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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Mar 25, 1970

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 42 March 25, 1970 Vancouver, B. C.
CORRECTION - Gifts & Exchanges Statistics:
The statistics which we reported in the last issue of the Bu1letin (February 17) were
for the six month period, July-Dec 1969 -- NOT for the whole year as stated.
BUDGET, 1970/71:
The Board of Governors is expected to approve the Library budget and salary recommendations
for librarians at a meeting on April 7th.  Mr. Stuart-Stubbs will report to a meeting of
librarians on April 8th, 3:30 p.m., in the School of Librarianship.
NEW Sedgewick Library:
Users' and Clients' Committees have now approved the preliminary drawings, which will
be presented to the Board of Governors on April 7th, in order to obtain permission to
proceed to working drawings.  One element of the design, the skylights, remains unresolved.
This detail will be covered in the working drawings when they are presented to the Board.
At the present time the root-pruning of the trees on the Main Mall is in progress.  This
pruning must be done while the trees are in their dormant state, so as to permit them to
develop a new hair root system by the time the actual construction of the Library begins.
Tne Committee of Deans at its meeting of February 13th concurred in a recommendation
of the Senate Library Committee that the name, "Sedgewick Library", be applied to the
new undergraduate library on grounds that it is both appropriate and already associated
with the undergraduate library services.
At its meeting of March 4th, Mr. Stuart-Stubbs moved an amendment to a motion introduced
by the Senate Committee on Long-Range Objectives, which produced the following resolution:
"That each program should include in its first year a course, or partial one, providing
an introduction to the discipline and the bibliographic controls of its literature." A
preliminary meeting has been held with Mr. Mclnnes and Mr. Chew to explore ways and means
of implementing the recommendation.
Applications are invited for the following positions; address your enquiries to Mr. Bell
in the Librarian's Office.
1) Bibliographer to devote full time to the acquisition of research materials in the
life sciences. Applicants must have a degree in library science, subject background,
and library experience.
2) Manuscripts Librarian to take over organization of manuscripts collections, mainly
in the fields of regional, business and labour history, plus some reference work
in the Special Collections Division. Academic qualifications in history, especially
Canadian, training and/or experience in archives work are required.  A Library degree
i s des i rable.
3) History of Medicine Librarian  to be responsible for the organization, development
and preservation of medical history materials; to compile a catalogue of the historical
collection; to cooperate with the History of the Health Sciences Department in its
teaching program, particularly in the preparation of displays by students.
continued.. UBC Library Bulletin - page 2
Preferred qualifications should include a knowledge of foreign or classical
languages, experience as a professional librarian, and education or experience
relevant to health sciences, biological or rare book materials.
Salary for these three positions will be on the basis of experience.
4) Librarian-Information Specialist for the Institute of Animal Resource Ecology.  Want
a person with training in biology and/or zoology and familiarity with modern
languages, particularly Russian.  The Library is specialized and possesses a large
collection of books and serials, mostly devoted to hydrobiology.  The staff consists
of the Librarian and two Library Assistants.  The salary is $10,700.
PROFESSIONAL Positions Filled:
1) Mrs. Shelley Criddle - Sedgewick Library.
2) John Mcintosh - Mathematics/Science Librarian.
3) Mrs. Margaret Friesen - Interlibrary Loan Librarian.
4) Mrs. Laurenda Daniel Is - Special Collections Librarian
Mrs. Georgia MacRae will transfer from the Cataloguing Division on July 1st to
supervise the technical services area in the Law Library.
LIBRARY Assistant V:
The classification of Library Assistant V has been accepted by the Personnel Office,
effective July 1st.
FOREIGN Newspapers on Microfilm;
A computer produced preliminary list of foreign newspapers, shewing the microfilm holdings
of UBC, UVIC, and SFU has been prepared by the Social Science and Systems Divisions.  One
copy is available  in the Social Science Division.  After revisions have been made, the
publication will be made more generally available.
PROJECTS and Priorities:
The Library Systems and Development Committee, after considerable discussion, has
decided that the following four projects be given priority in 1970:
1) Compilation of a title approach to the Acquisitions Division's "On order/In process"
1 ist.
2) Transfer of continuation records from the Acquisitions to the Serials Division.
Staff are now being assigned for this project.
3) Consider a re-definition of the responsibilities of the Acquisitions and Serials
Divi sions.
4) Compile a list of periodicals which are received through Government Publications
and which should be considered for inclusion in the Serials Master File.
BORROWING Privileges - Student Wives:
Mr . Stuart-Stubbs, after consulting with Dean MacCrae, has arranged that members of the
Student Wives Association may use their husbands' Library Cards to borrow books if they
present their own membership card at the same time.  Dean MacCrae had appealed to the
Senate Library Committee on behalf of the Association.
The Post Office has informed us of the embargo on all classes of mail until further notice
to the following cities:  Montreal,Que.; Brooklyn,N.Y.; Bronx,N.Y.; Staten Island,N.Y.;
all post offices on Long Island, N.Y.; Jersey City,N.J.; Passaic,N.J.; Redbank,N.J.  This
strike is expected to spread west and further bulletins will be issued upon receipt from
the Post Office.  No mail will be forthcoming from any of these cities until the strike
is over.


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