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UBC Library News Apr 30, 1989

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new series no. 24/april 1989
To see ourselves - the Library under review
Review highlights
1 Develop a set of comprehensive
collection policies
Review multiple subscriptions to
Implement a non-circulating
journal policy
Separate the collections budget
from the Library's operating
Set a high priority on the online
catalogue and a new circulation
Reduce gradually the number of
branch libraries
1 Set priorities for public services
Define formally the provincial
role of the Library
Establish a strong management
and fiscal information program
In March 1988, President Strangway
established a committee to review the
The members were:
Haig Fafris
President, Ventures West Management, Inc.
Graham Hill
Library Director, McMaster University
Ellen Hoffman
Library Director, York University
David Stam
University Librarian, Syracuse University
and from UBC:
Dr. Richard Unger
Head, Department of History
Dr. Barry McBride
Head, Department of Micrd>iology
Dr. David Speert
Assoc. Professor, Department of Paediatrics
Dr. Mark Thompson
Professor, Faculty ofComm. & Bus. Admin.
Their report was submitted in July.
Review raises important issues
Although time for the Committee
members was limited, their final
report contained twenty-five major
recommendations. The recommendations focussed on collections management and development, technology
and systems development, and
services and management related
Decentralization and duplication
concern Committee
'Close some branch libraries, review
committee proposes' headlined the
February 9 issue of UBC Reports. The
article on the Committee's report
highlighted some of the major
recommendations, and more extensive coverage was provided in the Executive Summary published February
23 in UBC Reports. Several (see over)
St. Paul's Library shares in Hospital's expansion
St. Paul's Hospital is undergoing a
major three phase redevelopment of
its facilities. Phase 1, a ten floor
tower, was completed in 1987. Phase
2, an identical tower, will provide 300
replacement beds, new intensive and
coronary care units, maternity
facilities, food services, speciality diagnostic facilities and educational
resources, including a health sciences
library. The $62.6 million project is
being funded by the provincial
government and the Greater Vancouver Regional District.
The new St. Paul's Hospital Library
will be 3600 square feet, the same size
as Hamber Library in Children's/
Grace/Shaughnessy Hospital. It will
include a separate scanning room for
new books and current journals and
will be located on level 1, adjacent to
Biomedical Communications and the
Drug and Poison Information Centre.
Phase 2 is scheduled for completion
in the summer of 1990.
St. Paul's Hospital Library, together
with Biomedical Branch at VGH,
Hamber Library and Woodward Library, form the UBC Health Sciences
Library Network. The four libraries
share resources so that each can offer
a broad range of collections and
services to patrons.
Barbara Saint
Also in this issue-
share a subscription update 2
Term Paper Clinic up 24% 2
New taping equipment a'Go' 2
Access UBC archives online 3
Fax gets the message through 3
New catalogue lists udio/visual
materials 3
Database data 4
Around the libraries 4
Places 4
People 4
On display..... 4 To see ourselves (cont.)
recommendations related to serials,
which currently consume 60% of the
Library's collection budget. They
included reducing duplication of
serials on campus, making serials
non-circulating, and initiating a
'journal management programme' to
control costs.
Public service needs computers
The Committee viewed a new
automated circulation system and a
Share a subscription update
The response to our last article
announcing our 'share a subscription' program, whereby tax receipts are supplied to those who
donate their periodical subscriptions to the library, has been
gratifying. We have already
received several gift subscriptions.
None of the gift subcriptions are
new to the Library - one is a revival
of a subscription we had to cancel
several years ago; the others we
were receiving in other ways. But
they are no less welcome.
Gift subscriptions have costs
Replacing a paid subscription with
a gift requires some paperwork.
The paid subscription must be
cancelled and the existing record
amended so that it can be converted when the last issue has been
received. Then the record is turned
over to the Gifts and Exchanges Division. But Serials and Gifts and
Exchanges may share the record for
as long as a year because subscriptions are usually paid in advance
and cancellations cannot take effect
immediately. For this reason, we
would like to be assured that
donors feel a genuine commitment
to continue supplying a periodical
regularly once they have taken the
first step.
Donations, gifts welcome
After the last issue of the UBC
Library News, I received a call from
a faculty member who wanted to
donate money to support a particular subscription. As this was a cash
donation rather than a 'gift-in-
kind', I referred him to another department and unfortunately lost
him in the process. To prevent this
happening again, I will handle such
requests in the future. Whatever
kind of gift subscription you are
considering, please phone me
(2607). I'll sort out the details and
get back to you as soon as possible.
Graham Elliston
fully online catalogue with increased
access and features as top priorities.
Several recommendations recognized the Library staff's commitment
to public service and the pressures on
that service as the Library tries to fill
the multiple role of university, community and provincial resource.
University wants your response
In UBC Reports, President Strangway,
on behalf of the University Administration, asked library users to give
thoughtful consideration to the recommendations and then offer insights that we can incorporate as we
develop a final administrative
position.' If you would like more information about the Report, please
inquire at the Librarian's Office.
New taping
equipment a 'Go'
GO B.C. has given Crane Library a
special award of $150,000 to upgrade
its equipment. Crane Library provides taped transcriptions of books
for visually impaired students.
"The present equipment is over 15
years old and is badly in need of
repair," said Bill Reid, Minister responsible for the Premier's Advisory
Council for Persons with Disabilities.
"This new equipment will provide a
better product for the student and
make better use of the volunteers
who contribute their time."
GO B.C. is a capital funding program
which uses the proceeds from lotteries operated by the B.C. Lottery Corporation to assist a wide range of
community initiatives.
Everyone wins! Term Paper Clinic up 24%
Under the supervision of the Sedgewick librarians, senior students in the
School of Library, Archival and Information Studies helped 191 students
develop research strategies for their
page 2
term papers. Most students who used
the Clinic were taking first year Arts
courses. They were enthusiastic about
what they learned and the SLAIS students were equally enthusiastic about
solving "real problems for real
people". We hope Term Paper Clinic
will continue to be an annual event.
Joan Sandilands Access UBC archives online
The SPE file, available through
command mode on UBCLIB, provides a brief description of the
archival holdings of the Special
Collections and University Archives
Division. The holdings include the official records of the university, the
private papers of individuals and organizations affiliated with UBC, and
extensive collections of records which
illuminate the business, political,
ethnic, labour and literary history of
British Columbia.
Each of the Division's 1,100 collections has been assigned a separate
record. Each record provides a brief
description of the nature and extent
of the archival materials. The collections vary in size from one file folder
to hundreds of feet of material. You
can search the SPE file by name,
irifoh Columbia
subject or any word in the description.
The brief description online is intended only as a preliminary access
point. If you want more information,
you can search through detailed inventories available in the Special Collections and University Archives
Division. For more information about
the Library's archival materials,
please phone Chris Hives, University
Archivist (5877) or George Brandak,
Manuscripts Curator (2232).
Chris Hives
Lists of approved boarding-houses,
accessible to the University, the moral
and sanitary conditions of which are
satisfactory, may be obtained from the
Registrar. Calendar p.25
Fax gets the message through
Since summer 1988, telefacsimile
transmission has enhanced the
Library's document delivery services,
especially to business, industry, law
firms, and academic libraries.
The ability to fax special characters
opens new doors. Interlibrary Loan
Division recently faxed an Inuit
document to libraries in Northern
Canada to ask for help identifying it.
They are also using fax to send
requests for Chinese materials to
Asian libraries in the United States.
The Library receives press releases
from B.C. ministries instantaneously
via fax. Fax is now the only communication method used to convey this
information. The releases usually
provide more information than a
newspaper article and include a
contact name and phone number.
They are filed by Ministry in the Government Publications Division, Main
Fax document delivery services from
other libraries are developing. The
National Library of Canada is the
most recent participant. The Center
for Research Libraries in Chicago is
also experimenting with fax for a one
month trial period. Interlibrary Loan
Division also expects an announcement from CISTI (Canada Institute
for Scientific and Technical Information) soon.
Margaret Friesen
New catalogue lists A/V materials
Want to find out if UBC Library has
slides of Vancouver or a video on
teaching mathematics? The audio/
visual catalogue on microfiche
provides a separate listing from the
microcatalogue of audio/visual materials such as films, videos, film-
strips, slides, cassettes, kits, pictures,
computer programs and machine
readable data files. You can look for
materials by author, title or subject.
The A/V catalogue does not include
the films and videos in the Film
Library or the sound recordings in
Wilson Recordings Collection and
Music Library. Film Library's
holdings are listed in print in the 1988
Film and Video Catalogue and online
in the Miscellaneous file. Wilson and
Music's recordings and compact discs
are listed in the Recordings microfiche set or online via command
mode in the Recordings file.
The Audio/Visual microfiche catalogue is available at the Main Library
Information Desk and in most
branch libraries.
page 3 Database data news about databases reference librarians can search for you
Science citations
Scientists, do you want to find journal
articles which cite a key paper in
your field? Science Citation Index is the
unique answer. Citing papers may
contain important criticisms, improvements, or other relevant information on a subject or method discussed in a key paper.
Although the Science Division
recently cancelled its $10,000 a year
subscription to the print version of
the Index, online searches are still
available in Science. Woodward
Library continues to receive the print
version. Because UBC Library still
has one subscription to the print ver
sion, we receive a discount of approximately 60% off the regular cost
of online searches.
Reading Research
Linguistics and Language Behavior
Abstracts (LLBA) on Dialog now
includes Reading Abstracts. LLBA has
always covered publications on
reading with a focus on the linguistic
aspects of literacy, but with the
addition of Reading Abstracts, publications on all aspects of reading theory
and practice are now covered.
Canadian company data
Cancorp on Dialog provides detailed
financial data on over 5,000 public
and private Canadian companies. Up
to 5 years of historical balance sheet
and income statement data is available, as well as company background,
officers and directors, mergers and
acquisitions activity and other
Search services
Reference librarians with extensive
online information retrieval skills and
experience can do computer searches
for you on many different databases.
Search costs vary. For more information, phone the branch or reference
division for your field or Information
and Orientation Division (2076).
Helen Mayoh, Pia Christensen
There is now more room for books
and students in Music Library.
Thanks to the School of Music's
provision of space, the library was
able to install 168 urgently needed
book shelves and 14 study carrels for
graduate students. The Vancouver
Children's Round Table has donated
$1500 to the Special Collections and
Archives Division. The gift will be
used to purchase books for the
Arkley collection of historical children's literature.
Len Mclver has been appointed as a
reference librarian in the Curriculum
Laboratory. Formerly at Forintek
Canada Corporation, he has a Bachelor of Physical Education from UBC
and a MLIS from the University of
Western Ontario. Dan Heino has
been appointed for one year as a
reference librarian in Woodward
Library. Formerly at the Royal Inland
Hospital, Kamloops, he has a Bachelor of Science in Honours Biology
from McGill and a MLS from UBC.
Doug Kaye, Head of the Wilson Recordings Collection since 1968, and
Maureen Wilson, Head of the Map
Library since 1965, are taking early
retirement effective June 30,1989.
Rein Brongers, Head of the Science
Division since 1967, is also taking
early retirement effective September
On display
The UBC of Irish Literature
University Endowment Lands
Intellectual Freedom
Main Library
Robert Boyle
Medical history student projects
Historic Hospitals of Europe,
1200-1981 - Photographs
Woodward Library
Dance with Minutiae: The Paintings
of Dulcie Foo Fat
March 22 - April 29
Fine Arts Gallery
Please return or
renew all books
Call-in notices are being issued
in April for all material due
April 7 and earlier. Please
respond by returning or renewing books you have borrowed.
If we don't hear from you, we
will have to assume the books
are lost and bill you for their
replacement. If the books are
returned after billing, we will
cancel the replacement costs
but a processing fee will be
If you plan to be away from
campus this summer, please
return all your books or have
someone in your department
check your mail regularly for
call-in notices for books requested by others.
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Information and Orientation Division
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661


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