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new series no. 22/december 1988
After serving as Acting University
Librarian from 1981-1982 and as
University Librarian from 1982, Doug
Mclnnes has accepted an appointment as Head of Woodward Library.
His term as University Librarian ends
June 30,1989, or as soon as a new
Librarian is appointed. A President's
Search Committee is being established to consider candidates.
"While I was University Librarian,
there were retrenchments throughout
the University and the Library system
but there have also been some
positive developments," Mr. Mclnnes
said. "It appears the Library is on the
threshold of obtaining improved
space for collections and some of its
services. An online public catalogue
has been introduced, along with technologies such as CD-ROM and
facsimile transmission. We have
forged stronger relationships with the
community. President Strangway's
Report on the Library in 1987 helped
focus attention on some of the major
issues facing UBC Library and all research libraries today."
On leaving his position as University
Librarian, Mr. Mclnnes paid tribute
to the Library's staff. "I am particularly proud of the way they have
responded to increased demand for
services and reduced resources. The
Library has become more efficient in
its operations and full credit should
be given to staff who have introduced
new and more effective ways of handling large volumes of work. UBC is
fortunate to have so many Library
staff who are dedicated to maintaining high standards of service."
In moving to Woodward Library, Mr.
Mclnnes will be assuming duties that
he left years ago. He was the first
Head of Woodward Library from
1964 until 1967, when he was appointed the Library's first Assistant
University Librarian for Public
Also in this issue—
Fax "Born Again"
Canadiana Pamphlets
1986 Census
Canadian Politics
CAS Online Workshops
Compact Discs
Around the Libraries
Services. During his career at UBC,
Mr. Mclnnes has held many offices in
local and national professional
associations. He is currently completing a two-year term as President of
the Canadian Association of Research
...    -v ifikV*
Seasons ^
One of two photographs of campus
winter scenes chosen for UBC
Archives' first Christmas cards.
The other is of the Main Library
viewed through a snow covered
branch. You may buy the black and
white cards from Special Collections,
Main Library, weekdays from 8:30 to
5:00 and Saturdays from 12 noon to
5:00. A single card costs $.80,10 cards
$7.00, and 25 cards $16.25. For more
information, phone the UBC
Archivist, Chris Hives (228-5877).
ubc campus 1961 Asia/Pacific
Sciences Collection
The Asia/Pacific collection in the
humanities and social sciences emphasizes Japan, China, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia and
New Zealand. It is located in the
Main Library, the Asian Library and
the Sedgewick Undergraduate Library. The Main Library has material
in English and other European languages; the Asian Library has material in Asian languages; and Sedgewick Library has additional copies of
undergraduate course-related high
demand material in English.
Who selects what in the Library
English and Western European
language material
• Fine arts and music -
Hans Burndorfer (4959, 3589)
• Serials and reference sources -
Humanities/Social Sciences librarians
• Governmental materials -
Government Publications librarians (2584)
• Undergraduate materials -
Sedgewick librarians (4908)
• Humanities and social sciences books -
Collections Division bibliographers:
English language - Jennifer Forbes (3748)
Western European - Les Karpinski (3748)
Asian language material
Asian Library librarians:
• Chinese materials -
Linda Joe, Head, Asian Library (5905)
Shui-Yim Tse (2023)
• Japanese materials -
Tsuneharu Gonnami (2023)
The Asian Library is in the process of
recruiting for three staff to take
charge of collection development in
Korean, South Asian and Indonesian
languages. Once these positions are
filled, the Library will proceed
immediately to establish an acquisitions program for material in Korean
and Indonesian languages.
Acquisition programs for current
The Main Library acquires humanities and social sciences material both
about and originating in Asia/Pacific
countries. The Library is on the
mailing list of about 250 Asian
publishers who publish in the English
language and we have a blanket
order program with the Shastri Indo-
Canadian Institute for English
publications originating in India. A
list of the more important sources
that we use is available from the
Collections Division, Main Library.
Material about the Pacific Rim
published outside the region is
obtained either on approval plans for
the United Kingdom, the United
States, Canada, Germany and France
or is selected individually from a
wide variety of sources. Research
institutes and associations in Australia, the United States, the United
Kingdom and other European and
Asian countries also publish important monograph series, research
papers, reports and working papers.
Whenever possible, we obtain these
automatically on standing order. A
list of some of the more important
English language series acquired
regularly is available in the Collections Division.
The Asian Library prefers to acquire
Asian language publications directly
from the country of origin, if possible.
In the past, however, most publications from the People's Republic of
China were acquired through a Hong
Kong dealer. Beginning in 1989, new
books published in the PRC will be
selected and ordered from Beijing
before they are published. New books
in South Asian languages are supplied on blanket order by Shastri.
The Library welcomes the participation of faculty members in collection
development. If you have any
questions about the selection process
or have purchase requests, please
phone the librarian responsible for
the area or type of material in which
you are interested.
Jennifer Forbes, Linda Joe
Fax "Born Again"
Although facsimile transmission has
been around for decades, the use of
fax in libraries for administrative purposes and document delivery is only
now taking off.
Facsimile transmission is a communications system which sends documents by phone lines from one fax
machine to another. To transmit, the
operator at the sending location
inputs the phone number of the
receiving location. After the phone
connection is made, the scanner
"reads" the document, translates
what it sees into dots per square inch
and into tones of varying frequency
and sends the "page" through the
phone lines. At the receiving end, the
tones are translated back to dots on
paper and printed out.
The Library now has fax machines in
six locations: the Health Sciences
libraries (Woodward, Hamber,
Biomedical Branch, St. Paul's), Law
Library and Main Library. The
Woodward Foundation funded the
Library's first fax machines for the
Health Sciences Network. The
Network uses fax to transmit requests
between branch libraries and, occasionally, for document delivery. The
Law Library uses fax to transmit
documents (usually articles or cases)
to law firms and other requestors.
The Interlibrary Loan Division in
Main Library and the ILL unit in
Woodward Library use fax to transmit documents to off-campus requestors and to receive documents.
Most libraries from which we borrow
do not have fax document delivery
services yet. For those few which do,
the Interlibrary Loan Borrowing
Service can order documents by fax
for UBC borrowers. The charge is $10
per article and $1 per page faxed. For
more information, phone Patrick
Dunn, Interlibrary Loan Division
Please note: The general fax centre for
the campus is Media Services. Phone
228-4771 for more information.
Margaret Friesen $37,000 SSHRCC Grant for Canadiana Pamphlets
Researchers in Canadian history will
benefit soon from a $37,000 Social
Sciences and Humanities Research
Council grant to Special Collections.
The grant, under the Canadian
Research Tools Programme, will
make possible a computerized
catalogue of the Library's unique
Canadian pamphlet collection.
There are more than 20,000 pamphlets on subjects such as Canadian
history, politics and literature, with
emphasis on British Columbia, voyages of exploration to the west coast
of North America and the Arctic, the
fur trade, the War of 1812, Canadian
railway history, the Riel Rebellion
and the 1837 Rebellion.
Until now, the pamphlets were
Results of Reciprocity
Evils the Taft-Fielding Agreement
Will Bring
By Canadians, For Canadians,  About Canada.
This study of tie effects of Reciprocity is written from a strictly
Canadian point of view.
It is regarded solely asaCauadUu question,supremely important lo the
Canadian people and decisive as to the eonimercial and political future of
Every individual who proposes to earn his living in Canada will be
interested, irrespective of race, origin, national feeling or political opinion.
accessible to researchers only with
the help of the Division's professional
staff. Some of the pamphlets are
briefly listed in a card file; others are
unlisted in manuscript collections.
Few are listed in bibliographies. Once
the pamphlets are listed in the
Library's online Miscellaneous
Materials file, they will be retrievable
by author, title, subject and keyword.
In addition, UBC Library will produce 200 microfiche sets of the catalogue for distribution to university,
college and public libraries throughout Canada.
Anne Yandle
We don't know where we're going,
but we're on our way
1986 Census Soon?
The UBC Data Library has received
many enquiries about the availability
of the 1986 Census files. Because of
the unprecedented cost increase for
the 1986 files compared to earlier
years, it has not, until now, been
feasible to consider acquiring them.
However, primarily due to the efforts
of Laine Ruus, the former UBC Data
Librarian, now at the Univeristy of
Toronto, negotiations with Statistics
Canada to form a consortium of
academic libraries to purchase and
redistribute the 1986 Census files
among members are underway. The
membership of the consortium will
probably be based on the membership of the Canadian Association of
Research Libraries.
Specific details are not available yet
but it seems an agreement with
Statistics Canada will be reached
soon. Therefore, it is likely that the
Data Library will be able to make the
machine readable 1986 Census basic
summary tables and associated
geographic files available to the UBC
academic community. Further developments will be announced as soon
as possible.
Meanwhile, the Data Library does
have the 1986 short form data for
British Columbia available in the
PCENSUS database (see Campus
Computing, May 1988). PCENSUS
may be used on the PC in the Data
Hilde Colenbrander
Canadian Politics
The first microfiche edition of the
more than 12,000 item Canadian
Politics: A Selective Bibliography to
1988, compiled by Iza Laponce, the
political science librarian, is now
available. The bibliography is also
accessible via command mode on the
Library's online bibliography file
BIBL. Microfiche sets can be consulted in the Humanities and Social
Sciences Reference Division, Sedgewick Library, Law Library and Social
Work Library. They are also for sale
for $75 each plus 6% sales tax. Phone
Sue Ziggiotti (228-6275). A printed
thesaurus to the subject headings in
the bibliography is included with
each fiche set. Several thousand
citations are added annually to the
file and updated editions of the
microfiche are planned.
The bibliography's interdisciplinary
coverage provides an important and
useful source for faculty, students
and other researchers interested in
such topics as political parties, voting
behaviour, electoral systems, constitutional questions, native rights, civil
rights, multicultural policy, ethnic
relations, federal-provincial relations,
provincial politics, local politics,
public, social, cultural, economic and
trade policies, mass media, social
conditions, social stratification,
foreign relations, defence policy, etc.,
in Canada. Generally excluding
popular or journalistic publications,
the bibliography includes citations to
books and parts of books, journal
articles and conference papers. You
can look up citations by author, title,
keyword in title and subject heading.
For more information about the bibliography, please phone Iza Laponce
(228-5923) or send a message via
$Message on MTS.
Iza Laponce CAS Online
Chemical Abstracts Services is
offering three workshops at UBC
December 6,7 and 8 in the Sedgewick
Library Conference Room. Important
sources of chemical/molecular information are now often available only
in online databases such as the
Registry File and CASREACT. Take
this opportunity to become familiar
with new information sources and
retrieval techniques.
Please phone the CAS Workshop
Coordinator for registration forms or
more information.
(800-848-6538, Ext. 2557).
CA File Basic Workshop
December 6 9:00 - 4:00 $75US*
The CA file is the online version of
Chemical Abstracts. Topics include
how to search the file using the CA
file command language, what information can be searched, and how to
evaluate your search results. The CA
file command language can also be
used to search other STN databases.
The workshop is for those with little
or no online searching experience.
Registry File Basic Workshop
December 7 9:00-4:00 $75US*
The Registry File provides access to
the CAS Registry System of over 8
million substances. Using its unique
structure-based search capabilities,
you can find substances that share
specific combinations of atoms and
bonds. The File can also be searched
using complete substance names,
fragments of names, molecular
formulas, and other chemical dictionary information. The workshop will
focus on structure searching.
December 8 9:00-1:00 $55US*
The CASREACT file contains detailed
information about chemical reactions.
Topics include effective search
strategy, search and display fields,
and file crossover. The workshop is
for those interested in organic synthetic research, including biomol-
ecules and organometallics and who
are familiar with STN commands and
the Registry File.
Workshops include online practice.
If enough people are interested, CAS
will give a free demonstration of the
online version of Beilstein the afternoon of December 8. Please phone
Helen Mayoh (228-4363).
*Fee given is the reduced rate (50% off) for faculty,
staff and students of academic institutions.
Compact Discs
The 4,000 compact discs in the
Wilson Recordings Collection have a
new home. The room has space for
7,000 compact discs
and allows music
lovers to browse the
collection. The
new arrivals shelf
is another popular
addition for avid CD
borrowers.  Compact  disc
players are not yet available in the
Recordings Collection.
Around The Libraries
Suzanne Dodson, the Preservation
Librarian and Head of Government
Publications and Microforms Division, has been named Convenor of
the International Organization For
Standardization's Working Group 3,
Applications of Microforms in
Libraries. The ISO develops standards which can be used throughout
the world. Most of the standards are
subsequently adopted by
Canada...Margaret Price has been
appointed Acting Associate Head of
Woodward Library until March 31,
1989 or until a new University
Librarian has been appointed-
Joanne Naslund from the Curriculum Laboratory and Sally Clinton
from Education presented a one day
BCLA workshop on whole language
to school librarians November 18 in
Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Service
UBC Library Online series:
Questions and Answers
Remote Access for Faculty
and Graduate Students
Introduction to Command Mode
Quick Reference for Command Mode
If you would like any of these information sheets, please phone Information and Orientation (228-2076).
UBCLIB: a Reference Manual for
Command Mode is available for $2.50
at the Bookstore.
Free Trade - Past and Present
Special Collections
UBC Press
The Ubyssey 1918-1988
Main Library
Chinese Medicine
Woodward Memorial Room
Chains of Consequence: Recent
Paintings by Janis Vilks
Until December 17
Fine Arts Gallery
Toys from Junk: Recycle it
Curriculum Laboratory
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Information and Orientation Division
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661


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