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UBC Library Bulletin Oct 31, 1990

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 ubc library bulletin
no. 221
\ WN      % \ V N,      W \ N V -.   W*      NW WW \   MVt \A \
October 1990
Planning Begins for Year 2000
Within a month of starting her new position as University
Librarian, Ruth Patrick initiated a process for developing a
strategic plan for the Library. We need to decide where the
Library is heading over the next ten years and develop a plan
to ensure that we get there. The goal is to have a preliminary
planning document prepared for mid-December and a plan in
place by next April.
A questionnaire was sent to all staff at the end of August
asking them to list major issues facing the Library as well as
what we need as individuals to do our jobs better. In September, Jeff Gardner, a consultant from the Association of Research Libraries who is assisting in the planning process, met
with Library staff in small groups to discuss the major issues
identified in the questionnaire responses.
The next step in the planning process was a retreat to discuss
the Library's organizational values and develop a vision of
the Library for the next ten years. Twenty-seven staff participated in the retreat at Whistler from October 3rd to 5th.
Malcolm Holt, Planning Consultant hired by the University
for the new Library space, also attended and Jeff Gardner
was the retreat fadlitator.
The organizational values and key elements for the future
vision discussed at the retreat will be finalized through
meetings with all Library staff. A small planning team will
then begin developing a draft plan and set up a number of task groups to carry out specific assignments for the planning process. The Administration wants as many staff as possible to participate
in the task groups. At the same time, Malcolm Holt will be doing a survey of our current facilities
and, after Christmas, a survey of Library users.
New Publication Started for Planning Process
During the retreat, good communication within the Library was identified as an essential
element in the success of the strategic plan and, particularly, during the planning process. To
provide up-to-date and detailed information about the planning process, Information & Orientation has started issuing a new publication called Planning Update. This is an internal
publication which will be distributed to all Library staff. The Bulletin will continue to provide
brief summaries about the planning process.
ubc library bulletin page 2
Library Building Planning
A Library Building Planning Committee has been at work since February 1990 planning for
development of a new Library to relieve pressure on the Main Library.
The concept emerging is of a building between the Main and Sedgewick libraries north of the
Hennings (Physics) and Chemistry buildings. The money available to the project should build
about 100,000 net square feet of space at current construction costs.
The Library plan is to relocate to the new premises several units from the Main Library-Spedal
Collections and Map Library, possibly Science, and possibly Fine Arts. The vacated spaces will in
turn provide relocation and expansion for the divisions remaining in the Main Library. It is
expected that an architect will be appointed early in 1991, the project will go to tender in 1992/93,
and the building will be substantially completed towards the end of 1994/95.
Andrew Brown, University Planner from Campus Planning and Development, will be giving a
presentation to Library staff about future campus building plans, induding the Library, on
Tuesday, October 23rd at 12:30 in Room 835 in the Library School. The session is open to all
interested staff.
Library Automation Planning Update
Planning for our new drculation and OPAC (online public access catalogue) systems picked up in
September, with the input of consultant Rob McGee of RMG Consultants, Inc., Chicago. He met
with Library and University personnel September 10th and 11th to discuss the process for determining the requirements of the new systems, for obtaining proposals, and for dedding about the
systems that would best suit our future needs.
Practical outcomes of the meetings are the establishment of a review group and at least six other
groups which will evaluate specific system functions-OPAC, drculation, acquisitions/fund
accounting, serials control, cataloguing/authorities, and hardware/communications. In addition,
commerdal library vendors have been invited to demonstrate their systems at the Library as soon
as arrangements can be made—probably late in November and early December. Each demonstration will be scheduled over two days to allow as many staff as possible to see them.
Our first priorities are for an online drculation system to replace our aging batch-process system,
which dates back to 1965, and an online public access catalogue (OPAC). In the process of selecting a system, we have to take into account that all Library applications, including technical
services, will have to work together as an integrated system.
More information about the task groups and outside system demonstrations will be distributed as
soon as they are finalized.
ubc library bulletin page 3
How do UBC Senior Scientists Gather Information?
As part of her orientation as the Head of the Sdence Division, Bonita Stableford met with the
Deans, Assodate Deans and relevant Department Heads in the faculties of Sdence and Applied
Sdences during June and July. The findings of her meetings are summarized in a report which is
being circulated in the Library. The report is intended as a basis for discussion with the Library
Administration and clientele, and to plan services.
All departments expressed satisfaction with services in the Sdence Division. However, with the
exception of PATSCAN, most of the faculty interviewed were unaware of the wide range of
sperialized Library services available to them. There are approximately 8,000 students and
faculty in the sdences and applied sdences at UBC. It appears that only a small percentage of the
potential clientele use the Sdence Division. It is interesting to note that although Woodward
Library serves a group less than half the size of the sciences, overall usage of the Sdence Division
is small in comparison.
When asked about their preferred source of information, 35% of the faculty put their departmental
reading room first. Another 47% listed their colleagues and personal files as their first choice.
This reliance on the "invisible college" is a well documented phenomenon among sdentists.
Faculty were also asked to rank the importance of the Sdence Division and their reading rooms
for their research. Forty-seven percent considered their reading room essential. In contrast, only
18% considered the Sdence Division essential for their work.
Two reasons given for preferring the reading rooms are their dose proximity and easy access at all
hours. Since Library support of the reading rooms was stopped due to cutbacks in 1982, the
sdence and applied sdences reading rooms have continued to operate with departmental funding.
Faculty expressed a strong commitment to the reading rooms. Some faculty indicated that they
would use the Sdence Division more if it were located closer to them. This matches a pattern
found in Donald King's study (1984). He found that the number of library visits decreases
dramatically if the library is located more than 10 minutes away from users.
Bonnie ends her report with twelve recommendations. Short-term actions include full incorporation of the PATSCAN service into the Library and more aggressive marketing of Sdence Division
services. The long-term goals include establishing an advisory committee, conducting a study of
existing reading rooms, and investigating the feasibility of an electronic bulletin board and options
for relocating the Division to the south end of the campus. Anyone interested in reading the full
report should contact Bonnie (x3826).
Almost all the CD-ROM products recommended for purchase last January by the Ad-Hoc
Committee on CD-ROM Purchases have arrived. There are CD-ROM workstations in the
Curriculum Laboratory, Humanities and Sodal Sdences Division, MacMillan Library,
Sdence Division, Sedgewick, Woodward and the three hospital libraries. The workstations
have self-service printers using debit cards (15 cents per page).
A list of CD-ROM products and other databases in the Library is attached. If we missed
any, please let I&O know. This list will be kept up to date in the QUICKLNFORMATION
ubc library bulletin page 4
STAN (Standards) File
With over 8,000 records, the STAN (Standards) file is the 3rd
largest colledion of 41 in the Miscellaneous Materials (MISC) file.
All the Canadian and American National standards held by the
Sdence Division are listed in the STAN (Standards) file. The
division collects all Canadian Standards Assodation (CSA) and
American National (ANSI) standards.
Sdence also receives all of the American Sodety for Testing and
Materials (ASTM) standards and has catalogues for British Standards Institution, International Standards Organization (ISO),
DIN (the German standards), and Soviet standards. However, the
catalogues and ASTM standards are not listed in the STAN file;
check the CATALOGUE and SERIALS files for these items.
All the standards and catalogues in the Sdence Division are kept together in the unbound sdence
periodicals area. The standards cover every conceivable subject from the CANDU reactor to
automated fingerprint identification systems. The STAN file is very useful for quickly identifying
our holdings of a particular standard or finding technical information on very specific topics/
When searching the STAN file, use keyword searching. Try the following searches:
1. Are there any standards for microfilm?
TRY: F w-microfilm
This will give you 94 hits. To narrow the results to standards, enter after the prompt: Do you
want to see them? and coll-stan
This will give you 24 items.*
2. Do you have any standards for romanization?
TRY: F w-romanization.
This will give you 7 bits.
* To find the code for a particular collection in the MISC file type: sho cod-coll
If you have any questions about the STAN file, please call Jack Mcintosh or Gisela Mallue in the
Sdence Division (x4363). Remember to dip and save this article to add to your other descriptions
of the MISC collections
ubc library bulletin page 5
Name for ABSTRACT/INDEX Files Changed to ADDITIONAL Files
The Abstrad/Index files added to UBCLIB in the summer are now called ADDITIONAL files. The
WELCOME screen on UBCLIB prompts you to enter *L' to search LLBRARY files in menu mode or
'A' to search the ADDITIONAL files in menu mode or 'COM to search these files in command
mode. For more information about searching the ADDITIONAL files, see the handout UBC
Library Online: Additional Files.
Circulation System Changes
Last June, the drculation HOLD, SUSPEND, and MESSAGE functions were transferred from the
Library minicomputer to the new Unix servers. The move was designed to upgrade functions and
improve response time, but resulted in a number of unforeseen problems, including the loss of a
day's transactions on June 22.
Since then, Circulation and Systems staff have been monitoring problems closely and working on
solutions. Pete Edgar recently installed a serial interface device that has improved the response
time of the EPIC's dramatically. Unfortunately, hardware failures unrelated to the transfer
continue to occur. Reference staff should be aware that online drculation information is
frequently 2-3 days out of date.
Leonora Crema has scheduled a meeting of branch drculation staff for October 25, at 2:45pm in
the Sherrington Room in Woodward Library to discuss recent changes and report on progress
toward a new system.
Search Tip
By the end of October, all videos in the Library will be fully catalogued. The fastest way to narrow your
search results to videos in the CATALOGUE file is to do a title keyword search (and tw=video?). Try the
following search (what you type is circled):
(etc. to 10)
44 items selected as RESUJ,
Do you want to see them?Qnd tw-video?,
1 items selected as Rl
:1 The Solar system [videorecording] / National Geographic Society. —
QB 501 S6421980 Video Curriculum Laboratory Audio-Visual Collection
For more information about finding videos and films in the Library, please see the Film and Video Collection Update distributed last week. If you want more copies of this handout, please call I&O (x2076).
ubc library bulletin page 6
« 9 « ST&TT b&Mfe V ® «
Nora Williams, Library Assistant in the Map Library for twenty-three years, retired September
30th. Nora started at UBC Library in the Acquisitions Division in September, 1966 and the
following year she moved to the Map Library. We wish Nora a long, happy, and healthy retirement.
Eldo Neufeld, another long-time employee of the Library, also retired September 30th. He was
appointed Music Cataloguer in the Catalogue Records Division in 1970. Eldo was a popular guest
lecturer at the Library School and was active in the Music Library Assodation where he served as
Secretary/Treasurer and then President of the Padfic Northwest Chapter. Many of Eldo's friends
are planning to stay in touch with him through his music, running and cycling. We wish him all
the best.
Lynn Copeland resigned August 24th as Librarian/Analyst, Systems Division, to become the
Coordinator of the Electronic Library Network at the Open Learning Agency. Lynn started working at UBC Library in 1978 as Head of the RECON (REtrospective CONversion) Unit in the
Catalogue Records Division and moved to the Systems Division in 1982.
Donna Carpenter resigned from her position as Acquisitions and Prebindery Librarian, effective
September 12th. Donna was appointed as a part-time Reference Librarian in Woodward library
in 1986 and moved to Acquisitions in 1987. She worked as a Reference Librarian in the Curriculum Laboratory during July and August, 1990.
Cynthia Swoveland's term appointment as a Reference Librarian in the Curriculum Laboratory
ended August 31st. She had been appointed in September 1989 to replace Jo-Anne Naslund, who
was on a leave of absence.
Leonora Crema is the new Head of the Circulation Division. She replaces Mary Banham who
took early retirement in July. Leonora graduated from the UBC Library School in 1987 and was
appointed as Circulation/Extension Librarian the same year.
A familar face is back in the Systems Division. Brian Owen has been appointed as Senior
Librarian/Analyst effective October 1st. Brian has been working as Systems and Technical
Services Manager at the Fraser Valley Regional Library since 1987. He had previously spent
eight years in the Library's Systems Division.
Lynne Redenbach has been appointed Circulation/Extension Librarian. Lynne has worked as a
part-time Reference Librarian in the Government Publications Division since May 1988, and more
recently for Richmond Public Library.
David Reimer has been appointed Music Cataloguer in the Catalogue Records Division, beginning November 1st. David obtained bis B. Mus. at the University of Windsor, M. Mus at UBC,
and MLIS from the University of Western Ontario. He has been working as a Music Cataloguer
at the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library since June 1989.
ubc library bulletin page 7
Jana Tyner, Sec2, Admin
Jennifer Adams, LAI (Sessional), Cat Records
Katalina Sewerin, LA2, Hamber
Jill Pittendrigh, Tech3, I&O
Anne Wong, LAI, Woodward
Steve Lindsay, LAI, Woodward
Karen Dickson, LAI, Circ
Lisa MacDougall, LA2, Collections
Richard West, Sec3, Administration
Jennifer Martin, LAI (Sessional), Woodward
Joan Lighthall, LAI, Spec Coll
Arlene Kofol, LAI, MacMillan
Joan Morgan, LAI, ILL
David Miller, LAI (Sessional), Law
Tina Grabenhorst, LAI (Sessional), Spec Coll
Meghan Popham, LAI, Cat Products
Jean Laponce, LAI, Sedgewick
Bruce Broomhall, Clerk2, Acquisitions
Kim Bromberg, LAI, HSSD
Maisie Jang, LA2, Acquisitions
Jane Xiong, LA2, Law
Alexis Greenwood, LAI, Circulation
Therese Chouinard, LA2, HSSD
Tracy Douglas, System Coordinator, Systems
Joanna Nagel, LAI, Curric Lab
Lorraine Lucas, LA2, Gifts & Exchanges
Thomas Long, LAI, Circ
Nurlela Brady, Bibl. Assoc, Asian Library
Lorill Bracken, LA2, Law
Kristine Neely, LA2, Hamber
Corinne Peters, LA2, Gifts & Exchanges
Maureen Carey, Tech3, I&O
Sheila Weaver, LA2, HSSD
Michelle Barlow, LA2, Woodward
Daniel Chernenkoff, LAI, Woodward
John Grant, LAI, Sedgewick
Ron Turner, System Coordinator, Systems
Stacey Belden, LAI, Woodward
Todd Murton, LAI, Curric Lab
Ernest Dick, LAI, Circ
ubc library bulletin pageS
■    ■
Recordings RECON Completed
The RECORDINGS File on LDMS and UBCLIB (command mode only) now lists all recordings, including
compact discs and LPs, in the Music Library and Wilson Recordings Collection. Completion of the REtro-
spective CONversion of the recordings was one of Eldo Neufeld's major goals before he retired. Hats off to
him and his staff for finishing this huge undertaking! For information about searching the RECORDINGS
File, see the new handout How to Find Recordings on UBCLIB (call I&O at x2076 for copies).
Opportunities for Self-Growth
• A basic LDMS training session for Library staff will be held Monday October 29th from 9-1 lam in the
Arts Terminal room on the lower level of Sedgewick Library. The session will cover the Catalogue,
Serials, Course, Circ, In process, Quickinfo, Storage, Misc, Other, and Oldcat files. It is designed
for those who are new to the Library Database Management System, want to broaden their understanding
of the system as a whole, and refine their basic search techniques for LDMS inquiry mode. Participants
may register by calling Peggy Ng at the Librarian's Office, x5855.
• Personnel Services is sponsoring two free workshops on performance evaluation. The first workshop is for
managers who want to know whether or not to institute a performance appraisal system in their area. The
second workshop will discuss the performance appraisal interview and is open to all. If you're interested in
attending, please call Peggy Ng, x5855.
• Upcoming colloquiums at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies include:
October 23     P. H. Liddle
The First World War Brought to Life Through an Archival Collection
October 29     Susan Madden
The Changing World of Public Libraries
All sessions are held 11:30 to 12:30 in Room 835 in the Library School. Everyone welcome.
Ward off Winter's Chill
... with a friend and one of these titles from I&O's contest for amusing/amazing names and titles in our
Lust Newsletter (Gov Pubs)1
The Sex Book: for those who think they know it all (Woodward HQ 21 P45 1982>
'Submitted by Suzanne Dodson, who expressed her regret that the Newsletter has since been renamed Leaking Underground Storage
Tank Newsletter.
'Submitted by Stephanie Swan
Fiche for the Taking
Graphics has lost their recycling link. Anyone interested in picking up fiche and scrap coloured card for
daycare, schools, etc. should call Merry or Jill at x4893.
Fine Arts Gallery
October 23 - November 10, Architectural Projects, John and Patricia Patkau. UBC Fine Arts Gallery is in
the basement of the north wing of Main Library.
ubc library bulletin editor: brenda peterson (2076)
design: merry meredith Reference Databases in the Library
October 1990
There are public CD-ROM workstations with printers in the Curriculum Laboratory, Humanities
and Sodal Sdences Division, MacMillan Library, Sdence Division, Sedgewick, Woodward and the
three hospital libraries.
CD-ROM Databases in the
Central Branches/Divisions
Humanities & Social Sciences
•Canadian Business and Current Affairs (1982-) Indexes articles from 500 periodicals and
10 Canadian newspapers. Updated quarterly. (Sedgewick Library; HSSD receives the superseded
•Corporate and Industry Research Reports (1979-) Indexes research reports of international securities and investment firms. Updated quarterly. The reports are on microfiche in Government Publications/Microforms Division. (HSSD)
• Electromap World Atlas World atlas, almanac and world fact book. (Map Library)
•PsycLTT (1974-) Indexes psychology and behavioural sciences articles. Updated quarterly.
Equivalent print index is Psychological Abstracts. (HSSD)
•Sportdiscus (1972-) Indexes sport, sport medidne, and physical education articles. Updated
semiannually. Equivalent print index is Sport Bibliography. (HSSD)
•APS: Micropatent (Covers current 5 years) Indexes American patents. Updated monthly.
•CASSIS (1970-) Indexes American patents. Updated quarterly. Abstracts of most American
patents are on microfiche in Patscan, Science Division. (PATSCAN)
•Compendex Plus (1986-) Indexes and abstracts articles and conference literature in engineering. Updated quarterly. Equivalent print index is Engineering Index. (Science Division)
•Current Contents: Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences   (On order for Science)
•FIRST (1990-) Indexes European patents. Updated bimonthly. (PATSCAN)
•GEOREF   Bibliography and Index of Geology (On order for Science)
•NTIS (Covers latest 10 years) Indexes the United States National Technical Information
Service's publications which include engineering studies, economic analyses, industry bibliographies, translations of research reports from foreign governments and software documentation.
Updated quarterly. Many of the publications are on microfiche in Government Publications/
Microforms Division. (PATSCAN)
CD-ROM Databases
in the Branches
•Agricola/CAIN (1970-) Indexes articles, government publications, conference papers and some
books on agriculture and allied subjects, including forestry. Updated quarterly. (MacMillan
•Children's Reference Plus Reviews and listings of current children's books. (On order for
Curriculum Laboratory) •ERIC (1983-) Indexes artides in education and ERIC documents. Updated quarterly.
(Curriculum Laboratory)
•Index to Legal Periodicals (On order for Law Library)
•Math/Sci Indexes artides on pure mathematics and mathematical applications in statistics,
computer sdence, operations research, engineering and other disdplines. Covers last 5 years of
Mathematical Reviews and last 10 years of Current Mathematical Publications, updated semiannually. (Mathematics Library)
•Biological Abstracts (1990-) Indexes microbiology, plant and animal sdence, ecology, biochemistry, bioengineering and biophysics artides. Updated quarterly. (Woodward Library)
•CCOHS-CD - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Indexes occupational
health and safety literature; provides descriptive, health and precautionary data on chemicals and
pestiddes and toxicological data on 96,000 chemicals. Three files, dates of coverage vary, updated
quarterly. (Woodward Library)
•CINAHL Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (On order for Woodward)
•Current Contents: Life 1200 lists the table of contents of 1200 life sdences journals. Updated
weekly. (Woodward Library and Hamber)
•Medline (1966-) Indexes articles in medicine, the allied health fields and the related life
sdences. Updated monthly. (Woodward and the hospital libraries)
Microcomputer Databases in the Data Library
•MINFILE/pc Mineral Deposits in British Columbia (Demonstration file only)
•PCensus: Desktop Demographics Data profiles from 1981 & 1986 censuses of Canada.
•PC Globe and PC USA; World Statistical Information Covers 177 countries.
Other Databases on UBCLIB
•Bibliographies Lists citations from bibliographies done at UBC, including Canadian Politics,
B.C Theses, the Vancouver Centennial Bibliography, Consumer Health, Marriage and the Family,
History of Canadian Childhood, etc.
•Canadian Newspaper Index (1982-) Indexes selectively the contents of seven major Canadian newspapers. Updated quarterly.
•Canadian Statistics Index (On order)
•CIHM: Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions Catalogue (Command
mode only)
•Current Index to Journals in Education (1969-) Indexes articles from more than 750
education periodicals. Updated quarterly.
•Microlog (1979-) Indexes selected Canadian federal, provindal and munidpal publications,
including research and government reports in the physical, natural, and social sciences, statistical
reports and annual reports. Updated quarterly. The documents indexed are on microfiche in
Government Publications / Microforms Division.
•Resources in Education (ERIC) (1966-) Indexes research/technical reports, conference
papers and proceedings, program descriptions, bibliographies, teaching guides, curriculum materials, etc. Updated quarterly. The documents indexed are on microfiche in Government Publications/Microforms Division.
•PsycLTT (two year demo file only July 1987-July 1989) Indexes articles from 1,450 psychology
and sodal and behavioural sdences periodicals and related dissertations from Dissertations
Abstracts International. The complete file will be added this fall.


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