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Nursing Today Apr 1, 1982

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This Spring marks major changes in
the faculty of the School of Nursing as
two well-known and respected senior faculty members retire after long service to
the profession.
Professors Elizabeth (Beth) Kenny
McCann and H. Elizabeth (Betty) Cawston
retire from teaching, but have planned a
full schedule for themselves for the following years that will reflect a continuing concern with nursing.
Betty McCann retires after 35 years
on the faculty. Her association with the
University, however, has spanned a period
of 49 years.
"Her deep commitment to the School,
to her students and to nursing are qualities which make her special to many people," said Dr. Marilyn Willman, Director
of the School, in announcing the forthcoming retirement. "I will miss her
close at hand for advice and consultation. She has been a valued colleague
and friend*."
Professor McCann entered the nursing
program in 1933. The program then took
seven years, including three years in the
nursing program at the Vancouver General
Hospital. She received her Bachelor of
Arts degree in 1939 and the degree of
Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing) in
During the war she taught nursing,
both in classroom and clinical areas, at
the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. While there, she helped organize the Alumni Association for the hospital school. Although she was anxious to
join the Navy, nursing faculty were considered too important on the home front.
Eventually, she moved to the Vancouver
Beth McCann (left) and Betty Cawston.
General Hospital School as a teacher
there. Following the war, she took a
year off to tour Canada and the United
States by car.
In 1947 she joined the UBC School of
Nursing Faculty in a newly-created role.
She was appointed as the first nursing
instructor to work with the university
students while they were at the hospital.
She helped organize a wider field of experience that involved nurses more in
home and community care areas.
Professor McCann took educational
leave as a W. K. Kellogg Fellow in 1952-
53 to attend Wayne State for graduate
studies toward her Master of Science in
She has been active in professional
nursing associations, especially those at
the local and provincial levels. She
held a variety of offices including those
of president of the Nurse Administrators
Association of B.C., president of the
Vancouver Chapter of the Registered Nurses Association of B.C. and chairman of
relations committee.
the founding meetings
of university schools
now known as the Cana-
RNABC's public
was involved in
the association
nursing that is
dian Association of University Schools of
Nursing and was later president of this
School of Nursing
University of British Columbia
IRC 338, 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Vol. 3, No. 6
April 1982 body after it was attached to the Learned
As well, she has been active in University affairs and has held a variety of
offices on UBC committees, including memberships on the Senate, on the Dean of
Women's Committee for Women's Year and on
the executive of the Faculty Club during
the years the building was put up. She
has been involved with the UBC Alumni in
a variety of ways and is currently president of the Nursing Alumni Division.
From 1967 to 1971, she was Acting
Director of the School of Nursing during
its Golden Jubilee. During this time she
saw the initiation of the Marion Woodward
Lectures, now an annual event for the
Throughout her career, her greatest
commitment has been to patients and students.
"I am a nurse first, and a teacher
as a close second," she said in an interview recently about her retirement. "I
like to nurse; I wouldn't do anything
else if I had it to do over again."
Working with students has also been
an opportunity to keep in touch with patients and to ensure they will get the
kind of nursing care that she believes is
essential for the future, for she has always been concerned with the kind of
nursing care that will be needed tomorrow
as well  as the care that is given today.
"One of the greatest things in my
life is the contact with students," she
says. "They come around to see me whenever they come back to the campus after a
few years away. Maybe with 99 out of a
hundred I won't remember the name, but
after a few minutes chatting I remember
the student as a person and can associate
them with memorable incidents and recall
how they grew.    It's very exciting."
Professor McCann was chairman of the
faculty committee that organized the Diamond Jubilee of the School when it celebrated its 60th anniversary in 1979. As
well, she is working on a history of the
School and has gathered most of the material  for the book.
Her first project then for her retirement is to finish the writing and to
prepare the manuscript for publication.
"It's   been   a   fascinating  35 years.
I wouldn't have missed it for anything."
Retiring after 22 years on the faculty is Betty Cawston.
A graduate of the UBC School of
Nursing, Professor Cawston also holds a
Master of Nursing degree from the University of Washington and took post-master's
study at the University of California,
San Francisco.
During her years with the School,
Professor Cawston has seen many changes
and was particularly instrumental in coordinating activities of UBC nursing students with local community health agencies.
"Most of the changes I've seen have
been brought about by the different approaches to curriculum change," she said
in an interview recently. "I have to say
that I'm not sure what we do to the student now, but the products of the new
program are more self-directed, more independent, more motivated, more accountable.
"We're obviously doing something
right somewhere."
A well-liked and respected teacher,
she has had an "open-door policy" and is
known for her support and counselling for
individual students. As well, she has
participated actively in administrative
and committee work in the School of Nursing and was chairman of the School's Student Affairs committee during the last
two years and is currently Undergraduate
Academic Advisor.
Professor Cawston said her biggest
rewards during her academic years came
from her involvement with and work with
"I'll certainly miss the contact
with students," she said. "A lot of
things I won't miss—such as some committee meetings--but I will miss the students and a lot of my colleagues."
Her plans for retirement include a
visit to New Zealand and then, on return
home to Vancouver, she hopes to spend
more time at her music (she plays the
violin), swimming, working with her dogs
and doing volunteer work with the commun- ity agencies' with which she has had such
a long association.
"Her supportive presence and her
valuable contributions to so many school
activities will be missed," said Dr.
Marilyn Willman, Director of the School,
in announcing Professor Cawston's retirement. "She has been a valued colleague."
The School of Nursing baccalaureate
program has received notice of Continuing Approval from the Registered Nurses
Association of B.C. A letter from RNABC
Acting Executive Director Pat Cutshall
was sent to President Douglas Kenny following the most recent review of revisions in the UBC curriculum.
All schools of nursing in the province must obtain approval from the RNABC,
which acts for the provincial government
as approving body for educational programs leading to nurse registration.
The RNABC Board of Directors approved the program at its meeting in February for a three-year period, until January 1985.
Sally Moore, a third-year student in
the UBC School of Nursing, has been appointed to join the Board of Directors of
the Registered Nurses Association of B.C.
as a non-nurse Director. Her appointment, effective immediately, is for a
two-year period.
Miss Moore is one of five non-nurse
directors on the 25-member Board. She
represents student nurses from throughout
the province.
Born in Vancouver, she attended
Prince of Wales Secondary School before
entering UBC's School of Nursing. She
has been active in university affairs and
is a non-voting member of the Council of
the Nursing Undergraduate Society and was
a representative to the meeting of the
Canadian University Nursing Students Association meeting in Hamilton in February-
She is also active in sports and is
a junior member of the First Aid Ski Patrol at Cypress Bowl Provincial Park and
plays field hockey with the Vancouver
Meraloma's Club. She was a member of the
team that represented Vancouver at the
B.C. Summer Games in 1980 in Kelowna and
in 1981 at Comox-Courtney.
During the past summer and winter
breaks, she has worked as a research assistant to Dr. Fred Bass on the Lifestyle
Project at the Vancouver Health Department. She will also be working this summer with the same project.
She is looking forward to working
with the RNABC Board as "an exciting
Six School of Nursing faculty members have been notified by President
Douglas Kenny that he is recommending to
the Board of Governors their appointments
without term.
Dr. Joan Anderson, Criss Green and
Carol Jillings are recommended for appointments without term as Assistant Professors.
Janet Ericksen, Mary Regester and
Joanne Ricci are recommended for appointments without term as Senior Instructors.
Leaves of Absence for faculty for
the coming year also have been announced.
Donelda Ellis, Jo Ann Perry, Sheila
Stanton and Sarah Varga have been granted
leaves from July 1982 through June 1984.
Elizabeth Robertson expects to be away
from September 1982 until August 1983.
Not all leave plans are definite,
but the following are proposed. Donelda
Ellis will be visiting and working on papers in Australia.
Sheila Stanton will be working on
tool development for the Program Evaluation Project to follow graduates of the community
wi11    also
touches on
book which
UBC baccalaureate program.
Sarah Varga will be co-editing a
book on Community Health Nursing in Canada with Miriam Stewart of Dalhousie University and carrying out a part-time
teaching role as visiting Assistant Professor at Dalhousie in the post-basic
health nursing course. She
be completing the finishing
the Communicable Disease Hand-
she wrote with Claire Bennett,
a former faculty member at UBC; this book
is scheduled for fall publication by John
Wiley & Sons of New York.
Jo-Ann Perry plans to work on a major research project for which she has
received funding as well as attend various seminars and conferences on gerontology.
The $1,000 Golden Jubilee Scholarship Award in Nursing, awarded in the
master's program, has been announced.
This year's award goes to Christine Ann
Sal ton of Vancouver, who is completing
the year of the MSN program.
The Hamber Scholarship in
$750 award to  the  top-ranking
Nursing,  a
student  in
N302 now enrolled  in N303,  went  to  Linda
Joyce Wilson,  R.N.
The University of B.C. Nursing Division Alumni Association Scholarships for
high standing in N302 to students now in
N303, each for $250, went to Sarah Lucia
Harris, R.N., and to Allende Gillian
Ross,  R.N.
Maureen Murphy and Jo-Ann Perry of
the UBC School of Nursing have received a
$12,000 grant from the B.C. Health Care
Research Foundation to carry out a proposed project. The two will look into
"Confusion in the Older Adult: Assessment
of Its Impact."
Prof. Perry said they plan to set up
a behavioral assessment tool to see how
confusion affects the older person's ability  to meet daily  needs.     A major  por
tion of the research will be done through
the Extended Care Unit at the Health Sciences Centre Hospital at UBC. The project has received approval from the hospital's research committee.
"We are most happy to have this opportunity to do the research," Prof.
Perry said. "There are a lot of misconceptions about the ability of older people to cope and we hope to see just exactly how and to what extent confusion is
Both Prof. Perry and Prof. Murphy
will be taking sabbatical leaves during
the coming year and will be spending a
portion of that time on the research
Anne Besharah, editor of The Canadian Nurse, will be in Vancouver April 26
and will be visiting on campus during the
morning. Faculty members who would be
interested in meeting with her during her
visit are invited to get in touch with
Glennis Zilm, who will try to arrange
suitable times for interviews about possible articles or submissions to the
As well, we will ask Ms Besharah to
stay for a "no-host" lunch in the Faculty
Club on campus and those who are interested in meeting with her informally are
invited to attend.
The following week, Assistant Editor
Judith Banning will be available and
would like to meet as well with interest
faculty or students about articles.
Further information is available
from Glennis Zilm, local  2922.
The Nursing Undergraduate Society
at UBC has elected its executive and
council members for the 1982-83 terms.
The new executive are:
Balbir Sandhu President
Fiona Walks Secretary Robyn Hunter Treasurer
Sue Haering Student Council
Leslie Janes Committee
Lucinda Wait BSN II President
Laurel Price External Affairs
Maryanne McKinnon.BSN IV President
Eileen Bartel, who this year was
UBC's representative to the Canadian University Nursing Students Association, was
elected to the position of National Research Coordinator at the national conference in Hamilton this Spring. Each
year CUNSA sponsors a national research
project which involves collection and coordination at a national level. This
year Ms Bartel will be conducting the
In other NUS news, it was reported
that the Nurses' Volleyball team won the
UBC Intramural s Volleyball Competition
this year. Congratulations.
A-V Equipment
16 mm movie projectors
projector carts
Sony videocassette play-back unit with
large screen (50") for use in the
IRC lecture rooms. This will allow
us to show videocassette programs on
a large screen. The unit will be
stored and maintained by Biomedical
Communications and it may be reserved by talking to Tony in Bio-
Teaching Aids
2 flip-chart stands with easel  pads
3 Lindi  pelvic models
8 Pinard stethescopes
1 male and 1 female urinary system anatomical  models
S.I. Manual in Health Care. This government document deals with the application of the S.I. metric system to
health care.    It is available in the
Learning   Centre   as   a   resource   for
faculty and students.
Thank you to faculty and staff who
have contributed toys to the Learning
Centre's new toy box. More donations
would still  be greatly appreciated.
-- Rosemary Knechtel
Coordinator, Learning Centre
Dr. JOAN ANDERSON recently attended
the meetings of the Society for Applied
Anthropology in Lexington, Kentucky, to
present a paper on ""Anthropological Research and the Health Care Delivery System."
Four faculty members from UBC's
School of Nursing attended the Second National Forum on Nursing Education held in
Winnipeg in mid-March. RUTH ELLIOTT was
a member of the planning committee for
the 2 1/2-day conference which was sponsored by the Canadian Nurses Association.
SUE ROTHWELL was one of the speakers,
presenting a paper on "Conceptual Congruence: Education." GLENNIS ZILM attended
as editor of the Proceedings of the Conference, which will be published by CNA
later this year. PATRICIA VALENTINE also
CHRISS GREEN will be presenting a
paper on "Family Reactions to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer: An Exploratory Study" at the National Research Conference in Victoria at the end of April.
The study evolves out of her recent research.
be presenting a paper on "Assisting Women
with Breastfeeding: The Implementation
and Evaluation of a Program to Augment
Nursing Intervention" at the National
Nursing Research Conference in Victoria
at the end of April. The paper will contain information from the preliminary report on their major study. WIN MILLS will be attending the 5th
National Conference for Classification of
Nursing Diagnosis in St. Louis on April
13-17. She will be presenting a paper on
"Alienation: A Basic Concept Underlying
Social Isolation." Last month, Prof.
Mills attended the Regional Nursing Diagnosis Conference in Portland, which
brought together nearly 200 nurses from
the north-western states and western
provinces. The national conference will
bring together nurses and other health
professionals from around the continent.
All delegates must have participated in
regional conferences before they can attend the national conference, however.
SHELAGH SMITH presented findings
from her thesis on Postsurgical Cataract
Patients' Home Self-Care at Vancouver
General Hospital's Ophthamology Rounds in
mid-February. About 40 ophthamologists,
residents and nurses attended the discussion, in which Ms Smith reported on the
difficulties many patients have in adhering to a prescribed medical regime at
home. There was considerable discussion
about changes in discharge plans and
teaching that could help patients to cope
better at home.
The following faculty have announced
their resignations from the School of
HEDI UNER, who will be taking the
position of Department Assistant -- Nursing at the Peach Arch District Hospital
in White Rock'
MAUREEN LITTLE, who will be entering
the MSN program at UBC;
RUTH ANN ENGLISH, who will be the
Assistant Director of Medical Nursing at
Vancouver General Hospital;
SHELLEY ZARETSKY, who plans to enter
the Master in Health Sciences program at
LEONA FRIESEN, who is expecting in
July and who "plans to enjoy motherhood" ;
MARY THOMPSON, who will be travelling and spending six months in England;
JANICE CAMBRUZZI, who is expecting
and who will be taking on a new position
at the Children's Hospital.
THORNE. "Psychomotor Skill Acquisitions in Nursing Students in Canada
and the U.S." The Canadian Nurse,
Vol. 78, No. 3, March 1982, pp. 25-
DONELDA ELLIS and MAYEETA S.L. HO. "Attitudes of Chinese women towards
sexuality and birth control." The
Canadian Nurse, Vol. 78, No. 3,
March 1982, pp. 28-31.
Father Makes Three...." The Canadian Nurse, Vol. 78, No. 3, March
1982, pp. 38-41.
April 28-30, 1982
National Nursing Research Conference,
sponsored by the Schools of Nursing at
UBC and UVic, University of Victoria.
Full programs are available in the offic,
School of Nursing. Further details from
Ann Hilton, UBC local 82-7498.
May 20, 1982
UBC Nursing Alums Dinner at the Grad Centre. The dinner will be held prior to
this year's Marion Woodward Lecture (to
be held in IRC at 8 pm that evening). A
"no-host" bar is set for 4:30 pm, with a
Baron of Beef dinner at 6 pm. Cost $15 a
person. Open to faculty and friends of
UBC Alums. Reserve by May 18. Phone
Erla Kerr-Smith at 929-1155.
May 20,  1982
Marion Woodward Lecture, IRC #6, 8 pm.
Guest Lecturer is Dr. Madeleine
Leininger, Professor of Nursing and Anthropology and Director for Health Research, College of Nursing, Wayne State
University, Detroit. Topic: "Transcul-
tural Care -- The Fourth Major Revolution
in Health Services." For further information, call Elaine Carty, UBC 228-7444.


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