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Volume II, No. 9 December, 1969
Vancouver, B.C.
This newsletter appears once a month as an information service for UBC faculty and other readers outside the Library. It
contains feature articles and news about developments in the Library system which we feel will be of interest or concern to the
larger community. The News welcomes all comments, criticisms, and suggestions for future articles.
Friday, Dec. 19
8 a.m. — 5 p.m
Sunday, Dec. 28
Saturday, Dec. 20
CLOSED                                                           Monday, Dec. 29
9 a.m. — 5 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 21
CLOSED                                                           Tuesday, Dec. 30
9 a.m. — 5 p.m..
Monday, Dec. 22
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.                                               Wednesday, Dec. 31
9 a.m. — 5 p.m.
Tuesday, Dec. 23
9 a.m. — 5 p.m.                                               Thursday, Jan 1
Wednesday, Dec. 24
9 a.m. ■  5 p.m.                                               Friday, Jan 2
Thursday, Dec. 25
CLOSED                                                        Saturday, Jan. 3
Friday, Dec. 26
CLOSED                                                           Sunday, Jan. 4
Saturday, Dec. 27
CLOSED                                                           Monday, Jan. 5
Normal hours resume
Nov. 17-Dec. 18
- Friday: 8 a.m. - 2 a.m.
Saturday - Sunday: 8 a.m. — midnight
Dec. 19 - 23
8 a.m. - midnight -
Dec. 24
8 a.m. — 5 p.m.
Dec. 25 - 26
Dec. 27 - 30
' Dec. 31
8 a.m. — midnight
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Jan. 1 - 2
Jan. 3
Normal hours resume (8 a.m. — midnight)
On a recommendation from the Senate Nominating Committee, two students have been added to the Senate Library
Committee. Drina Allen (Science 3) was elected to Senate as Science representative, and Peter Brock (Law 1) is a
,   Committee members have elected Dr. Malcolm McGregor of the Classics Department as their new chairman.
Statistics collected for the Librarian's Annual Report indicate a total recorded circulation of 1,622,451 for 1968/69, an
increase of 16.73% over the previous year's total. The greatest numerical increases since last year were in the Sedgewick
Undergraduate Library, where 434,890 items were borrowed (up 83,886) and in the Main Library bookstacks, with 470,404
items borrowed (up 83,639). Circulation of books from the newer branches rose dramatically too: Forestry/Agriculture was up
38.2% and Music 39.6%. Spectacular increases took place in the use of recordings, as 96.2% more were circulated within the
Music Library (which does not make loans) and 37.2% more were borrowed from the Wilson Record Collection. <
An encouraging trend, continued from the previous year, is that circulation of reserve books in the Main Library and
Sedgewick is decreasing in relation to the circulation of stack books. This seems to indicate that students are reading more
widely, either on their own initiative or in response to suggestions from faculty. It may also mean that material requested for
reserve is being more carefully screened to prevent books from being placed unnecessarily on short-term loan.
In conclusion, we might note that during the past four years enrolment at UBC has increased by about 40%, while in the same
period the Library's circulation has more than doubled. A number of factors have contributed to this startling increase in library
use. Changes in teaching methods for undergraduate courses have brought more students to campus libraries in search of a wider
range of material. Larger and better-planned book collections, an automated circulation system, and new or greatly expanded
branch libraries have helped meet these demands and bring circulation to an all-time high.
■     ' . ■      ■ i;
Now that the student library handbook has been issued, the Library is working on a similar one written especially for faculty
members. The new guide will contain a general description of the library system, its collections, and the services offered to
faculty. Detailed information on ordering, borrowing and reserving library material will also be included, along with a sample
order form, floor plans of the Main Library, a map showing locations of campus branches, and a directory of library telephone
We would be happy to hear from any faculty members who have suggestions to make. Please write or phone Mrs. Norris,
Information and Orientation Division (local 2077).
■ ■   rii.
Now that the Library's 1969 Serial Holdings list has been issued, copies of the 1968 list are no longer needed at the public
service desks. They are still useful, however, as the great majority of the entries do not change from one year to the next.
Starting in the first week of December, copies of the 1968 list will be given away at the Information Desk in the Main
Concourse. Supplies are limited, so phone and reserve one if you can't come in person.
Roderick Haig-Brown, the well-known writer and conservationist, recently donated a collection of personal papers and other
files to the Library. Included are manuscripts, typescripts, and a carton of papers relating to the 1964/65 Federal Boundary
Commission, of which Mr. Haig-Brown was a member. Of interest also are files of his correspondence with publishers and with
other individuals, much of it reflecting his interest in angling and conservation.
This material will be a valuable addition to the manuscripts of Haig-Brown's books and articles already held in the Library.
All of the papers and files are housed in the Special Collections Division.
Almost every day public service librarians are asked whether any campus libraries lend filmstrips or 16 mm. films. Perhaps
these brief notes will be of use.
Over 1,500 filmstrips are available from the Curriculum Laboratory in the Education Building. Some illustrate teaching
methods, but most are used to supplement classroom instruction. All UBC students and faculty members are free to use these
filmstrips, either on or off campus. Viewers are provided in the Curriculum Laboratory, but those who wish to use the filmstrips
elsewhere must make their own arrangements for projectors.
No other campus libraries have filmstrips, and none at all have films. However, Audio Visual Services in the Department of
University Extension has an excellent collection of 16 mm. films. All B.C. residents have borrowing privileges, although there is a
daily service charge. Projection equipment is available as well, and an operator can usually be provided in the Greater Vancouver
area if enough notice is given.
■ A catalogue issued by Audio Visual Services lists all films held under both subject and title, with descriptive notes and service
charges. The introduction gives complete information on ordering and returning material. A copy of this catalogue is now on file
at the Main Library's Information Desk.
■      ■
In 1967 an English bookseller, Norman Colbeck, donated his outstanding collection of nineteenth century English literature
to the UBC Library and joined the staff as curator and bibliographical consultant. At the same time the Simon Fraser and
University of Victoria libraries joined with UBC in purchasing the contents of his bookstore. Thus UBC acquired two separate
collections: the specialized Colbeck Collection of books and manuscripts, and one-third of the much more varied Colbeck
bookstock, which is being shared equally with Simon Fraser and the University of Victoria. During the past two years the library
staff have been hard at work preparing both sets of books for use by the public. The first stages of each job have been all but
completed now. The contents of these collections and the progress made in organizing them for use are described more fully
When it was sold to the three B.C. universities, the bookstock consisted of over 40,000 volumes. It was a varied collection,
made up chiefly of fiction, but containing a wide assortment of non-fiction titles as well. Dividing it equally was obviously going
to pose problems.
However, a workable solution was soon found. The books were unpacked, and a computer entry was made for each one,
usually listing the author and a brief title. This data was used to produce an alphabetical print-out covering all the books in the
collection. The books listed under each letter of the alphabet were then counted. Using these figures, the library staff were able
to divide the twenty-six alphabetical blocks into three groups, each containing the same number of books. Each university
library was then assigned one of these letter groupings, from which (within certain limitations) it could choose as many books as
it wished. After Simon Fraser and the University of Victoria had made their first choices, the remaining books from both
sections were sent to UBC. Unwanted books from UBC's section were divided equally between the other two universities.
' This process of selecting and exchanging material began in the summer of 1968 and is expected to end in January. By that
time the UBC Library staff will have unpacked, shelved, and examined every volume in the collection except those selected first
by Simon Fraser and the University of Victoria. Each title chosen will also have been checked against the Library's records to
weed out unwanted duplicates. Many books selected during the first months of the program have already been catalogued and
added to campus collections.
The collection, estimated at 40,000 volumes, includes printed works and manuscripts by 500 or more English and Anglo-Irish
authors. It focuses on nineteenth century poetry and non-fiction, but some material dates from the Romantic period and the
early twentieth century.
Many of the published works are first editions, and there are comprehensive holdings of other editions and variants. A
number of these are autographed or annotated by the authors. Notable holdings include a valuable Anglo-Irish collection
featuring W.B. Yeats, Synge, "A.E.", and other important writers of the Irish Literary Revival; many items of significance in the
history of printing, including a good representation of Lee Priory, Pickering, and Kelmscott Press publications, broadsheets of
the Cuala Press, and publications of the book-collectors' clubs, such as the "Sette of Odd Volumes"; chapbooks and little
magazines containing illustrations and contributions by authors in the collection; and works of the 1890's by Wilde, Beardsley,
Arthur Symons, Ernest Dowson, and others.
The manuscript collection contains unpublished works of W.E. Henley, Edward Carpenter, Michael Field, A.C. Benson, T.
Sturge Moore, George Bourne, Shane Leslie, and Augustine Birrell. All the manuscripts of Philip Guedalla not already held by
the Bodleian or by his own university were given to Mr. Colbeck by Mrs. Guedalla and are now at UBC. Other outstanding
holdings include unpublished prose works by Edward Thomas and some 200 of his letters. The papers of "Mark Rutherford"
(William Hale White) have also been added to the collection, following the death of his widow. Also available in the Colbeck
Room, though not strictly part of the Colbeck Collection, are UBC's files of the Rossetti Papers, previously the property of Mme.
Helen Rossetti Angeli, and the Penkill Papers obtained from Miss Courtenay Boyd. The task of cataloguing the published material in the Colbeck Collection began as soon as the books had been unpacked and
shelved. By the end of this month the Main Card Catalogue will contain author cards for every book in the collection. Detailed
inventories of the manuscripts and correspondence are already available in the Colbeck Room. A printed descriptive catalogue
covering all this material is in preparation, and is expected to extend to several volumes.
Any interested student or faculty member may use the Colbeck Collection, although holdings do not normally circulate. The
Colbeck Room is open from 9 to 5 on weekdays. If the curator is absent, please ask the librarian at the Humanities Reference
Desk for assistance.
,   ■
■ ■
Although UBC's manuscript collections are intended primarily for the use of faculty and students, the Library allows
complete access to materials in the above collection. Reproduction of manuscripts by xerography or other processes is
permitted, but entire collections may not be reproduced.
Researchers are cautioned that the Library owns only the physical manuscripts; permission to quote from or publish them
must be obtained in writing from the copyright holder. One exception is the Rossetti Family material, for which permission has
already been obtained by the Library.
In every case in which UBC's manuscripts are quoted or printed, standard acknowledgement must be given and a copy of the
publication provided gratis to the Library.
!   ■
*     ,     ■    .
Since its first issue in the fall of 1968, the News has published over one hundred items and articles on the UBC library system.
Some of them were important only at the time, but others are still useful.
The last issue of the year seems an appropriate place to list these articles. Newcomers to UBC please note: most provide
information which cannot be found in other library guides or handbooks. Reprints are available for all of them—please write the
Editor or call 228-2077.
— acquisition of faculty reports and monographs (Jan. '69)
— acquisition of theses and dissertations (Jan. 69)
— blanket and approval order plans (May '69)
- role of the Bibliography Division (Jan. '69)
Annual Report of the Librarian to the Senate:
- extracts from the 1967/68 Report (Nov. '68)
Blind, library for    SEE    Crane Memorial Library
- procedures, problems and new policies (Oct, '68)
Book losses and library security:
- feature article (Special Fall Issue '69)
Books on order, in process and recently catalogued:
- computer list available (Nov. '68)
Canada Council grants for book purchases    SEE     Gifts, grants and bequests
Children s books      SEE     Juvenile collections Crane Memorial Library for the Blind:
- feature article (Dec. '68)
- two new tape collections (Nov. '69)
- survey of acquisition and storage (Jan. '69)
Extension Library:
- location, services and eligible borrowers (March '69)
Gifts, grants and bequests:
- Alumni Fund donates $10,500 to Library (May '69)
- B.C. Power Corporation minutes given to Special Collections (June/July '69)
- Canada Council grant for 1968: $64,000 (Nov., Dec. '68)
- Canada Council grant for 1969: $70,000 (May '69)
- Canada Council grants suspended (Nov. '69)
- Dean Gage contributes $5,000 award (Jan. '69)
- Frank Burnett Library donated to UBC (Apr. '69)
- S. Mack Eastman papers added to Special Collections (May '69)
- $6,000 Mulloy bequest buys books for English collections (Special Fall Issue, '69)
Holds on books:
- procedures for faculty (Jan. '69)
Information and Orientation Division:
- location and services (Oct. '68)
- annotated list of reference aids and print-outs at Information Desk (Special Fall Issue '69)
Institute of Fisheries Library:
- feature article (March ' 69)
Interest profiles and professional reading      SEE     SDI service
Interlibrary Loan Division:
- location and telephone number (Oct. '68)
- new ILL form (Jan. '69)
Juvenile collections:
- location and contents of UBC's two juvenile collections (Apr. '69)
Library expansion plans    SEE     A Plan For Future Services
Library hours:
- service hours for Main Library and branches until May, 1970 (Special Fall Issue, '69)
Library orientation:
- report on fall programs (Nov. '69)
Loan regulations:
- borrowers can take out uncatalogued books (Apr. '69)
- extramural borrowers' fees raised (June/July '69)
- fewer restrictions on serial loans (Dec. '68, Jan. '69)
- new faculty loan periods announced (June/July '69)
Lost and Found service:
- new location (Feb. '69)
Maps and related materials:
- holdings of Map Division and Special Collections (Apr. '69) \
- form and function of the newspaper collection (Nov. '69)
- Index to B.C. Newspapers now available (Nov. '69)
Ordering library material    SEE     Acquisitions
Photocopying and copyright:
- feature article (Feb. '69)
Plan For Future Library Services (issued by UBC Library):
- survey of recommendations (March '69)
Reserve books:
- feature article (Dec. '68)
- further comments (Jan. '69)
SDI service (computer-produced reading lists for researchers):
- library sponsors one-year trial (Apr. '69)
Sedgewick Undergraduate Library:
- past history and plans for new building (Nov. '69)
Senate Library Committee:
- list of members for 1969/70 (Nov. '69)
Temporary housing for Library:
- new committee formed (May '69)
survey of acquisition and storage (Jan. '69)
Undergraduate Library     SEE     Sedgewick
Xeroxing      SEE      Photocopying
i .
Editor: Mrs. E. de Bruijn Information & Orientation Division
■•   ■


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