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 ubc library bulletin
no. 212 december 1988
UBC Library Friends Advisory Council
Over the past year, the library Administration has been working with the President's Office in
planning and organizing a new library Friends Advisory Council. A planning meeting with
President Strangway, Dr. P.R Sandwell (Chairman of the Council), and several other members of
the Council was held in June to finalize the terms of membership and role of the group. The main
purpose of the Council is to advise and assist the University President and University librarian
in the development of the library. It has two general goals:
— To examine, review and constructively criticize the library's progress and plans.
— To represent the library to the community, based on an understanding of its operation
and plans for the future.
Membership of the Council is predominantly from the outside community and includes two
librarians. In order to provide for a rotating membership, members have been offered one, two, or
three year terms. Members of the Council, appointed by President Strangway after consultation
with Doug Mclnnes, are:
Dr. P.R. Sandwell, Chairman
Mrs. Helen Belkin
Dr. Robert Blackburn (librarian Emeritus, University of Toronto)
Mr. Haig de B. Farris
Dr. William Gibson
Dr. Peter Pearse
Dr. H. Rocke Robertson
Mr. Elmer Smith (Director, CISTI)
Mrs. Sally Reukauf Warren
Dr. Jonathan Wisenthal
In addition, Lord Frederick Dainton (British library Board), Dr. Cecil Green, Dr. Neal Harlow,
Dr. Walter Koerner and Dr. Kaye Lamb have been invited to become honorary members.
Ex offirio members are Vice President Srivastava (the President's designate), Doug Mclnnes and
Heather Keate.
The Council hdd its first meeting in the library on November 22nd. The main agenda was
devoted to providing an overview of the library and the major issues facing it today. Several
members attended tours of Main library, Sedgewick library, Woodward library and the Library
Processing Centre. They ended their daylong session with a meeting with President Strangway.
The Council is planning to meet with the University librarian at least once a year in order to
review the library's activities and, at this ^^ ^ y
annual meeting, they will also meet with and cQYs        ^T-foidXIxV
report to the University President or his
designate. Another meeting of the Counril may        (PC^ii H-fri c rm cjicsTC I
be convened in the Spring. V^l^V JiXJLjI JDA-jO ♦
ubc library bulletin page 2
Report of the Library Review
The Committee established to review the
library submitted its final report to the
President's office in July. In the last few
months, the library Administration has had a
series of meetings with Vice President
Srivastava to discuss the recommendations
made in the report.
While it is too early to predict what will
happen as a result of the report, these
meetings have been very useful, both in
darifying the intent of the recommendations
and in exchanging information relating to
issues raised by the report.
Members Elected to President's Committee
The two professional librarians and three members of Senate elected to serve on the President's
Advisory Committee to select a new University
Librarian are:
Nadine Baldwin, Head of the Serials Division
Joan Sandilands, Head of Sedgewick Library
Dr. Sherrill Grace, Dept. of English & member
of the Senate Library Committee
Dr. Philip Hilt Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
R Alex Speers, Graduate student in Food Science
The names of the three members of the Committee to be appointed by the President have yet to be
In its meeting on December 13th, the Senate library Committee also discussed some of the
recommendations and agreed to prepare a statement of its views on the recommendations early in
the New Year. Copies of the report have also been sent to all Deans for their comments.
These processes will provide advice to the President to assist him in determining how the
University and library should respond to the Committee's recommendations.
On a separate but related matter, the library Administration has been troubled for some time by
the lack of specific information which would permit valid comparisons among libraries at peer
institutions. Figures collected by the Assodation of Research libraries (ARL) and the Canadian
Assodation of Research libraries (CARL) are too general to take into consideration the various
ways in which libraries are organized.
To address this problem, the library is sending Tony Jeffreys to visit McGill University library
and, possibly, the University of Alberta library in an attempt to obtain information needed to
clarify published statements and statistics on budgets, staffing, and organization among the three
libraries. Arrangements for the visits have not been finalized at this time.
New Campaign
In February, the library will launch another public campaign to promote the
conservation of our book collection and to increase awareness of the
importance of handling books with care. Three new "SAVE A BOOK"
bookmarks with basic instructions for protecting books will be mailed out to
all branches in January. The bookmarks will be handed out to users at all
rirculation points starting the first week in February.
At the same time, as part of the library's ongoing campaign to keep staff
informed about the major preservation issues and to ensure that everyone is
following the same procedures for handling and storing library materials, sessions will be held for
all staff. The one hour sessions will consist of a presentation by Suzanne Dodson, Acting
Preservation librarian, a showing of the video "Murder in the Stacks," and a question and answer
period. There will also be a small display of damaged books. All staff are encouraged to attend.
Sign up forms will be sent out early in January.
ubc library bulletin page 3
fc*!T>.: .Y:Yr'ft
:-:-:-.•:•:•:-.- -.•:■.■    ■ ■• •••:• v •...•■• • •' ■ ■ *•:•:•:■: ■••■'■yAKW-VsV^ ■■y-v*^	
GPTR file (Government Publications • Uncatalogued)
Approximately one third of the holdings (about 200,000 items) in the Government Publications
Division are uncatalogued monographs. Acquired from every level of government, ranging from
munidpal to international organizations, these publications are an important source of up-to-date
information on almost every conceivable subject.
Until this year, they were only accessible through the division's card catalogue. In January 1988,
the division dosed the card catalogue and started using Misc. Materials. The GPTR file now
contains over 1600 records and indudes uncatalogued monographs as well as some analyzed
serial titles. In addition, retrospective conversion of records from the card catalogue is underway.
Staff are currently converting records from the following jurisdictions: international
organizations (e.g. OECD), United States (state level) and British Columbia.
In the old card file, access to these publications was generally restricted to corporate author.
There was subject access for only some of the uncatalogued material as well as a report file to
translate popular names of reports to the formal ones used in the catalogue (e.g. TJerger
Commission' see 'Canada. MacKenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry. Northern Frontier, Northern
Access to these publications is being greatly enhanced by using Misc. Materials. In addition to
being able to search under the standard access points such as author and title, they can now be
searched by keyword, added authors (e.g. commission chairperson), alternate titles, series and
standard numbers (e.g. ISBN, govt. dept. catalogue number, etc.).
Try the following searches in the Misc. Materials file,
searching in the GPTR collection.
Always use the word index for subject
1. Have there been any studies done about the tourist potential of cross country ski areas in B.C. ?
Try: F w=cross country   This will give you 3 hits.
2. Do you have anything about the B.C government's plans for privatization?
Try: F w=privatization   This will give you 22 hits from various collections. If you want
to narrow the hits to items housed in the Government Publications Division, enter:
and coll-gptr
As shown by the results in the second example above, it is important to note that several other
branches and divisions are also entering government publications from their collections into the
Misc. Materials file. The GPTR file lists only publications housed in the Government Publications
Division and those in transit from the division to other locations.
If you have any questions about the GPTR file or collection, please contact Theresa Iverson in
Government Publications (x6351). Remember to dip and save this to add to your other articles on
Misc. Materials collections.
ubc library bulletin page 4
Collections Coup at the Law Library
In response to a recent joint submission for funding to acquire unaffordable titles, the law librarians from
UBC, UVic and the Courthouse system were pleased to receive a positive response from the Law Foundation.
UBC's portion, $33,600, is related to legal history (the Nathan Nemetz Chair in Legal History was recently
established here) and, among other things, includes such microform sets as the complete collection of Black-
stone editions, Old Bailey proceedings (1714-1834), and law manuscript collections housed at Oxford, Cambridge, Lambeth Palace, Lincoln Cathedral, the Inner Temple in London and Trinity College, Dublin.
CD-ROM For Public Use
Thanks to Faculty of Medicine and hospital funding, users in the UBC Health Sciences Libraries now have
the opportunity to search the health journal literature on CD-ROM (compact disc - read only memory).
A number of vendors presently offer MEDLINE (the online version of Index Medicus) on CD-ROM, but
Online Retrieval System's CD-Plus (Compact Med-Base) was chosen because of its currency and
comprehensive coverage. To enhance software efficiency, high-powered workstations have been installed for
using the system. The hardware includes a microcomputer, two internal half-height CD-ROM drives and a
laser printer.
CD-Plus MEDLINE has been available at the three hospital libraries (Biomedical Branch, Hamber and St.
Paul's) for over a month and patron enthusiasm is overwhelming. The equipment in Woodward Library will
be moved to a public area by Christmas, so if you have a few minutes to spare, walk over and try out this
user friendly yet sophisticated system. A booking schedule will be in effect, so call first. Otherwise, you
might be disappointed, as was a recent visitor from the hospital libraries. After he was shown how to use
Index Medicus, however, he went away satisfied-it seems he hadn't realized that we had the "back-up paper
Corinne Peters, LA2, G & E
Sheila Hill, LA2, Collections
Ron Turner, LA3, MacMillan
Dawn Livera, LA2, Acquisitions
Karen Barbour, LAI, ILL
Daniel Meneley, LAI, ILL
Doug Loney, LA2, Acquisitions
Joan Campbell, Sec3, Woodward
Andrea Heyrman, LA3, MacMillan
Christmas Spirit
The Main Library Circulation
Division held its 4th annual
Christmas Auction recently to
raise money for local charities.
Staff came from all over the
Library system to bid on a variety
of festive foods, handmade crafts,
and assorted mystery prizes. All in
all, a total of $302.69 was collected
for donation to the Food Bank and
Empty Stocking Fund. Special
thanks go to organizer Sharon
Mowat and auctioneers Polly
Diether and Thomas Long for their
help raising money and spirits.
ubc library bulletin
editor: brenda peterson (2076)
illustrator: merry meredith


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