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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin May 1, 1970

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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 45 . May 1, 1970 Vancouver, B.C.
COFFEE - Still Brewing:
The findings of the recent ballot on automation of the Staff Room refreshment services are
that two-thirds of the staff favour retention of the present manner of operation.  A number
of constructive suggestions were received.  One of these is being acted upon immediately: a
staff committee has been appointed to adminster the Staff Room.  Marilyn Dutton (Social
Science Librarian), Beverly Roper (Cataloguing LA IV), and Diane Goudey (Social Science LA II)
have agreed to serve on this Committee for the first year.  The new name is Diane Goudey; she
is a Home Economics graduate of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, and has agreed, in
addition to serving on the Committee, to run the Staff Room from May 1st until the 15th, when
her appointment with the Social Science Division becomes effective.
Meanwhile, the Committee will examine the whole Staff Room situation and make suggestions
for changes.  All the results of the questionnaire will be turned over to assist them with
their investigation, and the Librarian's Office will do what it can to implement whatever
recommendations they submit.  Another duty of the Committee is the interviewing and hiring
of staff for the Room.
We hope that this new approach to the coffee problem will prove satisfactory, and that
everyone with ideas on the subject will communicate them to the Staff Room Committee.
Applications are invited for the new position of Assistant Head for Circulation & Processes
in the Sedgewick Library.  The chief duty will be to administer and generally supervise the
23 supporting staff who are engaged in circulation, shelving, reserving, filing in the card
catalogues, etc.  A library degree is required, and supervisory experience and experience in
public services is desirable.  Minimum beginning salary will be $10,000.
The Sedgewick Library has an annual circulation of half a million volumes and serves
12,000 undergraduates, mainly in the humanities and social sciences.  There is a total full-
time staff of 29, including 7 professionals.  It is expected that the new Sedgewick Library
will be completed in 1972.
PRO-LIT Collection:
Nine titles (of a special subscription order of 28 library journals) are currently being
received and housed in the Interlibrary Loan Office.  It is hoped that the others will start
coming in soon.  Since the collection is maintained on a self-service basis, please be sure
to sign and file the circulation card for each journal borrowed, and to re-pocket the card
upon return.  It's useful to know who has what, and also this routine will give us a record
of the extent to which the collection is being used so that we can determine whether the
service should be continued.
Those of you who have to unlock doors to pass between sections of the building or to the
outside (especially), please take care to LOCK them again when they close behind you.  One
of the outside doors was reported unlocked by the Campus Patrol a week ago at midnight or one
in the morning.
Careful attention should also be paid to windows which are close enough to the ground to
permit access if they are left open at night.  Staff members in the Prebindery, Reserve
Book Room and Sedgewick Library should check their windows before closing each night. ■
0 5
-< ■
UBC Library Bulletin - Pa9e 2
PREBINDERY Report, 1969/70;
During the year, 37,624 volumes were processed by the six staff members in the Prebindery:
22,265 volumes were sent to the commercial bindery, 12,734 to the UBC Bindery, and 2,625 were
repaired by the Mending Department.
Repair work on mutilated volumes decreased by 70% during 1969/70.  The self-service copying
machines are, no doubt, largely responsible for this happy situation. Also, the number of
volumes being bound incomplete is decreasing as result of an increased effort to obtain the
missing issues.
The Prebindery maintained its binding schedule well during the year, and the UBC Bindery
kept pace.  One interesting statistic which might point toward a solution of the space
problem:  eighty-seven shipments of books were sent to the commercial bindery and we received
thirty-eight in return.  If we can keep up that rate we may begin to see the light in a few
yearsj   (P.S. there is another explanation for this situation — the return shipments are
usually larger than those we send out.)
At its meeting of April 29th, Senate approved a two-year programme leading to a degree
of Master of Library Science (M.L.S.).  A similar programme has recently been adopted at the
University of Toronto.  The proposal for the programme is now transmitted to the Board of
Governors.  With their approval, the School may work toward implementation, probably beginning in September 1971.
By 5 p.m. on April 27th, 69 ballots had been received from librarians, who had been asked
to express themselves as being in favour of the Ombudsman Committee, 7 were opposed; 60
were in favour of the Administrative Resource Committee, 7 were opposed, and 2 did not vote.
WOODWARD LIBRARY - New Edition.  In issue number 43 an invitation was extended to all staff
members to explore the new addition.  That function has had to be postponed (due to Convocation)
until Friday, June 5th, at 5:00 p.m.  Location:  fifth floor.  Goodies will be served, so
bring your appetite.
Mrs. Maclver will be absent during the month of May.
will be doing the work of four people.  Be nice to them.
POEM of the month
The Individualist.
To stress the individual
Machines work very hard,
Each has different holes
In his key punch card.
This means that the two survivors
- E.R. Coulson
(from:  Satire newsletter)
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