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UBC Library News Feb 28, 1974

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Volume 7, No. 1 February, 1974 Vancouver, B.C.
In earlier issues of the News (April/May and December, 1972) reports have been given about developments in the case of Williams & Wilkins Co. vs. the United States. Williams and Wilkins, a publisher of
medical journals, charged that two departments of the U.S. government, the National Institute of Health
and the National Library of Medicine, had made unauthorized copies of articles from its journals.
Commissioner Davis  of the  U.S. Court of Claims heard the case, and late in 1972 issued a judgment
favouring  the plaintiff. At that point the practice of making a single copy of a portion of a work in copyright without payment to the copyright owner, on the principle of "fair-dealing", seemed to be in
On November  27th,  1973, the Court of Claims handed down its opinion, which rejected the position
held by Commissioner Davis, stating that "we conclude that plaintiff has failed to show that the defendant's
use  of the copyrighted material has been 'unfair', and conversely we find that these practices have up
to now been 'fair'. There has been no infringement."
Williams & Wilkins Co., if it wishes to pursue its claim, may now appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court,
but to date it has not taken this action. Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress is still conducting hearings on a
Copyright Revision Bill. The recent decision of the Court of Claims may have an effect on that legislation.
Scholarly, scientific and library organizations are also providing testimony to the Congressional
Committee, arguing in favour of the continuation of the principle of fair dealing in copying for purposes
of research and study. Revisions to Canadian copyright legislation are also being considered, and new
U.S. legislation, as well as the Court of Claims decision, may influence matters here too.
A "census" of Sunday users of the Sedgewick Library was carried out by students from the School of
Librarianship  on Nov. 18. As  expected the  results  indicate that UBC is providing a good measure of
assistance to students from other B.C. colleges and universities.
A total of 1478 persons were interviewed between noon and 7:45 p.m. Of these, 296 (20%) were not
UBC  students. 168 (11.4%) of the persons interviewed were students of other colleges and universities,
including: SFU-22; U. Vic-3; Vancouver City College-63; BCIT-21; Douglas College-10; Capilano College-5.
A variety of reasons for using Sedgewick were given by visiting students:
To find needed materials - 28%
Like working in Sedgewick - 23%
To study - 13%
To be with friends -   8%
Because it's nearest library -   8%
Because it's nearest open library -   4%
Because it's open convenient hours -   5%
59% of the non-UBC students said they came to Sedgewick most weekends.
In addition to the kind of direct use of facilities measured in the survey, B.C. colleges and universities make heavy use of UBC's collections via interlibrary loan. Last year, more than 10,000 items
(mostly photocopy)  were  sent by interlibrary loan to other post-secondary academic institutions in the
The  University  of Victoria and UBC will shortly be issuing library cards to UBC and UVic undergraduates  who wish to use both collections. This experimental extension of borrowing privileges will
continue  until August 31, 1974. Since Simon Fraser University is not participating in the experiment at
this  time,  it is  not  expected  that  a great deal of use will be made of the system, but it is hoped that
sufficient data will be obtained to determine the demand for, and feasibility of, such co-operative
borrowing schemes. Referral cards enabling students to obtain these new borrowing privileges will be issued by reference
staff. While some control will be exercised over the issuing of these forms, they are essentially
designed  to provide  information for  library  studies. Pretty well any reason for requesting a form -
material not available in the home library, student's residence closer to the other library, etc. - will be
regarded as valid.
The   borrower's  card  issued will  carry  the  same privileges as the UBC Extra-mural Reader's
card: it can be used to borrow home use books, but not periodicals, reserve, or other special materials.
Special materials include the holdings of Sedgewick Library and the Curriculum Laboratory except where
special arrangements have been made. The loan period will generally be two weeks.
While the present scheme is limited in scope, it should be of some interest as an experiment in
the co-operative use of library resources.
The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and the Social Science Research Council of
Canada have received a $100,000 Canada Council grant for the establishment of a data clearing house*
To be located in Ottawa, the clearing house will assist researchers to locate machine-readable
numerical data collected by social scientists across Canada.
The  first task of  the  clearing house will be to prepare an index of social science data holdings in
Canadian Universities  and  non-governmental  research  institutions. The clearing house will not itself
provide  the  data, but will guide researchers to the sources of the information they need. Through its
services, data collected by one researcher may be used by other scholars for both primary and secondary
analysis. It will also help to avoid unnecessary duplication of surveys and development of data holdings.
Faculty and others doing research in the social sciences at UBC are requested to advise the Data
Librarian (Room 447, Civil Engineering Building, local 5587) of data studies, pertinent to the aims of the
proposed  data  clearing house, and are invited to deposit their documented files in the University's Data
♦University Affairs, V.14, No.8, Oct., 1973, p.13.
The  U.B.C.  Data Library is attempting to compile a complete inventory of machine-readable data
files  held in  the  U.B.C.   community.. The  inventory should be of assistance to researchers in locating
data, may possibly avert the duplication of effort on campus in gathering data, and will enable the Data
Library  to determine in what areas data most urgently needs to be acquired. It is expected that similar
surveys will be made in the near future at University of Victoria and S.F.U.
Faculty members and students who have data files or are in the process of acquiring or compiling
machine-readable files are earnestly asked to fill out the enclosed form, and return it to the Library.
Additional copies of the form can be supplied.
The Data Library would also like to remind you that the new Data Library Catalogue is now available
in printed form from the Data Library (local 5587), or in machine-readable form, of which a print-out
can be generated by entering the command $C0PY DLIB:CATAL0G (this command will be changed in the
near future). The  catalogue will copy on 8"xll" paper, and requires circa 90 pages. New additions to
the catalogue can be obtained by entering the command $LIST DLIB:NEWS.
Users are also reminded that the Data Library acquires new data files on the basis of request. If
you require a file of data in any field, contact the Data Library (5587) or the Data Reference Librarian
(2725) and we will endeavour to acquire the data.
The Roper Public Opinion Research Centre has announced that it has undertaken to assemble, edit,
store and re-disseminate KAP surveys to qualified researchers.
The KAP  surveys  attempt to  determine  the  extent of family planning knowledge, attitudes, and
practice in a community, region or country and provide vital data and background variables, applicable
to  respondents. To  date,  KAP  surveys  have been  conducted in 67 countries in Africa, North America,
Latin America, Asia and Europe. These surveys, of which approximately 150 can be called major,
constitute a large body of data relevant to numerous aspects of population and family planning.
As   a member  of  "Roper",  KAP  codebooks,  files,   and support documentation are available to the U.B.C. Data Library. Those interested in using this survey material should contact the DATA Librarian
(local 5587) or the DATA Reference Librarian, (Laine Ruus) (Local 2725).
At the moment, the Library has 74 current subscriptions to newspapers, at an annual cost of $2,470.
Also received are 14 gift subscriptions, and 2 exchanges. The Newspapers Committee has examined the
collection with a view  to  cutting out titles  receiving no use, and adding new titles to meet the needs
of users. Titles were selected on the basis of faculty recommendations and requests received through
FEEDBACK (the Library suggestion box). Two surveys extending over July of 1973, and the period from
October  18 - November  18,  1973, provided  statistics  on the use of all titles in the newspaper reading
As a result of the committee's deliberations, a number of newspapers of major importance have
been   added   to  the  collection  at  the  expense  of the cancellation of a number which are not being used
sufficiently to warrant continuation.
New subscriptions have been added for:
ABC (Madrid) Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune Regina Leader-Post
Edmonton Journal Times of India (Calcutta)
Jerusalem Post
Titles to be cancelled are as follows:
L'action Quebec Guardian (Manchester) (retaining Guardian weekly
Asian Student & microfilm)
Aufbau Komunist (Belgrade)
Bangkok Post Picton Gazette
Daily   Commercial   News   and   Building Record         Pyongyang Times
(Toronto) Sarawak Tribune
Ekonomischeskaia Gazeta (Moscow) Sonntag (Berlin)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Frankfurt) Sovetskaia Belorussia (Minsk)
Granma (Havana) Western Producer
A 1950-1972 cumulative index is available for the Geographical Magazine (London, England). Copies
may be ordered from:
Miss Audrey Illingworth
2 Oakwell Mount
Gledhow Lane
Leeds, LS8 IRS
The price, postpaid, is 70p per copy.
The Library has 50 binders for the American National Standard which we would like to give to any
institution   which wants  to have  them. If you are  interested, please contact:
Graham Elliston,
Gifts & Exchange Division,
U.B.C. Library,
2075 Westbrook Place,
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
The following out-of-print journals are needed to complete the Library's holdings:
j.C.a.a. Bulletin   (Japanese  Canadian Citizen's Association, Vancouver) v.12, no.l & 3 (1970).
New Statesman, February 2, 1973.
If you cannot  donate  copies, we would be interested in borrowing them to xerox. Please contact
Graham Elliston, Bibliography Division, Main Library, (local 2304).
Acquisition of Library Materials - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Annual Report of the University Librarian - (January/February 1973) -4 -
Asian Centre - (March/April 1973)
Book Budget - German blanket order cancelled (September 1973)
- inflation (September 1973)
- statistics (July 1973)
Buddhism Reclassified - (March/April 1973)
Collections Division - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Crane Library - LIP Spoken Books Project (January/February 1973)
Current Awareness - profiles (January/February 1973)
- profiles list (July 1973)
Data Library - CANSIM series (July 1973)
- (Faculty Guide Issue)
Displays - Building the University (July 1973)
Energy Analects - (January/February 1973)
Essays and Term Papers - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Faculty Guide Issue - Vol. 6, No. 5
Index to L.C. Classification - (January/February 1973)
Library Cards - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Library Delivery - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Library Reference Guides - (March/April 1973)
Library Tours - (September 1973)
Main Library Loan Procedures - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Microform Collection - (September 1973)
Newspaper Clipping File - (January/February 1973)
Open House - (January/February 1973)
Processing Division - (March/April 1973)
Provincial Library - (July 1973)
Reading Rooms - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Reference Services - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Science Division - (September 1973)
Sedgewick Division - architectural award (July 1973)
- cassette collection (September 1973)
Serials Holdings List - 1972 (January/February 1973)
- 1970 copies surplus (July 1973)
Social Science Citation Index - (September 1973)
Special Collections - acquisitions (September 1973)
Start Here Series - (March/April 1973)
Student Orientation - (Faculty Guide Issue)
Telephone Information - (January/February 1973)
- (July 1973)
UBC Theses - (January/February 1973)
Editor: Tom Eadie Information & Orientation Division DATA FILE DESCRIPTION
Data file held by: NAME
1. What subject(s) is/are covered by the file? 	
a) geographical area?
b) time period?
2. Is the file original data collected or compiled by yourself?
or acquired from another source?
3. Year(s) data collected  	
4. Sample size 5. Number of variables
6. Format of the data file: cards magnetic tapes
other (please specify) 	
7. Is documentation available for the data?
In what form?
8. Is the data "clean" and usable in its present form?
9. Is there a program?
10. Would you consider allowing another faculty member or student to
use your data file?
11. Would you consider depositing this file with the Data Library, for
the use of the     . TT .        ., ., _
a) University community?	
b) off-campus users?	
Now? In the future when you have finished your research?
Please return this form to:
Laine Ruus, Data Reference Librarian
Social Science Division
The Library


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