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UBC Library News Oct 31, 1988

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 ubc library news
new series no. 21/October 1988
Japanese travel maps to travel?   4
NORMAN COLBECK 1903-1988  6
Online access to Library holdings is now available
using UBCLIB.   Features of UBCLIB include:
*Access to information about:
-books and other materials catalogued since
-materials out on loan
-all serials holdings
-books on order or in process
-pamphlets, films and other uncatalogued
*Easy-to-use menus
* Command mode option with additional searching
features and access to more files.
There are a limited number of public access
terminals in the Main Library, Sedgewick Library,
Woodward Library (to be installed), Curriculum
Laboratory, Law Library and MacMillan Library.
These terminals are available to all Library users.
Faculty and graduate students dial up
Since February, the Library's online files have
been available to faculty via UBCNET.   Now,
graduate students and handicapped students can
also access UBCLIB from any personal computer
or terminal connected to UBCNET.   As resources
permit, this service will be extended to all UBC
Library cardholders.   For more information, please
ask at any Library reference desk for the handout
on remote access for faculty and graduate students.
Help using UBCLIB is available:
*online; type help or feedback.
*in the Library; ask a reference librarian.
*by phone; see the list on the first online HELP
ubc  library news
October   1988 New on UBCLIB
Most comments about UBCLIB have been
favourable.  There have also been many
suggestions for improving it.   We welcome your
ideas for new features and files.   Improvements
added recently include:
* Circulation information in the detail display
* Option of rebrowsing the index directly after
viewing search results
*Option of performing a COMBO author/title
search on the in-process and catalogue files in one
Other suggestions from users are:
*More public access terminals
* Access to index and abstract information
* Facility to capture or print hit lists
* Access to information about reserve books
'"Keyword searching
* Sorting of search results in a useful order
* Undergraduate access to the databases via
* A new online circulation system which will
include facilities for online holds and rush
cataloguing requests.
The Library would like to implement all of these
features. Some which do not require extensive
funding will be introduced soon. The Library is
pursuing funding for improvements which have
substantial costs, such as providing a sufficient
number of public access terminals or upgrading
computer capacity to allow keyword searching.
Lynn Copeland
As part of President Strangway's goal to review all
areas of the University, an external committee to
examine the Library was established this Spring.
The members of the committee were Haig Farris
(President, Ventures West Management, Inc.),
Graham Hill (Library Director, McMaster
University), Ellen Hoffman (Library Director, York
University), and David Stam (University
Librarian, Syracuse University); and from UBC's
faculty, Dr. Richard Unger (Head, Department of
History), Dr. Barry McBride (Head, Department of
Microbiology), Dr. David Speert (Associate
Professor, Paediatrics Department) and Dr. Mark
Thompson (Professor, Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration).
The review was organized into three general areas:
collections and long range planning; public services,
technical services and systems; and the Library's
inter-institutional relationships and role as a
provincial resource.  The committee members
reviewed the extensive background documentation
prepared by the Library Administration and
interviewed, in the brief time available, librarians,
faculty and members of the University
The committee's final report was submitted to the
President's Office in July.   The recommendations
will be considered over the next few months.
Copies of the report have also been sent to Deans.
In August, the Map Library received an urgent
phone call from the Canadian Forces Map Depot in
Ottawa.  They needed to borrow our maps of
Namibia immediately.  Canadian peace-keeping
forces were being sent there and UBC had the only
1:50 000 maps of Namibia in Canada.   We sent the
maps for them to copy.   In return, the Map Depot
offered to send us some foreign government map
series which are difficult to obtain.
Maureen Wilson
The National Archives seems to agree that "a
picture's worth a thousand words".   This year,
Special Collections received another $10,000 grant
for the arrangement, description and listing of its
historical photograph collections.   Approximately
44,000 photos and slides, from collections such as
Western Miner Magazine, Malcolm Lowry and
friends, UBC from the sixties to the eighties, and
Grace Maclnnis and family, will soon be more
accessible to researchers.   Ann Carroll is the
project archivist.   As part of the project, the
photographs will also be added to the Library's
online file of historical photographs, accessible
using command mode.
Lowry Letters
The federal Department of Communications,
Cultural Properties Branch, has given Special
Collections a grant of $2,875 to help the Library
purchase a collection of letters from Malcolm
Lowry to his friend David Markson, and other
Lowry papers.   The grant is from a fund
designated for repatriation of important Canadian
materials.   UBC Library has the largest corpus of
Lowry's works in the world.
October 1988
ubc library news MacMillan Bloedel
MacMillan Bloedel donated their archival records,
more that 500 linear feet, to Special Collections this
Spring.  They also provided funds to hire an
archivist for a year to organize the collection.
Angela Schiwy has been appointed to this position.
Approximately sixty guests attended a ceremony
for the dedication of The William C. Gibson
History of Science and Medicine Collection in
the Woodward Library Memorial Room on
September 7.  Dr. Gibson, Professor and Head of
the Division of the History of Medicine and Science
from 1959 to 1978, was the moving force behind
the creation of the historical book collection in
Woodward Library.   Chancellor Peterson presided
over the ceremony.   President D. W. Strangway,
Dean W. A. Webber, University Librarian
D. N. Mclnnes and Dr. J. Norris praised
Dr. Gibson's invaluable efforts and talents as book
collector and fund raiser for the Library over the
past thirty years.   A plaque "in recognition of his
commitment to the development of the library and
his distinguished service to the University of
British Columbia" has been mounted on a pillar in
the Memorial Room.
Dr.   Gibson's "few words" during the ceremony
were delightful, amusing, and of great interest
historically.   We can ony hope that he will soon find
time to write his promised "unofficial history of
Lee Perry
In early December, UBC Library will host three
CAS Online workshops for anyone who would like
to learn how to search STN International
STN International is an online network of scientific
and technical databases produced by various
organizations, including Chemical Abstracts
Services.  Many of the files are machine-readable
versions of well known printed periodical indexes,
such as Chemical Abstracts, Engineering Index,
Physics Abstracts, etc.  But some of the files have
no printed equivalents.   For example, the Registry
file contains data on chemical structures and
nomenclature and CASReact contains data on
chemical reactions.  Numerical files are also
available online, such as the JANAF file of
thermodynamic data.  CAS has developed a single
command language to search all the STN
International files.
Take this opportunity to extend your research
skills.  The tentative schedule of workshops is:
December 6, full day - CA file and command
language for all files
December 7, full day - Registry file basics and
structure searching
December 8, half day - CASReact file
For more information on the workshops, fees and
registration forms, please contact Ms Cheri
Benintendi, CAS Workshop Coordination, Chemical
Abstract Service, P. O. Box 3012, Columbus, Ohio
43210.   (Anyone who returned survey forms to
Helen Mayoh, Science Division, Main Library will
automatically receive registration forms from
Helen Mayoh
PATSCAN is alive and well in the Science Division,
Main Library, performing forty to fifty searches a
month, and generating a steady stream of word
processed paper - quarterly reports, business plans,
year end reports, financial statements, search
guides, seminar promotions, and yes, another
newsletter!  Watch for it soon in your mail.
Requests for patent searches are always welcome.
The rates for searches are still low but may
increase soon.   For more information, phone Ron
Simmer (228-5404).
Ron Simmer
The Film Library has distributed the 1988 Film
and Video Catalogue to many departments on
campus.  The catalogue lists more than 3000 films
and videos housed in the Film Library on the third
floor of the Library Processing Centre.  You may
preview films and videos in the Film Library and
reserve them for your classes.   Delivery and pickup
arrangements for films/videos can be made when
required.  There is a handling fee.  If your
department has not received a UBC Film Library
catalogue, please call Gwyn Bartram (228-4400,
228-4520).  You can also purchase a personal copy
of the catalogue for $10.00.
ubc library news
October 1988 The Film Library's holdings are also listed in the
online Miscellaneous Materials file.   Additional
films and videos are available via the Media
Exchange Consortium of Post Secondary
Institutions in British Columbia.   The MEC
catalogue is available in Main Library (Information
Desk), Curriculum Laboratory and Film Library.
Films and videos can do much to enhance lectures,
seminars and presentations.  Find out what media
resources are available at UBC.   If you would like
to order a film or video to preview before
considering purchase, please contact the Film
Library.   All requests for purchases will be
considered but funds are limited.
Joanne Naslund
receiving donations requiring 1988 tax receipts by
early December to allow time to complete the
necessary paperwork.
Graham Elliston
Election campaigns produce an abundance of flyers,
brochures, newsletters, and other printed
paraphernalia.   Special Collections tries to collect
as much of the campaign literature in British
Columbia as possible.  They would appreciate any
donations of federal or municipal election literature.
Duplicates will be sent to the Provincial Archives or
the Legislative Library.
The Gifts and Exchanges Division in the Main
Library manages gifts-in-kind (not cash donations)
and exchange agreements for the Library system.
Gifts-in-kind are Library materials of all sorts:
books, manuscripts, archival papers, periodicals,
records and tapes.  It is our policy to accept gifts on
the understanding that, upon receipt, they become
the property of the Library.  The Library assumes
the right to determine the retention, location,
treatment, and all other considerations related to
their subsequent use or disposal.   Ordinarily, we do
not accept gifts with conditions or restrictions
attached.  Exceptions are made, however, if the
University Librarian deems it is in the Library's
best interests.
Guidelines for Acceptance and Appraisal of
* Gifts must have sufficient potential value to the
collection to justify their consideration.
*A11 gifts are acknowledged in writing.  Each
acknowledgement letter, where appropriate, is
accompanied by a Gift Agreement form in
duplicate.   One copy is completed and returned by
the donor.  Usually, these forms are not sent to
corporate donors.
*Most gifts are appraised on request, and official
receipts issued to the donors for income tax
purposes.  Exceptions are gifts from other
departments of the University, other institutions,
and unsolicited materials.
* Bookplates are inserted into all gifts and special
wording may be requested by the donor.   This may
require the printing of special plates.
If you have materials which you think may be of
use to the Library, please write or phone the Gifts
& Exchanges Division, Main Library (228-2607)
before sending anything.  We would appreciate
Copying in the libraries?
Save time and money with a Library copy
card. $5 cards sold in all libraries; $10, $20
or higher cards in Copy Service, Main
Library, Woodward Library or Law
Library.  Cash/cheque/departmental
requisition.   For more information, phone
Copy Service (2854).
§§§§§§§   ASIA-PACIFIC RIM   §§§§§§
The George H. Beans collection of Tokugawa or
Edo-period (1600-1867) maps attracted local and
national media attention this summer as plans for
a travelling exhibition came closer to fulfillment.
These rare and valuable maps, in scroll, accordion
and flat formats, include many travel maps of early
Japan, illustrating such features as routes to
particular shrines, "souvenirs", and highways,
roads, or rivers.  Mr. Oka of Oka Bokkoda, a
Japanese conservation firm in Kyoto, came with
his assistant this summer to examine the maps and
determine what conservation work needed to be
done before the exhibition and for long term
preservation of the maps.   His visit generated
articles in the Vancouver Sun, the Toronto Globe
and Mail and the Ottawa Citizen as well as
coverage by BCTV News.
Plans for the exhibition of a selection of maps from
the Beans collection have been underway since
1983 when the Canadian Society for Asian Arts
proposed an exhibition at the Vancouver Art
October 1988
ubc library news Gallery.   Representatives from the Library, the
Gallery, the Canadian Society for Asian Arts, the
Asia Pacific Foundation, the Japanese Consulate
and the business community formed a committee to
achieve this goal.  Last winter, the Vancouver Art
Gallery received a grant from the Canadian
Museums Corporation to begin planning the
exhibition.  The projected date of opening is
Autumn 1990, closing a year later in Japan.   The
final itinerary has not been set.   An exhibition
project office will be established and the committee
hopes to announce a major sponsor for the
exhibition soon.
Frances Woodward
Materials in Social Work Library's pamphlet files
are being added to the online Miscellaneous
Materials file...  In May, rare children's books from
Special Collections were part of the Vancouver
Art Gallery's popular show on Canadian children's
book illustrations, "Once Upon a Time"...  The
Sedgewick librarians thank the many people who
have donated paperbacks to continue Sedgewick's
uncatalogued popular reading collection.  If you
have any paperbacks to donate, please put them in
the shopping cart on the upper floor of Sedgewick
§§§§§§§    LIBRARY PEOPLE    §§§§§§
After 29 years at UBC, Anna Leith, Head of
Woodward Library, retired in June.   Since
becoming Head in 1967, she has played a key role
in the practice and teaching of health sciences
librarianship.  Under her leadership, Woodward
Libary became one of the largest and busiest
biomedical libraries in North America.   Shortly
after her retirement, the Canadian Health
Libraries Association awarded Anna an honourary
life membership...  Elsie de Bruijn has been
appointed Acting Head of Woodward Library until
December 1988...   John Cole, who was appointed
Acting Associate Head of Woodward Library, has
accepted a position in the Medical Library at the
University of Calgary.  He will be leaving
Woodward Library October 20th...   Lois Carrier,
formerly Head of the Social Sciences Division, Main
Library, retired this Spring.  Lois became Head in
1966.  When Humanities and Social Sciences
Divisions amalgamated in 1984, Lois chose to
return to full-time reference work.   She was a
strong advocate of providing excellent reference
service with a specialist staff.   Lois' reference
position will not be re-filled...   Laurenda Daniells,
the University Archivist since 1976, also retired
recently.   Laurenda's personal involvement in UBC
goes back more than 40 years.  The Alumni
Association presented her with a special merit
award in recognition of her many contributions to
the University community...Chris Hives has been
appointed the new University Archivist... Judith
Frye resigned as Head of Social Work Library and
Beverley Scott has been appointed Acting Head...
After two years at UBC, Beth Anholt will be
leaving the Curriculum Laboratory at the end of
September for Ann Arbor, Michigan...
Hilde Colenbrander, most recently Information
Analyst and Head of the Research and
Development Division of the South African
Bibliographic and Information Network, was
appointed in August as the new Head of Data
Library. ...Lynn Redenbach has a temporary
appointment in Government Publications Division
while Connie Fitzpatrick works for Statistics
Canada...  Rita Penco has been appointed
part-time as a reference librarian in Science
Division while Janice Kreider is on leave...
Bob MacDonald, Assistant University Librarian
for Technical Services and Systems, reported on
the Canadian patent project at UBC and the
Library's plans for CD ROM at a pre-conference
workshop for the British Columbia Library
Association...  Margaret Friesen, Head of
Interlibrary Loan Division, Main Library,
addressed the Canadian Library Association
pre-conference workshop "Canadian Libraries and
Resource Sharing - Issues and Opportunities".   Her
subject, under the section on location tools and
document supply, was operation fragmentation...
In May, the Head of Crane Library, Paul Thiele,
and his wife Judith, a reference librarian,
undertook a UNESCO consultancy to review
service for the blind at Kenyatta University,
Nairobi, Kenya.  The service will be expanding to
serve all of Kenya and other East African
countries.  The Thieles were asked to advise on
staffing, equipment and budget for the new service.
The completed report offers thirty-five
ubc library news
October 1988 §§§§§§§§§§§ DISPLAYS §§§§§§§§§§
UBC Library Today
What is semiotics?
The UBYSSEY 1918-1988
Handle with care
Main Library
Banned books
Special Collections
Cookbooks from antiquity to 1900
History of medicine - rare books
Woodward Library
Fred Rosenberg
recent photographic portraits
October 4-November 10
Fine Arts Gallery
Lesson and unit planning
Other worlds: science fiction
Tricks and treats for Halloween
Curriculum Laboratory
Start Here 95, revised: Classical Studies-part one:
General reference and bibliography
Start Here 97, revised: Classical Studies-part two:
General reference and bibiography
Start Here 143: Select Bibliography on Personnel
Start Here 144: Alzheimer's Disease
Start Here 145: British Columbia Regulations
Start Here 146: Federal Regulations
Start Here 147: British Columbia Statutes
Start Here 148: Photography
UBC Library Online: Questions and Answers
UBC Library Online: Remote Access for Faculty
and Graduate Students
UBC Library Online: Brief Introduction to
Command Mode
UBC Library Online: Quick Reference for
Command Mode
If you would like a copy of any of these information
sheets, please phone the Information and
Orientation Division, Main Library (2076).
UBCLIB: a reference manual for command mode is
available at the Bookstore for $2.50.
§§§§   NORMAN COLBECK 1903-1988   §§§§
It is with great regret that we report the death, on
September 23, of Norman Colbeck.   Though the
man is gone, the memory of him will remain
always fresh for everyone who uses the splendid
collection he assembled and donated to the
University of British Columbia.
A Londoner by birth, Norman brought together his
collection of nineteenth-century and Edwardian
poetry and Belles Lettres during the forty-five years
he spent in the English book-trade, both in London
and in Bournemouth.   In 1967, through the efforts
of Dr. William E. Fredeman and then University
Librarian Basil Stuart-Stubbs, Norman brought his
collection to the University of British Columbia
Library.   For more than twenty years, he imparted
to library staff and patrons his prodigious
knowledge of the books and manuscripts in the
collection, and contributed to the compilation of a
catalogue of the collection published in 1987 by the
University of British Columbia Press.   In May 28
of that same year, the University awarded Norman
the degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causae, in
recognition of his unique contribution to education
and scholarship.
Those in the Library who knew Norman will
always remember a man of great generosity,
sincerity and modesty, and wish to offer his widow,
Dr. Mabel L. H. Colbeck, their deepest sympathy.
Editor: Julie Stevens
Illustrator: Merry Meredith
Information and Orientation Division
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661


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