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UBC Library News Nov 30, 1985

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 ubc library news
new series no. 13/november 1985
At a recent meeting of the Senate Library Committee the Librarian reported on the outlook for the
library collections budget.
During the last three years the university administration has protected the collections budget from the
dollar cuts which have affected all other parts of the university but has only once, in 1984/85, been able
to provide an actual increase (of five per cent).  A four per cent increase which was planned for this
year has become a casualty of the recent round of budget revisions. Inflation and worsening exchange
rates are still significant factors affecting the purchase of library materials, and we need budget
increases of about eight per cent annually to maintain purchasing power.
Although we hope that it will be possible for the University to provide an increase in the collections
budget next year, it is unlikely to be large enough to avoid a deficit at our current level of purchasing.
We must therefore plan to reduce book and serial purchases for 1986/87. No cuts will be required in the
current year.  Further information on these plans will be mailed to departments later in the year.
The Library is running out of space for books.  Even assuming
more material is moved to available storage, all libraries,
except Asian Studies and Law, are reaching full working
capacity or will reach it by late 1991.
Once a library's shelves reach full working capacity,  85%
filled, management of the collection becomes very costly
because it involves extensive moving and re-moving of books
and their consequent wear and damage.  Books can be put intc
storage but storage is unpopular with users and is costly in
every respect but the capital cost of space. It also inhibits,
even in some cases eliminates, the use of material.  The
Library has had to put more than a quarter of a million
volumes in storage already, even though it is a poor long term
Since 1980, the Senate Academic Building Needs Committee and the Senate have urged the Universities
Council of B.C. to recognize the special need of the Library for space.  However, provincial funding via
the Universities Council seems very unlikely in the near future. Considering the Library's need for
space, the scarcity of government funds and the UBC Library's role as a provincial  resource, the Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee recommended on April 12, 1985:
"That the President, as a matter of urgency, give high priority to the Library
Expansion as a project for private fund raising, and that every effort be made
to invoke government co-operation and participation along with the private
In July, 1985, the UBC Board of Governors approved the following recommendation:
"That the old Bookstore site be and is hereby designated as the site for a new
Library building and that this project be recognized as a high priority for
capital fund raising." HIDDEN TREASURES
The UBC Library has an extensive collection of research materials in microform -
the largest in Canada, with over three million items.     Unfortunately, not
everything which the Library has in microform is listed in the card and micro
catalogues. UBC, like most other university libraries, cannot afford to catalogue
individually every item in a microform set. It is therefore important to remember
that there are thousands of titles in the Library which do not appear in the
To locate these items, it is necessary to use the printed indexes and guides to the microform collections
- analogous, really, to one's need to use periodical indexes to find individual articles in that vast body of
One might reasonably ask how one is expected to know which collections exist, and whether or not the
Library owns them.  One source for that information is Microform Research Collections:  A Guide
(Z1033 M5 D64) by Suzanne Dodson, Head of the Government Publications and Microforms Division.
There are copies in several locations, including Microforms and Humanities/Social Sciences. The Guide
describes 375 collections in microform. Each entry lists the indexes, guides, bibliographies, etc. which
should be used with that collection. The Guide includes a subject index to help you find collections
relevant to your field.  Microform collections change their titles frequently which can make it difficult
to determine if the Library has a particular set.  The index to the Guide also includes cross-references
to variations of titles.
These collections in microform are often tricky to use, so do not hesitate to ask for help. In future
issues of the News, some of the Library's major microform sets will be described.
The Extension Library provides a variety of services to students taking off-campus credit courses or
correspondence courses and to graduate students completing degrees at a distance.
Faculty who teach off-campus courses may select a core collection of books and articles from the
Extension Library's holdings to be sent to the class site.  With sufficient advance notice, the Extension
Library can also order new material for a course.
In addition to providing on-site collections, the Extension Library gives off-campus students access to
the entire UBC Library through the Dial-a-Book service. Students can phone collect (0-228-3424) for
reference help or for requests for particular books and articles.
For further information about the Extension Library, please phone Martha Whitehead (3424) between
1:00 and 5:00 p.m.
The University and the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (PAPRICAN) are entering into an
agreement under which the UBC Pulp and Paper Centre Library will become the primary resource for
pulp and paper information on the campus.
The Centre Library opens in November in the new Pulp and Paper Centre building at Agronomy Road
and East Mall. The librarian is Linda Everett, who comes from the PAPRICAN Library at Pointe
Claire, Quebec. Books in the call number sequence TS1080 to TS1220 in the Main Library are being
transferred on indefinite loan to the Centre.
The Centre Library and its services will be open to all members of the University community. UBC
faculty, staff and students will be able to borrow material. RARE JAPANESE MAP COLLECTION
A new catalogue is being prepared for the George H. Beans collection of Japanese maps of the
Tokugawa period (1600 -1837) in Special Collections. This is the best collection outside Japan of maps
of this period.  It was purchased in 1964 with aid from the Friends of the Library, from Mr. George H.
Beans, president of the Philadelphia Seed Company.  The "collection includes a large number of sheet
maps, several scrolls, some screens, Fukanzus ('birds-eye views' of landscapes), many 'atlases' and
geographies .... The period covered by this collection reveals a change in cartographic style from the
artistic 'birds-eye view' to the utilitarian scientific cartography of the West.  Printing methods, too,
change from crude black and white wood block prints, through sophisticated, highly detailed, multicoloured prints to copper-plate engravings.  The Buddhist view of the world with a large China at the
centre and the rest of the world around its periphery gives way to the Mercator's projection which
depicts the world according to scientific rather than religious principles."!
This summer, with the aid of a Japan Foundation grant, Professor Kazutaka Unno was invited to
authenticate and re-catalogue the collection.  Professor Unno, Professor Emeritus of the University of
Osaka and currently a professor at Meijo College in Osaka, is a noted geographer and one of the
foremost authorities on early Japanese and Chinese cartography.  Professor Unno compared the maps
with Beans' lists and revised and updated the descriptive information.  A graduate student, funded by
the Canadian Society for Asian Arts, is now entering this information into a database to produce a new
1        Woodward, Frances, "Cartographic collections at the University of British Columbia Library,"
Archivaria. 13, (Winter 1982-82):  102.
A grant of $45,000 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) will enable the
Asian Studies Library to add to its already extensive collection of local histories of China, the Tang-
chih.  These local histories, or gazetteers as they are often called, are a basic resource for the study of
Chinese history.  The gazetteers have been made available through a vast reprinting program by the
Ch'eng Wen Publishing Co. in Taiwan.  In the 1960's, the Library purchased all of Series I and parts of
Series II.  Now, with the SSHRC grant, the Library will purchase the parts of Series HI most relevant to
UBC faculty research, primarily gazetteers of central China.
A guide to labour records and resources in B.C. for both the academic and labour community is now
The guide includes a select bibliography on B.C. labour history and lists labour records in Lower
Mainland and Victoria public archives and union offices.  The format and contents of the labour records
are described briefly with notes on the years covered and location and access information.  One hundred
copies are being sent free to selected archives, libraries and labour organizations in B.C.
The guide was the result of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Grant of $40,800 to George
Brandak, manuscript curator, UBC Library, Dr. Mark Thompson, Department of Commerce and Business
Administration, UBC and Dr. Elaine Bernard, Director, Labour Programs in Continuing Studies at SFU.
The project was coordinated by research assistant Dr. Louise May. For further information about the
guide, please phone George Brandak (2232).
The University Archivist Laurenda Daniells has received a one year grant of $26,195 from the Social
Sciences and Humanities Research Council to produce an automated guide to the archives and
manuscript collections at UBC. Christopher Hives, a recent graduate of the archival studies program,
is now working on the project. The automated guide will provide more complete and accurate
descriptions of these unique research resources and more detailed subject access to them than is
currently available.  To make the information accessible to researchers outside the University, it is
hoped eventually to produce print and microfiche versions of the data base. TOUR - EVERY THURSDAY
Information and Orientation Division gives tours of the Main Library every Thursday, at 12:30, during
October and November. Please encourage students who are new to the campus or unfamiliar with the
Library's resources to take a tour.
Recently prepared or revised Library publications include:
Start Here 54 revised, Regional Economic Analysis
Start Here 125, Canadian Consitutional Reform
Start Here 126, Social Work and Social Welfare
Start Here 127, General Literature of Education
Start Here 128, International Forestry
Computer Searching in Education
ERIC Reports
Reference Services and Information Resources for Graduate Students in the Faculty of
Select List of Indexes & Abstracts for Education
Dial-a-Book for UBC Long Distance Students
Drug Handbooks
Survivor's Guide to British Sessional Papers
Survivor's Guide to U.S. Government Publications
If you would like a copy of any of these one or two page sheets, please phone the Information and
Orientation Division (2076).  Ask at any reference desk for information on the many additional
publications available.
The Faculty Library Guide describes library services relevant to faculty.  Its eight pages include
information about book ordering, borrowing regulations, collections, course reserve procedures,
interlibrary loan, photocopy services and reference services. Until 1981, the Library sent a copy of this
guide annually to every faculty member.  Now, copies are sent only to new faculty when they receive
their library cards.  If you would like a copy of the recently revised Guide, please phone the Information
and Orientation Division (2076).
Musical chairs anyone?   Due to early retirements and resignations, several librarians have new
responsibilities and three new librarians have joined the staff.  Two and a half professional positions
were not refilled.
See the updated Library People, a guide to the reference staff at the library, attached to this edition of
the News.
Editor: Julie Stevens
Illustrator: Merry Meredith
Information & Orientation Division
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661 LIBRARY-PEOPLE-
A guide to reference staff at the UBC Library
Mary Banham (3869) — Loan regulations; overdues; missing books; reserve books; division head
Martha Whitehead (3424) — Extension Library; services to off-campus students.
Hans Burndorfer (4959) — Fine arts; book selection; branch head pro tern.
Diana Cooper (3943) — Fine arts; architecture; fashion; design; costume; dance.
Peggy McBride (3943) — Community and regional planning.
Suzanne Dodson (3858 or 2584) — Microforms; collections and equipment; division head.
Connie Fitzpatrick (6351) — U.S. federal and state publications; energy.
Theresa Iverson (6351) — Foreign publications; technical processing.
Mary Lubbe (6351) — Canadian federal, UN, international organizations, and municipal publications.
Susan Mathew (6351) — Canadian provincial publications.
Lois Carrier (6672) — Geography; librarianship.
Elizabeth Caskey (6363) — Economic history; economics; commerce; business administration.
Pia Christensen (5923) — Education; physical education; literature in English.
Ture Erickson (6672) — History.
Chuck Forbes (6672) — Film; biography; genealogy; division head.
Joseph Jones (6363) — German language and literature; linguistics; English language.
Les Karpinski (3748) — Religious studies; Slavonic studies; Old World archaeology.
Seonaid Lamb (6672) — Classical studies; philosophy.
Iza Laponce (5923) — Political science; international relations; anthropology; New World archaeology.
Dorothy Martin (5923) — Psychology; sociology.
Helene Redding (6363) — Theatre; comparative literature; French studies; French-Canadian literature.
Julie Stevens (2076) — Library tours; division head.
General Information (2274)
Margaret Friesen (4430) — Interlibrary loan networks and policies; division head.
Patrick Dunn (2274) — Interlibrary loan borrowing policies and procedures.
Maureen Wilson (6191) — Maps and related materials; branch head.
Rein Brongers (3826 or 3295) — Civil, electrical, mechanical, and mining engineering; division head.
Helen Mayoh (3295) — Chemistry; chemical engineering; metallurgy; mathematics.
Sundaram Venkataraman (3295) — Astronomy; geosciences; physics.
George Brandak (2232) — Manuscript collections; preparation of theses.
Laurenda Daniells (5877) — University archives; preparation of theses.
Joan Selby (2521) — Colbeck Collection of 19th Century English literature; preparation of theses.
Frances Woodward (2521) — Early maps and historical cartography; Pacific Northwest history; preparation of theses.
Anne Yandle (4879) — Rare books and fine printing; division head; preparation of theses.
Tung-King Ng (5905) — Book selection; reference lists; division head.
Shim-Yim Tse (2023) — China; fine arts; P'u-pan Collection.
Tsuneharu Gonnami (2023) — Japan; book selection; Japanese government publications.
Paul E. Thiele (6111) — Blindness; aids and appliances for visually and physically handicapped; branch head.
Judith C. Thiele (6111) — Braille & recorded materials; electronic reading; non-print books.
please turn over - CURRICULUM LABORATORY
Jo-Anne Naslund (5381) — Non-print materials; general reference.
Howard Hurt (3767) — Branch head.
Matthew Kruk (5587) — Programming consultation for Data Library collection.
Laine Ruus (5587) — Reference & acquisition assistance for machine readable data files; branch head.
Gwyn Bartram (4400) — 16 mm films on all subjects, title and topic searches, complete reference service.
1500 films in-house, loans from other sources arranged; charges on a service basis.
Also provides access to the Human Settlements A/V Library (500 videotapes — open for
viewing by arrangement).
Mary Mitchell (4696) — General legal reference.
Tom Shorthouse (2275) — Branch head.
Allen Soroka (4696) — General legal reference.
Lore Brongers (3445) — General forestry/agriculture reference; branch head
Marjorie Nelles (3445) — General forestry/agriculture reference
Rein Brongers (2667 or 4363) — Mathematics; computer science.
Kirsten Walsh (3589) — Music and musicology.
Hans Burndorfer (3589) — Music and musicology; book selection; branch head.
Judy Atkinson (4908) — Cataloguing.
Keith Bunnell (4908) — Serials; government publications; collections.
Linda Joe (3096) — Orientation; instruction; newspaper clipping files.
Caroline Milburn-Brown (2639) — Course processing.
Joan Sandilands (3098) — Branch head.
Joan Whitney (4908) — Orientation; instruction.
Judith Frye (2451) — Social work and related subjects; branch head.
John Cole (5461) — Biochemistry; pharmacology; pharmaceutical sciences.
Elsie de Bruijn (3393) — Associate branch head; public services coordinator.
Florence Doidge (4828) — Reserve books.
Lynne Hallonquist (2884) — Book selection.
Jim Henderson (4440) — Audiology and speech sciences; biomedical and bio-resource engineering;
clinical pscyhology; psychiatry.
Diana Kent (5461) — Clinical medicine; health care and epidemiology; hospital management.
Anna Leith (2762) - Branch head.
Pat Lysyk (4440) — Anatomy; microbiology and immunology; pathology; physiology; clinical medicine.
Bill Parker (5461) — Aquatic sciences; botany; ecology; zoology.
Lee Perry (4447) — History of biology and medicine; dentistry; nursing.
Margaret Price (4440) — Geriatrics and gerontology; human genetics; nutrition; physical education; rehabilitation medicine.
BIOMEDICAL BRANCH - Vancouver General Hospital
George Freeman (875-4505) — Clinical medicine; branch head.
Nancy Forbes (875-4505) — Clinical medicine.
HAMBER LIBRARY - Children's, Grace, Shaughnessy Hospitals
Ann Nelson (875-2153) — Clinical medicine; branch head.
Barbara Saint (682-2344 local 2373) — Clinical medicine; branch head.


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