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Find Handlers Messiah online
new series no. 30/december 1990
All compact discs and records in the
Wilson Recordings Collection and
the Music Library are now listed in
the Recordings file on UBCLIB. The
Recordings file is available on command mode in the Library files.
Wilson Recordings Collection has
more than 30,000 LP's and 6,000
compact discs, which you can borrow
with a Wilson card. The Music
Library has 15,000 LP's and 1,800
compact discs, which do not circulate. If you have a UBC faculty, staff
or student library card, a Wilson card
costs $25 from September to August
or $15 from January to August. The
collection includes classical music,
ethnic folk music, jazz, poetry,
drama, and other spoken material.
The handout How to Find Recordings
on UBCLIB provides instructions and
examples of how to search for a
particular recording or compact disc.
You may pick up a copy at the Music
Library, Wilson Recordings
Collection in Sedgewick Library, or
phone the Information and Orientation Division, Main Library
(228-2076) to request a copy.
Remember you can search UBCLIB
from your home or office via a
UBCnet connected terminal or via a
personal computer and modem
connected to UBCnet. For more
information, pick up the handouts
UBC Library Online: Campus Access
and UBC Library Online: Remote
Access in any UBC library.
Also in this issue—
1991 marks UBC Library's 15th CIP
anniversary 2
Law students learn online research 2
Environment and Development Archives
valuable resource 2
Calculate business ratios with Compustat
PC Plus 3
Book and periodical gifts welcome 3
Political science librarian receives
SSHRCC grant 4
Around the libraries 4
Hot off the press 4
Library fax directory 4
People 4
On display 4
Season's   ^F
Send Christmas cards from the
Archives this anniversary year. You
have a choice of two cards; the first,
shown here, and a second, a 1950
aerial view of the Main Library and
the Old Gymnasium in the snow. The
cards are $.80 each or ten for $7.00
plus tax (no GST yet).
You may purchase them at
Special Collections and University
Archives Division, Main Library
Weekdays    9am to 5pm
Saturday       12noon to 5pm
UBC Campus, 1961 -photographer unknown An Illustrated History of
the Chinese in Vancouver
Paul Yee
Dimglus ft Mclniyrc. Vbncnuvcr/lhfimii!
University 11rw.1shit1c.i11n Press, Seattle
Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data
Yee, Paul Richard, 1956-
Saltwater City
Includes index.
ISBN 0-88894-616-3
1. Chinatown (Vancouver, B.C.) - History. 2. Chinese
- British Columbia - Vancouver - History. 3. Chinese
Canadians - British Columbia - Vancouver - History.
4. Vancouver (B.C.) - History. I. Title.
FC3847.9C5Y43 1988 971.133 C88-091369-X
F1089.7.C5Y43 1988
Published simultaneously in the United States of America by the
University of Washington Press, Seattle, Washington.
1991 marks UBC Library's
15th CIP anniversary
Ever wondered how this information
gets in a book? It is provided by the
cataloguing services of libraries
participating in the Canadian
Cataloguing in Publication (CIP)
Programme, administered by the
National Library of Canada. CIP data
appear in national lists and databases
of Canadian publications such as
Canadiana, Canadian Books in Print,
and Quill and Quire. Through these
products, information about forthcoming Canadian titles is widely
disseminated in Canada and abroad.
Libraries and booksellers also benefit
from the Progamme by being informed of forthcoming titles well in
advance of publication and by
obtaining catalogue records.
UBC Library has been participating
in the Programme since 1976. We
supply pre-publication cataloguing
data for large and small publishers in
B.C., Alberta, and the Territories. The
number of titles catalogued annually
has increased from 118 in 1976 to
more than 700 in 1990. The participating libraries are finding the
Programme almost too popular and
are having problems keeping up with
the demand from publishers. FAX
has speeded up the processing of
requests for CIP data. Publishers,
who often find themselves in a rush
to meet printing deadlines, now use it
For more information about UBC
Library's role in the CIP Programme,
please phone Jim Sharpe in
Catalogue Records (228-6838).
Law students learn
online research
The Law Library, with the assistance
of a Provincial Work Study grant and
search time donated by QL Systems
Ltd., is providing instruction to law
students in computer-based research.
Most written judgments in the Canadian courts since 1986 are available
online through Quic/Law. They
include judgments of the Supreme
Court of Canada, the provincial
Supreme Courts and Courts of Appeal
and Canadian military courts. Law
students are being trained to go online
to search this important body of law.
Since October, under the supervision
of the law librarians, Mary Ainslie, a
third year law student on a work
study grant, has held instructional
sessions in the Law Library three
times a week: Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m.,
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., and Fridays
at 1:30 p.m. Mary is a Law Students
Legal Advice Program (LSLAP) staffer
with extensive practical experience.
Many first and third year students,
who want to learn how to use Quic/
Law, attend, even though they don't
have a specific problem in mind.
Other students, who are working on
course projects, have an immediate
need to learn how to use Quic/ Law.
The service is also popular with
students staffing the LSLAP clinics.
Students from other faculties can
attend sessions as resources permit.
Phone the Law reference librarians for
more information (228-4696).
Allen Soroka
Environment and Development Archives valuable resource
The Library now has the archival
papers of the World Commission on
Environment and Development on
microfiche. The United Nations
established this important Commission as an independent body, headed
by Gro Harlem Brundtland, in 1983.
The work of the Commission culminated in the publication of Our
Common Future in 1987. Our Common
Future proposes "a global agenda for
change" - a reconciliation of environmental and development strategies,
with the goal of achieving sustainable
development worldwide.
The Commission's papers were
deposited with the International
Development Research Centre in
Ottawa. The IDRC filmed them for
wider distribution. The material
includes background reports and
studies, written submissions, official
minutes, and texts of speeches on
nearly a thousand microfiche. The
collection is available in the Government Publications/Microforms
Division, Main Library.
Mary Luebbe Calculate business ratios with Compustat PC Plus
The David Lam Library has recently
acquired Compustat PC Plus on CD-
ROM. The database covers 12,000
publicly held companies traded on
major American stock exchanges.
The sophisticated software allows
you to search by company or industry, calculate business ratios automatically, integrate daily prices, and
calculate and adjust per share infor
mation for stock splits. You may
download this information to a
floppy disk. The David Lam Library
also has ABI Inform on CD-ROM.
Hazel Cameron
Indexes and abstracts on CI>ROM allow students and researchers to do personal computer searches for articles
or other information on a variety of topics. There are currently sixteen index/abstract databases on CD-ROM in
various branches of me Library. They include Corporate a
CASSIS, Cmpendex Plus, NTIS, AgricolafCAIN, Canadian Business and Current Affairs, ERIC, Math/Sci, Biological
Abstracts, and Medline. See the October issue of mis newsletter for a complete list of the databases, with descriptions of coverage and locations; More CD-ROM databases are on order. A handout on computerized indexes and
abstracts you can search yourself - on either CD-ROM or UBCLIB in Additional Files - will be available soon.
Book and periodical gifts welcome
As 1990 draws to a close, it is time to
remind everyone considering
donating gifts-in-kind to the Library
that they must be received by us
within the year in which the official
receipt is dated. Time is running out
to obtain receipts for use against your
1990 tax returns.
The guidelines for donations are:
• Gifts must have sufficient
potential value to the Library to
justify their consideration.
• Most gifts are appraised on
request and official receipts
issued to the donors for income
tax purposes.
• Bookplates are inserted into all
books and special wording may
be requested by the donor.
All gifts are acknowledged in writing.
Where appropriate, the donor is
asked to sign a Gift Agreement form
and return it to us.
A special category of donation
introduced last year is the Share a
Subscription plan, whereby the
Library issues tax receipts for donations of periodical subscriptions. We
currently receive fifty-five subscriptions this way and would be happy to
consider more. Before contacting the
Library, you must be sure you are
prepared to take the commitment
seriously. The program can benefit
the Library only if issues are supplied
promptly and consistently. Any
intention to cancel a subscription
must be reported as soon as possible,
so the Library can make other
Graham Elliston
Share a Subscription
We would especially welcome any of the following
periodical subscriptions:
B.C. Studies
Canadian Chemical News
Canadian Historical Review
Canadian Journal of Economics
Canadian Journal of Mathematics
Canadian Journal of Political Science
Canadian Literature
Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
Canadian Research
Canadian Slavonic Papers
CanadianYearbook of International Law
East European Quarterly
International Journal
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Canadian Petroleum
Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry
Nucleosides and Nucleotides
Pacific Affairs
Prism International
Queens Quarterly
Seminar, a Journal of German
Semantic Studies
UBC Law Review
University of Toronto Quarterly
If you would like to pass along your issues of any of these titles (or
others) or would like more information, please write or phone Graham
Elliston, Gifts & Exchanges, Main Library (228-2607). Political science librarian receives SSHRCC grant
Iza Laponce, the political science
reference librarian in Main Library,
has just received a $36,800 grant to
continue work on her Canadian
Politics Bibliography. The computerized bibliography contains more than
16,000 entries (articles, books, dissertations, conference papers and book
chapters) on Canadian federal and
provincial politics and related social,
cultural, and economic issues. It is
currently available online in the
Bibliography file in Additional Files
on UBCLIB, in both command and
menu modes.
The Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC)
grant, under the Canadian Research
Tools Programme, will enable the
retrospective coverage of the bibliography to be extended to 1929 from 1960,
and will enlarge the database to
approximately 23,000 items.
The Canadian Politics Bibliography is
national in scope and the online
version is used extensively by political
science researchers and others on
campus. A microfiche edition of the
bibliography issued in 1988 was
widely used and praised by political
scientists at other universities. The
microfiche set can still be ordered for
$75 plus sales tax from the Systems
Division, UBC Library. Phone 228-
3720 for more information.
The Canadian Politics Bibliography
provides access to published research
which is currently very difficult to
find even in the largest libraries.
When the project is finished, it is
planned to produce a CD-ROM
edition to extend computerized
access beyond UBCLIB.
Hot off the Press
Dial-a-Book Library Service
(for credit distance education
How to use CIRR on Disc
(CD-Rom Index to Corporate
and Industry Research Reports)
Start Here 40. Gerontology
UBC Library Online: Campus
Access (revised)
UBC Library Facts and Figures
To request a copy of these
handouts, phone the Information
and Orientation Division
After 24 years with the Library, Ann
Nelson, Head of Hamber Library at
Hospital, retired November 30th.
Pat Lysyk has been appointed acting
Head until June 30,1992.
Library Fax Directory
Administration, Main Library (604) 228-3893
Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) Program (604) 228-4789
Curriculum Laboratory (604) 228-2309
Crane Library (604) 228-6113
Health Sciences Network - Woodward Library (604) 228-7788
Biomedical Branch (VGH) (604) 875-4689
Hamber Library (Children's/Grace/Shaughnessy) (604) 875-2195
St. Paul's Library (604) 631-5013
Interlibrary Loan (604) 228-6465
Law Library (604) 228-6864
On Display
Octavio Paz
Nobel Prize Winner 1990
University Archives
Christmas Cards
Folk Music of the
Finno-Ugric Peoples
Building B.C.
Posters of the Ocean Cement Art
Main Library
Woodward Library
Strange Ways Here We Come
Works by New York Artists
Donald Moffat & F. Gonzalez-Torres
Ends December 21
Fine Arts Gallery
Main Library
A World of Words
Robertson Dictionary Collection
Special Collections
Main Library
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Information and Orientation Division     i* j5'' " °
University of British Columbia Library    Br
issn 0382-0661


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