue Task Group (PCTG) is recommending be called the CATALOGUE. For more information about the
new file, see the last Bulletin. A test version will be available
shortly for Library staff to access and provide comments. Unfortunately, the plans to acquire additional OPAC workstations have
been delayed until all our project funding has been confirmed and
we are confident we have sufficient funds for the LAN network
installations required between now and August.
ubc Ubrary bulletin page 7
Scilnfonet Librarian Hired
Kevin Lindstrom has been appointed as Scilnfonet Librarian in the
Science Division, Main Library. Kevin has a BSc in Physical Geography and Geology and a BA in German and Sociology from the University of Alberta and a MLS from the University of Western Ontario.
His previous experience includes reference work in the Science and
Technology Library and Circumpolar Institute Library at the University of Alberta. Kevin's two-year term appointment started April 21st.
Congratulations ^f^f*f
Frances Woodward is the recipient of the 1992 Association of
Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Honours Award ...The newest
members of the University's Twenty-Five Year Club are Janice
Austin, Education Library and John Campbell, Systems Division ...
Erik de Bruijn's study Before and after automation: cataloguing
staff, productivity, and labor costs at the University of British Columbia Library has been published as a chapter in Advances in Library
Automation and Networking, volume 4,1991... In April, Ruth
Patrick joined Paul Mosher, Vice Provost and Director of Libraries,
University of Pennsylvania, as an external reviewer at McGill University Libraries ... Brenda Peterson is incoming President of the
Academic Women's Association, a campus organization representing
women with academic, administrative and faculty appointments.
Elizabeth Whittam, LAI, Circulation
Leigh Andrew, LAI, Woodward
Tara Ross, LAI, Circulation
Jennifer Martin, LA2, Biomedical Branch
Phil Vacheresse, LA4, Biomedical Branch
Susan Jones, LAI, Woodward
Scott Smythe, LAI, Circulation
Dale Tenby, LAI, Social Work
Patricia Meagher, LA4,.Biomedical Branch
ubc library bulletin page 8
Disability Resource Centre Offering Workshops
Would you Uke to feel more comfortable serving patrons with
disabilities? Don't know what to say/where to look/how to react? Ruth
Warick and Bradford Bentley of the Disability Resource Centre will
give two workshops on Disability Information and Awareness.  Each
two-hour session will focus on working with and providing services to
people with disabilities.
Participants will improve their understanding of disabilities in general
and will learn specific skills for comfortable and effective communication with people with disabilities in a library setting. Both public and
technical services staff are encouraged to attend.
The Disability Resource Centre is pleased to be working with Library
staff: students with disabilities have given Centre staff good feedback
about our enhanced services, flexibility and "anything's possible"
attitude. Let's make a good thing better.
Workshops will be held on Monday, May 25,1:30-3:30 and Monday,
June 22,1:30-3:30 in Room 839 of the Library School. To register, call
Peggy Ng at 2-5855.
Faculties Review Library's Strategic Plan
Since Christmas, members of the Library Administration have been
meeting with Deans and other representatives of the faculties to
discuss the Library's Draft Strategic Plan. To date, they have met
with the Faculty of Agriculture, Applied Science, Arts, Forestry, Law,
Medicine and Pharmacy. Visits to the remaining faculties and the
Alma Mater Society will resume in the fall.
David Lam Library Moves into Elegant New Space
The new David Lam Management Research Centre was opened officially on April 29th. Located beside the Henry Angus Building, the
five-storey Centre will house facilities for the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration, including the David Lam Library. The
David Lam Centre is the first of eleven new buildings going up on
campus that were funded from the World of Opportunity fundraising
campaign. Discussions are continuing between the Faculty of Commerce and the Library Administration about a closer affiliation between the David Lam Library with the UBC Library system.
UBC Authors* Reception Rescheduled
Due to the strike, the reception planned for UBC authors on March
10th was cancelled. The Library and President's Office have rescheduled the reception for the fall.
Editor's Note:
The last issue of the UBC Library Bulletin Qio. 227 -February I March 1992) was incorrectly numbered as No. 226. We have resumed proper numbering with this issue.
ubc Ubrary bulletin


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