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UBC Library News Aug 31, 1968

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No. 1 August 1968 Vancouver, B.C.
This newsletter will appear frequently as an information service for faculty and other
people outside the Library.  It will contain news items about current developments in
the Library System which we feel will be of interest or concern to the larger community.
This is a standing committee of the Senate, charged with the role of 1) advising and
assisting the Librarian in formulating policy, allocating book funds, developing library
services, and keeping informed of developments in the larger academic community; and,
2) reporting regularly to Senate on matters of policy under discussion by the committee.
There are presently twelve members on the SLC, under the chairmanship of Dr.I.McTaggart
Cowan; their names are, C. Belshaw (Anthropology/Sociology), M. Bloom (Physics), N.Divinsky
(Mathematics), B. Dunel1 (Chemistry), W. Gibson (Medicine), W. Holland (Asian Studies),
S. Rothstein (Library School), D. Smiley (Political Science), M. Steinberg (English),
B. Stuart-StWbbs (Library) and S. Zbarsky (Medicine).  In addition, there is a vacant
position to be filled by a representative from the Student Council.
The Committee will be meeting at 4:00 p.m. in the Librarian's Office on the following
dates until the end of June 1969: September 16, November 15, February 10, April 14,
June 2nd.
Among the topics to be discussed at these meetings will be:  New library buildings
(needs and priorities), relationship of reading rooms to the Library and their effects
on budget, philosophy of book fund allocation, loan regulations, costs of service to
undergraduates, dissemination of information to faculty, representation of librarians on
faculties and committees, and liaison between the Library and the Bookstore and Publications Centre.
If any faculty members have matters which they would like to put before the Senate
Library Committee, they are urged to contact the most appropriate member of the Committee
and discuss their ideas with him.
BUDGET for Books and Magazines:
A period of recession is limiting the ability of the Library to respond to all the
demands made of it, particularly in respect to the purchase of out-of-print books, periodical files and collections.  About $865,000 is available for 1968/69.  Expenditures
in recent years were:  1965/66 - $1,613,000; 1966/67 - 1,515,000; 1967/68 - $983,000.
The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada has published a survey by
Dr. R. B. Downs entitled Resources of Canadian Academic and Research Libraries.  The
three hundred page report covers all aspects of libraries, and makes a number of recommendations.  A limited number of copies are available for distribution.  Please address
requests to B. Stuart-Stubbs, The Library.
BOOK Processing:
During the years of affluence, acquisitions outstripped the Library's capacity to
process them.  Encouraging progress has been made in the past year in keeping up with UBC Library Bulletin - page 2
Accessions.  In 1967/68 171,478 volumes were processed, compared with 103,640 in 1966/67
and 79,984 in 1965/66.  In controlled storage are about 56,000 volumes; these are all
listed in the Main Catalogue under the Author's Name only. The Library's collection now
totals around 1,100,000 volumes.  (About half of our requirement, according to the Downs
THE MAIN CARD Catalogue:
In mid-May of this year a major reorganization was completed involving the public catalogue. The result is that the catalogue now consists of three parts: An Author-Title
File, a Subject File, and a Classed Location File.
The alphabetically arranged Author-Title File (identified by white labels) contains
also added entries, such as editors, translators, compilors, j'oint authors, series, etc.
The Subj'ect File (identified by red labels) is also alphabetically arranged and includes
all the standard subject headings, plus personal names used as subjects. The headings
are all printed on plastic-encased guide cards which make the file very easy to use.
The Classed Location File (identified by yellow labels) is arranged in call number order
and includes:  1) all material one copy of which is in a location other than the main
stacks, the Fine Arts Division, or a location indicated on the catalogue cards themselves,
such as Juvenile Collection, Law, Asian Studies or Special Collections; and 2) holdings
of currently received serials and set-in-progress.
In recent weeks another stage in the automation of the Serials records was reached.
The result is a daily listing of receipts, cumulated weekly.  In combination with the
basic list published last fall, these lists provide reasonably complete and up to date
information at every Library service desk.  Our use of the term "reasonably complete"
requires a few words of explanation. Those who use the annual cumulation, the next issue
of which is to appear in September, must remember that this listing is still only a visible by-product of the current drive to put all the Library's serial records onto magnetic
tape - it is not an end in itself. At this stage the emphasis is on the collecting of
data about the titles themselves; we are not yet able to maintain current information on
the holdings. Not until the project is in its final stage will there be the facility to
maintain a truly up-to-date inventory.
Meanwhile it is still necessary to use this annual cumulation in conjunction with the
Location File at the Main Card Catalogue to get a complete picture of the Library's
serial holdings.
The division of Information and Orientation will come into existence this fall, under
the direction of Mr. Luther F. Chew. This division will fill the need for intensive
instruction of students in research methods, particularly in respect to libraries, and
will employ audio-visual techniques combined with lectures, tours, and published guides.
Mr. Chew was Librarian of the Audio-Visual Centre, Washington State College from 1966 to
the present. The division will be located in the Main Concourse of the Main Library,
next to the Union Catalogue.  The Humanities Division will join the Social Sciences Division in the north wing, thus consolidating specialized reference services.
RECLASSIFICATION of Reference Books:
The UBC Library is extremely fortunate in that its first Librarian had the foresight
to adopt the then new Library of Congress (LC) system of classification. Many college
0 UBC Library Builetin - page  3
and university libraries across Canada and the United States are now bogged down in
expensive reclassification projects forced upon them by the belated discovery that the
simpler Dewey Decimal System no longer served their complex academic needs.
There is one feature of Dewey, however, which is most attractive to scholars, and
which LC lacks.  In Dewey, bibliographies are subarranged according to the whole classification so that, for example, all science bibliographies stand together in their
subdivision of mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.  Traditionally LC has arranged
bibliographies alphabetically by topic, intermixing sciences, social sciences and
humanities.  Scholars and librarians have found this to be an unsatisfactory arrangement.
Therefore all new bibliographies now going into the UBC collection receive, rather than
the traditional Z 1000 to Z 7000 number, the LC subject number for the bibliography
prefixed by the letter Z.  The most used bibliographies in the Social Science, Humanities
and Science Reference Divisions are also being reclassified into this new system.  Thus
the bibliography sections of the Reference Divisions will soon be seen to recapitulate
the entire classification.  This process is nearing completion in the Social Science
and Humanities Divisions and is just getting under way in Science. V,


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