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new series no. 26/december 1989
UBC Library online - bigger and better
Online public access in the libraries
more than doubled this month with
the installation of 11 new terminals.
Use of the Library's online files is
growing rapidly and more terminals
are still needed. Fortunately, however, UBC library cardholders can
also use any UBCnet terminal on
campus or their personal computer at
home to connect to UBCLIB. As
computer use increases, demand for
services grows, and the Library has a
number of projects underway to
improve online access.
Task Group recommends public
service priorities
This year a Public Services Task
Group reviewed user needs and
made recommendations for online
database development. The Task
Group recommended that the
Library's files be searchable as one,
that index/abstract databases be
available on the online system to
increase access to journal literature,
and that keyword and other searching capabilities be enhanced or
added. Issues such as adding an
encyclopedia and more information
files, printing and downloading,
messaging, and the urgent need for a
new circulation system were also
covered. A committee to work with
the Library Systems Division to help
implement the recommendations is
being established.
New face, new files on the way
The Systems Division is also working
on several projects to improve
UBCLIB. One is a new graphics user
interface for microcomputers, which
eventually will replace the terminals
and the current interface. The new
interface will provide windows,
menus, pointers, colour screens,
dialog boxes and other interactive
Another ongoing project is the
acquisition and mounting of index
Also in this issue—
Term Paper Clinic 2
Library supports University College
Degree Program 2
Access collective agreements, newspaper
clippings online 3
ABI/lnform U-Search service 3
Current Contents on diskette 3
How to find government publications 3
Need a film or video? 4
MacMillan Bloedel, Olympic papers 4
Database news 4
Around the libraries 4
People 4
Places 4
On display 4
and abstract databases. Through a cooperative venture with the Faculty of
Education, three index/abstract
databases — ERIC's Resources in
Education and the Current Index to
Journals in Education and Psyclnfo —
are being mounted and tested. The
Library has acquired (see p.2) ^
Give pictures from   *+*
UBC's past for Xmas
Do you know how difficult it is to
find good historic photographs of the
campus in the snow? This year's       ±.
Christmas cards from the University   '
Archives show it's possible. The first
card features a black and white aerial
photograph of the Main Library and
courtyard with the Old Gymnasium
in the background (1950). The second,
reminiscent of a French Impressionist
scene, depicts people scurrying under
umbrellas during a snow storm on
campus (1960). The cards are $.80
each or 10 for $7.00 plus tax.
The Archives has also published a
handsome 1990 calendar with 13
black and white photographs depicting various events from UBC's past.
The calendar costs $9.95 plus tax.
Chris Hives
Main Library and garden, 1950 ubc Library online (from v.i)       Term paper clinic begins January 29
two other databases on tape —
Microlog, which indexes a microfiche
set of often hard-to-find Canadian
federal, provincial and municipal
publications and Canadian News Index
for major Canadian newspapers.
These databases will be used and
evaluated initially by Library reference staff. Free searches by all UBC
Library users will be available as
soon as possible, perhaps in stages,
because of limited computer capacity.
More information about plans for
databases on tape and on CD-ROM
will appear in our next issue.
We welcome your comments
Tell us what you'd like to have
online. Send suggestions through
online Feedback on UBCLIB, send us
a memo, phone, or talk to a librarian.
Julie Stevens
Sedgewick Library's Term Paper
Clinic offers special term paper
assistance to first and second year
Arts and Science students. Last year,
191 students used Term Paper Clinic
and their response to the service was
enthusiastic. This year, again with the
assistance of the graduate students in
the School of Library, Archival and
Information Studies (SLAIS), we hope
it will be bigger and better than ever.
How TPC helps students
Term Paper Clinic introduces
students to library research methods.
A librarian or SLAIS student prepares
a brief research guide for each
student's essay topic. The guide
usually lists the subject headings for
searching the catalogues for books,
reference sources such as specialized
handbooks or encyclopedias and periodical indexes. The librarian or
SLAIS student reviews the guide with
the student, explains the research
strategy used and the sources listed,
and points out how similar strategies
may be used to research other term
papers or projects.
Encourage your students to sign up
First and second year Arts and
Science students may sign up in
January at the Sedgewick Reference
Desk. Term Paper Clinic will be held
12:30 to 2:30 weekdays from January
29 to February 23. Of course, students
may also ask the librarians anytime
for help with their research.
Joan Sandilands
Library supports University College Degree Program
We first heard the phrase "Access for
All" from the Honourable Stan
Hagen, then Minister of Advanced
Education and Job Training, in June,
when he referred to the delivery of
university degree programs at
Okanagan, Cariboo and Malaspina
Colleges. UBC is supporting the
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of
Science programs at Okanagan and
Cariboo and the Bachelor of Education (Elementary) at Cariboo. The
colleges began to offer third year
courses this fall and will offer fourth
year courses next year.
To support the new programs, the
college libraries recruited more staff
to acquire, catalogue and make
accessible new library resources. UBC
Library's Interlibrary Loans Division
prepared for more requests. The
initial planning for improved delivery, some special circulation services,
and the tracking of requests proceeded at a predictable pace—until
September 19, when the tidal wave
hit. Okanagan College students got
serious and the rush began. Cariboo
students followed a few weeks later.
Interlibrary Loans' services were
enhanced by daily courier service to
the three "university colleges" and
regular fax document delivery. But in
this new situation, unique questions
came up every day. Communication
between the borrowing and lending
libraries was the key to making
things happen and trying new
Some service barriers still need to be
resolved. Not all the college libraries
have fax machines yet and must wait
for material to be delivered from a
central campus communications
service. In some cases, the courier
shipments are also delivered to a
central sorting station rather than
directly to the Library. Ideally,
materials to support third year
courses would be on site. However,
not all materials could be purchased
by September. In the meantime, UBC
Library has filled some of the gaps by
adapting its services to the needs of
the college libraries and testing new
and faster delivery methods.
The Ministry of Advanced Education
and Job Training has made a grant to
UBC, the University of Victoria and
SFU for library development to
support the university college
programs. UBC will use part of its
two year grant to hire a librarian to
design and implement an interlibrary
loan workstation and purchase the
computer equipment for this project.
Margaret Friesen Access collective
agreements, newspaper
clippings online
UBC Library Online accesses more
than books and serials. Newly added
to Other Campus Collections are the
approximately 250 collective agreements Commerce faculty have
donated to the David Lam Library.
You can search for the agreements in
the Other Campus Collections file by
union, employer, title and under the
subject Collective Labor Agreements-
Canada. For example, a search by the
name British Columbia Government
Employees' Union lists ten collective
agreements. The agreements, which
cannot be borrowed, are filed in
binders in the Lam Library.
Not new but useful to know about is
Sedgewick Library's newspaper
clipping file. The folder headings are
listed by title in the Miscellaneous
Materials file. The clipping file
includes articles from the Vancouver
Sun, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and
the Financial Post, as well as the
Courier and (very selectively) the New
York Times. The clippings are a convenient source of information about
current events and especially useful
for information on local and provincial developments. The file is weeded
regularly to keep it manageable.
Vancouver/GVRD material is kept
five years but provincial stories are
weeded after three years, and national/international after two years.
Diana Chan, Keith Bunnell
David Lam Library offers ABI/Inform
U-Search service
David Lam Library introduced a new
subsidized U-Search service on CD-
Rom for its users this summer. ABI/
Inform, a business database which
indexes more than 800 business and
management journals, was loaded on
a CD-ROM workstation in the library.
Using this personal computer workstation, you can do a literature search
for article citations with 150 word
abstracts on companies, products,
business conditions and trends,
corporate strategies and management
techniques. For example, a search on
the deregulation of trust companies
provides 12 citations from journals
such as the Economist, Euromoney,
Canadian Business Review, and
Barron's. The database, which has no
print equivalent, covers the last five
years up to August 1989, and is
updated regularly. You can then save
these citations to your formatted 5.25
floppy disk to read or print out later.
Because the David Lam Library
subsidizes this service, a simple
search costs only a few dollars
compared to $30 to $40 for an online
search. Users of the service need a
Commerce copy card and a formatted
floppy disk. Non-Commerce UBC
Library card-holders can also use this
service. Please phone 224-8470 for
more information.
Diana Chan
Current Contents on diskette: Life Sciences in
Woodward and Hamber
Current Contents: Life Sciences provides very up-to-date coverage of the
contents of more than 1200 journals.
It has always been a popular print
tool for current awareness. Now
Woodward Library and Hamber
Library have subscribed to Current
Contents on diskette. Each issue has the
tables of contents of current journal
issues but does not have the news
items and comments included in the
print version of Current Contents. The
most recent issues of Current Contents
on diskette, with the software to search
them, are at the Medline CD-ROM
public workstations in Woodward
and Hamber. An issue can be
browsed by discipline or journal title.
Searches by author, title keyword,
journal title, address, and language
are possible. Printing citations or
downloading to a floppy disk is easy.
However, only one issue can be
consulted at a time. To search cited
references or older issues, you still
need to request an online search on
the Scisearch database.
Jim Henderson
How to find government publications
Many government publications are
fully catalogued, listed in the
Library's card, microfiche or online
catalogue and located in the Main
stacks or other libraries. Here are a
few tips for finding them:
• Searching by exact title where possible
is the easiest way to find most government reports.
• Searching the catalogues for the exact
entry for a Royal Commission or Task
Force report can be difficult. Instead,
try the name of the chairperson of the
Commission or Task Force.
• Government serials are listed in the
Serials file online or in the Serials
microfiche, by title as well as government author.
• Statistics Canada serials are listed by
Statistics Canada number and United
Nations serials by United Nations
document number on the first fiche of
the Serial List.
• Since 1988, uncatalogued government
publications are listed in the Miscellaneous Materials file. You can search by
author, title, or government body and
also by keyword in command mode.
Check this file if you're looking for
recent government reports or documents, for example, material on the
Goods and Services Tax. Pre-1988
uncatalogued material in Government
Publications Division, primarily Canadian reports, pamphlets, extra copies of
items already catalogued, or unpublished material such as submissions
and briefs, is gradually being added to
the Miscellaneous Materials file.
If you can't find the government
material you need, come to the
Government Publications Division
for help. Many government documents are only available in microfiche and citations to them can only
be found in printed indexes in
various reference areas.
Susan Mathew Need a film or video for
your class?
Try the Film Library and the Curriculum Laboratory. The Film Library, on
the 3rd floor of the Library Processing Centre, has a large collection of
videos and 16mm films. Listed online
in the Miscellaneous Materials file or
in the printed Film Library catalogue,
they can be searched by title, subject,
or name. Films and videos can be
booked in advance. There is an $8.50
service charge to borrow them.
Videos and films in the Curriculum
Laboratory are listed like books in the
Library's online Catalogue file by
title, name and subject. Both libraries
have previewing facilities.
For more information, phone Gwyn
Bartram in the Film Library (4400) or
Gwen Gregor in Curriculum Laboratory (5381). If UBC Library does not
have the film or video you need, we
may be able to borrow it for you or
order it for the collection.
Cynthia Swoveland
Research MacMillan
Bloedel, 1976 Olympics
In 1988, MacMillan Bloedel donated
to the Library more than 130 metres
of archival records from predecessor
companies to recent executives.
Researchers can now search these
records with a printed finding aid
available in Special Collections or in
the online file INV, using command
mode on UBCLIB. The online file can
be searched by name, title, or subject.
Some records are restricted.
Donated in 1989, the papers of
Harold Wright, noted engineer and
1976 Summer Olympic Games Chairman, are also available for researchers. Of particular interest are records
generated in the successful attempt to
obtain the Olympics for Canada and
records relating to the operation of
the Games. For more information,
phone George Brandak (2232).
George Brandak
Database neWSdatabases librarians can search for you
Software directory
The Software Directory, a new file on
Dialog, covers more than 100,000
microcomputer software packages.
Subject categories include education;
productivity, e.g., payroll, accounting
and human resource management;
industries, e.g., computer-aided
design and computer-aided
manufacturing; sciences;
professions/services, e.g., banking,
hotel/motel, legal, medical, real
estate; and systems. Each record
includes vendor information, a
product description, technical
specifications, such as hardware and
memory requirements, compatibility
information and, in many cases,
citations to published software
Single European market
Business researchers interested in the
proposed Single European Market
slated for 1990 can locate business
and financial analyses and forecasts
in ICC International Business Research
and Investext.
Search services
Search costs vary. For more
information, phone the branch or
reference division for your field.
Pia Christensen
Margaret Friesen, Head of
Interlibrary Loans Division, Main
Library, has been appointed acting
Head of Science Division until a new
Head is appointed. Helen Chow has
been hired temporarily as a part-time
reference librarian in Science
Division. Rita Penco, who worked in
Science for a year, is the new librarian
at the Pulp and Paper Centre on
campus. Until June 30,1990, Kirsten
Walsh will be Acting Head of Music
Library and Nick Omelusik Acting
Head of Fine Arts Library while Hans
Burndorfer, the Head of Music and
Fine Arts, is on leave. Sheryl Adam
has been appointed as a reference
librarian in the Information and
Orientation Division, Main Library.
Deborah Wilson has been appointed
as a half-time reference librarian in
MacMillan Library. She also works
half-time in the Computer Science
Reading Room.
Over 2,000 lights are
brightening the Giant
Sequoia tree in front of
the Main Library this
Christmas. The Sequoia
was planted in 1926.
On display
UBC Archives Christmas cards
& 1990 calendar
Women of vision
Displays by senior sculpture students
on libraries, literature or
the information explosion
Main Library
Temperance or intolerance
Western cities - historical views
Exploring B.C.'s mountain parks
Special Collections
Main Library
Exhibition of paintings
by Mary Scott
November 22 - December 22
Fine Arts Gallery
Main Library
History of medicine student displays
Cataract surgery
Leonardo da Vinci
Woodward Library's 25th
Memorial Room
Woodward Library
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Information and Orientation Division   j,
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661
1 9 1 S -  1 9 9 0


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