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UBC Library Bulletin Jan 31, 2000

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No. 258
January 2000
Archives, Artifacts Make Chung Collection Unique
Officially valued at $5 million, the collection recently donated to the Library by Dr. Wallace Chung, Dr.
Madeline Chung and their family is literally irreplaceable. In addition to over 12,000 books and documents
covering B.C. history, the C.P.R., and the Chinese in North America, we will receive roughly 1,700 historical
objects and artifacts. Press coverage has tended to focus on just one of these: a giant model of the Empress of
Asia, meticulously restored by Dr. Chung from the original builders' plans. However, the collection covers an
extraordinary range, and is already drawing international attention from historians.
While most of the rarer print materials will be housed in Special Collections, work is underway on preparing the
Main Library's Room 501 to store and display the myriads of other herns in the collection. The official opening is
planned for late next year.
ARL Report Triggers LAC Action
While UBC gained ground in the recent MacLean 's survey of Canadian universities, a parallel report suggests
that, overall, this country's academic libraries continue to decline compared to their U.S. counterparts.
The good news: among Canadian universities with Ph.D., medical, and research programs, UBC has risen from
4th to 2nd place in the fall 1999 MacLean s annual review. (The University of Toronto continues in the lead, and
UBC ratings are tied with Queen's.)
When the focus turns to libraries, however, the news is less promising. In the Association of Research Libraries'
annual survey of 111 North American libraries, only 3 Canadian university libraries even ranked in the top half:
Toronto (#4), Alberta (#29), and UBC (#35, down 10 places in the 5 years between 1992/3 and the 1997/8 report
year). Of all Canadian research universities, only UBC and U. of T. increased their spending on libraries during
that period. Toronto enhanced its library support by 16.5%, and UBC by just 0.3%.
Canadian Association of University Teachers president Bill Graham calls this a crisis:
Why is it that every major American public university except Hawaii could increase funding for
libraries, while 11 of 13 Canadian institutions cut their library expenditures? This situation can
only be reversed if governments provide adequate funding and if university administrations
recognize the vital importance of libraries to the intellectual life of the university.
Campus Library Advisory Committees (LAC's) responded on December 15 with an extraordinary joint meeting
called by the Arts Faculty LAC to develop a mutual strategy for Ubrary support. The proposal called for :
... collaborating with the Senate Library and the other Library Advisory Committees in
assisting the University Administration to... reverse the disastrous loss of library collections,
space and positions.... Unless this trend is reversed... the University's claim to pre-eminence
will be void, and the reforms envisaged in Trek 2000 and the Academic Plan vain.
Look for more on this issue in January.
ubc library bulletin page 2
1999: The Condensed Version
In what is becoming a tradition, University Librarian Catherine Quinlan held staff sessions in November to
recap highlights of the working year. Reducing it to a single page is no easy task. Here are some of the
Library's top stories, successes, and continuing concerns. Catherine welcomes comments at her e-mail
address: <quuuan@interchange.ubc.ca>
• Reporting Relationships: Changes within UBC's administrative structure mean that the University
Librarian now reports to the new Vice-President Academic, Dr. Barry McBride, and for the first time
steps up to membership in the Committee of Deans and the Associate Vice-Presidents' group.
• Planning, Year 200O4-: Our priority is to create a new strategic plan which is also responsive to the
University's key documents: Trek 2000, the Academic Plan, and Research Turns on Knowledge. We
have already completed an all-staff SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
analysis, a survey of roughly 20,000 patrons, and a study of the environment within which the Library
will need to function within the next 10 years. The draft Strategic Plan is targeted for March 2000, and
the final version by May.
• Successes: An added, continuing $1 million from the University for Library collections was turned
to good use immediately, with $400,000 going to cover this year's serials price increases and currency
differentials. Sadly, funds only balance out if we continue with the planned $750,000 in print journal
cancellations, but we now hold 2,900 academic e-journal titles and over 1,000 other online resources.
The donation of the uniquely valuable Chung Collection was another milestone.
Through the Rodger Stanton Memorial Fund, the Life Sciences libraries can now draw on the income
from a $1 million endowment to enhance collections. The next target is to move our overall Collection
Endowment Fund toward its new goal of $1 million.
Besides having the Canadian academic libraries' National Site Licensing Proposal 60% funded by
the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (that's $30 million toward equal access for all to needed
e-resources), UBC's share of the remaining 40% has also been covered. Support for this originates with
Dr. Stewart Blusson's unprecedented $50 million gift to UBC earlier this year. A proposal for phase II
funding should receive a response within a few months.
Step by step, RECON, work on the cataloguing backlog, and a serials cleanup are moving the Library
toward another big goal: a fully integrated Web-based catalogue. In an effort to speed this work,
requests for funding have been made through the Trek 2001 Implementation Plan.
• Community Relations: Highlights include an Alumni A-card with Ubrary borrowing privileges,
interprovincial OCUL/COPPUL library cards, and an increasing Library cultural presence through
concerts in the renovated Dodson Room, the continuing UBC Authors' Reception, and the new
Woodcock Lecture and Library Lecture series.
• Issues, January 2000+: Besides the Strategic Plan, expect CUPE strike concerns, staff retirements/
renewal, library space needs and, of course, our '00/01 budget aUocation to be the next big news hems.
ubc library bulletin page 3
For many Ubraries, the New Year will bring extra space, staffing
or resources as we continue to strengthen the electronic component
of collections and services. Here are some highlights.
• E-Space in Koerner
Room 266 in the Koerner Library has been equipped as a smaU group teaching space, with 9
workstations using Sun Ray technology. The equipment arrived as the result of a gift made by
Haig Farris, Chair of the President's Advisory Committee on the University Library (PACUL).
The room, dubbed E-Space, comes with our thanks to him for his longterm support of the Library.
Jocelyn Godolphin notes that plans call for a projector and screen to be installed, so that the room can
be used for small-group teaching sessions as weU as e-text work. For details and booking, phone the
HSSD office assistant at 2-6363.
• December Online Additions
Christmas presents included electronic versions of more than 230 muhidiscipUnary Academic Press and
Oxford University Press journals, many unavailable in our print collections. Several important article
indexes have also been upgraded from in-library CD-ROM format to Web access, and one of our most
heavily used online indexes, Psyclnfo, can now be searched back to 1887. (Ready for E-Freud?) For
more details, foUow the What's New? link on the Library's home page.
• More Staff
Systems now has student trouble-shooters, complete with official ID and pagers, who can come to your
location if needed. From the Library staff Web page, foUow the link to the Systems home page for
schedules and other details.
SALS — existing Ubrary staff with added training as information technology assistants — are up and
running already, with 6 accredited staff now and another 6 to be added early next year. The goal is to
have one SAL in each significant Library location, including the hospital branches. SALS will soon
take over most hands-on training for staff NT workstations.
• NT Upgrade and OPAC Reconfiguration
The final sites for conversion to NT workstations (the Library Processing Centre and the Asian Library)
should be completed by the end of this year or very shortly after. If you've been hearing about another
large project — renewing and revising the software on all the Library's public OPAC terminals — it's
already underway. Additions include Beyond 20/20 (a sophisticated access package for Canadian
census files), Quicklmk (ditto for the Quicklaw database), the ability to view and print Powerpoint
presentations, and the same version of Netscape as on staff workstations.
• WebNG
This improved (hurray, due dates!), in-house version of the present DRA Web catalogue interface is
progressing well. Besides cleaner displays and other enhancements, faster response time is a major
feature, and the overall system is looking good so far. Systems hopes to have h available by or before
March 2000. To test the present version, follow the links from the staff Web page.
ubc library bulletin page 4
If *
New Appointments
Nancy Campbell, LAI, Woodward
Rachel Chan, LAI, Special Collections
Michelle Cyrzan, sessional LA2, Koerner
Elsa Dickson, sessional LAI, Main
Kevin Fort, sessional LAI, Math
Gislene Guenard, sessional LAI, Koerner
Dawn Hayhurst, LAI, Woodward
Lianna McAdam, LA2, Law
Oded Mizrabi, sessional LA2, Woodward
Jennifer Oey, sessional LA2, Woodward
Robert Ongkoy, sessional LA2, Main
Karen Steiner, sessional LA2, Law
Chris Storrow, library monitor, Koerner/Main
Anna Wilkinson, reference librarian (2-year term),
Special Collections & University Archives and Fine Arts
Ann Chatwin, sessional LA2, Education
Nicola Dickson, sessional LAI, Koerner
Jennifer Forhan, sessional LAI, Koerner
Bernice Koh, sessional LAI, Koerner
Sophia Nicolidakis, sessional LAI, Law
Sara Eccleston, to LA3, Special Collections
Sara Louise GUmore, temp, promotion to LA2, Koerner
Michael Beaton, to temp. Admin. Clerk 2, Koerner
Gaye Ferguson, to LAI, Woodward
Lee Henderson, to sessional LAI, Koerner
Andrea Heyrman, to part-time LAI, Woodward
Patrick Kincaid, to LA2, Order
Peggy Lynn Maclsaac, to LAI, Koerner
Anne Miele, to LA4, Special Collections
Felicity Nagai, to LAI, Main
Koji Okada, to LA3, LPC
Julia Popo, to sessional LAI, Koerner
Wang Qingxiang, to LA2, MacMillan
ubc library bulletin page 5
| j   I     * MORE STAFF NEWS A   &1
Kevin Fort, sessional LAI, Math
Elizabeth Howard, librarian, Fine Arts
Christine Tai, part-time LAI, Woodward
GiseDa Mallue, LA4, Science & Engineering, September 30
Yim Tse, Librarian, Asian Library, September 30
Josie Lazar, Librarian's Office, October 31
Jean Tsai, LA4, Asian Library, October 31
Young Ju Ann, LA4, Cataloguing, December 31
Manda Bose, Indie Bibliographer, Asian Library, December 31
Erik de Bruijn, Assistant University Librarian, Human Resources, December 31
Jenny Forbes, Librarian, Humanities and Social Sciences, December 31
Ann Rowley, Librarian, Cataloguing, December 31
Elsie WoDaston, librarian, Woodward, December 31
In Memoriam
Sad farewells to longtime staff members Paulina Kirman, a retired Cataloguing LA4 who passed away in
September, and Gwen Gregor, who died in early December after only recently retiring from the Education
Library. Both will be missed by friends and colleagues around the Ubrary system.
Register in January for MOST Courses
Margaret Friesen, the Library's Staff Training and Development Coordinator, urges staff to move fast once
next term's MOST brochure arrives. These courses are expected to fiU up early, and we have to cover staff
registration fees well before the end of the fiscal year in March.
Although a detailed schedule is not yet available, some popular programs will be repeated before June:
Beyond Survival: Leading Change
Bringing Creativity Into the Workplace
Conflict Resolution Skills for Managers
Effective Meetings
Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback at Work
Goal Setting
Office Writing Skills
Supervisory Skills: a Step Further
Time Management
Check your e-mail in January for an update from Margaret on registration procedures.
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