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Nursing Today Sep 1, 1982

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Olive Simpson has been appointed
Project Director for the School of Nursing's new "Outreach Program" for registered nurses. Mrs. Simpson began her new
appointment June 1, 1982.
The Nursing Outreach Program will
help active registered nurses who live in
various regions of the province outside
the Lower Mainland to take a portion of
the baccalaureate program in nursing in
their own communities. The School of
Nursing, working in collaboration with
the University of Victoria, would like to
arrange it so that the two universities
will "reach out" to the rest of the province and offer at least some of the
courses under these special "outreach"
"Many nurses who are now working
would also like to take the baccalaureate
courses," Mrs. Simpson said recently in
an interview. "However, for family reasons, or because they have jobs in their
communities, or for financial reasons,
these nurses may not be able to take advantage of existing programs in Vancouver
or Victoria."
Courses can be offered in a variety
of ways, such as through correspondence,
through university teachers going out to
other centres (during summers, to offer
advanced nursing courses through community colleges), through use of local faculty in various regions, through resources
in the community colleges, and perhaps
through television programming and teleconferencing via the Knowledge Network.
"Local health agencies in outlying
centres are anxious to get involved,"
Mrs. Simpson said. "We have been receiving indications of interest from hospitals and community colleges throughout
the province."
Mrs. Simpson brings an impressive
background to her new position. She
holds a baccalaureate degree in nursing
and a Master's degree in Education from
the University of Ottawa. She has had a
wide variety of nursing experiences, including active involvement in the organization and operation of a 138-bed psychiatric hospital for the federal Solicitor
General's Department at the Regional Psychiatric Centre (Pacific) in Abbotsford.
Her hospital experience includes intensive care, medical, surgical, neurosurgical and metabolic nursing. She has also
done private duty nursing.
Most of her career has been in nursing education and she has taught in both
large and small schools of nursing, including Ottawa Civic Hospital's School
for seven years. From 1974-80, she was
an assistant professor in the UBC School
of Nursing. In December 1980, she moved
to Ottawa for family reasons.
She has been involved in a number of
research projects and in June 1978 received the Ames award for Individual Professional Development in Research for a
funded study on families with diabetes.
She is active in professional nursing and
health associations and has been a speaker for the Canadian Nurses Association
and the Registered Nurses' Association of
B.C. She served on an RNABC Task Committee to prepare a brief for the provincial
government on Health Care Facilities in
the B.C. Correctional System.
"I would like to see our Outreach
Program in operation as soon as possible
School of Nursing
University of British Columbia
IRC 338, 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Vol. 4, No. 1
September 1982 -- by September 1983 at the very latest,"
she said. "We must begin to meet the
needs of nurses in all parts of the province."
Margaret M-^Street, UBC Associate
Professor Emeryta of Nursing, has been
appointed a Member of the Order of Canada. The appointment was published in the
Canada Gazette June 26, 1982 and she will
be invited to Ottawa this fall to receive
her decoration at Rideau Hall.
Miss Street retired from the faculty
of the School of Nursing in 1972. She
had first taught in the School at UBC in
1952-53, then returned in 1961, first as
assistant, then associate professor.
Born in Toronto, she took her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University
of Manitoba in 1928, then attended the
Provincial Normal School in Winnipeg and
taught in various high schools in Manitoba. In the 1930s, she turned to nursing
and graduated in 1936 from the Royal Victoria Hospital School of Nursing in Montreal, then took a Diploma in Teaching and
Supervision from McGill University School
of Nursing in 1942. She also holds a
Master of Science degree from Boston University.
In 1973, her scholarly book Watch-
fires on the Mountains: The Life and
Writings of Ethel Johns was published by
the University of Toronto Press. For
that work and other "outstanding work in
the history of health sciences" she was
awarded the Dr. Walter Stewart Baird Memorial Medal by the University in 1974.
A respected and valued member of the
nursing profession, she worked in a variety of areas as well as in nursing education. She was associate director of
nursing at the Calgary General Hospital
from 1953 to 1961 and was executive secretary of both the Manitoba and Quebec
Provincial Nursing Associations, as well X
president of the Alberta Association of
Registered Nurses. Since her retirement,
she has continued her association with
the School as a friend, colleague and advisor.
In a letter to Dr. Marilyn Willman,
Director of the School, Miss Street said
that the appointment was a totally
unsuspected honor, but "due, in no small
measure, to the opportunities for service
which were so generously made available
to me as a faculty member of the School
of Nursing. I am grateful to my former
colleagues and to the University at large
for the support and assistance I
Dr. Amy Zelmer, Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Professor, University of Alberta, will be the speaker this
fall for the annual Marion Woodward lecture sponsored by the University of British Columbia School of Nursing. The
presentation will be on Thursday, October
28, 1982 at 8 p.m. Dr. Zelmer, a noted
educational consultant and nursing educator, will speak on "Professional Education in Tomorrow's University."
The lecture, to be held in Room 6 of
the Instructional Resources Centre on the
UBC Campus, is being held in the fall
this year rather than the spring so that
students may also attend.
Dr. Zelmer is the first nurse to become an academic vice-president in a university setting in Canada, a tribute to
her administrative skills as well as her
knowledge and experience in both adult
and nursing education.
Her nursing education was received
at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, Dalhousie
University and the University of Western
Ontario. She also holds a master's degree in public health (health education)
from   the   University   of   Michigan   and   a doctoral degree in adult education and
communications from Michigan State University.
Dr. Zelmer has worked as a health
education specialist in South East Asia
for the World Health Organization (WHO)
and has been a consultant to Ghana for
the Canadian International Development
Agency (CIDA). She is currently a consultant on a mental health project in
Before being appointed to her present position in 1980, she was Professor
and Dean, Faculty of Nursing, at the University of Alberta. In May 1982, she was
awarded the "Nurse of the Year" award by
the Alberta Association of Registered
For further information about the
Marion Woodward Lecture, please call the
UBC School of Nursing, 228-7417 or Elaine
Carty at 228-7444.
Dr. Bertil Carlsson, Educational
Psychologist at Vaxjo University College
in Storgatan, Sweden, met with faculty
and toured the UBC School of Nursing during a visit to UBC this past summer.
About 30 faculty and graduate students met with Dr. Carlsson for a special
two-hour seminar on "Nursing Research in
Sweden: Current Methodological Approaches." The special seminar was arranged by Dr. Joan Anderson of the
School, who had met Dr. Carlsson during
an international research meeting in Edinburgh last year.
Dr. Carlsson is directing a major
research project looking into communication in health care organizations. He
was in Vancouver for another international meeting.
The   Sheena   Davidson   Research   Fund,
launched in memoriam to the former assis
tant professor in the School of Nursing
by her friends and colleagues in 1981,
has passed the half-way mark in its fund-
raising drive.
Balance in the fund is $10,952.58 --
up more than $2,500 during the last
Professor Sheena Davidson of the
School of Nursing and her husband were
killed in a traffic accident in December
1980, leaving three children. Colleagues
in the School initiated a Research Fund
in her name; this 1s administered through
the UBC Alumni Association under the
guidance of Professors Donelda El 11s and
Robert Hewat. Continued donations would
be much appreciated.
In an annual report to faculty on
the family, Prof. Ellis said that the
Davidson children -- Karina, Bruce and
Ross — are all well and continuing studies at university, college and secondary
school respectively. Grandfather 01af
Davidson manages the home for the two
On June 27, 1982, on the television
program W5_, Karina Davidson was one of
four individuals interviewed about accidents and their effects. The program
dealt with the psychological impact of
accidents. "It was moving, indeed, to
hear Karina's descriptions of the event
and her philosophy for coping," Prof.
Ellis said.
Two first year nursing students and
their clinical instructor were warmly received by administration and staff in a
new clinical  area this past summer.
Anna Karampelas, Director of Nursing
of Kensington Hospital, a long^terjOLcare
hospital in Vancouver, wroteon_Augiis* a
letter of praise to Dr. Maralyn Willman,
Director of the School.
"We had the privilege of being part
of a research project on "Life Reviews of the Elderly" headed by Suzanne Taylor,"
the letter said. "Her able assistants
were Gemma Jones and Ellen Zeiss, two
very mature first year nursing students."
Mrs. Karampelas said the three UBC
representatives also conducted two excellent inservice education programs for
staff as well as had informal contact
with patients and staff that "shed considerable light, for many, on some less
known aspects of aging."
This was the first opportunity for
most of the staff at Kensington to work
with students, she said, adding, "I think
I can say it has been a rewarding experience for the staff, residents and students."
The letter concluded: "I do want to
thank you for the pleasure of being associated with the University of British
Columbia Nursing Students. I will be
looking forward to the placement of first
year nursing students in Kensington Hospital for work experience in January."
Dr. Joan Anderson, associate professor in the UBC School of Nursing, was one
of the speakers at the World Congress of
the International Sociological Association held in Mexico City August 16-21.
She presented a paper dealing with ethnicity, culture and healing, including
some information drawn from her current
research being done at UBC.
Dr. Anderson, who is gaining international recognition for her contributions in nursing anthropology/sociology,
also has been given the responsibility
for organizing a Symposium for the XIth
International Congress of Anthropological
and Ethnological Sciences to be held next
year. That Congress, which will attract
some 4,000 to 5,000 delegates from all
parts of the globe, will be held in two
phases — one in Quebec and the second,
from August 25-25, 1983, in Vancouver.
Two UBC Nursing professors have received funding from the B.C. Health Care
Research Foundation to continue work on a
major Infant Feeding Project.
Donelda Ellis and Robereta Hewat
will now proceed with Phase II. Phase I
is in the final   stages of analysis.
Title of the new study is "Women's
Perceptions of Their Breastfeeding Experiences."
DR. MARILYN WILLMAN has been elected
Chairman of the Nursing Education Council
of B.C. for the 1982-83 academic year.
The Council brings together the heads of
all programs in the province concerned
with nursing education programs.
RUTH ELLIOTT, currently on educational leave, has been appointed the representative for B.C. and the Yukon to the
Editorial Advisory Panel of The Canadian
Nurse in Ottawa.
were honored by having their paper on
"Hospital-Related Stress in Parents of
Children with Long-Term Disabilities" selected as one of only six presentations
given at the National Convention of the
Canadian Nurses Association held in St.
John's, Newfoundland, in June. A brief
write-up on this presentation can be
found in the July/August issue of the
As well, Profs. Knox and Hayes
Morris presented two other major papers
this summer. On June 2, 1982, a paper on
the same basic research topic, but directed toward actions that can be taken
by parents, was given at the Annual Conference of the Association for the Care
of Children's Health in Seattle, Washington.    Also participating in the prepara- tion of this paper was JUDY LYNAM, who
was a research associate for the project
last year and who recently joined the UBC
Nursing Faculty.
The third paper, also on findings
from the same basic research, was presented to the 17th Annual Meeting of the
Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association, held in Ottawa June 6-9,
ALISON RICE and ELAINE CARTY appeared on the national CBC television
program "Take 30" in June in a repeat
broadcast of the program on midwifery
that originally appeared last fall on
"Pacific Reports."
In May, several faculty members attended the Annual Meeting of the Registered Nurses Association of B.C. in Na-
HELEN SHORE and JANET KNOX were among the
voting delegates.
THOMPSON attended the National Meeting of
the Canadian Association of University
Schools of Nursing in Ottawa, June 3-4,
CLARISSA GREEN recently completed a
series of 10 two-hour seminars held with
staff nurses at the Cancer Control Agency
of B.C. on "Communicating with the Cancer
Patient and the Family." Mary Adlers-
berg, a former faculty member, now working at the Health Sciences Centre Hospital, was co-leader of the groups.
project conducted earlier at the Coquit-
lam psychiatric hospital. The project
had looked at delegation of responsibility and authority in the nursing hierarchy
and how this is related to quality patient care. Four hospitals have now participated in the project.
The Valleyview project was launched
following a presentation on Dr. Simpson's
research work for her doctorate to the
Nursing Administrators Association of
A similar project is now underway at
Mount St. Joseph's Hoospital, a 300-bed
acute care hospital in Vancouver. Plans
also are underway for similar projects at
St. Vincent's and Richmond General hospitals.
During the summer, Dr. Simpson also
completed the defense of her doctoral
dissertation at the University of San
PAM THOMPSON was interviewed in May
on the television series "Preventive
Health Care" carried on Channel 10-Van-
couver and Channel 10-Burnaby. She was
approached because of her work with prenatal classes and spoke on childbirth
practices today compared with those in
the past.
VERNA HUFFMAN SPLANE, a former member of the faculty, was awarded the Canadian Nurses Association Merit Award for
her "outstanding contributions to nursing" at the CNA's national convention in
St. John's, Newfoundland, in June.
Dr. KATHLEEN SIMPSON recently completed a public service project at
Valleyview Hospital that involved presentations to administration and staff. The
presentations were based on a research
JILL CAMERON. "Vancouver Chapter: Rebuilding Needed Member Involvement
— What Happened?" RNABC News, May/
June 1982, p. 22. CLARISSA PACKARD GREEN. "Assessment of
Family Stress." Journal of Advanced
Nursing, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1982, pp.
B. ANN HILTON. "Diabetic Monitoring
Measures: Does Practice Make Perfect?" The Canadian Nurse, Vol.
78, No. 5, May 1982, pp. 26-32.
Base for Practice: Service and Education. (Proceedings of the National Nursing Research Conference, April 28-30, 1982.) Vancouver, University of British Columbia School
of Nursing, 1982.
Included in the book above were articles
by the following UBC faculty:
CLARISSA P. GREEN. "Family Reactions to
the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer: An Exploratory Study." (pp.
HELEN NISKALA. "Competencies and Skills
Required by Nurses Working in Forensic Areas." (pp. 245-354.)
DONELDA ELLIS and ROBERTA HEWATr- "Assisting Women with Bre«(feetling:
The Implementation and Evaluation of
a Program to Augment Nursing Intervention." (pp. 258-268.)
Also included in the book were Discussion
Papers on two reports by JOAN ANDERSON and HELEN ELFERT.
September 19-23, 1982
The District VIII Conference of the
Nurses' Association of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology will be
held at the Bayshore Inn in Vancouver,
September 19-23, 1982. Among the speakers at the conference will be six UBC
faculty members:
Sept. 21 10:30 — ELAINE CARTY — "Preparation of Children for the Birth of
a Sibling"
Sept. 22 10:30 — LEE HEARN — "Infant
Sept. 22 2:00 — ALISON RICE — "Antepartum Assessment"
Sept. 22 2:00 ~ CONNIE CANAM — "Adolescent Peer Counselling"
Sept. 23 9:00 ~ ROBERTA HEWAT — "Implementation and Evaluation of a
Program to Assist Mothers with
Sept. 23 9:00 — DARLENE STEELE --
"Stress and its Effects on Exacerbation of Genital Herpes"
Further information can be obtained from
Roberta Hewat UBC 228-7437.
October 20, 1982
The inaugural meeting of the Nursing Research Interest Group, a new special interest group of the RNABC, will be held
Wednesday, Oct. 20, 1982, from 7:30-9:30
pm at the RNABC offices. Guest speakers
will be Shirley Brandt, Director of Continuing Nursing Education at UBC, on "The
Importance of Nursing Research," and
Janet Knox and Virginia Hayes Morris of
the School Faculty, who will make a presentation based on the research paper given this summer at the Canadian Nurses Association National Conference in St.
John's, Newfoundland. The meeting is
open to all interested RNABC members ~
and for this one there is no charge.
Membership in the Research Group will be
required in future. Plans call for the
Group to meet the third Wednesday of every month. For further information, call
Nancy Wells (228-7431) or Margaret
Klinger (228-7439).
Faculty are reminded that items for
inclusion for Nursing Today are welcomed.
These should be submitted in writing to
Glennis Zilm. Deadline for the next
issue (October) is October 5, 1982.


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