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UBC Library News Apr 30, 1991

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new series no. 32/april 1991
March 18
Research, books and libraries go
together and the first UBC Authors'
Reception brought them together in a
special way. Sponsored by the
University Librarian Ruth Patrick
and University President David
Strangway, the reception marks the
beginning of what the Library plans
to make an annual celebration.
Leza MacDonald, photographer
The Library and the President's Office held the reception to honour authors of books published between January 1990 and
March 1991. More than 160 authors attended the reception, impressive evidence of the vitality of book authorship at UBC.
The display of books covered an amazing variety of subjects, including sports medicine, lef t-handedness, legal services
for the elderly, geometry, Herodotus, chess, chemistry experiments, ESL, international conflict, and disease. Each author
received a souvenir booklet produced by the Library listing the authors and their works. (For a report on the First Annual
Symposium on Library Issues, see page 3.)
Also in this issue—
Main Library Reserve moves 2
TSE price indices available online 2
New CD-ROM indexes in HSSD 2
Library fines increase 3
First Annual Symposium a success 3
Gifts 3
New files on UBCLIB 4
Around the libraries 4
Hot off the press 4
On display 4
End of term call-in 4
If you received a library survey
last month, please complete and
return it as soon as possible. Main Library Reserve Book Collection moves to Sedgewick
On May 1, Sedgewick Library
Reserve will assume responsibility
for the collections and services now
provided by the Reserve Book
Collection in the Main Library.
The change affects faculty members
in Commerce and Business
Administration, the School of
Physical Education, the School of
Library, Archival and Information
Studies; those teaching language
courses and 3rd year, 4th year and
graduate courses in Arts, Science, and
Applied Sciences. Faculty members
in these areas should request reserve
services from staff in the Sedgewick
Reserve Unit. Linda Wensveen, the
Sedgewick Reserve Unit Supervisor,
will send all faculty more information
TSE price indices available online
Are you interested in historical stock
exchange index data? The daily
values for the TSE 300 price and total
return indices for the period 1977 to
August 1990 are now available from
an online database created by the
Data Library. You can also retrieve
from other databases the daily and
monthly values for the Standard &
Poor's composite index (since 1962
and 1925 respectively) or the daily
values for the NASDAQ index (since
These databases have been indexed
using the SPIRES (Stanford Public
Information Retrieval System)
database management system. In
order to search them, you need an
account on the University's mainframe MTS-G system. After retrieving
the time series you want, you can
download them to your personal
computer for further analysis.
Documentation on data search and
extraction options is available from
the Data Library.
The TSE data are supplied by the
University of Western Ontario in
collaboration with the Toronto Stock
Exchange. The Standard & Poor's and
NASDAQ data are supplied by the
Center for Research in Security Prices
(CRSP) based at the University of
Chicago's Graduate School of
We also subscribe to other TSE/
Western and CRSP magnetic tape
products on an annual basis. From
TSE/Western we obtain the daily
security price file, the monthly
outstanding shares file, and the
dividends and price adjustments
product file. The CRSP data files
track stock information on the New
York (NYSE), American (AMEX) and
NASDAQ exchanges. In addition to
the index files mentioned above, our
subscription covers the NYSE/AMEX
daily returns file, the NYSE monthly
master/returns file, and the
NASDAQ daily returns file.
All the non-index files described
above are stored on magnetic tapes
accessible through the MTS-G
system. To retrieve TSE/Western
data you need your own retrieval
program; for the CRSP files an easy-
to-use Data Library retrieval program
is available.
If you are interested in using these
files or want to find out what else is
available, please call the Data Library
(822-5587) or visit us in the Computer
Sciences Building, Room 206. We are
open Monday to Friday from
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Hilde Colenbrander
on the new procedures at the end of
This consolidation of reserve operations will provide students with
better access to course materials.
Sedgewick is open much longer than
the Main Library and Sedgewick's
book security system and staff control
of short-loan material will reduce the
number of items lost. Copying
facilities are available beside the
Sedgewick Reserve Desk.
Joan Sandilands
indexes in
The Humanities and Social Sciences
Division, Main Library, has added
two major indexes for social sciences
research, EconLit and Sociofile on
CD-ROM. It also has LatBook Libros
Latinamericanos and Dissertation
Abstracts Ondisc (on trial).
Econlit indexes articles from approximately 300 economics journals from
1969 to the present. It includes
abstracts from 1986. Sociofile indexes
journal articles in sociology and
social policy from 1974 to the present.
Sociofile is the CD-Rom equivalent of
both Sociological Abstracts and Social
Planning, Policy and Development
LatBook Libros Latinamericanos
lists 30,000 books recently published
in Latin America. The Division has
the current edition.
Dissertation Abstracts Ondisc
contains all sections of Dissertation
Abstracts. The current disk covers
only January 1989 to December 1990.
The Division has the CD-ROM on a
60 day trial. Please tell your graduate
students to try it and give us their
opinion of its usefulness.
Jocelyn Godolphin LIBRARY
The Senate Library
Committee recently approved
an increase in library fines.
Effective May 1, fine rates will
• Books, periodicals - $2/day
up to $30 per item.
• Reserve materials - $l/hour
up to $5/day with a maximum fee of $30.
This is the first increase in fine
rates since the mid 1970's. The
increase is in response to
requests from many users
who wanted the Library to be
more effective retrieving
called-in material.
The Library will continue its
policy of applying fines only
if the overdue material is
requested by another user. To
avoid fines and benefit other
library users, please return or
renew material by the due
Leonora Crema
Dean Emeritus J.A.F. Gardner has
donated $1,000 to the Friends of
MacMillan Library Fund for the
purchase of books in the areas of
wood chemistry and wood science.
The 1991 Graduating Class has
donated $1750 for an Online Public
Access Catalogue station for students
in wheelchairs. The station will be
installed in Sedgewick Library.
First Annual Symposium
on Library Issues
a Success
Over 175 faculty,
staff, and students
attended the
Library's First
Symposium on
Library Issues held
March 14th. Ann
Okerson, the
Director of the
Office of Scientific
and Academic
Publishing of the
Association of
Research Libraries,
gave the keynote
address - Scholarly
System in Jeopardy?
The problems and
possible solutions
were explored by a
panel of faculty
members: Dr. M.J.
Hollenberg, Dean
of Medicine; Dr.
RV. Kubicek,
Associate Dean of
Arts; Dr. P.A.
Lusztig, Dean of
Commerce; Dr.
D.F. Measday, Associate Dean of Science; Dr. R.J. Patrick, University Librarian;
and Dr. J.L. Wisenthal, Professor of English (Moderator).
Pressure on faculty to publish, unprecedented growth in the number of scholarly publications, huge increases in the cost of academic journals, and drastic
erosion of research libraries' purchasing power from fluctuating exchange rates
were some of the issues discussed at the symposium. Failure to solve the
problems may result in the breakdown of scholarly communication. Solutions
require the efforts of the entire university community. The panel members
contributed some interesting ideas. Dr. Hollenberg, Dean of Medicine,
suggested tithing research grants to assist new funding for collections.
The Annual Symposium Series, sponsored by Dr. Ruth J. Patrick, University
Librarian, and Dr. Daniel Birch, Vice President, Academic, will inform the
university community about major challenges and opportunities facing the
UBC Library and other research libraries.
Brenda Peterson
■ :-'      .    Hi  ■■.'.■°N'UBRARY'SSUES■'■■■'■;■
1          sc»c'.<>>-<<:™™«';>>r      §
Hi                 i9
hhbb iSsSa
nHS                                     its!
MB                           is|§
m             m
■ E        Everyone Welcome         \ |I|HH
1HH -             ....      ' iuH
l^^JJ^^M       ; * ;*■;-; v-                        M
r   r '<:|9 5 *E53
library display shows journals UBC Library cannot afford to buy New on UBCLIB - key into PsycINFO and ^Dictionary
Doing research in consumer
behaviour, counselling, eating habits,
or any other aspect of psychology?
Try searching PsycINFO online. The
complete file from 1980 to the present
is now available on UBCLIB in both
menu and command modes.
PsycINFO indexes articles from 1,450
psychology and social and
behavioural science periodicals and
related dissertations from Disserta
tion Abstracts International. The file is
updated monthly. An information
sheet with a sample search will be
available from the Library this
summer; meanwhile, follow the
directions on the menu screens.
If you have any searching problems,
phone Dorothy Martin, the psychology librarian in the Humanities/
Social Sciences Division (2-5923).
Need the meaning of a word? Try the
online American Heritage Dictionary.
Just sign on to UBCLIB in command
mode and type *dic. You can also
type *dic anywhere in your search
after the      * prompt.
Two more files, the Canadian Statistics Index and the Canadian Education Index, will be added soon.
Hot off the Press
Start Here 157. Archival Sources
for the History of UBC
UBC Data Library
Data Library - Doing a term
paper that needs numeric
Data Library - For Canadian
population data
MacMillan Library
To request a copy of these
handouts, phone the
Information and Orientation
Division (822-2076).
On Display
Travels in Edo Japan
Lily Pons to Liberace: Performance
Programs through the Years
UBC Travellers Speak
Dust to Dust
Main Library
Romanov Dynasty 1613-1917
Special Collections
Main Library
History of Bloodletting
History of Insulin
Charles Sherrington,
Noted Neurophysiologist
Woodward Library
End of Term
Please return or
renew all books
Call-in notices are being issued
in April for all material due
April 8 and earlier. Please
respond by returning or
renewing books you have
borrowed. If we don't hear
from you, we will have to
assume the books are lost and
bill you for their replacement.
If the books are returned after
billing, we will cancel the
replacement costs but a
processing fee will be charged.
If you plan to be away from
campus this summer, please
return all your books or have
someone in your department
check your mail regularly for
call-in notices for books
requested by others.
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Information and Orientation Division
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661
printed on recycled paper


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