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UBC Library Bulletin Jun 30, 1989

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 ubc library bulletin
no. 215
Campus Groups Respond to Library Review Report
The Report of the library Review Committee was submitted to the
President's Office in July 1988. The major recommendations of the
Review Committee were made public in the February issues of UBC
Reports. At that time, President Strangway invited the campus community to respond to the recommendations. Since then, at least three
campus groups have sent written responses to the President.
The first was a petition signed by 239 faculty from the Faculty of Arts
criticizing several of the recommendations in the Report. A condensed
version of the petition appeared in the April 6th edition of UBC Reports. The signatories object to
the Report's emphasis on budget reduction and point out that some of the recommendations
"...would, if adopted, retard the growth of the library, inhibit the research of faculty and graduate
students, and adversely affect the studies of undergraduates.'' Their major concerns focus on the
recommendations about the library budget, periodical subscriptions, periodical drculation poliries
and the acquisitions budget for monographs.
In May, the Alma Mater Sotiety sent a five page response to the President. They are upset that
the Review Committee did not have a student representative and recommend that a study of
library use by undergraduate and graduate students be undertaken before any of the Report recommendations are acted upon. In particular, they want to address questions about library hours,
reference services, library study space, online services, poliries regarding the purchase of multiple
copies of monographs and journals, journal circulation policy and library centralization. They
enthusiastically endorse the need to further expand our online services and suggest that more
priority be given to the retrospective conversion of the card catalogue.
The Senate library Committee also responded to
recommendations which affect library policy.
They express support for the recommendations
to separate the collections budget from the library budget, to devdop a written collection
policy, to find resources for the development of
new technology, to ensure consultation on the
impact of new academic programmes and to
investigate the cost of services to external
library users. At the same time, they disagree
with some of the conclusions in the Report in
regard to service reductions, journal circulation
policy, potential savings from centralization
and further reductions in serial subscriptions.
The recommendations of the Review Committee together with the responses of the University community are being considered by the
President's Office. At this time, it is not dear
which recommendations will be adopted.
the Report but restricted its comments to the
University Librarian Update
Doug Mclnnes finishes his term as University
Librarian at the end of June and will move to
his new position as Head of the Woodward
Library in September. Bill Watson, Assistant
Librarian for Public Services - Central Libraries, has been named Acting University Librarian effective July 1,1989 until a new University
Librarian has been hired.
The President's Advisory Committee for the Selection of the University Librarian will meet on
June 20th. They are still in the process of
preparing a short list of candidates. Interviews
for a few of the candidates have been arranged
for late July. The interviewing process will include opportunities for Library staff to meet
with the candidates.
ubc library bulletin page 2
Video and Film Resources and Services Under Review
Should the library's film and video collections be distributed among the branches or kept together
in one place? Who should be ordering the films and videos and do these items need to be fully
catalogued? Should UBC students and faculty be charged a handling fee to use a film or video?
These and other questions are being reviewed by the newly formed Task Group to Review
Acquisition, Processing and Service for Film and Video in the UBC library System.
When the library inherited the Film library in 1983, it was decided to maintain the library with
relatively few changes for a trial period of a few years. It had been run for many years on a cost
recovery basis by AV Services and the old Extension Department and was earning enough money
through user fees from external and campus loans to keep up a modest programme of
acquisitions.   The library was placed under the ad^ministration of the Curriculum Lab because
they had an interest in media collections. However, it was to continue to serve all faculties and
The Film library has continued to run smoothly over the past six years but there has been
pressure to change, primarily created by the replacement of video for film as the most common
format. Students have access to VCR's and feel they should be able to borrow videos for course
work. There is resistance by some departments to paying the $8.50 fee, especially when it's for
inexpensive items. It has also been questioned whether listing these materials on the
Miscellaneous Materials file together with the distribution of paper catalogues is an adequate way
to make such a collection known.
The Task Group has reviewed the literature, surveyed faculty and librarians and made a few
visits to other libraries. They plan to produce an interim report for the library administration by
the beginning of July. They welcome feedback and suggestions from all library staff.
Members of the Task Group are: Ture Erickson, Margaret Friesen, Matt Hartman, Howard Hurt
(Chair), Heather Keate, Margaret Price, Joan Sandilands and Beverley Scott.
OPAC becomes Omnicat?
The Public Services Task Group on Online Database Development will soon distribute its draft
report to all library staff. The Report makes recommendations for the future of our online
catalogue. It covers issues such as merging of files, keyword searching, help, printing and
downloading, and the availability of commercial databases, for example, ERIC and PsychLNFO,
on the OPAC.
Systems and the library Administration are currently reviewing the Report. Information
meetings for all staff to discuss the recommendations will be scheduled later this summer. A final
report will be prepared after all staff have had a chance to comment on the Report.
BCUC Reincarnated?
Much to the surprise of librarians in the province, the last provincial budget induded an item for
establishing a provincial electronic library. Since the announcement, the Ministry of Advanced
Education and Job Training has asked the Open Learning Agency to coordinate a study of an
electronic library network for post-secondary institutions in the province.
ubc library bulletin page 3
To assist in the investigation, an advisory committee has been established under the chairmanship of Ian Mugridge, Principal of the B.C. Open University. Other committee members are:
Gwen Bailey, Librarian, Malaspina College
Ted Dobb, University Librarian, SFU
Doug Mclnnes, University Librarian, UBC
Paula Pick, BC Library Association Representative
Ross Carter, Director of College Resources, VCC
Connie Fitzpatrick, Librarian, Open Learning Agency
Jeanette Matson, Ministry of Advanced Education Representative
Leo Perra, Principal, Selkirk College
Glen Ruhl, Registrar, Northern Lights College
Mamie Swanson, University Librarian, UVic
Gwen Zilm, Acting Director, Learning Resource Centre, Okanagan College
Although it is far too early to predict what form the electronic hbrary network will take, a union
catalogue of holdings of all BC post-secondary institutions may be part of the answer. It's an idea
that goes back to the early sixties and, perhaps, the technology and political support are finally in
place to make it happen.
MCVFFile   (MacMillan Library files)    **W *£__=,
With over 8,700 records, the MCVF file is the largest file in Miscellaneous Materials. It lists
mostly uncatalogued government publication separates as well as analyzed serial titles, annual
reports, and pamphlets in the area of agriculture and forestry. The government publications are
acquired from all levels of government, induding international organizations. They are
particularly useful as a source of concise information for general reference questions.
MacMillan started using the Misc. Materials system in 1982. Prior to this, these materials were
listed in a card file under the issuing government body only. MacMillan has completed a
retrospective conversion, so their entire collection of government publication separates is now
accessible through Misc. Materials. The greatly improved access is by corporate and personal
author, title, series and keyword.
As with most Misc. Materials files, use the WORD index when searching the MCVF file online.
Try the following questions:
1. Do you have anything to help me select some roses for my garden?
TRY: F W-rose? This will give you 245 hits. To narrow your results to items in the
MacMillan collection, enter: and coll-mcvf
Do you have any information on dealing with slugs?
TRY: FW=slug? This will give you 3 hits.
Please refer questions about the MCVF file and collection to Lore Brongers in the MacMillan
Library (3609). Remember to dip and save this artide to add to your other descriptions of Misc.
Materials collections.
ubc library bulletin page 4
uJS<EVF!F9&<n!S <Ju
After thirty years at UBC, Maureen Wilson is taking early retirement at the end of June. As befits a map
librarian, Maureen's career has carried her at least half-way around the globe. Maureen obtained her BA.
Honours and Diploma in Librarianship at the University of London. After working at the Surrey County
Library in England and the Public Library in North Bay, Ontario, Maureen came to UBC in 1959 as a
general Reference Librarian. In 1965, she was appointed the first Head of the newly formed Map Library
which she subsequently built into the excellent collection we now have. For many, Maureen is the Map
Library and she will be missed by all of us. We wish her a long and happy retirement
Angela Schiwy. who has been working as Project Archivist on the MacMillan-Bloedel papers in Special
Collections, has been appointed as Heritage Archivist at the Northwest Territories Archives in the Prince Of
Wales Northern Heritage Centre. Angela starts her new position in Yellowknife in August. Her last day at
UBC will be July 14th.
Staff Moves
Michele Barlow, LA2 (Sessional), Serials
Zofia Szuberla, LAI, Woodward
Bruce Broomhall, LA2 (Sessional), Acquisitions
Maureen Carey, Tech3, I&O
Sylvia Friesen, LAI, ILL
Thomas LaLonde, LA2 (Sessional), Serials
Amy Lam, LA2 (Sessional), Serials
Michele Oberdieck, LAI, Woodward
Meghan Popham, LAI, Cat Products
Roger Quick, LAI, Sedgewick
Cecilia Hynes, Sec3, Crane
Leslie McAuley, LA3, Music
Lorraine Lucas, LA2, Acquisitions
Katherine Hill, LA2, ILL
Lucia Senichenko, LAI, Cat Record
Jini Chandra, LA3 (Sessional), Cat Records Therese
Chouinard, LAI, Spec Coll
Thomas Fong, LA2 (Sessional), Woodward
Teresa Komori, LA2, FAL
Sumiko Owa, LA2, Acquisitions
Wayne McKay, LAI, MacMillan
Norm Elgaard, LAI, Woodward
Jenny Manhas, LA2, ILL
Elizabeth Stokes, Clerk2, Acquisitions
Carol Trimark, LAI, Curric
Stella Wiesen, LAI, MacMillan
miMtMAj^_M______ l__M___i__W__i_j£^iUMMU£££i£MUt_______W
UBC Heritage Postcards
The University Archives has published the first six postcards in a new "Heritage" series featuring historical photographs
from the University's archival collection. The six postcards show a collage of buildings on the new Point Grey campus
(1925), UBCs first convocation (1912), a float from the Great Trek (1922), campus landscaping (1927), Main Library
nearing completion (1925), and students on the unfinished Science Building after the Great Trek (1922). The postcards
are available for sale in the Special Collections and University Archives Division for 75 cents each.
Summer Reading — 36 Years Ago
Last week, a man in his nineties returned a book to the Information Desk that he came across while cleaning out his
attic at summer camp. The book Practical Physiological Chemistry was signed out for an overnight loan in 1953.
Birthday Greetings
Anne M. Smith, former Assistant Librarian in charge of reference and and information services, celebrated her ninetieth
birthday in May. Miss Smith started working at UBC Library in 1930 and retired in 1964. Dr. W. Kaye Lamb, UBC's
second University Librarian and Canada's first National Librarian, turned eighty-five last month. Dr. Lamb was
University Librarian from 1940 to 1948. Best wishes from all of us.
ubc library bulletin
editor: brenda peterson (2076)
design: merry meredith


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