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UBC Library Bulletin Dec 3, 1974

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Ho. 115
December 3, 1971*
There is a continuing need for staff participation in the planning and management of the
brary system, so that the organization on the one hand can benefit  from the ideas and opinions
those who constitute it, and so that individuals, on the other hand,  can have an opportunity
make their views known* to have them discussed and considered for implementation.
The Administrative Resources Committee and the system of committees and task forces which it
aged were intended to supplement the formed organization of the Library in providing for the
licient communication and consideration of ideas.     Changing conditions have reduced the use-
ess of this approach.     Some areas of immediate concern can no longer be dealt with by the
committee structure.     Specifically, salaries and benefits are now being handled, in the case
supporting staff, by the Association of University and College Employees Local no.   1.,  and
the case of librarians, by an elected committee working in cooperation with the Faculty
ociation.     Grievances, another subject of concern, are handled by A.U.C.E.  on behalf of the
porting staff, while librarians are presently considering alternatives to the Ombudsman Corn-
tee.    Under the circumstances, A.R.C.  has concluded that its usefulness has been so limited
it it should cease to exist.
There remain, however, many other issues relating to the overall development of the library
its services  and collections with which contractual arrangements do not  deal,  and with which
found it  difficult to deal.    An experiment  for approaching these issues. one which offers
ry staff member the possibility of direct participation,  is proposed here.
The way in which resources, human and material, are allocated is one way in which an organi-
ion changes and grows.    At U.B.C.  there is an opportunity to make  fundamental changes to
^locations just once a year, when a new budget is introduced on the  first day of April.     The
Stable for the development of the budget is this:  in the spring of 197^ budget proposals are
pmitted by the division and branch heads to the Library administration* which, combines them
[to a single budget proposal for the Library, and sets priorities, usually within limitations
ablished by the University administration.     It in turn prepares  a budget  for the  University,
in doing so it may make alterations to the Library's proposal.     This budget is submitted to
Universities Council in late summer, which reviews it in the fall and makes recommendations
the government.    The government in turn draws up its budget, which is brought down in the
slature in the first week of February.    After that date the Universities Council will de-
ine the amounts to be given to U.B.C,  and in late February and March there will be discus-
s between the University and Library administrations which will determine the amount of the
rease.    Although the Library's earlier submission more or less determines how amounts will be
ocated, there is some flexibility at this time,  allowing the Library to deal with unexpected
elopments and changes in priorities.     Consideration of matters relating to the budget would
timely now.
0f course, the allocation of resources is Just one way of effecting Library change  and growth.
- is also the general area of procedures and policies, which govern the operations of the
A three stage process is proposed for airing issues related to resource allocation, policies
Procedures. STAGE I: Input.
All staff members are invited to submit in writing, either to their division or branch head *
with a copy to the University Librarian, or directly to the University Librarian, any comments, i
suggestions, or proposals relating to resource allocation, policies or procedures within the
following broad areas;
- collections « personnel services (anything not covered If
-public services by contract)
- technical services .. buildings and environment
- systems - equipment
These submissions may be long or short, general or specific. It would be helpful if they j
were signed, but if there are reasons for not signing submissions, they will be considered in «J||
case. All submissions should be in my hands by December 20th.
STAGE II; Analysis.
All submissions will be incorporated into working papers dealing with the above subject aret,
In the course of this process, division and branch heads will be consulted for further informal
where the submissions deal with specifics.
STAGE III: Discussion.
A series of meetings will be held to discuss the working papers. These meetings will prototS
be organized according to subject areas, but they could be organized differently, depending onl
content of the submissions. Attendance at the meetings will be mandatory for all members of the!
Library administration and for all branch and division heads. All other interested staff member]
will be invited to attend, and meetings will be held at times when the greatest possible number*
staff members could attend.
STAGE IV: Review.
The results of the meetings will be reviewed by the Library administration in consultation
with division and branch heads, and changes to resource allocation, policies and procedures vil
be planned or made at that time.
STAGE V: Summation.
The results of the process will be announced either in an issue of the Bulletin or at a
general meeting.
This procedure, as stated at the outset, is experimental. It is not known what the results;
will be, what the degree of staff participation will be, how long it will take, or whether it
will be necessary or possible to complete the whole process. However, let us try it, as one 0
way of attempting to give everyone a voice in the conduct of the Library's activities.
Basil Stuart-Stubbs
November 21, 1971*.


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