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Nursing Today Jan 1, 1983

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Florence Nightingale will be one
of the guest speakers during the
Historical Lecture Series on "Evolution of the Health Sciences" given
during Open House 1983. She will
appear on Friday, March 11.
Other speakers during the Open
House series will include the Greek
"founder of medicine" Hippocrates,
the Belgian anatomist Andreas Vesal-
ius and the Canadian physician Sir
William Osier. In all, twelve
figures from history will take part
in the series, which will be presented over the three days of Open
Olive Simpson, assistant professor in the School of Nursing and
director of the BSN Outreach Program,
will play the role of the "founder of
modern nursing." Prof. Simpson,
who has some acting experience and
is a former teacher of the history of
nursing, will appear as Miss Night-
gale during her forties when she was
most active in her political activities related to improving health
care for the masses.
A School of Nursing committee
has been set up to help prepare the
script for the lecture. Helen
Shore, Betty Charnaw and Glennis Zilm
are assisting with the research and
obtaining photographs and materials
for the set.
A definite time for the lecture
has not yet been set, but it promises
to be most interesting and informative.      Miss  Nightingale  was- a
passionate believer in better health
care for the masses and her nursing
activities were only part of her
contributions to health care. She
also influenced medical care in the
armed forces, hospital administration, public health and sanitary
engineering  and  public  nutrition.
Plans are progressing well for
the annual meeting of the Canadian
Association of University Schools of
Nursing, which will be held June 1-4,
1983, on the UBC Campus in conjunction with meetings of the other Learned
Professor Patricia Valentine,
head of the committee for the host UBC
School of Nursing said there was a
good response to the call for
abstracts and that speakers will be
announced next month.
Verna Splane, former Principal
Nursing Officer for Health and Welfare Canada and currently a lecturer
in the UBC School of Nursing, will be
keynote speaker and will discuss the
future place of nursing in the
Canadian health care system and the
implications of this for nursing
At the final session, a panel of
four nurses will respond to the
keynote address in four areas. Dr.
Jacquie Chapman, associate professor
of nursing, University of Toronto,
will speak on the research aspect.
Dr. Dorothy Kergin, director of the
School of Nursing, University of
Victoria, will speak on education.
Dean Una Ridley, of the University of
School of Nursing
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Vol. 4, No. 4
January 1983 Sasketchewan College of Nursing, will
speak on clinical practice and Dean
Marie-France Thlbaudeau, of the
University of Montreal Faculty of
Nursing Sciences, will speak on
political aspects.
Plans are progressing well for
the proposed joint Outreach courses
to be offered by the University of
B.C. and University of Victoria
Schools of Nursing.
Olive Simpson, director of the
UBC Outreach Program, said Mary
Regester and Janet Ericksen of UBC
and Dorothy Kergin and Mary Richmond
of UVic are working hard to prepare
a joint course on Professional Issues
in Nursing. This course would be
the equivalent of and meet the
requirements for N405 at UBC or N404
at UVic.
As well, a committee of Ada
Butler, Louise Tenn and Janet Ericksen of UBC and Lynne Jackson and Sue
Smith of UVic are exploring the
feasibility of articulating the UBC
N302 course and the UVic N301 and 302
Professor Simpson continues to
visit various parts of the province
to spread the word about the
baccalaureate Outreach Program to
registered nurses and to receive input about their needs. Most recently
she was in Kelowna on a visit to
Okanagan College and met with Gayle
Prowse, co-ordinator of nursing
education and the Advisory Committee
for Nursing Education. Earlier, she
was in Terrace, where she met with
nurses from the Terrace-Kitimat area
and representatives from North West
Community College and various health
The newly-formed Nursing
Research Interest Group (NRIG) of the
RNABC has attracted nearly 100 members, including two from out of the
province, since its inception last
summer. The executive committee
includes faculty members from the UBC
School of Nursing and other faculty
have presented projects at meetings.
Prof. Nancy Wells presented her
study on "Use of Relaxation for
Post-Operative Pain" at the January
NRIG meets monthly on the third
Wednesday from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
Future programs will consist of other
research reports from various
practice settings. A workshop on
"Perspectives in Research for Nursing
Practice" is planned for March.
The group is planning a newsletter to be circulated to members,
said Prof. Margaret Klinger of the
group's public relations committee.
As well, NRIG has been approached to
provide consultation related to
nursing research.
Memberships, at $10 a year, are
available at meetings or anyone interested in further information may
get in touch with Nancy Wells at
The Education/Practice Interrelations Committee (EPIC) recently
organized "information sessions"
about UBC School of Nursing programs
for the Royal Columbian Hospital in
New Westminster and the Vancouver
General Hospital.
Helen Elfert and Carol Jillings
were at RCH on December 3, from 10
am to 5 pm. Hospital arrangements
and publicity were managed by
Phyllis Johnson, Nursing Education
Coordinator at RCH and a member of
EPIC. About 40 people made
inquiries during the day and 15
requested application forms for the
BSN program.
Marilyn Willman and Helen
Elfert were at VGH on December 6, from
10 am to 4 pm. Arrangements and
publicity for this visit were
coordinated by Tillie Bara, Director
of Staff Development, VGH, and a
member of EPIC. There were about
55-60 enquiries and about 10 requests for application forms.
-2- There were about 8-10 queries
about the MSN program at the two
There was a good deal of
interest shown at both hospitals,
primarily from RNs, but visitors and
other staff also stopped to pick up
brochures or ask questions. Tables
were set up in high traffic areas,
with an eye-catching "UBC Nursing"
poster and a display of pamphlets.
The most frequently asked questions concerned part-time study.
Several who stopped said they had
intended to look into the program and
this personal contact had now
motivated them to do so.
EPIC is considering similar
information sessions for other agencies that express interest.
Helen  Elfert
Academic  Advisor
Ten counsellors from the UBC
Student Counselling and Resources
Centre visited the UBC School of
Nursing in mid-December. These
counsellors, who regularly visit
high schools and community colleges
in all parts of the province, had an
opportunity to meet with the BSN and
MSN student advisors and hear of
changes in the curriculum that may
affect incoming students.
Following a tour of the School,
the counsellors met with Margaret
Campbell, Helen Elfert, June Prenty,
Joanne Ricci and Glennis Zilm for
informal discussion.
Following the visit, Dennis
Magrega of the Counselling and Resources Centre wrote to the School,
saying the visit would prove helpful
to staff in many ways.
Barely was the Christmas break
"clean up" completed and shelves restocked before classes were back and
scheduled labs and open practice
activities commenced for 1983.
During the first two weeks there
was much practice in patient care
areas and viewing of AV programs as
students prepared for a new clinical
or community placement.
Research Information
A book containing information on
research projects carried out by
faculty members is now available in
the loan-out room of the Learning
Centre #178. Students and faculty
members can use the book to identify
areas that have been explored in the
School and those faculty who might
serve as advisors in these areas.
For further information call Valery
Bihrer at local 7508.
AV Media
"Cultural   Diversity   in   Nursing
Practice" (Concept Media, 1982)
This series of nine slide tape
programs, approximately 15 minutes in
length, explores values and beliefs
and discusses how awareness of this
information can improve health care
for culturally distinctive clients.
Teaching Aids
—Optex battery-operated viewer for
hand viewing of slides
—Two TV monitors with 1/2" video-
cassette playback units
—Mobility teaching equipment:
- walker
- commode chair
- quad cane
—Electronic Thermometer
—Eectronic  Intravenous  Monitoring
- IVAC #203 Controller (a technically advanced instrument designed to maintain accurate, consistent flow rates and help overcome IV associated problems). A
slide tape inservice program on
its use is available in the Learning Centre during January.
- IVAC #539 IV infusion Pump
- IVAC #630 Volumetric Pump
Because of the expense of this
equipment, it will be locked up in the
Learning Centre.   If you wish to use
it please contact Diane Murray at
local 7448 or Valery Bihrer at local
Cheryl Entwistle, Co-ordinator
Learning Centre
In the December issue of
Nursing Today, two items in the
list of funded research being
carried out by faculty were
inadvertently run together.
The items should have read:
of resposibility and authority in the nursing service
coping mechanisms and their
effect on genital herpes.
for the omission of her name in the
list of those involved with funded
research projects. She is a co-
investigator in the project on the
Relationship of Anxiety and Performance in First-Year Nursing Students.
RUTH ELLIOTT, currently on study
leave, has been named to the editorial board of The Canadian Nurse. As
well, she continues as chair of the
editorial board of the RNABC News.
SYLVIA HOLMES has been named chair
of an Ad Hoc Committee to look into
the roles and responsibilities of UBC
School of Nursing faculty and community health field guides in teaching
and supervision of students in community health agencies. This committee is advisory to Dr. Marilyn
Willman,  director  of  the  School.
have also been named to the
committee, which will draw up job
descriptions for both faculty members
and community field guides with
respect to teaching responsibilities
in the agencies. The committee is
currently interviewing faculty members and will meet with community
health nursing heads in February to
determine the process to be used to
collect  data  from  field  guides.
giving a 15-session course through the
Division of Continuing Nursing Education on "The Application of Research to Nursing Practice." The
course, for registered nurses interested in research projects, starts
Feb. 16 and consists of an independent study phase, a series of lectures
and the completion of a nursing
LYDIA KWAN, who had been with the
School of Nursing since May 1974, left
to take up new duties in the Centre
for Continuing Education. As her
departure coincided with the holidays,
a luncheon in her honor was held
recently and a gift presented on
behalf of the School.
hour staff inservice lecture on their
research to the ward staff of the pediatric oncology unit of the new
Children's Hospital in November.
They emphasized the nurse's role in
helping parents during the stressful
period of their child's hospitalization. The session was well-attended and good discussion ensued.
In December, Profs. Hayes-Morris
and Knox also gave a semi-formal
presentation of their research to the
medical oncology team (interdisciplinary) at the Children's Hospital.
Again, there was good discussion.
PAMELA MILLER of the Division of
Continuing Nursing Education was in
Kelowna recently to start off the new
session of the Critical Care Nursing
Level I course. Twenty-four students
from the Okanagan area have registered for the course, the largest group
to date.
Fourth-year student SALLY MOORE,
who represents student nurses throughout the province on the Board of
Directors of the Registered Nurses'
Association of B.C., has also been
appointed the Board's representative
on the editorial board of the RNABC
-4- SARAH SEARL, currently on sabbatical at Dalhousie, reports by
letter that she has had a particularly
busy year. In addition to the final
proofing of her new textbook (see "In
Print"), she is working on a second
text. She has also been instrumental
in helping to organize a Nova Scotia
chapter of the Alzheimer Society and
has served as acting secretary for the
new group.
were honored guests at the annual
Christmas Tea for faculty of the
School of Nursing. Prof. Splane, who
is currently a part-time lecturer,
brought her recent award from the
Canadian Nurses Association and
Professor Street, professor emerita in
nursing, brought her Order of Canada
medal and described for faculty her
investature at Government House.
Congratulations to both!
LOUISE TENN has been elected a
director of the British Columbia
Council for the Family. This is the
first time a nurse is on the board of
this non-profit society. The pro-
vincially-funded Council brings together representatives of some 114
communities through membership from
ethnic groups, provincial and community agencies, religious bodies,
business, unions and individuals.
PAM THOMPSON recently gave a
presentation on preventive health care
and services available in the Vancouver area to an "English-as-a-sec-
ond-language" seminar. The lecture-
discussion was to Punjabi women and
was done through an interpretor. A
question-and-answer period followed,
involving questions from the women in
the audience. In October, Prof.
Thompson was guest speaker at the
provincial general meeting of the
Community Health Nurses' Interest
Group. She presented innovative
approaches for health care in a
multi-cultural setting.
GLENNIS ZILM has been named to
the executive committee of the Social
Planning and Review Council of B.C.
Communicable Disease Handbook.
New York, John Wiley & Sons,
KATHLEEN SIMPSON. "Perspectives on
Nursing Research." RNABC News,
Vol. 14, No. 7, October 1982,
p. 12.
February 3, 1983
"The School of Nursing Computer"
will be the topic presented by Dr.
MARK STARR at the Faculty Inservice
Program on Thursday, Feb. 3, 1983,
from 2:30-5 p.m. in Room T287.
February 16, 1983
Regular meeting of the Nursing
Research Interest Group on Wednesday,
February 16 from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. at
the RNABC, 2855 Arbutrus Street.
Speaker is Barbara Warren, clinical
nurse specialist, Cancer Control
Agency of B.C., on her study on "Anticipatory Grief in Families of Patients with Cancer." For information:
Nancy Wells at 228-7431.
February 23- 25, 1983
The Conference and Annual Meeting of Western Region, Canadian
Association of University Schools of
Nursing, will be held Wednesday
evening, Feb. 23, through until
Friday evening, Feb. 25, at the
University of Alberta, Edmonton.
Theme of the conference is
Baccalaureate Nursing Education for
the 80s. For further information,
call Janet Knox at 228-7480.
March 3 and May 5, 1983
Faculty members will give brief
presentations on their current research projects at two special
Faculty Inservice Programs scheduled
for March 3 and May 5, 1983. For
further information, please contact
Dr. Kathleen Simpson of the Research
Committee, at 228-7464.
-5- March 11, 12, 13, 1983
University of British Columbia
Health Sciences Open House will be
held on the campus, with participation of all the health sciences
disciplines, including the School of
Nursing. Please pass along this
information to those you work with
with in health agencies so they may
plan to attend.
April 28-29, 1983
The Annual Meeting of the Registered Nurses Association of B.C.
will be held April 28 and 29, 1983,
at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Van
couver.    Further information from
the RNABC Offices.
April 5-7, 1984
The First National Conference on
Psychiatric Nursng will be held at
the Holiday Inn in Ottawa April 5-7,
1984. Planning for the conference
is in progress and individuals who
may be interested in participating as
resource persons for workshops or in
presenting papers should get in touch
with Dr. Helen Niskala, at 228-7461.
Additional information on the
conference may also be obtained from
Dr. Niskala.
Faculty are reminded that items for
inclusion in this newsletter are
most welcome. These should be
submitted, in writing, to Glennis
Zilm. Deadline for the next issue
of Nursing Today is February 19.


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