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UBC Library News Oct 31, 1989

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new series no. 25/october 1989
UBC Library online - what's new, what's ahead
Whafs new
Two new files are available on the
menu: the Course file and the Old
Card Catalogue Conversion file. The
Course file lists the materials on
reserve in Main Library Reserve Book
Collection, Sedgewick Library and
Woodward Library Reserve Collection. It can be searched by author,
title, call number and course. The Old
Card Catalogue Conversion file is a
working file of pre-1978 records.
Although many records have incomplete bibliographic or location
information, or other errors, the file
provides computerized records of
more than half of the old card catalogue's records. Some branches -
Biomedical Branch Library (VGH),
MacMillan Library and Social Work
Library - have partial records of all
their pre-1978 holdings in the Old
Card Catalogue Conversion file.
Woodward Library has entered
partial records of 90% of their holdings. All the Library's holdings in
Canadian literature have also been
entered. The Old Card Catalogue
Conversion file is an important
initiative in ongoing REtrospective
CONversion (RECON). A complete
conversion, however, is projected to
cost 2.5 million dollars and take up to
four years to complete.
If you want to search more files
and use more search techniques
than menu mode offers, try command mode on UBCLIB. Choose
command from the Welcome
screen - online help on command
mode is available. You can also
phone Information and Orientation Division (228-2076) for two
informa tion sheets on command
mode or buy the UBCLIB reference
manual for command mode at the
UBC Bookstore.
Two additional new files are available in command mode: the Canadian Patent Index file and the Canadian Institute for Historical Microre-
productions (CIHM) file. The Canadian Patent Index file, created by the
Library's Systems Division, is a
unique database. It lists citations for
the last thirteen years of Canadian
patents and can be searched by
patent or application number,
classification, patentee or inventor,
and keyword in title. A guide to
searching the file is available from
Ron Simmer, the Patscan librarian
(5404).The Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions is microfilming Canadian monographs,
serials and pamphlets printed before
1900. Currently, there are more than
100,000 fiche in this set in Government Publications and Microforms
Division. The CIHM file online is a
catalogue of these fiche and can be
searched by author, title, series and
The holdings of LERC, the Language
Education Resource Center, and the
holdings of the UBC Botanical
Garden Reading Room have been
added to the Other file. This file also
lists the holdings of the David Lam
Management Research Library and
the Applied Science Reading Rooms
and partial holdings of the Computer
Science Reading Room.
Whaf s ahead
The Library plans to introduce many
improvements in its online services to
users. There will be new databases
available through the Library's online
system, including index and abstract
files such as ERIC, PSYCINFO,
Microlog and the Canadian News Index.
The Library will mount an encyclopedia and dictionary as soon as appropriate ones are chosen. There will be
more public workstations in the
libraries. Systems is currently working on a new more user friendly
interface. Plans are also underway to
reorganize user access to the files. In
addition to these developments, the
Library must replace the current
unreliable and expensive to maintain
circulation system. Placing holds
online, finding out which of your
books are overdue, and renewing
books online are a few of the benefits
users will have with the new circulation system.
A series of articles on these developments will appear in future issues of
this newsletter.
Also in this issue—
Share a subscription 2
Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program ..2
Senate Library Committee Meets 2
1990 calendar, postcard sale 3
14,500 pamphlets online 3
Woodward plans Medline sessions 3
What's in the Data Library? 4
How to find data files .-. 4
Building plans change 5
Search for a new University Librarian 5
NTIS & CASSIS on Patscan CD-ROM ...5
Database news 6
Around the libraries 6
People 6
Places 6
Hot off the press 6
On display 6 Share a subscription
Earlier this year I described the
Library's share a subscription plan
whereby the Library will issue tax
receipts for donations of periodical
subscriptions. I would like to
follow this up
with a request
for certain
journals which
are part of our
"exchange" program.
Our exchange
program with
other institutions
here and abroad
involves periodical subscriptions.
Some publications we send
out on exchange,
such as the UBC
Calendar or the
H.R. MacMillan
lectureship in
forestry series,
are available to
us free but the
majority must be
paid for. We call
these subscriptions "paid exchanges" and are
careful to ensure
we get at least
our money's
worth in return
for them. They
would be more
valuable, however, if the
Library did not
have to pay for
them at all and
here's where you
If you subscribe to any
of these titles, and are
willing to pass your issues along to us, we
will issue you an official receipt for the cost
of the subscription at
iheend of each year
B.C. Studies
Canadian Chemical News
Canadian Historical Review
Canadian Journal of Economics
Canadian Journal of Mathematics
Canadian Journal of Political
Canadian Literature
Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
Canadian Research
Canadian Slavonic Papers
Canadian Yearbook of International
East European Quarterly
: International Journal
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Canadian Petroleum
Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry
Nucleosides and Nucleotides
Pacific Affairs
Prism International
Queens Quarterly
Seminar: a journal of Germanic
UBC Law Review
University of Toronto Quarterly
may fit into the picture. The "paid
exchanges" we are currently running through Gifts and Exchanges
are listed below. If you subscribe to
any of these titles, and are willing to
pass your issues
along to us, we will
issue you an official
receipt for the cost
of the subscription
at the end of each
year .We have multiple subscriptions
to many of these
titles, so all offers
will most likely be
welcome. The only
condition is the gift
be reliable. Cancellation procedures
are lengthy and
complicated, so we
want to be sure our
alternate source will
not let us down
after a few months.
A good response to
this appeal could
enable us to expand
our exchange program, bringing
more new subscriptions into the
Library and thereby
creating a demand
for yet more donations to feed the
If you are interested
in contributing to
this program,
please send a memo
or phone Graham
Elliston, Gifts and
Exchanges, Main
Library (228-2607).
Graham Elliston
Library joins
Reciprocal Faculty
Borrowing Program
UBC faculty members can now
apply for a card which allows on-site
access and/or borrowing privileges
to the collections of some of the most
important research libraries in North
America. If you are planning to visit
one or more research libraries
participating in this OCLC cooperative project, you may request a
Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing
Program card from the Circulation
Division, Main Library. The more
than 75 research libraries in the
program include the University of
California, the University of
Chicago, Johns Hopkins, MIT, the
University of Washington, the
University of Toronto and the
Smithsonian. For a copy of the
information brochure and a list of
participating institutions, phone the
Information and Orientation Division (228- 2076) or Mary Banham
(228-3869) or Leonora Crema (228-
3993) in Circulation Division.
Senate Library
Committee meets
October 11
Members of the Senate Library
Committee advise and assist the
Librarian in developing policies on
resources and services and in allocating the collections budget. They also
advise the Library on user needs and
report to Senate on matters under
discussion. The members of the
Committee for 1989/90 are Dr. P.T.
Burns, Dr. S.E. Grace, Dr. R.J. Gray,
Dr. S.C. Lindstrom, Dr. J.A. McLean,
Dr. J.H. McNeill, Dr. G.G.E. Scudder,
Dr. Peter Suedfeld, Ms. N.E. Woo;
students Ms. W.L. Fox, Ms. Joanna
Harrington, and Mr. T.P. Kaweski;
and ex-officio members Dr. L.R.
Peterson, Q.C., Dr. K.D. Srivastava
and Professor Anne Piternick. Dr.
Suedfeld is Chairman of the
Committee. 1990 calendar, heritage postcards for sale
To commemorate the University's
75th anniversary in 1990, the University Archives has just completed a
series of printing projects to help
capture the history of the institution.
They include a series of six postcards
using campus scenes from the 192CS,
Christmas cards featuring campus
snow scenes from the 1950's, and a
1990 calendar with thirteen images
drawn from the University's rich
collection of historical photographs.
The calendar ($9.95), postcards ($.75)
and Christmas cards ($.80) are
available from the Archives in Main
Library (228-5877).
Chris Hives
#*.». ■!
- •** Mr
■''jr. -■
Great Trek in downtown Vancouver October 28,1922
(Georgia and Burrard)
Woodward plans
search sessions on
Woodward Library will offer weekly
demonstrations soon of search
techniques on Medline on CD-ROM.
Medline is a popular and fast method
of searching Index Medicus available
free in Woodward and the hospital
libraries. Introductory sessions will
outiine basic search steps; advanced
sessions will offer advice on more
comprehensive methods. Phone
Woodward Library (228-4440 or
228-5461) for more information.
Medline on CD-ROM in Woodward
Library will soon be available not just
to one but to three users at a time,
using a Local Area Network (LAN)
developed by the Library's Systems
Pat Lysyk
14,500 Special Collections pamphlets online - 5,500 to go
Vastly improved access for researchers and preservation of a valuable
and unique collection are two results
of a Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council grant to Special
Collections. With the grant, the
Library was able to hire an experienced cataloguer and some students
to list the pamphlets online and, at
the same time, encase each pamphlet
in acid-free paper. The pamphlets are
being entered into the Miscellaneous
Materials file and can be searched
online by author, title, or subject.
Most less than 50 pages, the pamphlets cover subjects such as Canadian history, politics and literature,
with emphasis on British America
and the Arctic, the fur trade, the
War of 1812, Canadian railway
history, the Riel Rebellion, and the
1837 Rebellion. There are also many
broadsides and poems of the Sixties
in Vancouver and tourist brochures
of the Pacific Northwest. Watch for
the upcoming display in Special
Derek N. Kerr What's in the Data Library?
The Data Library acquires and
maintains computer readable data
files in many subjects. At present our
holdings consist of approximately
1,100 different data files comprising
about 6,000 physical files. These files
contain primarily numeric or quantitative data, although we also have
text files.
1986 Canadian Census files start to
In response to a dramatic price
increase for the 1986 computer
readable census data files, members
of the Canadian Association of
Research Libraries formed a Consortium to acquire one complete set of
the files from Statistics Canada. The
cost and the files are to be shared by
the Consortium members.
The negotiations to set up the necessary agreements were time-consuming. Success has been achieved at last,
however, and the Data Library
received recently the first sixteen of
the 1986 Census data files. These files
are part of Statistic Canada's Basic
Summary Tables series and represent
data in demography, mother tongue,
dwellings, families, ethno-cultural
characteristics, mobility, schooling,
labour force characteristics and
As is the case with most of our files,
the Data Library had to sign a
contract with the supplier (in this
case, Statistics Canada) which determines how the data may be accessed
and used. Unlike previous census
data, the 1986 files may only be used
by educators, students and staff
members of UBC for the exclusive
purpose of teaching, academic
research and academic publishing.
Data files include
- census data from all the Canadian
censuses since 1961
- Canadian and international public
opinion pdlb
- many kinds of special purpose
surveys such as Canadian national
election surveys, Labour Force
Surveys, the B.C. alcohol and drug
programs adolescent survey (1987),
and the Survey of Vancouver English
- stock market price data from the
New York, American and Toronto
stock exchanges
- company balance sheet information
for major American and Canadian
- economic data, Canadian as well as
international, from institutions such
as Statistics Canada, CITIBANK, the
International Monetary Fund, the
World Bank, and the OECD
- pictures from the polar-orbiting
environmental satellites launched by
- digital maps
- texts such as Shakespeare's plays,
the Bible in Greek and Hebrew, old
English texts, Canadian poetry, a
collection of B.C. Indian myths (in
Mounting a Data Library tape
corresponds (roughly) to signing a
book out of another library. This
chart shows the number of tapes
our users mounted in the
1987-1988 academic year, broken
down by general subject categories.
37 271
tape mounts
The large number of mounts of
satellite images is due to the
Oceanography Department and
their ongoing work with satellite
Other files
Satellite images
Other surveys
1981 Census
Other Census
Gallup polls
How to use Data Library files
Using computer readable data files is
a fairly complex procedure. We
suggest you first come to the Data
Library for assistance. Copies of the
Data Library's User's Guide are also
available from the Data Library or
University Computing Services.
For more information, please phone
the Data Library (228-5587) or contact
us via electronic mail (USERDLDB
©MTSG.UBC.CA). The Data Library
is in Room 206 of the Computer
Sciences Building and is open 9am to
4pm Monday to Friday.
The data files and online documentation files are available at all times the
mainframe MTS-G computer system
is operational.
Hilde Colenbrander
How to find data
The Data Library is administered
jointly by the Library and the Computing Centre. Until recently, most
files in Data Library were listed only
in the SPIRES Datalib catalogue on
MTS-G. This summer, however, the
Data Library and the Catalogue
Records Division, with a Challenge
1989 grant, added records for 200
data files to the Library's online
catalogue. These records are accessible to all users of the catalogue by
the same indices (author, title,
subject) as books. You can easily
recognize a data file record by the
suffix "Compf" after the call number,
by the location "Data Library" and by
the phrase "computer file" following
the title. These new records supplement older records (with AV14 call
numbers) for earlier data files in the
card and online catalogues. The
Library now has two thirds of the
Data Library's files listed in its
catalogues and plans to complete the
listing by next year.
Matt Hartman Building plans change
In 1987, a new Central Branch Library
was announced for the Old Bookstore
site. The building was to have housed
a Science Library, Special Collections
Division, Map Library, Fine Arts
Library, Music Library, Mathematics
Library and Wilson Recordings
Collection as well as the Faculty of
Commerce and Business Administration's new Management Research
Centre, including the David Lam
Management Research Library. The
Management Research Centre will go
ahead but the other components of a
Central Branch Library will not be
There were two reasons for this
change. The first was the university
planners' decision that the proposed
building was too large for the site.
The second was that David Lam's
major donation for the Management
Research Centre is tied to a December
1991 deadline for a new building and
a major donation for a new Central
Branch Library had not been secured.
What happens now?
This postponement delays a solution
to the Main Library's space problems
and the upgrading of the 1925
building. But the Office of Campus
Planning and Development and the
Library will shortly be working on
plans for a $24 million Main Library
addition and renovation project. This
facility is one of the projects the
University hopes to build through its
major fund-raising campaign "A
World of Opportunity".
Search for a new
Doug Mclnnes resigned as
University Librarian June 30
and has been appointed Head
of Woodward Biomedical
Library. A President's Advisory Committee for the Selection of the University Librarian has been established. The
members of the Committee are
Nadine Baldwin, Dr. Sherrill
E. Grace, Dr. Philip G. Hill, Dr.
Barry McBride, Joan Sandilands, Mr. R. Alex Speers, Dr.
K.D. Srivastava, Dr. Peter
Suedfeld, and Dr. Patricia
Vertinsky. Bill Watson, Assistant Librarian for Public
Services - Central Libraries,
was named Acting University
Librarian July 1,1989. He will
continue in this position until
a new University Librarian is
NTIS and CASSIS on CD-ROM in Patscan
The Patscan service in Science
Division, Main Library, has just
acquired two technical databases,
CD-ROM version of NTIS indexes the
last ten years of NTIS documents;
CASSIS indexes the last twenty years
of American patents. Phone Ron
Simmer (228-5404) for a free demonstration.
NTIS on CD-ROM is produced by the
U.S. National Technical Information
Service, the publisher for 240 U.S.
government agencies, including
Virtually all federally funded research done by U.S. agencies or their
contractors and grantees is published
by NTIS. NTIS documents include
engineering studies, economic
analyses, industry bibliographies,
translations of research reports from
foreign governments, software
documentation, and even military
patents available for licensing. Many
of the documents are on microfiche in
the Microforms Division, Main
CASSIS is a unique database from the
U.S. Patent Office. Patents are a
neglected source of technical information. Over 80% of the innovations
in many technical fields are revealed
only in the patent literature. Through
the use of CASSIS and UBC Library's
online Canadian Patent Index, the
cost and mystery of patent searching
at UBC is now greatly reduced. The
abstracts of most American and
Canadian patents are available on
microfiche in Patscan. You can also
order a copy of a complete patent
through Interlibrary Loan Division.
Ron Simmer Database neWS databases librarians can search for you
B.C. courses
The Open Learning Agency's Discovery Training Network is now available
in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Division. It provides access to information about academic credit courses
at B.C. colleges and universities, as
well as listing courses on technical
and vocational training, continuing
education, distance education,
professional development programs,
and adult special education. American seminars, workshops and open
learning courses are also listed.
Asia Pacific today
Asia Pacific, a new file on DIALOG,
covers Asian business and economics,
including the Middle East. The
database selectively indexes many
U.S. and international publications,
including newspapers, business
journals, government documents,
conference proceedings and monographs.
Search services
Search costs vary. For more information, phone the branch or reference
division for your field.
Pia Christensen
Tim Ross, who has worked at the
Geological Survey of Canada, the
Provincial Archives of Manitoba, the
University of Windsor Library and
McGill University Library, has been
appointed the new Map Librarian,
replacing Maureen Wilson who
retired in June. Beverley Scott,
Acting Head of Social Work Library
for the past year, has been appointed
Head. Lee Ann Bryant, formerly in
Information and Orientation and
Government Publications Divisions,
has been appointed as a reference
librarian in Curriculum Laboratory.
While Joanne Naslund is on leave,
Cynthia Swoveland has been appointed until June 30,1990 as a
reference librarian in Curriculum
Laboratory. Nurlela Brady has been
appointed as a half-time Bibliographic Associate (Indonesian
language) in the Asian Studies
Library. Rein Brongers, Head of
Science Division, Main Library since
1968, retired September 30,1989. Len
Mclver, after five months in Curriculum Laboratory, resigned for a
position in B.C. Tel's Library. Marjorie Nelles, a part-time librarian in
MacMillan Library since 1985,
resigned to become Interlibrary Loan
librarian at Simon Fraser University.
Trudy Korth, a senior library assistant from the Music Library, is the
new supervisor of the Wilson Recordings Collection, reporting to
Joan Sandilands, Head of Sedgewick
Library. The Collection now has more
than 4,500 compact discs in addition
to 30,000 records. As well as its extensive holdings of classical music, it
also has jazz, spoken word, and folk
song records. Wilson also has a new
fee schedule outlined in the handout
available at the Wilson Recordings
Circulation Desk.
Hot off the press
Start Here 129. Stress management
and coping (revised)
Start Here 153. Guides to writing
and research
UBC Library Online: Remote
Access (revised)
UBC Library Online: Questions
and Answers (revised)
To request a copy, phone
Information and Orientation
Division, Main Library
On display
Temperance or intolerance
Western cities - historical views
Exploring B.C.'s mountain parks
Special Collections
Main Library
Sir Francis Bacon
Rare Book Collection
Memorial Room
Woodward Library
Fusion or confusion?
UBC Heritage Postcards
First in a series of fourth year
B.F.A. student displays on themes
of the Library, literature or the
information explosion
Main Library
Selected works of Canadian Art
from the collections of the
University of British Columbia
October 10 - November 18
Fine Arts Gallery
Main Library
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Maureen Carey
Information and Orientation Division ^13 ^m
University of British Columbia Library gZ^agl
issn 0382-0661


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