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UBC Library News 1989-02

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Round the clock online access
extended to undergraduates
Would you like to start your research
before the Library opens? Search the
Library's online files from your home
or office? Remote access is the solution. This service, already available to
faculty, staff and graduate students,
is now extended to UBC undergraduates and to extramural cardholders.
Remote access is free, convenient
Using a microcomputer and modem
connected to UBCNET, or a UBCNET
terminal, cardholders can now
search the Library's online files
without coming to the Library. From
home, office or campus terminal
room, you can check if the Library
has a book or serial, find out its call
number and location, and if it is out
on loan.  Remote access is available
24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Response time may be best weekends
and after 4pm weekdays.
Note that the online catalogue file
primarily includes books and other
items catalogued after 1977. The
serials file, however, lists the holdings of all serials in the Library.
Ask about access
An information sheet on remote
access describes how it works and
how to dial up the Library's computer. Information sheets on the
online files and help screens online
provide searching information and
tips. Ask for handouts and help at the
Library's reference and information
Julie Stevens
new series no. 23/february 1989
Search Medline free
Free do-it-yourself computer searches
of health periodical literature are
now possible with UBC Library's
first installation of a commercial
reference database on CD-ROM. We
recently installed microcomputer
workstations to search Medline on
CD-ROM in Woodward Biomedical
Library, Biomedical Branch Library
(V.GM.), Hamber Library (Children's/Grace/Shaughnessy Hospital) and St. Paul's Hospital Library.
Funding for this new service was
provided through a cooperative
venture of the Library, the Faculty of
Medicine, UBC's teaching hospitals,
and the campus Committee on
Distributed Computing.
All of Medline at each workstation
Medline is the online version of Index
Medicus. Both versions index the
international journal literature in
medicine, the allied health fields and
the related life sciences. At least eight
(see p.2)
Also in this issue—
Share a subscription 2
Cancellation of second Science Citation
Index saves $10,000 a year 2
Term Paper Clinic cures undergraduate
research woes 3
Special Collections and University
Archives News 3
Amateur theatricals liven up Arctic
evenings 3
Jane Rule's papers now at UBC 3
Database data 4
Around the libraries 4
People 4
Places 4
On display 4
Hot off the press 4 Search Medline free (from p.i)
commercial vendors offer some form
of Medline on CD-ROM. We chose
Online Research System's Compact
Medbase-Plus because of its comprehensive coverage, frequency of
updates and sophisticated software.
More than five million bibliographic
citations on seven optical disks cover
the database back to 1966. New
citations are added monthly.
Compact Medbase-Plus has several
search options
Although the system is capable of
powerful and complex searches, the
menu-driven version recommended
for first-time users is easy to understand and use. Print and on-screen
Share a subscription
What do the periodicals Barkley
Sounder, Mathematical Methods in the
Applied Sciences, Canadian Journal on
Aging, American Philatelist, and Food
Technology have in common? The
Library currently receives them as
gifts from UBC faculty members.
Tax receipts are possible
Several years ago, the Library had
to begin cancelling subscriptions to
live within its budget. The stage
was set for the development of an
informal "share a subscription"
program. We have not followed up
this idea aggressively but neither
have we discouraged individuals
who offered to pass their copies of
periodical subscriptions along to
the Library. As a result, we now
receive about a dozen titles in this
way. We provide the donors with
official receipts for income tax
purposes each year.
Here's how it works
If you currently subscribe to a
scholarly journal which you would
be willing to donate regularly to
the Library, please phone or send
us a memo. If the title meets the
Library's needs, we will ask you to
start sending us the issues.
Reliability is the watchword
We must be assured each issue will
be received within a specified
period of time. Generally, this is
shortly after you receive it. In some
cases, we'll agree to accept the
issues in less frequent batches. The
specified time period depends on
how urgently a title is needed by
Library users.
The Library will check in each issue
on receipt and claim missing issues
from the donor, just as we would
from a commercial vendor. It is the
donor's responsibility to ensure
issues are delivered to the Library
on time, and to submit an annual
statement of the subscription's cost.
In return for sharing your subscription, the Library will give you an
official receipt for the subscription
Please phone me (2607). I'll be
happy to answer your questions.
Graham Elliston
tutorials help you learn at your own
speed. When you finish a search, you
can scan the results on screen, print
them out, or download them to a
floppy disk.
Reserve your search time
Because of the growing popularity of
this new service, the four Health
Sciences Network libraries use a
booking system to schedule search
time in half hour blocks. We recommend you reserve in advance. For
more information, please phone:
Woodward Library
Biomedical Branch Library
Hamber Library
St. Paul's Hospital Library
Ext 2373
Elsie de Bruijn
Cancellation of
second Science
Citation Index saves
$10,000 a year
As a result of our continuing scrutiny
of expensive duplication of materials,
the Library has cancelled Science
Division's subscription to Science
Citation Index. Woodward Library
will continue its subscription. The
$10,000 annual savings will be used
to protect unique subscriptions in the
We have always had to balance the
needs and convenience of users with
budget limitations, and now, the
latter has to weigh more heavily. Science Division will retain all back
issues of Science Citation Index. You
can consult the current issues in
Woodward Library and both locations offer online searching (at cost)
of the Index.
Rein Brongers
page 2 Term Paper Clinic cures undergraduate research woes
Sedgewick Library's Term Paper
Clinic offers special term paper
assistance to first and second year
Arts and Science students. This year
the Clinic is being conducted with the
assistance of graduate students in the
School of Library, Archival and
Information Studies (SLAIS).
How the Clinic helps students
Term Paper Clinic introduces students to library research methods.
For each student who asks for help, a
librarian or SLAIS student prepares a
brief research guide for the assigned
essay topic. Each guide usually
includes the relevant subject headings to search the catalogues and the
titles and call numbers of useful reference sources, such as specialized
encyclopedias, bibliographies and periodical indexes. The librarian or
SLAIS student reviews the guide with
the student, explains the sources
listed and points out similar research
strategies are possible for other
Encourage your students to sign up
First and second year Arts and
Science students can make an initial
appointment at the Sedgewick
Library Reference Desk, Monday
through Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm
and Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm. Term
Paper Clinic runs until February 24.
Joan Sandilands
Special Collections and
University Archives News
Amateur theatricals liven up Arctic evenings
An interesting and unusual addition
to the Library's collection of Arctic
books, manuscripts and maps is the
recently acquired manuscript of a
musical play, The North West Passage,
or Voyage Unfinished. In May 1819,
under the command of Sir William
Edward Parry, the H.M.S. Hecla and
H.M.S. Griper sailed from England to
the Arctic. The two ships were the
first British Navy ships to winter in
the Arctic. They spent eight months
at Winter Harbour, returning to England in July 1820.
To pass the time, the crew arranged
for plays to be performed each
fortnight. The North West Passage, or
Voyage Unfinished is the manuscript of
one of the plays written and performed on board the H.M.S. Hecla in
December 1819.
The Library purchased the manuscript from London bookdealers Reg
& Philip Remington with the help of
grants from the Canadian Cultural
Property Review Board and the
Vancouver Foundation.
Anne Yandle
Jane Rule's papers now at UBC
The Library, in conjunction with the
English Department, has acquired the
personal papers of B.C. author Jane
The papers, from 1947 to 1984,
include notes, manuscripts and correspondence relating to her published
and unpublished novels and short
stories; biographical and autobiographical material, college papers,
teaching records, non-fiction manuscripts; and personal and professional
Many of Rule's stories are set on the
West Coast. Her work explores the
nuances of homosexual and heterosexual relationships. Her published
novels and collections of short stories
include Desert of the Heart (1964), This
is Not for You (1970), Against the
Season (1971), Theme for Diverse
Instruments (1975), The Young in One
Another's Arms (1977), Contract with
the World (1980), Outlander (1981),
Inland Passage (1985) and Memory
Board (1987).
Chris Hives
Handle all books carefully,
and fragile materials with
special care.
Observe library restrictions
on food & drink.
Never make notes or
underline in library books.
Photocopy sparingly. Do
not apply pressure to book
spines when you do copy.
Remove books from the
shelf without pulling them
at the top of the spine.
Report damage so that it
can be repaired.
Library bookmark promotes preservation
page 3 UatabaSe data news about databases reference librarians can search for you
Canadian newspapers, business
Infomart, a Canadian database'
system, is an excellent source of
national, regional and local news. The
Canadian newspaper databases
include the full text of the Vancouver
Sun, Ottawa Citizen, The Gazette
(Montreal), Toronto Star, Windsor Star,
Les Affaires and others. Starting dates
In the past year, several new files of
business and financial information
have also been added. JCC Canadian
Corporations has financial data on
more than 5,000 companies. Business
Information Wire, updated daily,
covers economic trends, corporate
takeovers, government policy shifts,
and key speeches by business leaders.
Canadian Stock Quotations has current
and historical stock information from
the Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal
and Alberta stock exchanges. The
Canada-U.S. Trade Agreement database includes the full text of the
agreement, a synopsis and commentary.
New on BRS is the Alcohol and Alcohol
Problems Science Database. It provides
access to articles, books, chapters in
books, published and unpublished
research papers and state of the art
reviews on alcoholism research in
many fields such as psychology,
psychiatry, physiology, biochemistry,
The Fine Arts Library has received a
one year $20,000 grant to add to its
Italian Renaissance collection. The
grant is from the Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council of
Canada under the Specialized Research Collections Program. It
supplements a three year $35,000
SSHRCC grant received in 1984.
Special Collections Division has
been renamed Special Collections
and University Archives Division.
Margaret Friesen, Head of the
Interlibrary Loan Division, has been
appointed to the Advisory Committee of the provincial government's
Interlibrary Loan Network Study.
The study will identify the best
option for establishing a province-
wide public library interlibrary loan
network. It is being carried out by the
Peat Marwick Consulting Group
under contract to the Ministry of
Municipal Affairs, Recreation and
Culture. The final report is expected
by the end of April. Friesen is Man
agement Coordinator of the B.C. Post
Secondary Interlibrary Loan Network
and also coordinates UBC Library's
resource sharing with libraries in the
the Greater Vancouver Library
Paul Thiele, Head of Crane Memorial
Library, has been appointed chairman for three years of the newly
created Premier's Advisory Council
for Persons with Disabilities. The
Council will advise the provincial
government on a wide range of issues
relating to persons with disabilities. It
will also advise disabled individuals
and advocacy and service organiza-
Hot off the press
Start Here 149: Select Bibliography on
University Teaching
UBC Library Online: Remote Access
To request a copy, phone the Information and Orientation Division,
Main Library (2076).
sociology, treatment, prevention,
education, and employment.
Education in Britain
British Education Index on Dialog
covers British education journals
from 1976 and British education
theses and dissertations from 1950.
All aspects of education are included,
from pre-school, to university, to
continuing adult education.
Search costs vary
For more information about databases in the humanities or social sciences, phone the Humanities/Social
Sciences Reference Division (2725).
Pia Christensen
tions about government services.
Dr. Derek Kerr has been appointed
for one year under the $37,000
SSHRCC grant to the Library to
create an online catalogue of Special
Collections' historical pamphlets.
Jan Johnson has been appointed as a
reference librarian in Woodward
Library until April 30,1989.
On display
The UBC of Irish Literature
University Endowment Lands
Intellectual Freedom
Main Library
Robert Boyle
Medical history student projects
Historic Hospitals of Europe,
1200-1981 - Photographs
Woodward Library
Intellectual Freedom Week
Newspapers in Education
Save a book
Curriculum Laboratory
Art Perry- Photographs
February 8 - March 18
Fine Arts Gallery
Editor: Julie Stevens
Design: Merry Meredith
Information and Orientation Division
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661


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