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UBC Library News Oct 31, 1990

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Qreetings to you allandwelcome back\to an excitingyear at the University. I
Began my new position as "University Librarian August 1. In these first few months,
I have Been [earning about the. Library and the University. In addition to reading
everything I could find, I have visited the Library's twenty-one branches and
divisions and have been meeting with 'Deans, (Directors, Vice-'Sresidcnts and others.
My first priority is fundamental — to develop a strategic plan for the Library.
An important step in this pfenning process is the development of a shared understanding among staff, users and administrators of where the Library is going and
how it will try to get there.
One of the key issues we will be discussing is the impact of technology on our
services. "When first introduced into libraries, computers brought efficiencies and
cost savings. 'By stemming the rate of library cost increases, they enabled us to do
more for less. Computers are now moving into the neict phase ■ of transforming the
way users access information. The new and improved library services are exciting.
Computers enable users to search large files of data quickly and in ways not previously possible. 'But these new services are also demanding on staff to learn and teach
and on our financial resources to acquire the computer-readable indexes as well as
the accompanying computers, furniture and electrical lines. Other issues we need to
consider are the allocation of staff for these new services, facilities, funding
strategies and an organizational structure to govern the changes.
One thing I have discovered already is that the Library has many strengths on which
to build. The Library matches the University in ranking among the top institutions,
not only in Canada, but also in 9{prth America. The collections have expanded to
capture knowledge in whatever format it is presented: from rare manuscripts, special
collections, book\andjournals to compact discs and computer databases. The staff
are known throughout campus for their e^ertise, dedication and service. The
University is committed to developing the Library needed to support its academic
program. "With this foundation, I lookjorwardto working with you to design and
build the library of the future.
new series no. 29/october 1990
Library welcomes
Dr. Ruth Patrick
Dr. Ruth Patrick became UBC's
eighth University Librarian August 1.
Dr. Patrick received her Ph.D. in
Library and Information Studies from
the University of California, Berkeley
in 1972. She has held positions as
Consultant to the United States
National Commission on Libraries
and Information Science; Senior
Project Analyst, Education System
Division, Applied Management
Sciences; Assistant Director of
Library Operations, University
Libraries, Wayne State University;
and most recently, as Dean of Library
Services, University of Montana. Her
areas of research and publication
include microcomputers and libraries, staff development, library automation, library systems analysis and
academic consortia.
Also in this issue—
Research easier with new indexes on
Historical Canadian pamphlets and
textbooks now online 2
$40,000 grant for travel and voyage
collection 2
Reception marks Asian Library's 30th
Anniversary 2
Films and videos- an update 4
Around the libraries 4
Hot off the press 4
People 4
On display 4
Book of Kells 4
It Brings OutTne Best
In All Or Us.
UBC-United Way
"It's Yours" Research easier with new inde
Improving your access to information is one of the Library's primary goals; and using computer technology one of the
ways we can achieve it. The Library already has computer-readable files of books, serials, and other Library materials.
However, many researchers want to be able to search files of citations to journal or newspaper articles, government
reports and other documents. Five index/abstract databases in Additional Files on UBCLIB and sixteen databases on
CD-ROM in various UBC libraries now provide this access.
Search Additional Files in the Library or from your home or office
The index/abstract databases available on UBCLIB are:
Bibliographies - lists citations from bibliographies done at UBC, including Canadian Politics, B.C Theses, the Vancouver Centennial Bibliography, Consumer Health, Marriage and the Family, History of Canadian Childhood and others.
Canadian Newspaper Index - indexes selectively seven major Canadian newspapers. Covers from 1982, updated
quarterly. The newspapers indexed are on microfilm in Government Publications/Microforms Division, Main Library.
Current Index to Journals in Education - indexes articles from more than 750 education periodicals. Covers from 1969,
updated quarterly.
Microlog - indexes selected Canadian federal, provincial and municipal publications, including research reports in the
physical, natural, and social sciences, statistical reports and annual reports. Covers from 1979, updated quarterly. The
documents indexed are on microfiche in Government Publications/Microforms Division, Main Library.
Resources in Education (ERIC) - indexes research/technical reports, conference papers and proceedings, program
descriptions, bibliographies, teaching guides, curriculum materials, etc. Covers from 1966, updated quarterly. The
documents indexed are on microfiche in Government Publications/Microforms Division, Main Library.
PsycLIT (two year demo file only, July 1987 - July 1989) - indexes articles from 1,450 psychology and social and behavioural sciences periodicals and related dissertations from Dissertations Abstracts International. A more complete file is to
be added this fall.
Canadian Statistics Index will be added to Additional Files soon.
] For more information on the databases or on access via a UBCnet terminal or personal computer and modem, pick up
\ the UBC Library Online handouts, Additional Files, Campus Access, and Remote Access, at any UBC Library.
20,000 historical Canadian
pamphlets and 19th century-
textbooks now online
With the help of grants from the
Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council of Canada and the
Challenge '90 programme, Special
Collections' historical pamphlets are
now in the Miscellaneous Materials
file on UBCLIB. You can search for
them by author, title, subject or keyword in title. The pamphlets are
important primary documents in the
study of Canadian history, literature
and politics, especially British Columbia and the Arctic, the fur trade, the
War of 1812, Canadian railway
history, the 1837 Rebellion, the Riel
Rebellion and immigration.
Access to Special Collections' 19th
century Canadian readers, spellers,
histories, geographies, mathematics
and other textbooks is also now
available through UBCLIB. Added to
the Miscellaneous Materials file this
summer, they can be searched by
author, title or subject. This collection
complements the Curriculum
Laboratory's 20th century textbooks
already listed in Miscellaneous.
Anne Yandle
$40,000 grant for travel and
voyage collection
Special Collections has received
$40,000 from the Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council of
Canada to purchase books relating to
eighteenth and nineteenth century
voyages and travels to Pacific Rim
countries. The Library already has
one of the two best collections in
Canada on the discovery and early
exploration of the Pacific Northwest,
including round the world voyages
and trading voyages to the Orient.
Reception marks Asian
Library's 30th anniversary
On September 13, friends and supporters of the Asian Library and
Asian Centre celebrated the Library's
30th anniversary. The Asian Library
has the largest collection of Asian
materials in Canada, with more than
350,000 volumes in Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit and
other languages. During the evening,
President Strangway and Chancellor
Peterson unveiled a plaque honouring the Fundraising Executive of the
Asian Centre. Dr. Graeme McDonald,
President of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, was the guest
speaker. In his speech on the de-mystification of Asia, he saluted the
contribution the Asian Library's
collection and services have made to
Asian studies at UBC. xes on UBCLIB and CD-ROM
Search CD-ROM databases in various libraries
The sixteen index/abstract databases available on CD-ROM are:
In Main Library
Corporate and Industry Research Reports (Humanities/Social Sciences Division) - indexes research reports of international securities and investment firms. Covers from 1979, updated quarterly. The reports are on microfiche in Government Publications/Microforms Division, Main Library.
PsycLIT (HSSD) - indexes psychology and behavioural sciences articles. Covers from 1974, updated quarterly. Equivalent print index is Psychological Abstracts.
Sportdiscus (HSSD) - indexes sport, sport medicine, and physical education articles. Covers from 1972, updated semiannually. Equivalent print index is Sport Bibliography.
APS: Micropatent (Patscan, Science Division) - indexes American patents. Covers last 5 years, updated monthly.
CASSIS (Patscan, Science Division) - indexes American patents. Covers from 1970, updated quarterly. Abstracts of
most American patents are on microfiche in Patscan, Science Division, Main Library.
Compendex Plus (Science Division) - Indexes articles and conference literature in engineering. Covers from 1986,
updated quarterly. Equivalent print index is Engineering Index.
FIRST (Patscan, Science Division) - indexes European patents. Covers 1990, updated bimonthly.
NTIS (Patscan, Science Division) - indexes the United States National Technical Information Service's publications,
which include engineering studies, economic analyses, industry bibliographies, translations of research reports from
foreign governments and software documentation. Covers latest 10 years, updated quarterly. Many of the publications
are on microfiche in Government Publications/Microforms Division, Main Library.
In the branches
Agricola/CAIN (MacMillan Library) - indexes articles, government publications, conference papers and some books on
agriculture and allied subjects, including forestry. Covers from 1970, updated quarterly.
Canadian Business and Current Affairs (Sedgewick Library) - indexes articles from 500 periodicals and 10 Canadian
newspapers. Covers from 1982, updated quarterly. . ^^^^^^^^^,M
ERIC (Curriculum Laboratory) - indexes articles in education and ERIC documents. Covers from 1983, updated quarterly.
Math/Sci (Mathematics Library) - indexes articles on pure mathematics and
mathematical applications in statistics, computer science, operations research,
engineering and other disciplines. Covers the last 5 years of Mathematical Reviews
and the last 10 years of Current Mathematical Publications, updated semi-annually.
Biological Abstracts (Woodward Library) - indexes microbiology, plant and
animal science, ecology, biochemistry, bioengineering and biophysics articles.
Covers 1990, updated quarterly.
CCOHS-CD - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
(Woodward Library) - indexes occupational health and safety literature;
provides descriptive, health and precautionary data on chemicals and pesticides;
and toxicological data on 96,000 chemicals. Three files, dates of coverage vary,
updated quarterly.
Current Contents: Life 1200 (Woodward Library and Hamber) - lists the tables
of contents of 1200 life sciences journals. Updated weekly.
Medline (Woodward and the hospital libraries) - indexes articles in medicine,
the allied health fields and the related life sciences. Covers from 1966, updated
More CD-ROM databases are on order.
Menus and help screens are available for searching the indexes and the reference librarians will be happy to answer
any questions. You can print or download from the CD-ROM databases. The Library plans to have printing facilities
for UBCLIB files later this fall. For more information or to arrange instruction on searching a specific CD-ROM database, please phone the appropriate branch or division head. Films and videos - an update
Films and videos formerly in the Film
Library have been relocated in other
campus libraries. Videos are being
sent to the appropriate branch
libraries with Woodward (health and
life sciences), Curriculum Laboratory
(education) and Sedgewick (humanities, social and physical sciences) to
have the largest collections. Because
of space constraints in the Main
Library, Sedgewick houses the
videos which would have gone there.
All 16mm films are in Sedgewick.
Films continue to be listed in the
Miscellaneous Materials file. Videos
are being added to the Catalogue file;
those not yet catalogued are listed in
the In-Process file.
How to borrow, book or view films
and videos at UBC
Films and videos may be borrowed
directly from a UBC branch library
without charge. There is a $5.00 fee to
book an item in advance for classroom viewing. Booking forms are
available from the appropriate
branch. Faculty may place videos on
short term loan for courses. Branches
with videos also have monitors for
on site viewing.
How to book and borrow films and
videos not at UBC
If UBC does not have a film or video
you need, it may be borrowed from
off-campus sources through the
Interlibrary Loan Division, Main
Library. There is a $5.00 booking fee;
booking forms are available in
Interlibrary Loan. Interlibrary Loan
has access to collections in other B.C.
post-secondary libraries, most of
whom are Media Exchange Cooperative members; to the National
Film Board collections; and to other
collections listed in the UTLAS and
OCLC databases. Suppliers require a
specific show date for booking. Film
and video shipments will be arranged
to arrive in Interlibrary Loan Division
the weekday before a show date. Borrowers must pick up the item from
Interlibrary Loan and return it there
the weekday after the show date.
Need more information?
Please phone the appropriate branch
library or Interlibrary Loan. A handout, UBC Library: Video and Film Resources, was sent to faculty this summer. If you would like a copy, phone
the Information and Orientation Division (2076). The Library welcomes
suggestions for new acquisitions.
Consult the librarian who handles
your book and journal requests.
Joan Sandilands, Margaret Friesen
Hot off
Asian Library
Engineering Information Resources at
Government Publications: Getting
How to find A/V Materials at
Curriculum Laboratory (revised)
How to find Recordings on UBCLIB
How to use Microlog (revised)
Library People (revised)
Library Research Review (revised)
Library Services to Off-Campus Users
Start Here 64. Canadian Literature in
English (revised)
the Press
Start Here 132. Economic and Financial
Data Files (revised)
Start Here 154. Basic Engineering
Start Here 155. Health Services
Start Here 156. Modern Art
Term Paper Research: Getting Started
UBC Library Online: Additional Files
UBC Library Online: Campus Access
UBC Library Online: Brief Introduction
to Command Mode (revised)
UBC Library Online: Questions and
Answers (revised)
Wilson Recordings Collection (revised)
To request a copy of these handouts, phone the Information and Orientation
Division (228-2076).
NEW on display
Norman Rockwell
War Bond Posters
Main Library
John and Patricia Patkau
Architectural Projects
October 23 - November 10
Fine Arts Gallery
Mary Banham, Head of Circulation Division, Main Library since 1985, retired in
July. Leonora Crema has been appointed the new Head of Circulation and
Lynne Redenbach Circulation/Extension librarian. Jim Henderson, Woodward
Library, is on a year's leave to work with the Canadian Bacterial Diseases
Network, a federally funded Centre of Excellence.
Book of Kells splendid
example of Celtic art
On July 1, a facsimile of the Book of
Kells was presented to the Library
at a ceremony at the Frederic Wood
Theatre. The original of the Book of
Kells, an illuminated manuscript of
the Gospels produced by monks in
Ireland during the eighth century,
has been at Trinity College Library
in Dublin since 1661. The $16,000
facsimile, one of 1,480 copies made
by Swiss fine art publisher, Faksim-
ile Verlag, was purchased with
donations raised by the Vancouver
Book of Kells Committee.
Fine Arts Library
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Information and Orientation Division
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661
19 15-1990


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