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new series no. 28/april 1990
Visitors tell the story of Open House success
Some of the nine hundred who lined up for'newspaper headlines'
'I love the black and white photographs & the music really adds to
create the atmosphere of being back
in time...Wonderful photographs &
memorabilia in front hall as well...
Fabulous display of pictures...Part of
our family history - father in charge
of stonework on this Library building
1925?...The Library was 12 times
bigger than my library...Wow! what a
campus...I love UBC...I will be back in
The 'Parade through the Pasf with its
archival photographs, World War I
music, historical video on UBC, and
displays of 1915 posters, advertisements, and memorabilia, attracted an
estimated 4,000 visitors to the Main
Library. Nine hundred of them
proceeded upstairs to get a newspaper headline from the day they were
born, a day in 1900 being the earliest,
and in 1987, the latest requested.
Three hundred and ninety visitors
entered to win a UBC library card for
a year; about 3,000 checked out the
book sale; and 650, the Map Library's
sale. As well as responding to the
appeal of the past, visitors also took
The publication oi Funstuff tool, the new 125 page bibliography of leisure and
background materials on talking books from Crane Library, was assisted by grants
from Marsh & McLennan Companies, New York and Mr. John A. McDonald (B.A.
65). Marsh & McLennan's Vancouver subsidiary, William A. Mercer Ltd., has had a
long-standing history of financial support for other Crane projects. The editor
apologizes to Marsh and McLennan Companies, its Vancouver subsidiary William A
Mercer Ltd. and Paul Thiele, Head, Crane Library for the errors.
the opportunity to learn about new
information retrieval technology in
the Library. Librarians provided
online computer searches on three
remote database systems (Dialog,
CAN/OLE, and InfoGlobe), which
donated free search time during
Open House, and on-site computer
searches of NTIS and CASSIS on CD-
Although the center of activity was
the Main Library, other branches also
attracted visitors. Two hundred
people entered to win a Wilson
membership card for a year and more
than 100 toured Woodward Library's
Memorial Room. The Asian Library
participated in the activities of the
Asian Centre, which had more than
3,000 visitors during Open House.
Every library on campus gave away
preservation bookmarks and most
had displays or tours for visitors.
Julie Stevens
Also in this issue—
'What is CD-ROM anyway?' 2
More CD-ROM's on the way 2
New computer at Crane 2
Corporate & Industry Research Reports.3
PC Globe and PC USA 3
Library produces CD-ROM 3
Gift of dictionaries ,.. 4
Term Paper Clinic popular 4
Fine Arts exhibition catalogues 4
Canadian health statistics source 4
$305,000 operating budget cut 5
Two new files on UBC LIB 5
Films and videos 5
Database news 6
Around the libraries 6
People 6
Hot off the press... 6
On display 6
End of term call-in 6 'What is CD-ROM
CD-ROM stands for compact disc -
read only memory. One disc (4.72
inches in diameter) can store up to
260,000 pages of text. Many databases, once available only via longdistance telephone lines, as well as
many print reference sources, including indexes, abstracts, dictionaries
and encyclopedias, are now available
on CD-ROM. Typically, a CD-ROM
workstation is composed of a microcomputer, a CD-ROM drive, a
database on a disc or discs, search
software to access the database and a
printer. If the database is regularly
updated, the Library receives replacement discs with the new information.
CD-ROM is becoming very popular
with library users. Compared to
searching a print index for information, the CD-ROM version is faster
and more flexible. You can usually
combine several concepts or terms for
a very specific search or search by
keyword(s) in abstracts or titles. It is
often possible to print your search
results or download them to a computer disc. Unlike searching remote
databases online, there are no connect
time charges. Until now, the Library
has been unable to give free access to
remote databases because the costs
were open-ended. With CD-ROM, the
Library prepays the royalty charges
on a database when it signs a licensing agreement with a CD-ROM
vendor. Therefore, the costs are fixed
and independent of the number of
users; and the Library can budget to
provide free computer searching to
Julie Stevens
Interested in do-it-yourself
free computer searches for articles
on education, business, psychology,
agriculture, mathematics, engineering,
and nursing?
More CD-ROM's on the way!
By this fall, or earlier in some locations, eleven new index/abstract
databases on CD-ROM will be
available in the Library. They are
Canadian Business and Current Affairs
(Sedgewick Library), ERIC (Curriculum Laboratory), PsychUT, Sportdis-
cus and Corporate and Industry Research Reports (Humanities/Social
Sciences Division, Main Library),
Compendex Plus (Science Division,
Main Library), Agricola/CAIN
(MacMillan Library), Mathsci (Mathematics Library), Biosis, CCOHS-CD -
Canadian Centre for Occupational
Health and Safety and CINAHL -
Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied
Health Literature (Woodward Library).
Currently, the Library has Medline on
CD-ROM in Woodward and the
hospital libraries and NTIS and
CASSIS (American patents) in
Patscan. Downloading and printing
will be supported. For more information, please phone the appropriate
reference division or branch library.
Julie Stevens
New computer at Crane helps blind and visually impaired
Crane Library, with grants from the
Vancouver Foundation and the
President's University Cup Croquet
Fund, has acquired a new computer
workstation with special adaptations
for the blind and visually impaired.
The powerful personal computer
features a synthesized voice which
speaks all screen information and
on-demand image enlargement
which permits visually impaired
users to increase the size of the onscreen information. A very high
resolution monitor and a laser
printer capable of producing large
type complete the workstation. This
computer equipment provides blind
and visually impaired students and
staff access to all computer features
and functions.
Paul E. Thiele Corporate and Industry Research Reports -
new easy access to primary business
Corporate and Industry Research Reports
(CIRR) is an important new resource
for faculty and students in Commerce, Economics, Political Science,
and other social sciences; or business
researchers. It contains extensive
economic data; reports on general
social issues and government policies; and information on business
trends, business use of new technologies and marketing strategies.
CIRR consists of a microfiche
collection with CD-ROM and print
indexes. The collection and the
indexes are updated quarterly. The
microfiche collection contains the
research of security analysts and
economists from 68 world wide
investment firms. Each year, the
service reproduces more than 25,000
company, industry and economic
research reports as well as many
special studies. The collection also
contains the full text of more than 500
industry specific periodicals and
newsletters and of presentations
made to the New York Society of
Security Analysts. CIRR provides a
significant amount of Canadian
coverage in American reports which
refer to Canadian issues as well as
reports from major Canadian
investment firms such as Merrill
Lynch Canada, Richardson
Greenshields of Canada Ltd., Scotia
McLeod, and Wood Gundy. Most
information in CIRR is unique.
The CD-ROM index provides
excellent access to CIRR. You can
search by subject, keyword, company
name, product, headquarters, etc. The
CD-ROM index will be available for
public use soon in the Humanities/
Social Sciences Division. The 1989
microfiche are in Government
Publications/Microforms Division.
For a demonstration of the CD-ROM
index or more information, please
phone Elizabeth Caskey,
Humanities/Social Sciences Division,
Main Library (228-5932).
Elizabeth Caskey
PC Globe and PC USA new in Data Library
PC Globe and PC USA are microcomputer packages which provide versatile computerized atlases and put "a
wealth of maps and data at your
fingertips" according to PC Globe,
Inc. PC Globe contains statistical information on 177 countries; PC USA
covers the fifty states, Washington,
D.C., and Puerto Rico.
Data are available on population, age
distribution, languages, ethnic
groups, religions, health statistics,
city information, gross national
product, resources, agriculture and
industry, imports and exports,
government, culture and tourism,
and more. You can select certain data
to display on maps or barcharts. The
data have been gathered from many
sources, including the United Na
tions, the U.S. government, and the
World Bank. Both packages are
available for use in the Data Library.
If the data in PC Globe or PC USA
are not sufficiently detailed or
extensive, we will try to find the data
you need in our other holdings or
elsewhere. For computer-readable
figures of any kind, the Data Library
is the place to start looking. For more
information, please call 228-5587 or
come to the Data Library, Computer
Sciences Building, Room 206. We are
open weekdays from 9am to 4pm.
(Due to contract agreements with
data file suppliers, most files are
accessible only to UBC faculty,
students and staff).
Hilde Colenbrander
Library produces
CD-ROM of recent
Canadian patents
In early May the Library will release
a CD-ROM demonstration disc which
contains a database of the last 13
years of Canadian patents, up to
February 1990. Production of this
disc is part of a program, funded
through the Canada-British Columbia
Subagreement on Technology
Development, to improve access to
Canadian patent information.
UBC Library obtained Canadian
patent records, as printed in the
Patent Office Record, and the
Canadian patent classification
schedules, from the Canadian Patent
Office for use by PATSCAN. The
Canadian Patent Index was made
available first in command mode on
UBCLIB. Availability on CD-ROM is
the next step to extend access.
Why a demo disc?
UBC Library plans to evaluate the
benefits of distributed access to
patent information and to examine
the benefits of CD-ROM for other
databases. Therefore, in addition to
the Canadian Patent Index, eight
other files, created by UBC and other
local participants, are on the
demonstration disc:
• Consumer Health Bibliography
• Union List of B.C. Newspapers
• Canadian Politics Bibliography
• Vancouver Centennial Bibliography
• Drug Information Reference (full text)
• Index to Vancouver City Council Minutes
• UBC Archives & Manuscripts Database
• UBC Data Library Catalogue
KAWare retrieval software is needed
to search the disc. PATSCAN and the
contributors of the other databases
will select demonstration sites for the
CD-ROM. Costs have not yet been
decided. Each site will be asked to
administer a questionnaire surveying
use of the disc.
For more information, phone Ron
Simmer, Patscan, Science Division,
Main Library (228-5404).
Ron Simmer A
Engliih Dictionary;
Peculiarly calculated for the
Of fuch as are unacquainted with the
Gift of dictionaries enhances history of
English collection
Dr. H. Rocke Robertson, U.B.C.'s first
Professor of Surgery (1950-1959), and
a recipient of an Honorary D.Sc. from
U.B.C. in 1964, recently donated his
collection of English dictionaries to
Special Collections. Gathered over
thirty-five years, the collection,
although primarily of English dictionaries, also includes ancient Greek,
Latin, Italian, French, Spanish,
bilingual and polyglot dictionaries
influential in the compilations of
English lexicographers. There are also
some early encyclopedias, including a
first edition of the Encyclopaedia
Britannica published in Edinburgh in
Most titles in the collection of over
five hundred dictionaries were
published in the 18th and 19th
century, but about seventy-five are
from the 16th and 17th century, and
two are incunabula (pre-1500). Some
rare items are the first four editions of
Samuel Johnson's dictionary (1755-
1773); the first edition of Webster's
An American Dictionary of the English
Language (1828); and a fragment of
the Catholicon (1460), an encyclopedic
dictionary and the first secular book
to be printed in the western world.
Many titles in the Robertson collection are the only copies available in
Western Canada. A descriptive
catalogue, A Collection of Dictionaries
and Related Works, by H. Rocke
Robertson and J. Wesley Robertson,
has been published by UBC Press.
Anne Yandle
Term Paper Clinic popular and useful,
survey shows
'The research guide was very clear,
helpful...Helpful because I became
familiar with all the services available
at the Library. Thank you...The Term
Paper Clinic is a great way to start
research and helps the student to
realize potential sources of info.'
These comments on recent Term
Paper Clinic evaluation
questionnaires illustrate students'
positive responses to this annual
service. School of Library, Archival
and Information Studies students,
under the supervision of the
Sedgewick librarians, provided 162
first and second year students with
research guides to sources of
information on their essay topics.
They also showed the students how
to use each source listed and
encouraged them to look for similar
sources for other papers.
Thanks to those faculty members who
announced the Clinic in class and
encouraged their students to
Joan Sandilands
Microfiche catalogue
of Fine Arts exhibition
catalogues for sale
Fine Arts Library has issued a new
microfiche catalogue of the 6100
exhibition and permanent collection
catalogues received since November
1985. The Fine Arts Library acquires
catalogues in all languages and
formats from around the world. The
microfiche catalogue lists them by
author, title, subtitle, gallery or
musuem, subjects, artist(s) and place
(city name). Most of the catalogues
have classification numbers assigned.
Using the microfiche, you can find an
exhibition catalogue produced for a
show; information about galleries
and artistic activity in a certain city or
by a certain artist; critical essays by
scholars and biographies of new
artists. The microfiche catalogue costs
$22.00 plus provincial sales tax, if applicable. To purchase, please contact
Tracy Douglas, Systems, Library
Processing Centre, U.B.C, 2206 Main
Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z8. The
exhibition catalogues are also listed
online in the Miscellaneous Materials
file on UBCLIB.
Diana Cooper
Canadian health
statistics source
available soon
Diana Kent, a librarian in Woodward
Library and Tom Hemming, a health
sciences librarian at McMaster
University, have co-authored The
Sourcebook of Canadian Health
Statistics. The book originated from a
one day continuing education course
they co-presented at the Canadian
Health Association's Annual Meeting
in May, 1989. The book focuses on
federal rather than provincial sources
of health statistics and will be
published by the Canadian Health
Association this June. For more
information, please phone Diana
Kent, Woodward Library (228-6676).
Diana Kent $305,000 operating budget cut
In the previous issue of the Library
saving 20% of a librarian's salary
News, it was announced that, due
through a reduced workload
to the difference between the
appointment; converting four
University's final salary offer to the
positions to fully or partially reve
librarians and the salary increase
nue funded positions; and eliminat
awarded by an arbitration board,
ing two staff positions in the Film
the University had directed the
Library and decentralizing its
Library to cut $305,000 from its
services. See Film Library article
continuing operating budget
effective April 1,1990. The Library
has reviewed its options and
Fortunately, it was possible to
attempted to accommodate the cut
manage the cut without laying
in ways which will have the least
anyone off or curtailing library
negative effect on service to users.
hours but, according to Bill Watson,
The cut will not affect the collec
Acting University Librarian, the
tions budget which is funded sepa
removal of these positions from the
Library budget will reduce our op
portunity to respond to the chang
The Library has absorbed the loss
ing demands for library services;
by eliminating nine frozen staff
they will seriously impede our
vacancies; eliminating one
progress on certain projects which
librarian's position as a result of re
should be promoted; and they will
tirement and replacing a senior
eliminate any staffing flexibility for
librarian with a junior librarian in
the yet-to-be-appointed University
another retirement situation;
Two new files on
UBCLIB - Microlog
and CNI
You can now search Microlog and the
Canadian Newspaper Index via command mode on UBCLIB. Microlog on
UBCLIB is an author, title and subject
index to Microlog, a microfiche collection of often hard-to-find Canadian
publications from federal, provincial
and municipal agencies, and from
institutions receiving research grants.
The collection includes research and
government reports in the physical,
natural and social sciences, statistical
materials, and annual reports from
1982 to the present. The microfiche are
available in Government Publications/Microforms Division, Main
Library. The Canadian Newspaper Index
on UBCLIB indexes selectively the
contents of seven major Canadian
daily newspapers, from 1977 to the
present. The newspapers are available
on microfilm in Government Publications/Microforms Division, Main
Information sheets on command
mode searching are available in most
UBC libraries or by calling Information and Orientation Division, Main
Library, for copies (228-2076).
Films and videos soon available in branch libraries
Over the next few months, films and
videos in the Film Library will be
dispersed by subject to other
branches of the UBC Library. Films
and videos on subjects covered by the
Main, Sedgewick and Fine Arts
libraries will be sent to Sedgewick
Library. Titles which belong to
faculties or departments will be
returned to them or housed in the
appropriate library branch as
requested. Preview facilities will be
available in all branches housing
media collections.
Faculty who wish to borrow films
during the transitional period should
continue to contact Darrell Short at
the Film Library (4400). If you will
need films or videos for Summer
Session, please contact the Film
Library as soon as possible. Until
further notice, faculty wishing to
borrow films from other post-
secondary institutions should also
contact Darrell.
The films and videos formerly in the
Film Library will continue to be listed
on the Miscellaneous Materials file on
UBCLIB - only the location will
change. Some new purchases and
media currently in the Curriculum
Laboratory will be listed on the
Catalogue file. To find films and
videos at UBC Library, please check
both files.
If you have any questions or
concerns, please phone Howard Hurt
or Cindy Swoveland, Curriculum Lab
Cynthia Swoveland Database news databases that librarians can search for you
Canadian Education Index
Canadian Education Index is now
available on the InfoGlobe system. The
file, starting with 1986, covers 200
Canadian education journals; report
literature from Canadian government
departments, faculties of education,
teachers' associations, education
associations and large school boards;
theses and dissertations from Canadian faculties of education; and all-
reports on education in Microlog.
(Government Publications/Microforms Division has all Microlog
reports on microfiche.) The database
is updated 3 times a year. For more
information, please phone Pia
Christensen, Humanities/Social
Sciences Division, Main Library (228-
Health Instrument File
Information on tests, questionnaires,
rating scales, interview schedules and
other measurement techniques is
often difficult to find. The Health
Instrument File (HIF), available on
BRS since 1988, helps researchers
identify relevant material on health
and psychosocial assessment tools.
Although the database focuses on
instruments developed since 1985,
selected earlier instruments are also
covered. You can search by descriptors from Medical Subject Headings
(MeSH) or the Thesaurus of Pyschologi-
cal Index Terms as well as by free text
terms in the title or abstract. Test
validity and reliability is directly
searchable. You may display or print
references to pertinent articles or
analyst information (including
BRS has recently improved online
access by adding brief records for
new instruments immediately, then
replacing them with full records after
analysis of the instrument.
So before you reinvent the Rorschach,
try HIFl
For more information on life science
or health science databases, please
phone the Woodward reference
librarians (228-4440).
Pia Christensen, Pat Lysyk
Gerry Dobbin, Systems and
Information Science librarian, retires
at the end of May after almost 37
years with UBC Library. Diana Kent,
a reference librarian in Woodward
Biomedical Library, presented a half-
day continuing education course
March 17 on selected sources of
Canadian and British Columbia
health statistics. The course was
offered under the auspices of the
Health Libraries Association of
British Columbia.
Hot off the press
• Library People: a guide to
reference staff at UBC Library
• UBC Library facts and figures
• A Guide for Visitors to UBC
Main Library
• Database Searching: Getting
• Welcome to Woodward
To request a copy, phone the
Information and Orientation
Division (228-2076).
On display
UBC 1915-1925
Alice in Wonderland
History of Women at UBC
Main Library
Old Vancouver in maps,
block by block
Special Collections
Main Library
History of medicine
student displays
History of Riverview Hospital
Heart Transplants
Leonardo da Vinci
Discovery of DNA
Elizabeth Blackwell's
A Curious Herbal
William Hooker, botanical artist
Gilbert White, naturalist
Memorial Room
Woodward Library
End of term
Please return or
renew all books
Call-in notices are being issued
in April for all material due
April 6 and earlier. Please
respond by returning or renewing books you have borrowed.
If we don't hear from you, we
will have to assume the books
are lost and bill you for their
replacement. If the books are
returned after billing, we will
cancel the replacement costs but
a processing fee will be
If you plan to be away from
campus this summer, please
return all your books or have
someone in your department
check your mail regularly for
call-in notices for books requested by others.
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Maureen Carey
Information and Orientation Division \''5"' " °
University of British Columbia Library Ml
issn 0382-0661  "


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