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UBC Library Bulletin Jan 31, 1978

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 u6c hdrary 6uCCetin
No.  145 January 1978
To promote student use of the Library's COMPUTER ASSISTED BIBLIOGRAPHIC SERVICES,
a special student rate of five dollars per search will be in effect until the end of March.
Many indexes to periodicals, books, statistical series, research grants and projects are now available "on-line".    Instead of looking through three shelves full of
Dissertation Abstracts for example, a researcher can ask a librarian to check the equivalent
computer file for his subject.    In relatively little time, the computer will print out a
relevant list of abstracts.
Students showing a UBC library card and paying five dollars in cash, can have any
single data base (except Medline) searched to produce a custom bibliography.    They may
use up to fifteen search terms and may retrieve up to 50 citations off-line.
Lists of available data bases have been printed for the Social Sciences, Physical
Sciences, Engineering/Technology, Biological Sciences, and the Health Sciences.    Potential
customers should come to the appropriate reference division.
Seven libraries to date have agreed to join the British Columbia Union Catalogue project
(UBC, UVic, SFU, BCIT, VCC, Douglas, and Richmond Public).    Each will create its own data base
and will decide how to access the information (cards, microfiche, on-line terminals).    A preliminary version of the Union Catalogue (computer output microfiche) will come out in March.
The purpose of this preliminary version is to give people something to look at and   react to.
It will consist of the holdings of SFU and BCIT that have been entered on the UT/LAS catalogue
support system.    UBC will begin to use the system as soon as facilities are in place.
Decisions regarding BCUC are made by three committees:    Users (2 members from each
library), Management (head librarians), and Standards.    The project office, run by Paul Baldwin
and Lynn Rosen, carries out the Committee decisions.    Basil Stuart Stubbs, Bob MacDonald, and
Mac Elrod represent UBC on the three committees.
Peter Larkin, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, was elected Chairman of the
Senate Library Committee on January 12th.    He is the third Chairman in thirty years:
Malcolm McGregor held the post from 1969 to April  1977;    Ian McTaggart Cowan was Chairman
from 1947 to 1969.
The Committee must approve all major Library policy decisions such as the
establishment of a new branch library, changes in loan regulations,   or re-allocation of
the collections budget.
Now is your chance to join the Canadian Library Association.    Membership is open to
library employees at any level.    Annual dues range from $10 to $55.    Forms are available
from Lee Ann, I&O, Main Library.
The Library's major project to convert the location file from a card catalogue to a
computer file is temporarily in suspension while possible funding for conversion of the entire
catalogue is explored.    Work is continuing on the conversion of serial  records; monographic
records up to "AV" will be converted.
For the time being, the location file card catalogue is being kept up to date; no
Douglas College Library is again offering a programme of courses for Librarians and
Library Staff. Classes meet in the evenings and last only a few weeks. College credit is
available for the starred course titles:
Skills for College Library Research  *
Basic Library Skills  *
Basic Reference Skills  *
Basic Audio Visual Skills  *
Children's Programs in the Community
Advanced Reference Skills-Social  Sciences   (taught by Lois Carrier)
Advanced Reference Skills-Science and Technology   (taught by Jim Henderson, to be heir1
Quality of Life- a panorama of innovations in human  settlements at UBC)
Film Evaluation
A/V Production  Techniques  - Basic
For more information please call the Admissions Office at 588-6404.
By Michael Lipton,
By Ross H. Hall
HC79 P6 L56 1976
FOOD FOR NOUGHT: the decline in nutrition.
TX353 H16 1974
HEAT AND DUST. By Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Journals 50 years apart
of two western women in India. PR6019 H3 H4 1975
BLIND AMBITION: the White House years. By John Dean. Watergate
again. E860 D38 1976
TOTAL LIBRARIAN. By Anon. A stirring autobiographical piece on
how to end job boredom. Comes in plain brown sack; posted in I&O.
TRINITY. By Leon Uris.
CSARDAS. By Diane Pearson.
The following items are needed to complete the library's holdings:
AtSRICAN LIBRARIES,    v.6 no,10(l975)
CAS ADA a:;d THE .;0RLD.  v.41 no. 6-7,9(1976); v.42 no.2(l976)
C.L.A.   i:;?0.  r:-:RVICSS 5ECTI0K.  IJEV/SLKTTER.    v.l no.3-4(1968/69); v.2 no.3-4(1969/70); v.3 no.4(1971)
CAXADIAK  taTKRlALS.  v.l097l)  all  issues
DELTA K.(Edi.;onton, Alta.) v.12 no.1,4(1973)
D2."CC:-.AT.(Vancouver, B.C.) v.12 no.5(llov. 197?)
DkEXEL 1IBR.-.I.Y jUAP.TERLY. v.9 no.4(l973)
IK REVIEW.(Torcnto)v.6 no.3(Sumner 1972)
JCJR:.AL CF ACADEMIC LIERARIAKSHIP. v.2 no.6(Jan. 1977); v.3 no.5(flov.l977)
JCURI.'AL 0? EDUC.'.TICif FOR LISRARIANSHIP. v.15 no.2(l974/75)
LI2RA.HY ;.::D Ii.VuRMATIG:. SCIENCE ABSTRACTS. no.3(May/June 1974)
LIBRARY JOURNAL, v. 102 r.o.l(<i»u.i, 1977); vol.101 for Oct-Dec. 1976
LIBRARY TR-ii.DS. v.25 no.l (July 1976)
kichica:; aiekaria;;. v.4i no.2(1975)
natio::.(;;.y.). v.212 no.1-7(1971); v.222 no.4(1976)
U-.TIOIiAL GEOttuPHIC ''AGAXIKE.  v.126 no.l,5(l964); v.129 no.3,5-6(l966); v.136 no.3-5(l969); v. 143 no.5-6(l973);
v.144 no.5(1973); v.151 no.3,5(1977)
NEKSu'EEK. v.86 no.21,23(l.'ov.24, Dec.8, 1975)
SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURi.AL. v.21 no.l,3(Bept.,fcov. 1974); v.22 no.6(feb. 1976)
scir::;cE. v.195 r.o.4282-4203(Mar. 1977)
50LEIL DE COLC:-:rii:-;.(Vanconver, B.C.) v.3 no.l0,28(july 1970, May 197l); v.6  no.5l(April 26, 1974)
SPECIAL LIbR..itIES. 1977 - all but Karen
u.b.c. c.-_:-j:.da:{. 1976/77
WaSTERIf bIVI:,(J.  v.l no.6(l97l)
If you can supply any of these, please telephone Graham Elliston, Local 2304.
JB.-J^S-jS JL —in -J-* -^
Come see Special Collections' display of rare Bibles: English, polyglot, and
North American Indian. It's a fine treat for the bibliophile. LIBRARY JARGON, ASSORTED AND NEW, A SHORT LEXICON
BCUC British Columbia Union Catalogue.   A machine-readable
catalogue still in the planning stages, funded until
April 1978 by the Ministry of Education.
NET British Columbia Post Secondary Library NETwork.    An
interlibrary loan program funded for 2 years by the
Ministry of Education for the libraries of all publicly
supported post secondary educational institutions in
COM            Computer Output Microfiche.   Any computer printout on
microfiche.    In the Library there are COM for circulation records, serials holdings, in-process lists,
monographic holdings since 1968.
Catalogue Anything that helps catalog a book that comes from outside the library,
support     Could be cataloguing-in-publication data on the book, a printed national
system      bibliography, MARC tapes, etc.
University of Toronto/Library Automation Systems.   Sells a computerized catalogue
support system called CATSS.    Not part of the UT Library.
A group of libraries in Ontario and Quebec that uses UT/LAS   CATSS.
REtrospective CONversion.    Taking information from an existing card file and putting
it into machine-readable format.
Cathode Ray tube Terminal.    Used to talk to the computer.    Looks like a typewriter
with a TV screen (and sometimes a telephone) attached.
Record Sequence Number.    Assigned by the UT/LAS computer to each bibliographic
record it receives.
Additions and corrections to this list are welcome;    send to Lee Ann, ISO, Main Library.
'After the Card Catalogue' is the 5th programme in the UBC School of Librarianship
Continuing Education series, to be held at the B.C. Institute of Technology, Friday March 3,
1978, (9:00-5:00).
This programme will focus on issues related to the closure of card catalogues and
their replacement, from the perspectives of general library management, and technical and
public services.    It is intended for librarians at all  levels and in all  types of library
who wish to be informed of the latest ideas and activity with respect to institutional
planning and decision-making in the catalogue support area, as part of the move towards a
resources-sharing network for B.C. libraries.
Speakers include:    John North, Director of the Learning Resources Centre, Ryerson
Polytechnical  Institute, Toronto; Paul Baldwin, Director of the B.C. Union Catalogue Project
Mac Elrod, Head, Catalogue Divisions, UBC Library — others to be announced.
Fee:    $15.00 (includes lunch)
For further information contact:
G. Savory, Centre for Continuing Education, UBC, DESUPERIMPOSITION CONTINUES
University of Toronto-Yor'- Universitv
Joint Troprar  in Transportation.
Entonolop-ischer Verein, Stettin.
Canada.  Privy Council.
British Columbia.  Water Resources
Service.  Pollution Control Board.
British Columbia.  Water Resources
Service.  Pollution Control Branch.
Bojkovice, Czechoslovak Republic (City).
Prerov, Moravia.
Poznan, Poland
Szczecin, Poland.
Joint Proprara in Transportation.
Entorcolocischer Verein, Szczecin,
Canada. Privy Council Office.
British Columbia.  Pollution Control
British Columbia. Pollution Control
Bojkovice, Czechoslovakia.
Prerov, Czechoslovakia (Jihonoravskv
The following job recruitment notices have been received by the Library.
For details, look in the black binder on Lee Ann's desk in the I&O Division.
University of Calgary.    Chief Librarian.    July 1st deadline.
Toronto Public Library.    Planning & Development Librarian.
University of California (Santa Barbara).    Head, Catalog Department.    March 1st deadline.
University of Mexico (Albuquerque).    Librarian, Head of Bibliographic Control.    February 15th deadline.
Business Administration Librarian.    February 3rd deadline.
... . „  . , % Reference Librarian - 2 positions.    February 5th deadline.
University of Arizona (Tucson).    Head Government Documents Librarian.    February 28th deadline.
Cataloger.    February   15thdeadline.
University of Houston.    Mathematics/Physics Librarian.
University of Florida (Gainesville).    Chairman, Acquisitions Department.    March 1st deadline.
Syracuse University.    Acquisitions Librarian.
Serials Librarian.    January 15th deadline.
Princeton University.    Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services.    January 17th deadline.
Chemistry Librarian.    February 15th deadline.
University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).    Bibliographer - Western European Studies.    January 15th deadline.
...        •*-„.. . L    » Bibliographer - American Studies.    January 15th deadline.
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).    Director of the University Libraries.
University of Missouri-Columbia.    Head Law Librarian.    April 1st deadline.
Iowa State University (Ames).    Instructor and Monographic Cataloger.    January 25th deadline.
Ohio State University (Columbus).    Media Librarian.    January 15th deadline.
Head, Regional Campus Technical Services Division.
General Reference Librarian.
University of Washington (Seattle).    Assistant Director of Libraries for Undergraduate Library Service. January 30th
Serials-Division Head.    March 1st deadline. deadline.
Princeton University.-   University Librarian.    February 15th deadline.
Stanford University.   Assistant Director for Technical Services.   March 1st deadline.
Indiana University (South Bend ).   Head Reference Librarian.   March 1st deadline.
IS3 B?        Fin-clipping on the cruising speed of goldfish
1949 A3
R23 L*       Radcliffe, Roland Vootton.
The effect of fin-clipping on the cruising
speed of goldfish (Carassius auratus L.) &
cohoe salmon fry (Oncorhvnchus Kisutch Walbaum)
Boyer, Pierre, 1677-1955, joint author.
PQ6629E64B4 1976
Belarmino y Apolonio / [porj Ram6n Perez de Ayala; edici6n
de Andres Amor6s. — Madrid : Catedra, D.L. 1976.
Weasel, Angellqjie Pretty
Pretty Weasel, Angelique.
(submissions by Mary Magrega, Laine Ruus,
Gerry Dobbin, and Bruno Pruno)


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