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UBC Library Bulletin Feb 28, 2002

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 Special Edition - The Chapman Learning Commons
No. 265 www.Ubrary.ubc.ca/learningcommons February 2002
Chapman Learning Commons Open House for Library Staff
Want to know what the Chapman Learning Commons is aU about? Want to see the changes in Main
Library? Come to one of these information sessions for Library staff, hosted by Information Services:
Tuesday, February 19,10:00-11:30 am
Wednesday, February 20,2:30-4:00 pm
Meet in the Dodson Room. ThereTl be time for questions and answers, coffee and mingling with
some of the students involved in the Leaders in Learning Peer Assistant Program.
Register by emailing Diane Lee at dianelee@interchange.ubc.ca
If you've visited Main Library over the past year, you've seen the old concourse evolve into a beautiful new
space, thanks to a generous gift from Mrs. Katherine Scott Chapman and her husband Dr. Lloyd Chapman.
One thing is famiUar - the location of the information desk, centred on the west waU between the stairs.
Other than that, this is a brand new operation, and we're sure you have lots of questions.
Who works at the information desk?
An exciting part of the Learning Commons vision is the development ot Leaders in Learning, a Peer
Assistant Program. Fifteen students with very strong academic abilities, from a variety of disciplines and
backgrounds, wiU work at the desk and on various Learning Commons projects. TheyTl provide invaluable
student input into the Learning Commons and the Library as a whole. In addition, students working for
ITServices' Customer Support Centre wiU be available every weekday. Information Services staff will have
regular shifts and constantly monitor service needs.
Who else is involved?
The Learning Commons is a coUaborative project involving many different University units and individuals.
Student Development*, under the VP Students, and ITServices are the Library's partners in planning and
providing services in the Learning Commons. As weU, other groups such as the Alma Mater Society, the
Learning Exchange and the Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth are involved in program development.
Further and expanded collaboration wiU be an important aspect of the Learning Commons.
Ongoing management is the responsibiUty of Martha Whitehead, Head of Information Services, reporting to
Catherine Quinlan, University Librarian. Margot BeU, Student Development Officer (a joint appointment
with the Library and Student Development) manages Leaders in Learning and programs related to student
development and academic success. Simon Neame, Information Services Librarian, trains the Peer
Assistants in Library services and resources and develops programs related to learning technologies and
information Uteracy. Both Simon and Margot wiU be working with others in the Library to make connections
between services in branches and the Learning Commons.
* Student Development, in case you're wondering, is a brand new unit focused on new students, leadership
and student development, peer programs, academic success and student success. Its goal is to support
and enhance the UBC student experience.
ubc Ubrary bulletin page 2
What kind of help is provided?
Users exploring Library resources and services wiU find basic help and exceUent referrals to specialists
elsewhere in the Library. One of our goals is to open the door to the best possible research assistance. In
addition, there'U be ITServices help with Netinfo, myUBC, WebCT and Resnet, and students wiU be able to
find out about all sorts of innovative learning opportunities and academic success programs.
What computer facilities are available?
At last, a place to send students who want to type essays! Print them, too! The Learning Commons provides:
• 34 desktop computers
• 30 laptops for loan within the building or workshops in the Dodson Room
• wireless LAN for laptops, extending from Ridington to Science & Engineering (and, in the future, outside in
the plaza areas between Koerner and Main)
• Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• CD-ROM read/write
Contact Simon Neame if you have any questions.
What's new in the Dodson Room?
The Dodson Room has a new entrance to match the Chung Room, plus:
• configurable tables (and theatre-style is stiU an option)
• wireless LAN
• movable white boards
• instructor's computer, data projector, screen
• overhead projector
•TV and VCR
Who can use the Dodson Room?
The Dodson Room's primary use during winter session wiU be programs supporting the Learning Commons
vision, and many Library events wiU be ideaUy suited. To place a booking request, contact Diane Lee or,
coming soon, fiU out the online form on the Learning Commons Web page: www.Ubrary.ubc.ca/
Has anything changed in Ridington?
No, it stiU has the same good stuff. Pages, the coffee bar, is going strong. AMS Tutoring Services is having a
great turnout for their evening programs. The study tables are always fuU, and it's usuaUy hard to find a
free computer.
Why refer people to the Learning Commons?
• Computers with word processing, printing and staff help
• Help with myUBC, WebCT, Netinfo, Interchange, Resnet
• Academic support workshops such as study skills or time management
• Help with studying from AMS Tutoring Services
• Group study space equipped with white boards: first-come, first-served
• Information about international exchange programs, volunteer programs and other learning
Read the Chapman Learning Commons Vision
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